Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1892: , Demon Hunter


Miss Gu came to say goodbye. Her injuries had recovered. When it was time to leave, Miss Gu wore a veil and still looked like an otherworldly person.

“I wish Miss Gu a safe journey!” Liu Wei’an knew that Miss Gu was very mysterious, so he didn’t ask any more questions.

“Getting to know you is the biggest gain of my trip. If we are destined to meet again, we will meet again!” Miss Gu left a space ring and left happily with the maid.

Liu Wei’an didn’t expect Miss Gu to leave. He didn’t prepare anything. He only said “take care” and opened the space ring. Inside were neatly filled with magical talismans, piled up like a hill. At a glance, there were at least three thousand. In addition, there are some books. Although they are not martial arts secrets, they are the practice experiences left by the ancient great masters, which are very precious.

Miss Gu saw that he lacked inheritance and had no elders to give him advice. Although talented people make faster progress than ordinary people, if someone gives guidance, they can avoid detours. If there is someone who constantly corrects him on the road of practice, It is a very happy thing.

“Miss Gu is gone. I’m afraid I won’t be able to have such good tea in the future.” Yan’er was a little reluctant to give up. Miss Gu was very knowledgeable about tea ceremony, and she benefited a lot from her few words of advice. Liu The tea Wei An is drinking now was given by Miss Gu.

In the following days, Liu Wei’an was still busy. On the one hand, he had to make a good financial framework. After seeing the huge economic benefits of “Baihua House”, he took aim at gambling. In terms of making money quickly, gambling Obviously faster than “Baihua House”, but gambling is not honorable after all. Liu Wei’an did not directly participate, but he included gambling in the regulatory system. Business can be done, but taxes must be paid.

In addition, it is an all-round review of “Dragon Bird City”. For the sake of development, some hidden problems could only be left alone. Now that the formation has been completed and the Warcraft has been killed ten kilometers away, it is time to arrive. When eliminating hidden dangers.

The remnants of the Qian family, the Black Dragon Chamber of Commerce, and the Plum Blossom Chamber of Commerce, one by one, have all been solved. It took a week to sort them out. There must be some remnants, but they are much better than before. Afterwards, this model will be promoted to other cities using “Dragon Bird City” as a benchmark.

Zhang Wuhe suddenly proposed to leave. In fact, it was not sudden. One of Yuan Xiaoyuan’s senior brothers came to “Dragon Bird City” to find Yuan Xiaoyuan. During the conversation, he revealed the news that “The Palace of Divine Sword” was ahead of schedule. He made a plan to recruit apprentices. Originally, the next recruitment time was three years later, but for some reason, it was moved forward by three years.

Zhang Wuhe wanted to try his luck. Going to “The Palace of Divine Swords” was originally Liu Wei’an’s wish, but now he really can’t get away. r>

“You go first and explore the way. After I send Yiqing home, I will go to the “Sword Palace” to find you.” Liu Wei’an said.

“Then you have to hurry up. Don’t let my strength surpass you by then, and you, the governor, will be very embarrassed.” Zhang Wuhe did not have the shyness of his younger daughter, and left gracefully.

Watching Zhang Wuhe’s back disappear, Liu Wei’an felt lost. Although he was only leaving for a short time, there was no phone or high-speed train in Warcraft Continent. After saying goodbye, he didn’t know when we would meet again. But soon, he picked up his mood and got into the intense work of production.

Cities were rising one after another. He wanted to complete the work of setting up the formation. Among the masters who came to join him, he also recruited more than a dozen masters who had learned the formation. If that was their level, It can only be said that it is still in the early stages and he can help, but the main work still depends on him, but then again, with the help of these people, the progress of the formation will undoubtedly be much faster.

Jian Evil and Kong Buming’s injuries have recovered. Wherever Liu Wei’an goes, the two of them follow them. They are not here to earn a living, but to work as coolies. The two of them are responsible for dealing with the powerful characters in Warcraft. , the Ping An Army can barely deal with the sixth-level monsters, but the seventh-level monsters can’t do it. They can only run away when they see them. Jian Er and Kong Buming are responsible for dealing with the seventh-level monsters. If there are no seventh-level monsters, they will deal with the sixth-level monsters. In short, Kill the powerful characters to avoid causing heavy losses to the Ping An Army.

“Dragon Bird City” is protected by formations, and the situation has already been reversed in dealing with the wave of monsters. Now it is humans who are chasing the monsters. Within a radius of ten kilometers, it is already a safe area. Therefore, the extra manpower of “Dragon Bird City” was dispersed to nearby cities. The situation of other cities was not as good as that of “Dragon Bird City”. Either the city was destroyed or on the way to the city. With the addition of reinforcements, the pressure was greatly reduced. . The reinforcements were all elite masters, led by cavemen, Xiang Jichu, Huyueshan and others. Under their crazy killings, tens of thousands of monsters turned into corpses every day.

Not long ago, Yan Qishuang arrived at “Dragon Bird City” and then met up with Liu Wei’an. Liu Wei’an had just set up a formation, but then he ran out of materials and had to suspend the next formation.

“This trip mainly kills the sixth-level and seventh-level monsters. The focus is on the seventh-level monsters. They must kill them all.” The purpose of Liu Wei’an summoning Yan Qishuang is to kill the seventh-level monsters. For now, if he Leaving, only level seven monsters will cause significant damage to the Ping An Army.

The four people formed a line and headed towards the depths of the forest. In order to avoid misunderstandings, everyone followed three or four masters. After all, the depths of the forest are no joke. That is where level eight monsters may appear. .

Liu Wei’an only brought one person, Fu Jianhu, not because of her beauty, but because of her ability to weaken the power of Warcraft, which can greatly improve his efficiency.

The sword flashed, extremely fast, and the remaining sword light in the air had not yet disappeared. The running Blood Spirit Sirius suddenly lost its power and fell down. Under the action of inertia, it knocked down two giant trees in succession. Just then he stopped, and a thin red line overflowed from the Blood Spirit Sirius’s eyebrows.

There was a fluctuation in the space ring, and with a flash of light, the huge body of the Blood Spirit Sirius disappeared and was absorbed by the space ring. Liu Wei’an believed that space equipment is the greatest invention of the Warcraft Continent.

The sword is as bright as practice. Every time Liu Wei’an strikes, one of the monsters must be killed, either a level 6 monster or a level 5 monster. Among the monsters, the mainstream is level 3, 4 and 5. Level 6 is still the most popular. There are relatively few. Level 7 monsters are extremely rare, and you may not encounter one for most of the day.

Fu Jianhu was following behind, with almost no chance to make a move. It was very difficult to even follow. Liu Wei’an was too fast. Before the one monster in front fell to the ground, the seven or eight monsters following him were already dead. Liu Wei’an had a long pulse, and he had been killing continuously for four or five hours. Fu Jianling, who was in a hurry, was out of breath, but there was not a drop of sweat on Liu Wei’an’s forehead.


The ancient giant rat’s tail swept across, and dozens of towering ancient trees fell down. Fu Jianhu’s heart was filled with thoughts. This was the first time he encountered a seventh-level monster, but Liu Wei’an did not dodge. When the python’s tail swept him with a mighty force, a wisp of ancient and mysterious power swept out.

“Soul Soul!”

The movement of the ancient Shuoshu stopped for a moment. In the flash of lightning, Liu Wei’an drew his sword. It was like lightning breaking through the dark clouds, and it flashed away. Fast, too fast. Fu Jianhu’s eyes opened. It was very big, but she still couldn’t catch the trajectory of the sword light. She didn’t even know where Liu Wei’an was aiming at the ancient Shuoshu.

The next moment, the terrifying aura of the Ancient Shuoshu faded away like a tide, and the Taigu Shuoshu’s huge body lay heavily on the ground. The fierce light in his eyes dissipated and quickly turned gray, and a trace of blood overflowed from the center of his eyebrows.

Fu Jianhu was shocked to kill the seventh-level monster with one strike.

Liu Wei’an’s expression was as usual. He collected the body of the ancient Shuoshu and continued to move forward. The power of the Ancient Shuoshu was too strong. In the area it passed, few monsters dared to approach. Liu Wei’an crossed a long distance. Just then he encountered a large number of magical beasts. The sword light spread out, and the third sword was like the sun shining, extremely dazzling. Fu Jianhu, who was behind him, could not help but narrow his eyes. He could only see the magical beasts falling down one by one, and the terrifying blood evil energy followed one after another. One went out.

On the fourth day, when it was getting dark, Liu Wei’an and Fu Jianhu were about to find a big tree to rest. Suddenly a large group of monsters came over. Liu Wei’an was not polite. He suddenly slashed out with his third sword, with murderous intent like a wave. In an instant, he split the Netherworld White Tiger at the front into two halves. Liu Weian shuttled among the monsters, blades of light flew out, and the monsters fell down one after another. There were so many monsters in this wave, all of them were level five. and six-level monsters, fighting directly from nightfall until late at night. Fine beads of sweat appeared on Fu Jianling’s brows, his red lips were almost numb, and the number of monsters finally decreased.

The cold is coming~Soverse.com~The ground is covered with frost, and a snowstorm bear rushes out of the darkness. As he approaches, a layer of hoarfrost appears on the surface of the trees, and the leaves are frozen hard.

There is a wound on the Ice and Snow Bear’s abdomen, and a large piece of meat is missing from its chest. It seems to have been torn off by its claws. The bones are clearly visible and its fur is messy. It must have just experienced a battle. The direction in which the Ice and Snow Bear is heading is different from Liu Wei’s. An was not in a straight line, but when he suddenly saw Liu Wei’an while running wildly, the Ice and Snow Bear changed direction without hesitation and came over.

A cold smile overflowed from the corner of Liu Wei’an’s mouth, and he suddenly shot out. From still to high speed, without any excessive movement in the middle, the speed increased to the extreme in an instant. The ice and snow bear’s eyes were blurred, and his head was already hit. With a heavy punch, the terrifying power poured out like the Yangtze River, destroying the brain tissue of the Ice and Snow Bear. The vitality of the Ice and Snow Bear was instantly extinguished. The half-raised bear paw smashed to the ground along with the body, and let out a There was a heavy loud noise, and the Ice and Snow Bear was too big. At this time, Liu Wei’an discovered that there was a sharp arrow stuck in the Ice and Snow Bear’s vest. This arrow could be inserted into the Ice and Snow Bear’s body, proving that this The archers are very extraordinary. The Snowstorm Bear has rough skin and thick flesh. Anyone who can harm it is not simple.

Liu Wei’an put away the body of the Ice and Snow Bear, and when he was about to turn around to collect the body of the monster he had killed before, there was a flash of light, and three figures shot out from the darkness.

“Oops, someone picked the peach!”


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