Star Odyssey Chapter 4654: The Law of Time


“Stop.” Gui Xing shouted.

Lu Yin, Jiuwen and Master Qingcao stopped and surrounded it on three sides, seemingly unfinished.

One of Guixing’s eyes was red and swollen, one eye was bleeding, his teeth were missing, and his body was bruised and bruised. He looked extremely pitiful.

“You are so shameless, you are really beating one of four.” Gui Xing said, spitting out the broken teeth in his mouth.

Lu Yin took one step and struck again.

Gui Xing shouted, “Stop, I’m convinced, I’m convinced.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and said, “Are you convinced?”

He returned home helpless and said, “I surrender, you guys are cruel.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Follow us honestly. If you dare to play tricks, I will peel off your shell.”

Gui Xing twitched the corners of his mouth. These words were too insulting, but he did not dare to speak back. .??.

With a smile on his face, Chu Songyun was trapped in the Senluo Umbrella Prison and returned. Lu Yin used teleportation to take him away from the palace. Counting the time, the sequence should be back soon. It will not be with the other two If you fight to the death in sequence, you will definitely escape from the battlefield and return to the palace.

Sure enough, not long after, the gray stone slabs approached from a distance, disappearing and reappearing again and again, moving with the passage of time.

But compared with when he left, the gray stone slab at this moment has obviously experienced a war, there are cracks on it, and the aura is not as powerful as when it first came out.

On the other side, far away from the shrine, Ancestor Lu Yuan and Mr. Mu teleported to a location. Here, two creatures were talking about something. Ancestor Lu Yuan and Mr. Mu suddenly appeared, scaring them. One jump.

One of them is just an ordinary creature that survives hardships, and the other is the father of a cultivator from Lindao Shrine whom Lu Yin had integrated into before, the immortal envoy of Lindao Shrine.

This is the goal of Mr. Mu’s trip.

The tripod appears, Mr. Mu takes action.

In the other direction, the guard on Jingmen holds Jingyun in his hand and takes one step forward. It’s time to take action. The battlefield here can end.

Shrine, don’t return in sequence. Just after landing, your eyes suddenly stared downward. No, time stamped.

Just when I thought of this, two figures appeared from behind, it was the approaching sequence and the sitting order sequence.

Looking back in sequence, “You have plotted against me a long time ago. There are your spies in the palace.”

Sit down and order the sequence to take action: “I know now, it’s too late, let’s end it, don’t.”

The Lindao sequence also took action at the same time.

In the distance, Lu Yin looked quietly, not at other sequences, but at the sitting order sequence. How could this guy be so strong? It was so strong that it made him palpitate. It shouldn’t be. The combat power he showed now was almost in line with the laws of the three universes. With such strength, let alone whether to unite with the Lindao sequence to besiege other sequences, the Lindao sequence shouldn’t either. If you are willing to unite with it, aren’t you afraid that it will suffer misfortune after solving other sequences?

>No matter how you look at it, it should be the Lindao sequence and other sequences that join forces to fight against the Seating sequence.

Could it be related to the things arranged by Gui Xing?

He couldn’t understand what Gui Xing had arranged.

“What’s going on with that sitting order sequence?” Lu Yin asked.

Behind, in the Senluo Umbrella Prison, Hui Xing said, “Time seal, if you combine it with a certain time sequence and another time sequence, you can explode several times your own combat power.”

“For example, the sitting order sequence has its own order when it takes action against the other sequences, and I arranged this order in the shrine in advance. As long as the sitting order sequence also comes to the shrine to take action, the time seal will be consistent, and the order will be taken. It strengthens itself several times.”

Jiu asked, Master Qingcao and the others looked at him in surprise, is this okay?

Time is vast and infinite, and every creature understands time differently.

Although the time stamp of this sitting order is not practical and needs to be arranged in advance, it is powerful once it is arranged.

No wonder you need to return to your home and cooperate with others.

Lu Yin praised, “This palace in the order sequence should be the most difficult to defeat.”

It must have arranged a sequence in its own palace, and there is more than one. Once a strong enemy attacks, it can cooperate with various sequences to explode its combat power.

However, external battles are not so smooth. No one cooperates, and its strength is not as good as the Lindao sequence.

“Time Seal and Harmony is the law of the years in the order sequence. Only the sequence of years can obtain the gift of the years and obtain the law of the years. Nirvana. If you want to obtain the law of the years, you should become the sequence of the years. I can help You.” Gui Xing said, his voice weak.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “I’m very moved, but I’m destined not to get it.”

Gui Xing didn’t understand what Lu Yin said.

Lu Yin escaped here after being chased by the Lord of Time and Time. He planned the palace and hid the Xiangcheng. These are not easy to detect, but it would be different if he became the Year of Time. How could the Lord of Years and Years tolerate him? How could it be hidden from him when it became a sequence of years.

So he is destined to not get the law of time.

The method of years cannot be achieved through cultivation. It requires the gift of the Lord of years, because the method of years comes from the long river of the Lord of years, and it is useless if it cannot cooperate with the long river of the Lord of years.

“The one that governs years has the method of time, so what about the one that governs cause and effect?” Master Qingcao was curious.

Guixingdao “The two qi of Qian and Kun evolve into heaven and earth, heaven and earth open up, and all things begin.”

Lu Yin looked at Gui Xing, “Is this a method of mastering cause and effect?”

Gui Xing nodded, “Only by fixing the cause and effect of the natal chart, can we join the main cause and effect, obtain the method of cultivating the two qi of the universe, and make further progress on the cause and effect.”

“So what exactly is a horoscope?”

“It is difficult to think of something like a turbid treasure. The number of birth charts in the entire universe is fixed. Either one of the causes and effects of mastering the birth chart is missing. In order to make up for it, just find me, or find one yourself. Companions, practice cause and effect together, and use this to draw out the natal chart. Also, if you are lucky, you just get the natal chart, otherwise you will never be able to join the main cause and effect.”

“The order sequence indicates the birth chart.”

Lu Yin understood, this was also the reason why Gui Xing betrayed his order. If it weren’t for the horoscope, the other two shrines wouldn’t be able to rebel against it.

While talking, the battle in the shrine has entered its most intense level. The law of time alternates. Lu Yin is fascinated by the sight, hoping to obtain the law of time.

The other sequence of the Time Technique is quite strange. Facing the Lin Dao sequence attack, the gray sweeps across, and the attack is completely messed up and cannot be understood.

Gui Xing explained: “The name of the method of the different sequence of years is called Zhizhizhi. This is in line with the laws of the universe. It is a special gift of the Lord of years. It can reduce the enemy’s attack, from the attack, to the attack.” The entire time is zeroed. When the time is zeroed, the attack will be gone.”

Lu Yin took a deep breath and said, “Good method.”

Although the Sitting Order Sequence combined with the Law of Time is extremely powerful, it is still unable to crush it in the face of other sequences. It can only be combined with the Lindao Sequence to continuously injure it seriously.

Lu Yin also understands why the Lindao sequence and the Siling sequence care so much about the different sequence. In a duel, neither of them is an opponent, but the different sequence has extremely high talent and is still improving. Once they go up, these two You can’t even see their backs.

That’s why they joined forces to attack.

But this siege only kills each other and hurts both sides.

“It’s my turn to take action.” Gui Xing said.

Chu Songyun immediately became vigilant, and the Senluo Umbrella Prison shrank again.

Returning bitterly, “Don’t be so sensitive. I don’t have the ability to take action now. The original plan was for me to sneak attack the other sequences at this moment, and then use the method of cutting off cause and effect to help the Lin Dao sequence and them kill the other sequences. But now what should I do? I can’t even move.”

Jiu Wen was puzzled, “We are both in the sequence of years. Is it okay for them to separate the sequences?”

Returning and shaking his head, “The Lord’s Alliance governs the endless scope of the universe. It’s so big that even the realm of immortality will never be completed. And in this huge universe, countless creatures want to join the Lord’s Alliance. The Lord’s Alliance never prohibits killing each other. Only by fighting each other can we choose the one who is most suitable to join.”

“That’s why there was the Shrine War.”

Lu Yin looked at the shrine and saw a steady flow of vitality

It’s endless, so you don’t need to care?

This is the confidence that only the Master can have.

Half a day passed, and the battle in the shrine continued. All three sequences were seriously injured. The actions of the Lindao sequence and the sitting order sequence slowed down significantly. They were waiting for Gui Xing to take action, but Gui Xing did not show up.

They waited and waited, and kept waiting, until other sequences noticed the problem.

“You are stalling for time, who will help you? Could it be that you have met other shrines?”

The Lindao sequence and the Sitting order sequence looked at each other without answering.

After waiting for a while, I couldn’t wait any longer. I sat down and shouted, “Still not taking action? When will we wait?”

Don’t be wary of the sequence, so you almost got hit.

But after waiting for a while, there was no response.

“If you don’t take action, I won’t give you that thing. The agreement between you and me is not over yet.” The ordering sequence shouted again.

Still no movement.

Angrily on the way to the road: “Gui Xing, how long are you going to hide?”

Bie Lian was furious, “Did Gui Xing betray me?”

In the distance, Gui Xing closed his eyes, revealing that the agreement was not fulfilled, the life chart may not belong to him, and all previous efforts were in vain.

It glared at Lu Yin fiercely, “Are you satisfied now? If you can get the natal chart, it will be good for you too. I have always hoped that you can worship me as your teacher. I want to teach you to understand cause and effect and fix the cause and effect on the natal chart. , join the main cause and effect.”

“You missed a huge opportunity.”

Lu Yin frowned. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t let go. Once he let go, he might not be able to catch him.

Those three time sequences are all very strong, and they are all in line with the peak existence of the two laws of the universe. If Gui Xing reveals them, the crisis of human civilization will be imminent.

For this reason, there is nothing we can do even if we don’t get the horoscope.

“Nirvana, it’s still too late now, let me go. I will help them kill each other by cutting off the cause and effect. The agreement will be completed naturally. When the time comes, the life chart will be ours. Don’t worry, I will never escape.” Returning anxiously, it I have been searching for countless years just to find a birth chart. Now I have finally found it, but I can’t find it. It feels like death.

That’s what it’s always wanted.

Lu Yin turned his back to it. No matter how important his life chart was, it was not as important as human civilization.

And it is difficult for humans to join in the main cause and effect.

Similar to the main force, once you join, you will be easily targeted.

As for the natal chart, if you don’t get it this time, there will be a next time. Anyway, I know it is in the hands of the ordering sequence.

Reluctant to return home, he kept trying to persuade Lu Yin, but Lu Yin remained unmoved.


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