Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 2297: Wonderful Alchemist

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“An inferior monk in a remote galaxy, still showing off!”

Tan Aoshuang made no secret of his contempt for Jiang Tian.


Xue Ji looked reluctant and wanted to refute.

“Shut up!”

Xue Wushuang frowned, then looked at Tan Aoshuang:

“Son of Aoshuang, let’s go!”

“Let’s go! I’ll take you to see Master Miaoshou!”

Tan Aoshuang smiled triumphantly and led everyone away.

A day later.

Thousands of miles northwest of Xuantian City, there is a dense forest.

The place is shrouded in clouds and mist, poisonous insects are everywhere, and the vegetation is dense.

It’s not that there are poisonous snakes twisting their bodies and swimming slowly, and there are palm-sized poisonous spiders hanging from their threads.

“Miaoshou alchemist’s cave is actually here!”

Shadow frowned.

The Holy Land of Taiyuan is the supreme existence in the Taiyuan Continent, ruling this world.

Ancestor Taiyuan has participated in good fortune, and heard that he has already completed the Dao, and he will be able to advance to the Mahayana state immediately.

It is like a living fairy.

As a disciple of the Taiyuan Holy Land, Yao Bufan actually lives in this place full of poisonous obstacles.

“Miaoshou alchemist is also a genius in Taiyuan Holy Land.”

Tan Aoshuang glanced at the shadow, rather arrogantly: “Any peerless genius will have a weird temper, so it’s not strange to place the cave here.”

“But this place is more eerie than our Blood Shadow Sect. It doesn’t feel like the cave of a fairy alchemist!”

Xue Ji frowned, with a trace of worry on her delicate face.

“What do you know! As long as you can cure the strange poison in the old man’s body, even if it is a sea of ​​swords, you will have to go through it.”

Xue Wushuang frowned, and said: “You child, do you want grandpa to die!”

“Grandpa, you are wrong to blame Xue Ji, Xue Ji doesn’t think so!”

Xue Ji lowered her head slightly.

“Son, grandpa knows that you are dissatisfied with grandpa. But grandpa tried his best!”

Xue Wushuang sighed and said: “Then Jiang Taichu doesn’t even look down on our Blood Shadow Sect. His eyes are higher than the top, so he won’t have any future.”

“From now on, don’t miss him.”

“Senior Blood Lord said yes! After all, he is a monk from a remote galaxy who has never seen the world!”

Hearing this, Tan Aoshuang agreed again and again.

“The Son of Aoshuang is right, right!”

At this time, Xue Wushuang has something to ask for from Tan Aoshuang, so naturally he won’t argue with him, so he immediately cupped his hands and said:

“Holy Son of Aoshuang, where is the entrance of the alchemist’s cave, let me go in quickly!”

“Senior Blood Lord, don’t worry!”

Tan Aoshuang smiled slightly, and when she flipped her palm, a black jade pendant appeared.

He raised his hand and threw it, and the jade pendant flew into the air with a strange light shining,


The jungle in front of me moved quickly, and the poisonous insect fog retreated at the speed of light.

“Who is knocking at the door!”

A voice came from the depths of the jungle.

The voice was dry and hoarse, like the neighing of a night owl.

Xue Wushuang and the others frowned slightly upon hearing this.

“The Holy Son of Aoxuezong, Tan Aoshuang, pays homage to Senior Yao.”

Tan Aoshuang’s attitude is respectful.

“Come in!”

As the dry and hoarse voice sounded again, a circular formation appeared in front of everyone.

Above the formation, blue light flickers, which is a teleportation formation.

Whoo! With a sound, everyone disappeared in place.

The next second, everyone appeared in front of several thatched huts.

This thatched hut is quite simple, surrounded by various exotic flowers and herbs in the air, and the fragrance of medicine bursts out.

There is also a huge elixir furnace next to it. At this moment, it is braving the flames of the sky, and the clouds inside are tumbling, as if it is refining some extraordinary and peerless elixir.

Beside the alchemy furnace, an old man was pounding medicine with a pestle.

This old man has black hair and black beard, and is as thin as iron. He knows that everyone is coming, but he can’t get up, and he still makes medicine.

“This…is the Miaoshou Alchemist?”

Xue Wushuang looked at Tan Aoshuang.


Tan Aoshuang made a gesture of silence, and said through voice transmission with his spiritual sense:

“Miaoshou Alchemist has a weird temper, he doesn’t speak, we just wait!”

Everyone asks for medicine, so they naturally obey.

A full two hours.

Yao Bufan stood up, scanned the crowd, and finally landed on Xue Wushuang:

“Jiuzhuan Xigusan in your body is a strange poison in the world, and you are dying, you should prepare for the funeral!”


Xue Wushuang and the others were taken aback.

“Senior, please help me!”

Tan Aoshuang hastily bowed and said.

“Oh? You want to use up the favor of Aoxuezong?”

Yao Bufan said coldly.

“Please seniors.”

Tan Aoshuang did not deny it.

“I don’t know if you can be the master! Patriarch Aoxue recognizes it!” Yao Bufan frowned.

“Senior, forgot? When this junior came in, the token he used was given to him by the ancestor!” Tan Aoshuang said respectfully.

“Heh! It seems that your Aoxuezong has lost all its money!”

Yao Bufan suddenly said such an unclear sentence, and then looked at Xue Wushuang: “Master Wushuang, you have to pay back this love!”

“That’s natural! I will repay the kindness of Aoshuang Holy Son with a ring of valerian.” Xue Wushuang nodded repeatedly when he heard the joke.

Yao Bufan smiled meaningfully, and when he raised his hand, a white porcelain bottle flew to Xue Wushuang.

“This is the life extension golden panacea, which can extend your life for three days.”

“What about three days later?”

Xue Ji asked quickly.

“After three days, this alchemy will naturally be refined, and at that time, it will naturally be able to unravel the Nine Transformations Erosion Bone Powder!”

“You guys stay here for a few days!”

After finishing speaking, Yao Bufan didn’t greet everyone, and started making medicine again.

Everyone was shocked when they entered the room.

I saw that the room was resplendent and resplendent, completely different from the thatched cottage outside.

“This thatched cottage is actually a magic weapon?”

Xue Wushuang’s eyes widened.

This celestial magic weapon is extremely mysterious.

It is often seen from the outside, very inconspicuous, but inside it is a different world.

Some celestial treasures even automatically condense spiritual energy to help in cultivation.

Don’t mention it in ordinary sects, even in Dongtian Paradise, it is extremely precious.

“I didn’t expect Miaoshou Alchemist to have a magic weapon of the cave, it is indeed from the Holy Land of Taiyuan!”

Shadow sighed.

“Well, it seems that this wonderful alchemist is really strong!”

Before Xue Wushuang came in, he had some concerns when he saw so many poisonous insects and barriers.

But at this time, seeing the magic weapon of the cave, the trace of worry disappeared immediately.

He immediately sat cross-legged on the ground, refining the pill that Yao Bufan gave.

“What’s up, Grandpa?”

When Xue Wushuang woke up, Xue Ji asked quickly.

“Well, you are indeed a magic hand alchemist! I feel much better! It’s just that the poison in my body is still unresolved!”

Xue Wushuang is delighted and at the same time looking forward to the new medicine from Yao BuFan.

“Miaoshou alchemist is very powerful, and when the magic pill is refined, he will definitely be able to help Senior Blood Lord detoxify!”

Qin Aoshuang was all smiles.

“Well, this time it’s all about Aoshuang Shengzi’s face. After the old man recovers, I will thank you very much!” Xue Wushuang said.

“Senior Blood Lord, actually, I am against Xue Ji…”

When Tan Aoshuang heard this, he was about to speak when he heard Xue Wushuang cough violently.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong with you!” Xue Ji hurriedly supported her.

“Help me into the room to rest, hurry up!”

Xue Wushuang’s face was pale, and his whole body’s qi and blood were in disorder. With the support of Xue Ji and Ying Ying, he quickly entered the room.

“Old man! You actually gave Tai Chi to me!”

Tan Aoshuang secretly snorted coldly: “Wait, I will definitely get this little girl!”


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