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Liu Rufei, a well-trained senior executive of “Baihua House”, is responsible for all matters of opening up the frontier. Despite his young age, his strength is unfathomable. She handed over an envelope, and the inside of the envelope bulged like a ring. Liu Wei’an was a little confused about the items. What did this mean? Delivering a message for someone?

Liu Rufei kissed her lips and said, “This is 100,000 gold coins, a welcome gift from the slave family. I hope the city lord will accept it.”

My dear, the greeting gift is 100,000 gold coins. This is too generous. Liu Wei’an was a little surprised and said with a smile, “There are not so many rules in “Dragon Bird City”, so you don’t need to pay homage to the dock.”

“The slave family is going to open a store in the border wilderness for business, and I hope the city lord will make it convenient.” Liu Rufei said and handed over another envelope, which also contained space equipment. Liu Wei’an looked at the two envelopes on the coffee table without touching them. He glanced at Yang Yu’er. Yang Yu’er had never seen such a formation before and was a little dazed.

She has also been in business since she was a child. Although she is young, she has been in shopping malls for a long time. She has done a lot of things like visiting the dock. Generally speaking, it is very affordable to give one thousand or two thousand gold coins. She gave the most It was only three thousand gold coins at a time. Liu Rufei’s face felt a little hot when she took action. She felt that what she had done before was like a child playing house.

“Is this the first time for Miss Liu to come to the border wilderness?” Liu Wei’an stared at Liu Rufei. Her skin was very white, her eyebrows were trimmed very neatly, and they were symmetrical, as if they were all the same in number. Light make-up and a golden hairpin in her bun highlighted her nobility. The hairpin was in the shape of a peacock, with nine small silver beads hanging from it, shaking gently.

“I come to the Borderlands every year. In total, the Nu family is half a Borderlands person.” Liu Rufei raised his eyelids, then lowered them again, and whispered, “I heard about it the year before last. I have received the name of City Lord, but unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to meet him. Today I see the City Lord, and the slave family is very happy.”

“Oh!” Liu Wei’an picked up the tea cup. This information was something he had not expected. Knowing yourself and the enemy means you can fight a hundred battles with no danger. Liu Rufei comes to the border every year, which shows that he knows him very well, but he treats the other party very differently. If you don’t know, you will be at a disadvantage.

“”Baihua Tower” has always abided by laws and regulations when doing business. The city owner can rest assured. “Baihua Tower” has always had a very good reputation over the years,” Liu Rufei said.

“Miss Liu is optimistic about Bianhuang?” Liu Wei’an asked.

“The slave family believes that under the leadership of City Lord Liu, Borderland will flourish. Borderland is an indispensable part of the Warcraft Continent. The Central Plains has always ignored the importance of Borderland.” Liu Rufei said.

“I didn’t expect Miss Liu to be more optimistic about Bianhuang than Liu.” Liu Wei’an laughed at himself.

“The Nu family likes the urban construction of “Longque City” very much and hopes to live in “Longque City” permanently.” Liu Rufei’s voice was soft and comfortable to listen to.

“How does “Baihualou” do business in other places?” Liu Wei’an asked.

“Buy land, build a building, and pay 20 taxes to the local government.” Liu Rufei said.

“The land will be given away for free, and I will help you build the building. I will charge a tax of 50,” Liu Wei’an said.

“Impossible, “Baihua House” will not agree to such a request.” Liu Rufei frowned. He didn’t expect Liu Wei’an to be so greedy and wanted half of the profits. This was simply a big deal.

Neither the land nor the building is worth the 30% profit. It is impossible for “Baihua House” to agree to such a request. Once a precedent is set, future business operations will be very passive.

“Nothing is impossible. Businesses can only be negotiated.” Liu Wei’an’s eyes were bright, “You are the first of the three families to come to the border. No matter what the purpose is, I treat it as a kind of Sincerely, I can guarantee you that “Qunfang Courtyard” and “Xiaoxiang Pavilion” will not appear within my sphere of influence.”

Liu Rufei suddenly raised his head and looked at Liu Wei’an, his eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s. He lowered his gaze in an instant and returned to his pitiful look. After pondering for a while, he said, “The slave family believes in City Master Liu.”

“In the future, you will find that working with me will be a very pleasant thing.” A confident smile overflowed from the corner of Liu Wei’an’s mouth.


The construction of “Baihua Tower” was due to Liu Wei’an’s will. From land grant to construction, the green light was given all the way. It only took three and a half days to complete the construction of a magnificent group of lofts.

The layout of “Longque City” is very simple, with a central area, followed by four areas, southeast, northwest and northwest. The east area has a population of 50 residents, and the south area is a villa area, also called a wealthy area, with a population of about 20 , the north area is a resettlement area, mainly occupied by slaves and people without property. The west area is not without planning, but is prepared to be used as a military camp. However, after hesitating for a long time, the military camp was not built.

This is what Tang Dingdong meant. The best camp is in the forest. Only on the battlefield can soldiers be best trained. Military camps are needed, but they cannot be in the city, otherwise the sound of training will disturb the people. , which greatly affects the quality of life in the city. If a military camp is really to be built, it should be outside the city.

Liu Wei’an accepted Tang Dingdong’s suggestion, and the planning of the West District was shelved, resulting in “Baihua House” being cheaper. The construction scale of “Baihua Building” is very large. The main building is a twin building. It can be said to be one building or two buildings, five floors high. The eight buildings behind the main building are dedicated to guests’ entertainment venues. They are three floors high. The consumption on each floor is They are all different. Behind them are five lofts specially built for oirans, called oiran buildings. Only oirans are eligible to stay. Behind the oiran buildings are three relatively simple lofts, which are from “Baihua Tower”. A residence for maids and servants and a place for training singers.

There are 18 buildings in total, plus rockeries, flowing water, pavilions, gardens, etc., and the area becomes half the city lord’s palace. However, because the entire building is made of wooden structure, the completion speed is very fast.

“Baihua Tower” has no military purpose and does not need to defend against any war forces. The wooden structure is sufficient. In the World of Warcraft continent, everything is lacking except for wood. Hundreds of years old trees can be seen everywhere. In fact, the actual construction time is only one day, and the other two days are spent processing the wood. There is no time for drying in the shade, so charcoal grilling is used. The wood that has just been cut down has a lot of moisture. Once it dries, it is easy to crack, so it needs to be processed. Otherwise, the quality and beauty of the building will be affected.

Unlike other industries, the opening time of “Baihua House” is in the evening. Liu Rufei wanted to invite Liu Wei’an to cut the ribbon for “Baihua House”, but Liu Wei’an declined. Although he said that in this land of Warcraft Continent Yes, brothels are legal and protected by law, but the traditional concept still makes him subconsciously think that the place for fireworks is not a good place, and he does not want to get involved too much. He did not even go to the scene. However, “Baihua House” 》After all, it is related to his pocketbook, so he must support him. The hot-blooded men of the Ping An Army, including Hu Yueshan, Zhao Qirui, Hunjiang Niu and even Daha Yu, all ran away. Their appearance expressed Liu Wei’s Ann’s attitude.

Xie Huanye and Fu Jianhe dressed up as men and took Baili Longlong to join in the fun. According to their descriptions after they came back, the opening scene was really full of colorful flags, a sea of ​​people, loud gongs and drums, and firecrackers. Ming.

Old, middle-aged and young people all came to support them. “Baihua House” also worked hard to attract business. The performance lasted for nearly three hours. Dances, songs, musical instruments, juggling, and magic all came together, all on the 28th. The young women all have graceful figures and friendly faces. Their clothes are all soft and gauzy, and their alluring bodies are looming. Under the light, they show a hazy temptation. Many people from small tribes have never seen this formation. The young man immediately started bleeding from his nose.

There were also programs such as guessing lantern riddles and couplets, as well as various pastries and snacks, which were Baili Longlong’s favorite. Not only was she full after eating at the scene, but she also packed them back for others to watch. He was a kid, so he didn’t care.

“It’s a big loss that you didn’t go. There were so many beauties at the scene that it dazzled me. They all have slim waists, long legs, fair skin, and big watery eyes. They are all the type you like. .” Speaking of the opening, Baili Longlong was all excited and dancing.

Liu Wei’an squinted at Baili Longlong. Is it normal for a child to be so enthusiastic about talking about beauties? Don’t let this child be led astray. When the time comes, when the old man comes back to take a look, will he still have to dismantle his bones?

Liu Wei’an didn’t go to watch the scene last night, but he could imagine the lively scene. The restaurants and teahouses with the most people on weekdays had very few people last night. They all went to “Baihua House” .

Not long after breakfast, Yan’er hurried in with an excited expression. As soon as she saw Liu Wei’an, she couldn’t wait to say, “2.68 million gold coins!”

“Huh? More than 200,000 yuan a night?” Liu Wei’an was surprised. Yan’er went to “Baihua House” to reconcile the accounts. The Ping An Army invested so much, Liu Wei’an naturally had to keep a close eye on it. , he did not expect that a “Baihua House” would have such a strong ability to attract money.

“It’s not the total of more than 200,000, but the more than 200,000 allocated to us, a total of 5.36 million gold coins.” Yan’er said.

“Incredible!” Liu Wei’an, a person who has seen big scenes, was also shocked by this number~Soverse.com~This is a bit exaggerated. He has seen Black Dragon City’s previous account books and the Black Dragon Chamber of Commerce’s business in a quarter. The amount is only about 500,000 gold coins.

“Miss Liu said that there will be more in the next few days. It just opened yesterday. Food and other items are half-price, and other services are also discounted. The performance is free, and the delay is also long. It should be there tonight. An explosion is coming, and those who watched yesterday may not be able to bear it today.” Yan’er said.

“Xiaojinku, the ancients have never deceived me.” Liu Wei’an laughed dumbly. It seems that the masters of “Dragon Bird City” are indeed very angry. But it is understandable. After all, normal people have needs in this regard. The needs of martial arts practitioners will only be stronger. When facing the danger of death, the needs will be suppressed. Once they relax, the suppressed needs will be Will release, “Baihualou” is like a torch, instantly igniting these masters.

The emergence of “Baihualou” is not a bad thing for a city. It is not a tax issue, but when the master’s anger is reduced, the number of public security cases will drop a lot, which is conducive to the management of the city.

At this moment, the subordinate came to report, and Miss Gu asked to see her.

“What is she here for?” The confusion on Liu Wei’an’s face flashed away. Miss Gu has never left the house since she came to “Dragon Bird City”. She is very mysterious. If he remembers correctly, this is Miss Gu. It’s your first time to go out, there should be something important.


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