Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1893: , Master, help


There are three people, two men and one woman. The man on the left is as majestic as an ox, standing like an iron tower, and is covered with an animal skin. If you look closely, it turns out to be the skin of a ghost white tiger. The man on the right is also tall, and is half a head taller than the man on the left. However, this man has long hands and long legs, so he looks not as strong as the man on the left. His ten nails are sharp and long, like ten sharp knives.

The woman in the middle is slender and covered with a black scarf. I don’t know if there is something wrong with her face. She only shows a pair of cold eyes and a bow that shines with a spiritual weapon. It is very conspicuous. It is a spiritual weapon.

Liu Wei’an immediately remembered the sharp arrows on the back of the Ice and Snow Bear, which had the same aura as the bow.

“Hey, they are still a young couple!” The man wearing a white tiger skin looked up and down at Liu Wei’an and Fu Jianhu. Listening to the voice, he was the one who said, ‘The peach was picked’.

Liu Wei’an also looked at the three people. Each of them was extremely powerful. Their strength was still higher than that of the cavemen, Tiger Leap Mountain and others. The man wearing animal skin had a violent aura, like a volcano, and the man with long nails was like The sea is unfathomable, and the female archer has a cold temperament and is extremely calm.

Moving and still, the man wearing animal skins fights at close range, the man with long nails is agile, and the woman has long range. This combination is simply perfect.

“Brother, the ice and snow bear is the prey of our third brother.” The man wearing white tiger skin said to Liu Wei’an.

“You seem to have lost track of me.” Liu Wei’an said calmly.

“Flying a kite isn’t called chasing a missing person, right?” the man in the animal skin explained. It was a strategy to injure the target, keep it there, and wait until it was weak before taking action.

This approach is the norm until the strength cannot crush the target.

“The Ice and Snow Bear is now my trophy.” Liu Wei’an said.

“Although the Ice and Snow Bear was injured, the fact that you were able to kill it in such a short time shows that you are qualified to make friends with us. How do you call us?” The man in the animal skin was not angry, but showed a sign of friendship.

“Liu Wei’an, Fu Jianhu!” Liu Wei’an also had this intention.

“I, Zhang Huzhi, his name is Li Buyi, and this is Miss Miao Xiangningmiao! The three of us are demon hunters from the Central Plains, and we hunt monsters together. I think the two of them are extraordinary. I don’t know. Who do you come from?” None of the three of them had heard of the names of Liu Wei’an and Fu Jianhu, and they were full of curiosity about their identities.

“Both of us grew up in the wilderness.” Liu Wei’an said.

“Disrespect, disrespect!” Zhang Huzhi was in awe. He had only heard about the poor living conditions in the border wilderness before. When he came to the border wilderness in person, he discovered that the reality was even crueler than the rumors. How could Liu Wei’an survive in the border wilderness? It is not easy to rise in a wasteland.

After chatting with each other for a while, because they were not familiar with each other for the first time, it was difficult to say much. Zhang Huzhi quickly said goodbye and left, never mentioning the ice and snow bear again.

“How much do you know about the Central Plains?” Liu Wei’an suddenly said as he watched the three people disappear into the forest.

“My grandpa once told me that the Central Plains is prosperous, but people’s hearts are complicated. If you want to be simpler, it’s better to live in the wilderness. When I was six or seven years old, my grandpa took me to the Central Plains once, and I haven’t seen him since. Let’s leave the wilderness.” Fu Jianhu said.

“If they are all such characters, it would be difficult to get along in the Central Plains.” Liu Wei’an said.

Fu Jianhu glanced at Liu Wei’an and said nothing. He said that the people who can’t be fooled should be heroes from the Central Plains. Why are the three Zhang Huzhi so easy to talk? A seventh-level magic beast was robbed. Not only did he not say The cruel words, but the twists and turns, are that Liu Wei’an’s strength is terrifying, and he knows that he can’t get any advantages. If Liu Wei’an’s strength is slightly weaker, it will be a different ending.

The two of them cleaned the battlefield and took the time to rest for a few hours. It was not yet fully dawn. Liu Wei’an opened his eyes. Almost at the same time, Fu Jianhu also opened his eyes. The sound of fighting came from far away. Close, very fast. Judging from the movement, one person on one side was escaping in front, and two people were chasing after them. The strength of the three of them was extremely terrifying. Their strength was overwhelming, and many towering ancient trees were affected and turned into powder. .

“…Who are you? I have already sent out a signal. Even if you kill me, I can’t escape. My brothers and sisters are nearby and will be here soon. Those of you who know better, hurry up and Surrender, maybe I can let you wait a little longer – oh, how despicable!” The person fleeing in front suddenly dwarfed and fell to the ground. He rolled a few times and hit the big tree where Liu Wei’an and Fu Jianhu were living. On the ancient trees on the side, just for a moment, the pursuers were already in front of them.

It was originally two people, but now it became three people. The third person suddenly appeared from the soil. It was this person who suddenly attacked and stabbed the fleeing person in the leg.

Liu Wei’an and Fu Jianhu were both stunned. The voice was frizzy, and it was clearly Yuan Xiaoyuan. This guy went to practice deep in the woods, why did he conflict with others?

Also, he went to look for his senior brothers. Hasn’t he found him after so long? If you are with your brothers, you won’t be hunted down.

“What on earth do I have against you? If you want to do this, I don’t think I know you!” Yuan Xiaoyuan leaned against the big tree, panting, and was in a very bad state, although he still held the hand in his hand. The large golden ring sword, but the wrist is trembling and it may fall off at any time. Only one third of the large ring sword is left.

The three men in black who were chasing him said nothing, swung their swords and stabbed them with ruthless attacks.

“Wait a minute – I’m going to die soon. Can you please let me be a sensible ghost?” Yuan Xiaoyuan shouted. However, the eyes of the three men in black only had coldness and no mercy at all. No. Seeing that he was about to become the enemy’s dead soul, Yuan Xiaoyuan suddenly shouted.

“Master, help me——”

In the depths of Yuan Xiaoyuan’s mind, a seal suddenly cracked, and a blurry figure rushed out. The figure was wearing a high crown and a uniform. At first glance, he looked like a Taoist. The moment this person appeared in the air, within a radius of three kilometers, , all life trajectories came to a standstill. This person first glanced at Yuan Xiaoyuan lying on the ground, and then looked at the three men in black. At this time, the coldness of the three men in black touched Yuan Xiaoyuan. skin.


The sound seemed to come from a distant place, traveling through layers of space. The strange feeling made Fu Jianhu’s hair stand up for a moment.

The three men in black exploded with a bang, turning into three clouds of blood mist. Not even the weapons were left behind, they turned into powder, just a soft grunt.

“What happened?” The figure looked back at Yuan Xiaoyuan, and his already blurry body quickly became blurred and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

“Master, please go slowly. I won’t see you off anymore.” Yuan Xiaoyuan twisted his face. He didn’t want to end up like this, but it happened to be like this.

It wasn’t until the shadow completely dissipated that the power that imprisoned this space dissipated. The insects and ants continued to chirp, and the leaves swayed in the wind.

“Isn’t that right? Is the tiger in Pingyang being bullied by cockroaches?” Yuan Xiaoyuan wailed. The seven or eight three-eyed cockroaches must have been alone. They didn’t know how they came here. They smelled the blood and rushed towards them. Come over.

Yuan Xiaoyuan vigorously waved half of the golden ring knife, but he lost too much blood, was weak, and moved slowly, like a snail. There was no time at all. He saw that Yuan Xiaoyuan was about to be drilled into several holes by three-eyed cockroaches. , a flash of sword light flashed, and the corpses of seven or eight three-eyed cockroaches were divided into two halves, and the corpses fell at Yuan Xiaoyuan’s feet.

“Who? – It’s you!” Yuan Xiaoyuan suddenly looked up and saw Liu Wei’an and Fu Jianhu. He was surprised and happy. If it weren’t for the injury on his leg, he would have jumped up.

“Great, Liu Wei’an, thank you so much for saving my life again.” Yuan Xiaoyuan’s heart completely fell back into his stomach. He knew Liu Wei’an’s strength. With him here , there is no need to worry about safety.

“Aren’t you looking for your senior brother? Haven’t you found him yet?” Liu Wei’an floated Yuan Xiaoyuan and cut a branch of a tree branch to use as a stool for him to sit on so that Fu Jianling could treat his wounds.

“Don’t mention it, alas, I encountered some unfortunate things along the way. I saw the marks left by my senior brother in several places, but I didn’t see my senior brother. I don’t know where he went. It’s not reliable at all. None of them are reliable.” Yuan Xiaoyuan looked unhappy

“Why are these three men in black chasing you?” Liu Wei’an asked again.

“I also want to know. I was killing monsters. Suddenly he appeared and hit me. He was very vicious. There was poison on the weapon. I felt something was wrong. I killed two of them and rushed out of the encirclement. Run quickly, they have been chasing me. Before I left, the master put an amulet on me, otherwise I will not see you.” When Yuan Xiaoyuan talked about the man in black, his face became even more bitter, and he went down the mountain. Soon, it was too late to make grudges with anyone. He had no clue that the man in black wanted to kill him.

“Where’s Monk Yimu?” Liu Wei’an changed the subject.

“The little monk had some problems in his mind. When he saw a flower, he suddenly sat down and realized enlightenment. I guarded him for three days and three nights. I found that no monsters attacked him. I felt strange. He asked me to go first. He wanted to realize enlightenment in three days. Yue, so we parted ways.” Yuan Xiaoyuan said.

Liu Wei’an understands~Soverse.com~Buddhist disciples’ enlightenment is a bit like a poet’s inspiration, which suddenly appears and cannot be met. He should be happy for the little monk. This kind of thing does not happen often.

“It is still too dangerous to practice alone in the forest. You should work together. When you encounter danger, you have someone to take care of you.” Liu Wei’an said.

“After this incident, I – hiss -” Yuan Xiaoyuan’s body trembled and sweat immediately broke out, but it was Fu Jianhu who pulled out a sleeve arrow, and the sleeve arrow pierced into the bone. , it is not difficult to understand that Yuan Xiaoyuan’s face turned pale in pain.

“Be patient, there is one more.” Fu Jianhu said apologetically.

“It’s okay, you can do whatever you want, a small injury, a small problem – I have been injured more seriously before, and I didn’t say a word.” Yuan Xiaoyuan is not old, but he has a good face, and his fists are bruised , with a nonchalant look on his face, Fu Jianling treated his wound as quickly as possible, and his expression softened a little.

“Where is the seal crack?” Liu Wei’an asked.

“I’ve been looking for it for a long time, but I haven’t found it. I don’t know if I’m going in the wrong direction or not deep enough.” Yuan Xiaoyuan felt a little ashamed. He had been wandering in the forest for so long and achieved nothing.

“Let’s go back first, it’s almost time.” Liu Wei’an calculated the days and it was time to go back. Fu Jianhu followed his lead in everything, and Yuan Xiaoyuan naturally had no objection, so the three of them Return together.


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