Star Odyssey Chapter 4958: Willful

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At this time, a scarecrow appeared in his eyes, which surprised him.

It is not so much a scarecrow as it is a ball of grass with only a head and body, but this ball of grass is flying towards it and finally stops in front of it.

Lu Yin looked at the scarecrow curiously. His cultivation level was not high, but for some reason, seeing this scarecrow made him feel inexplicably familiar.

“How should I put it? Are you unlucky? Or am I lucky?”

“We meet again, Lu Yin. I believe you don’t want to see me.”

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply, his face changed drastically, he looked at the scarecrow in shock, and blurted out: “Acacia Rain?”

An ordinary scarecrow can be burned up by just lighting a fire. He couldn’t associate this thing with the acacia rain. But this voice is Xiangsiyu.

Lu Yin guessed that Xiangsiyu would find him sooner or later. Even if he hid in the real world, he could not avoid it. He could only try to delay the time for Xiangsiyu to find him, but he did not expect to be found so soon.

My mind was a little confused for a while.

The scarecrow slowly approached Lu Yin. Lu Yin did not avoid it. He just watched it approaching. It seemed to be sizing up Lu Yin as well.

“Well, the other clone is a little weaker, but it has no directional power and is not easy to be recognized.” After saying that, he turned his head and looked into the distance: “A lot of things have happened in the inner and outer world recently, and some of them should be It has something to do with you.”

Lu Yin looked at the scarecrow: “Is this your clone?”

The Scarecrow smiled. Although it looked weird, because he knew she was Xiangsiyu, Lu Yin would always bring that face into his mind when he looked at her face: “Of course not, it’s just a container for power.”

“You were surprised to see me, so that means you didn’t expect that I could find you here, or find you so quickly.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes: “This is the real world.”

“I see, you want to use the power of the world to make me afraid. Even if you enter, you will be noticed by the master of life. That’s the plan.”

Lu Yin did not refute.

The Scarecrow smiled: “You are so naive, human being.”

“Who gave you the wisdom to make you think you can avoid being found by me?”

Lu Yin said: “Are you really here to find me?”

“Well, still don’t believe it? Because this scarecrow is too weak? Then I will give you two guesses.”

“One, I’m not looking for you, I’m just looking for a creature that can help me solve my problem, and I happened to find you.”

“Two, I’m just looking for you.”

“Which one do you think it is?”

Lu Yin looked deeply at the scarecrow: “What do you want to say?”

The scarecrow turned around and turned his back to Lu Yin: “Solve the problem.”

“Is it the same as Killing the Saint before?”

“Maybe, but now that I have met you, there are some things I want to ask, such as.” It suddenly turned around and stared at Lu Yin with its empty straw eyes: “You betrayed me.”

Lu Yin frowned: “I don’t know what you are talking about?”

“Well, didn’t you frankly tell the Lord of Death that I was the one who sent you to live with the Sky Ants in the Liuying Camp? Didn’t you intend to admit it?”

“This is not betrayal. You should know that I can’t lie to the Lord of Death.”

“Oh? Then why doesn’t it know that you are just a clone?”

“It just didn’t ask.”

The Scarecrow smiled very happily: “I understand the difficulties you cannot hide when faced with the master’s questioning. So, another question, why not destroy the Daqian civilization?”

Lu Yin said calmly: “Why destroy it?”

He was inclined to think that Xiang Siyu was looking for a being to solve the problem, and he was lucky enough to find him. In this case, if he could help her solve the problem, then she would not do anything to him.

And unlike when Chen’s clone faced Xiangsiyu, Lu Yin now has the confidence. As long as the master does not appear in person, it is not impossible to give it a try.

The scarecrow circled Lu Yin, just like Xiangsiyu did it before.

It looked deeply at Lu Yin: “Did you exterminate the pile civilization?”

Lu Yin did not deny that Zangzhuo depends on who he is targeting. Facing Xiangsiyu, he wants to be wary of each other instead of waiting for Xiangsiyu to actually attack him before exposing him. That would be too stupid.

“I’ve heard a lot of jokes about Mingzuo along the way. To the outside world, it looks like a joke, but in fact it’s you who is planning it.”

“It’s amazing. You can destroy the Velvet Civilization on your own. Looking at the universe, there are definitely not many people who can beat you. No wonder you can talk to me like this.”

“Are you not afraid of me?” the scarecrow exclaimed.

Lu Yin looked at it: “When a person is forced to die, what is there to be afraid of?”

“Not yet, you are far from being forced into a dead end.”

“Destroying Daqian civilization is forcing me.”

“Who told you? That little guy from the Karma Master clan who guards the Daqian Civilization?” The Scarecrow exclaimed: “You have been there, but it is fine, and the Daqian Civilization is fine too. It seems that some kind of tacit understanding has been reached. .”

“This is a headache. The Daqian civilization must be destroyed.”

“Is this why you found me?”

“One of them.”

Lu Yin said in a low tone: “You have been targeting the Lord of Cause and Effect.”

The scarecrow’s straw hat fluttered: “Wouldn’t you be happy if we could solve it?”

Before Lu Yin could speak, the scarecrow continued: “I have no intention of convincing you or asking you to do things. Just do it. You don’t have to tell you the reasons. In fact, I really don’t intend to tell you.”

“Two results.”

“Either destroy the Daqian civilization, or.” It suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yin, very close, so close that Lu Yin could clearly see the weeds on the scarecrow’s face: “I will let you experience the real of despair.”

After saying that, he turned around and floated into the distance: “You can hide as much as you like, the universe is so big, it depends on where you can hide.”

“Or maybe let’s see if you can fight against me now. In fact, I’m really looking forward to it.” After saying that, the figure got further and further away until it disappeared.

Lu Yin stood on the edge of the cliff and looked calmly into the distance. Do you want to hide? There is no way to escape, Xiang Siyu has a way to find herself, luck is too scary.

If you want to fight against luck, you can only rely on luck.

Not dark.

He thought about this guy again.

Maybe this guy can help him curb some kind of good luck. After all, he is not fighting against the master of luck itself, but only the carrier of his power.

Soon after, Wang Chenchen arrived and saw Lu Yin standing there. He walked over and said, “The Zuo Alliance is becoming more and more powerful. Although Ming Zuo cannot leave the True Self Realm and is despised by the Taibai Ming Realm, in this True Self In the world, no creature from the dominating clan can compare to it. All other creatures from the dominating clan are gone.”

“Actually, this is not a good thing. After all, a considerable part of the country is in the hands of the life masters. If they don’t come, no one can get it, just like the ownerless party.”

Lu Yin looked into the distance where the scarecrow disappeared: “Do you understand the Lord?”

Wang Chenchen was confused: “What?”


“That’s not a level I can understand.”

“You were personally brought to the life master’s side by the Lord of Life. I heard that there is a master who is also very powerful.”

Wang Chenchen said: “Joining the Life Master is a compromise between the Wang family and the Life Master. Indeed, I am valued by the Life Master, allowing me to light up the immortal star map and burn incense. I have everything that the Life Master should have. But I only said a few words about the master of life.”

“And my master.” She was silent for a moment: “You can’t help me in the ancient city of years.”

Lu Yin was surprised: “Do you really have a master who dominates a clan of creatures?”

Wang Chenchen said: “I didn’t know its identity at first, but it found me and accepted me as its disciple. This happened before I joined the Life Master.”

“What identity?”

“Fate dominates all living beings.”

“Luck?” Lu Yin’s heart moved and he looked at Wang Chenchen: “How much do you know about luck?”

Wang Chenchen didn’t understand why Lu Yin suddenly asked about Qiyun Yiyi: “Qiyun Yiyi is very strange. Although it is the same as other masters, it is different. There is a feeling that you want to escape from everything but it is difficult to escape. ”

“Just like other gods have ways to communicate with each other, there is no such thing as luck.”

“They firmly believe that luck represents everything, because all living things are born from the universe, and luck is determined by the universe. They believe that as long as luck is cultivated to the extreme, all disasters can be avoided and true eternity can be achieved.”

“Qi Luck is the order of the universe itself to all living beings.”

“And my master firmly believes that any creature born in the universe can help it increase its luck, but this increase is not an active deprivation, but in compliance with the general trend of the universe.”

Lu Yin didn’t understand: “What do you mean?”

Wang Chenchen shrugged: “I don’t understand either, it’s very mysterious. In fact, all living beings have their own ways of pursuing good luck. Those who want to deprive luck are just stupid people who don’t even understand what luck is. generation.”

“This is what my master said.”

“And my master is one of the few dominant creatures who does not hate humans and is even willing to communicate with humans.”

Lu Yin was surprised: “Your master is willing to communicate with humans?”

Wang Chenchen nodded.

“Are you sure?”

Wang Chenchen looked at Lu Yin: “Do you know why my master is in the Ancient City of Time?”

“Isn’t it to prevent going against the past?”

“It is not force to stop the rebellion, but a tacit understanding. My master can go or not, but the result is that it was forced to go, and its life and death are still unknown. The reason for forcing it to go is that it has changed into Human beings, and in public.”

Lu Yin’s eyes changed. Through the Holy Wave and the Holy Bow, he knew very well how much the transformation of the dominant clan of creatures had paid for humanity, and this could even threaten them.

Master Wang Chenchen actually transformed into a human being in public. This is a challenge to the dignity of the entire dominant clan.

As it said, it does not hate humans.

Wang Chenchen looked nostalgically: “The act of transforming into a human shocked the Lord Clan. The Qi Luck Alliance immediately blocked the news, causing many creatures, including those of the Lord Clan, to not know about it. However, my master did do this, so he was I was sent to the ancient city of years and will never be able to return.”

“Perhaps I will never see it again in this life.”

Lu Yin asked: “Do you understand the master of luck?”

Wang Chenchen shook her head: “I don’t know.” After a pause, she said: “But my master mentioned that the master of luck is very willful.”


“I don’t know what it means either.”

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze and looked at the direction the scarecrow was leaving. Willful?

“Why do you think of asking these questions?”

“Leave with me.”

“Where to go?”

“Daqian Civilization.”

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