Star Odyssey Chapter 4957: Scarecrow

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Lu Yin looked up. The great changes in the inner and outer world happened so quickly. The Lord of Death must have been waiting for too long. No matter what the outcome, the Lord of Death needs skilled experts.

Thousands of Plans and Trickery is one.

Morning is also one.

A strange voice came out: “See the changes clearly, recognize the changes, and then you can keep up with the changes. You have long been out of date.” When the voice fell, the world of the true self shook, and all the vitality poured out and turned into The beam of light hit Yunting.

In the distance, light shines out one by one, coming from the four major masters.

A full ten realms of battles were launched, and the target was directly aimed at Daohe.

However, before the power of the world war from the ten realms came to Yunting, it was blocked by a little bit. That bit of darkness seemed to exist forever, enough to swallow everything. In the darkness, Qianji Jiyan raised his head and grinned: “Change again. There is a lot, but there is a foundation. Can you break this foundation?”

In Zuoting, Shi Buzhan looked back at Qianji Guiyan in shock. Impossible, it could block the bombardment of ten realms at once?

It is said in the inner and outer heavens that whoever can control nine realms alone can have a chance with the master. If he controls more than ten realms, the master will have to discuss matters with you.

This legend has always been recognized.

However, now, Qianji Guiyan suddenly blocked the bombardment from ten realms. This result shocked all the creatures who saw it and couldn’t believe it.

Although this legend is exaggerated, looking at the entire universe, how many creatures can resist the bombardment of the ten realms? At least among the creatures of the ruling family currently remaining in the Inner and Outer Heavens, there is none, not a single one, including it Shi Wu Zhan.

If you don’t want to fight, I advise you not to fight. If you are so arrogant, I dare not say that you can withstand the bombardment of ten realms.

Thousands of tricks made it confused.

Lu Yin couldn’t see that far away, but he could still feel the instantaneous disappearance of the life force in the True Self Realm.

Is the world war also started?

The Lord of Death lacks masters and a realm, how to fight for it?

Above the seventy-two realms, darkness spreads, and the voice of the Lord of Death utters: “Every young man hides his head and shows his tail. I tell you, if you don’t return it to me, no one will be able to have a better life. I was the only one who created the seventy-two realms. It can’t be done. I will crush the world into pieces and see where you go to create a complete world.”

At this time, the Lord’s River of Time appeared, spanning the inner and outer heavens, as if penetrating this huge mother tree, and descended.

On the long river of time, in a distant ancient place, behemoths are constantly approaching. Every step closer makes time vibrate, affecting the entire inner and outer heavens.

That is the ancient city.

Holded by Zuo Qing and Right Qing, he moved down the river step by step, approaching the Lord of Death.

Zuo Qing looked around curiously with a big old face, as if he had not seen the scenery beyond the long river of time for a long time, and he had a strong desire to talk.

You Qing was shaking every time he took a step. He seemed to feel that the speed was too slow. He wanted to drag the ancient city away, but he was grabbed by Zuo Qing. As a result, the ancient city approached the inner and outer sky at a very uncoordinated pace. It’s like a giant lame, very weird.

Dark pause.

The boundary war also stopped.

Qianji Guiyan looked up and saw the ancient city.

In the Dead Sea Garden of Silence, the bamboo forest is blown by the wind, making a crisp sound, like a bone xun playing.

The world inside and outside suddenly became quiet.

No one made a sound.

Even if you can’t see this scene, you still feel as if no sound should appear in the world at this moment.

Lu Yin clasped his hands behind his back and watched quietly. He also saw the ancient city of time.

Sure enough, it is very similar to Taikoo Shing.

The Zuo Qing and the Right Qing are also huge, bigger than the Big Face Tree and the Welcome Shirt. Those two trees are still growing. After all, their survival years started from their ancestors, and they are far less than During the Nine Bases period, not to mention the dominant clan that carried the ancient city.

In front of these two trees, they are just children.

In the ancient city, there are creatures walking around, bringing an atmosphere of simplicity and vicissitudes of life.

Not long after, a figure walked up to the top of the city, facing the Dead Sea: “Can I see you? The Lord of Death.”

“It turns out it’s you, an old guy. I didn’t expect you to still be alive.”

The outside world cannot hear their conversation, and Lu Yin cannot hear it either.

All living things can only wait.

Wait until the darkness subsides, until everything returns to normal.

I don’t know since when, even the inside and outside world have changed.

“Eternity is really eternity. Unless something unexpected happens, none of us can die. Even though I really want to die.”

“I can help you.”

“Killing me is not worth it, Lord of Death. You have to face several other Lords. Although I have lived longer than you, I am not on the same level as you.”

“Then what nonsense are you talking about?”

“Stop it. Whether you are a master or a new cultivator, they are just ants struggling in the world of cultivation. We have never truly controlled this universe.”

“It was promised that I would take care of the ninth base, but in the end, instead of giving me what was supposed to be given to me, they betrayed me and set up some kind of civilization that severely damaged me. Okay, I have given up on this matter, but what is supposed to be mine is You have to give it back to me, nothing less, otherwise the inner and outer heavens will not exist, and the foundation of the main structure will be meaningless.”

“Have you forgotten why you built this foundation in the first place?”

“You mean?”

“The universe, all things, whether origin or result, obey one cause and effect, even if we can’t change it. It arises because of you, the effect comes from the heart, the struggle, the killing, leave it to the people below, otherwise you really think Can you take back everything that belongs to you?”

“Even your ancient city has my share.”

“We will all be eternal, controlling the years in the past and the universe in the future. Apart from us, all living beings will rotate. Why should we care? Whatever you want, leave it to time…”

The inner and outer sky shrouded in darkness soon recovered, but the blackness finally merged into the seventy-two realms, and even the true self realm became dark.

The Lord of Death has completely integrated his power into the inner and outer heavens.

The long river of time disappeared, and the ancient city of time walked towards the long past again, going upstream step by step at an uncoordinated pace.

The Executioners were finally beaten back. What the Lord of Death wanted could not be accomplished at once. Qian Ji Guiyan had already blocked the Executioners’ wave and exposed its extremely terrifying combat power. What to think next? It will not be as difficult as before to bring out the executioners.

The Dead Sea disappears.

Seventy-two realms are back to normal.

At least on the surface, it looks normal.

Mingzuo was full of panic, and he knew very well that all these changes came from himself, from the invisible creature behind him.

It didn’t expect it to cause such a big noise.

It’s terrible.

Even the legendary ancient city appears. It has seen records of ancient cities in the clan.

The creatures of the dominant clan in the ancient city are all extremely powerful beings.

I won’t look for myself again.

Thinking about it, he hurried towards Zuomeng and hid, even though it was impossible to really hide.

Lu Yin looked back. He didn’t know how big the incident was, but at least it was a riot, and the other four leaders must have suffered losses. It’s going to be quiet for a while.

Since the Lord of Death personally took action to saturate the seventy-two worlds with power, not much has changed, except that there have been more creatures along with the Lord of Death. In particular, bone whispers give nightmares to countless creatures.

There are more and more white bone creatures, found in every realm, including the true self realm.

In this way, some skeletonless creatures have become popular. The major forces in the seventy-two realms are gathering such creatures to fight against the bone language of the Lord of Death, lest they be controlled by the bone language.

The true self world will soon completely eliminate the power of death. This entire world is filled with vitality, which is easy.

It’s not easy in other realms.

In this way, more than a hundred years have passed.

The time was short, but the situation in the seventy-two realms has changed a little, and the threat brought by the Death Lord is getting bigger and bigger.

Ming Zuo has not left the True Self Realm since it returned to it. It is grounded and can only stay in the True Self Realm.

The extinction of the Qiling civilization caused a huge shock in the outside world. The other three party leaders all approached the life master clan to determine whether it was related to Mingzuo, but Mingfan suppressed it. As long as there is no evidence, no one can It cannot be proven that this matter is related to Mingzuo.

This also caused the other main cultivators to enter the True Self Realm to find Mingzuo, especially the other three dominant clans of creatures, who did not care about Mingzuo’s seniority.

However, the True Self Realm is the territory of Mingzuo. Regardless of the huge power of the Zuo League that covers almost half of the masters of the True Self Realm, even the power controlled by Lu Yin is enough to make the other leaders helpless.

I can only watch and let Ming Zuo roam freely in the real world.

For more than a hundred years, Lu Yin has continued to integrate into the bodies of living beings in the True Self World. With good luck, he has integrated into the bodies of several major forces, and he has also gained 390 square meters. It is not much, but it is not. Quite a few.

Moreover, because of Ming Zuo’s unscrupulousness and reputation, the other leaders of the True Self Realm forces either left in exchange for Fang from other realms, or defected to the Zuo Alliance and surrendered to the other side to express their sincerity. In this way, they also gained Jiu Fang.

In this way, Lu Yin controlled nearly a thousand square meters in the True Self Realm.

This speed is much faster than the explosion.

Bao Ke only controlled nearly six thousand square meters in a long time. If it had Lu Yin’s speed and no one could stop it, all seventy-two realms would belong to it.

It will be more difficult to get the other parties next, but there is plenty of time.

As long as he is integrated into Fangzhu’s body, he cannot escape.

In this calmness, in the realm of true self, a figure looked at the snowy mountains in the distance, raised his head, looked around, then picked up a small piece of grass, watched the wind blow the grass in one direction, and then followed the direction. Float in that direction.

This is a creature that looks like a scarecrow, but it has no arms and legs, only a head and a cloak-like body. As it flutters, the straw on the body forms a circle of yellow waves.

On the head there are only eyes and mouth, no nose, no ears. It wears a straw hat, which flutters in the wind, but no matter how strong the wind is, it cannot blow off the hat.

The green grass is flying in front, the wind does not stop, moving in one direction, behind, the scarecrow follows the grass, the grass changes direction, it also changes direction, I don’t know how long it has been, this day, the scarecrow It stopped because the grass also stopped.

It raised its head, and under the brim of its hat, a figure stood quietly on the edge of the cliff looking into the distance.

Oh? I see.

Above, on the edge of the cliff, Lu Yin retracted his gaze and looked into the distance.

It has been more than a hundred years, and there has been no news from Taibai Fate Realm. He knows that for cultivators, it is normal for practitioners to have no news even for ten thousand years, but he cannot wait that long.

We have to find a way to keep Mingzuo out.

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