Star Odyssey Chapter 4959: The illusion of reality

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After crossing the Liuying Bridge, the feeling of the mark of cause and effect appeared again. It seemed that every time I left, I would be bound by cause and effect, preventing the creatures inside from revealing information to the outside world.

Lu Yin and Wang Chenchen left the Inner and Outer Heaven and headed towards the Daqian Civilization.

Having been found by Xiang Siyu, Lu Yin didn’t care anymore. There was no need to stay in the real world.

“Do you really want to destroy the Daqian civilization?” Wang Chenchen asked.

Lu Yin was helpless.

“Why did you do this suddenly?” Wang Chenchen asked several times along the way. She always felt that Lu Yin’s attitude was wrong.

If you want to destroy the Daqian civilization, why didn’t you do it when you entered Inner Heaven before? Instead, it has been delayed until now, and the Daqian civilization is not an important civilization. It is completely different from the Qilong civilization. Even if it is destroyed, what impact will it have?

She does not know the importance of Daqian civilization in the relationship between cause and effect.

Lu Yin didn’t answer her. She didn’t know what she would think if she knew that he had just spoken to the Master of Luck and that the Master of Luck had been staring at him.

Continuously teleporting, we finally arrived at Daqian Civilization.

Lu Yin flicked his fingers, the void twisted, and the Holy Wave appeared. He looked at Lu Yin from a distance: “You didn’t go to the inner and outer heavens?”

“I went and came back.”

Shengyi was puzzled: “Then where are you coming from?”

Lu Yin said: “Destroy the Daqian civilization.”

Shengyi’s pupils shrank, “You’re crazy, I told you the importance of Daqian civilization, didn’t you give up? Why do you want to destroy it?”

Lu Yin said: “There is no other way, just get out of the way.”

Shengyi said hurriedly: “Do you want to face the Lord of Cause and Effect?”

Wang Chenchen was surprised. It was just destroying a Daqian civilization. How could the Overlord be involved?

Of course Lu Yin didn’t want to, but he had to do it even if he didn’t want to. He had no room to refuse.

Raise your hand and hold it with five fingers.

Shengyi was still trying to stop it, but what was waiting was for Lu Yin to break the string of the entire Daqian civilization’s cosmic sequence. He could play with the entire universe at the palm of his hand.

“Stop.” Shengyi took action, and Wang Chenchen swept his spear across, staring at it.

It stared at Lu Yin: “Humans, we still have cooperation.”

“Destroying the Daqian civilization does not affect our cooperation.”

“Then what should I do? My mission is to protect the Daqian civilization.”

“The premise is that you can hold on.”

“How should I face the Lord’s inquiry?” Shengyi was uneasy.

Lu Yin looked at it: “Sorry, you have to carry it yourself.”

Shengyi wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Lu Yin, with a cold look in his eyes: “Don’t force me to kill you to silence you.”

In one word, Shengyi retreated.

Lu Yin did have the intention to kill it and silence it. Keeping Shengyi alive might expose him, which would be of no benefit to him.

But the Night Crossing that Shengyi used before made him afraid. The feeling of being stared at by the entire universe was creepy. Even though he was sure to deal with this power now, facing the unknown, especially the unknown that dominates the clan, he was still afraid. Be cautious.

What’s more, he and Shengyi have a cooperative relationship, and he doesn’t want to destroy this cooperation if there is even a chance.

Holy Ripples is related to the plan to deal with the Karma Master Clan.

Looking at the destruction of Daqian civilization, Shengyi closed his eyes: “You will regret it.”

Lu Yin said in a deep voice: “It doesn’t matter, you just need to remember that it was an old blind human man and Xingzui who destroyed the Daqian civilization.”

Wang Chenchen? ?

Shengyi looked at Lu Yin and recommended it to others? That’s normal.

Putting it to the old blind man and the others, Lu Yin had no psychological burden. Su Xinzong himself had said that if it was good for the Reflux Camp, he would sell it out at any time.

The Daqian civilization completely collapsed, and countless creatures inside panicked and fled.

For the creatures of the Daqian civilization, it is not difficult to escape. The difficulty is where to go after leaving their own universe.

Those who were unable to support him have already been defeated, and now the remaining ones are the Daqian civilization creatures who support the cause and effect master. Lu Yin has no psychological burden on them.

He looked upward. It was not difficult to destroy the Daqian civilization. What was important was the cause and effect point. That was what Xiangsiyu really wanted to destroy.

Today’s Daqian civilization is like a big net that binds countless broken stars. Although the universe is collapsing and restarting, the big net is still there.

At first glance, the big net is terrifying. It covers the starry sky that can be seen with the naked eye and stretches endlessly, as if it has become another starry sky in the universe. But for Lu Yin, it is not difficult to break it.

If this causal point is difficult to break, there is no need for Shengyi to stay here.

The causal point is like a causal receiver.

As Lu Yin disappeared, the net was torn apart above the starry sky, and at the same time, a shocking scene appeared.

The stars in the universe that countless creatures looked up to see overlapped.

It was as if another universe that had never been seen before had arrived, even though it was only for a moment, but that moment made Lu Yin so frightened that he left in a hurry, without even having time to say a word to Shengyi.

Wang Chenchen looked pale: “That is?”

Lu Yin keeps teleporting close to the inner and outer heavens: “The power of cause and effect.”

“Like a piece of sky.”

“A master owns a piece of sky in the universe.” Lu Yin looked back. Although the sky itself was torn apart due to the absence of the master, he was not sure that the master really could not control this sky.

On the same spot, Shengyi looked at the completely shattered Daqian civilization, and things were getting serious.

The moment the cause and effect point of the Daqian civilization was broken, a pair of eyes opened, the eight pupils flickered, filled with anger and mania. Who, who dared to attack the cause and effect point?

It is called Sheng.Eight Patterns.Shangzi.Qing. He is the strongest member of the Cause and Effect Dominator clan who stays behind in the inner and outer heavens. He is a peer of the Life Dominator clan.

The cause and effect point of the Daqian civilization was broken, and it knew it immediately.

In front of me, the life chart is suspended.

A few inches away from Daqian Civilization, Shengyi also had a life chart floating in front of his eyes. Soon, Sheng Qing’s appearance appeared on the life chart, looking at Shengyi with murderous intent: “What’s going on? ?”

Shengyi’s tone was dry, with helplessness and unwillingness, trying to show his weak side. Anyway, Shengqing would not be able to come for a while: “Two masters destroyed the Daqian civilization. I didn’t expect it to be two. I didn’t expect it to be two.” Thought there was only one.”

“Who? You can’t stop it?”

“Two strong men of the three laws, one bright and one dark, how can I stop them? Their purpose is not to kill me, but to destroy the Daqian civilization.”

Sheng Qing glared at Sheng Yi: “Do you know the importance of Daqian civilization?”

Shengyi gritted his teeth: “I would rather die to defend Daqian civilization, but they bypassed me, and there is nothing I can do.”


“I don’t know, one is a blind human, and the other must be a master of consciousness master, who has used a combat skill called Bahuang Xingzu.”

Sheng Qing’s eyes flashed, an old blind human? It suddenly thought of Can Hai.

Lu Yin Yichen’s avatar claimed to the outside world that during the Battle of Canhai, the master was plotted by an old blind human being. For this reason, the old blind man was already on their hunting list, but he was never found.

Unexpectedly, the Daqian civilization was destroyed silently.

What is he going to do?

In the battle of Canhai, the old blind man must have helpers. I seem to have heard of him traveling in all directions.

Shengqing did not doubt Shengyi’s words. Although he was questioning, it knew that Shengyi understood the importance of Daqian civilization and did not dare to deceive. Moreover, it is possible for two strong men of the Three Laws to destroy the Daqian civilization.

“Shengyi, no matter what the process is, your protection of Daqian civilization is detrimental, and the clan will definitely investigate.”

Shengyi’s tone was low: “I know you will pursue it, but I also want to ask, since the Daqian civilization is so important, why don’t you come and watch it yourself?”


“Sheng Qing, no matter what I say, there are three laws.”

“The clan only recognizes the number of pupils.”

“So why hold me accountable? I have tried my best.”

Sheng Qing snorted coldly, ended the conversation, put away his natal chart, and stepped into the cause-and-effect-dominated clan. Is this an old blind human being? It seems that something has to be resolved.

In the fantasy world, where the Wang family is, Sheng Qing comes to visit.

In the Wang family, there is a mountain, a stone table, and three stone benches.

Wang Wen sat calmly, neither welcoming nor rejecting Sheng Qing’s visit.

This was not the first time Sheng Qing came to the Wang family. He found the mountain directly and no one stopped him along the way.

Wang Wen took a sip of tea and looked at Sheng Qing with a faint smile: “What brings you here? Little guy.”

Little guy?

Sheng Qing stared at Wang Wen and wanted to scold him angrily, but he couldn’t say the words.

Yes, to Wang Wen, he is just a little guy.

He is the ancestor of the Wang family, a human being who is qualified to meet the master at any time, and has the right to speak even when facing the master.

No matter how much the dominant creatures hate humans, people who face the Wang family will care.

“The Daqian civilization was destroyed.”

Wang Wen was surprised: “Cause and effect point?”

Sheng Qing nodded.

“Who did it?”

“Human old blind man.”

Wang Wen put down the tea cup, stood up, and walked to the edge of the cliff with his hands behind his back: “It’s him, he really dares to show his head.”

Sheng Qing looked at Wang Wen’s back: “I hope your Wang family will release a message, saying that Sheng Zang is dead and died in the ancient city of years.”

Wang Wen turned around and looked at Sheng Qing: “Are you going to take action?”

Sheng Qing looked downcast: “Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain to the master.”

Wang Wen smiled and said: “What if the old blind man doesn’t believe it? Then your son is doomed.”

Sheng Qing said: “That’s why I asked your Wang family to release this news. If it was my Karma Master family who released it, he would definitely not believe it.”

Wang Wen shook his head: “He wouldn’t believe the Wang family’s announcement. He saw your son being raised as a pet by the extermination crime. He didn’t hesitate to dig out his own eyes to show his sincerity, but at the same time he threatened him with this matter, so we had to Let him leave the camp and make an agreement that he will not kill any living creature in his lifetime, and the Lord will not cause trouble for him.”

“Do you think such a person will be deceived?”

Sheng Qing growled: “That’s enough, don’t mention this matter again.”

Wang Wen smiled and said no more.

The secret mastered by the old blind man is actually very simple. Shengzang, the son of Shengqing, participated in the war to suppress the crime and the four extreme crimes, but was caught by the crime. In order to survive, he did not hesitate to abandon his dignity and become the pet of the crime. Even Si Ji Sin didn’t know about this, because Si Ji Sin and Mie Sin were separated at that time, and Shengzang was rescued not long after being caught by Mie Sin.

Although the time was short, he was still seen by the old blind man, because the old blind man was also one of the masters of the crime-fighting leader who wanted to escape from the Liuying camp.

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