Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 2298: Behind the scenes

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Three days later.

In the early morning, it was just dawn.


A burst of aura suddenly burst into the sky, awakening Xue Wushuang and the others.

Everyone hurried out, only to see the sun shrouded in front of the thatched cottage.

A golden elixir emitting a strange light rushed out of the extraordinary elixir furnace.

In just a moment, the fragrance of the medicinal herbs completely enveloped everyone.

“This elixir is really extraordinary, just smelling it makes people feel good!”

Shadow was surprised.

“Indeed, the fragrance of this elixir can even suppress the Jiuhuan Xigusan in the old man’s body!” Xue Wushuang’s eyes were full of surprise.

“It seems that Senior Yao’s elixir is ready, Grandpa is saved!”

Xue Ji flushed with excitement.

“Senior Yao’s method is really powerful!” Tan Aoshuang smiled slightly.

I saw Yao Bufan raised his hand and waved it, and the elixir shining with strange light fell in his hand.

“This pill is called Wanfang Huanhun Pill! It is refined from all kinds of elixir in the world, and it’s cheap for you!”

Yao Bufan glanced at Xue Wushuang.

“Thank you Miaoshou alchemist for giving me the medicine!” Xue Wushuang trembled excitedly.

“Well, let’s go into the house. The refining of this medicine requires the guidance of the old man.”

Yao Bufan held the Wanfang Resurrection Pill and went straight into the house.

Everyone quickly followed.

“Integrate this medicine into Xutian!”

Into the house, Yao Bufan handed the Wanfang Resurrection Pill to Xue Wushuang.

Xue Wushuang immediately refined into the sky.

Suddenly, Xue Wushuang felt an extremely surging medicinal power quickly swim around his body.

The Jiuhuan Xigu Powder in the body was quickly suppressed.

“Thank you Miaoshou Alchemist for saving my life!”

Xue Wushuang’s complexion returned to blood, and he could only feel the evil spirit of blood in his body gradually gathering.

This is a sign of improvement.

“No need! You run the exercises and see if you can mobilize Xutian!”

Yao Bufan’s eyes were shining brightly.


Xue Wushuang hastened to use his exercises, trying to mobilize Xu Tian.

Next second available.


Xue Wushuang suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, he only felt a larger toxin in his body, swimming through his whole body.

Xutian is almost shattered!


“Blood Lord!”

Xue Ji and Ying Ying were shocked.

“Senior Yao, what’s going on? What happened to my grandpa?”

Xue Ji asked hurriedly with a pale face.

“The medicine is extraordinary, you are killing me!”

Xue Wushuang’s whole body was in a riot, and Xu Tian seemed to be torn apart at this moment.

“What! You actually hurt my grandpa!”

Xue Ji was startled suddenly.

“If you dare to murder the Blood Lord, you will die!”

Shadow was furious, and raised his hand to condense the **** aura, but suddenly a mouthful of blood spurted out, and he fell to the ground powerlessly.

“Senior Yao, what’s going on!”

Tan Aoshuang was also dumbfounded.

How could Yao Bufan poison Xue Wushuang!

“Xue Wushuang, can you still use the blood fiend golden body art now!”

Yao Bufan looked at Xue Wushuang with his arms behind his back.

“The medicine is extraordinary, you have premeditated!”

Xue Wushuang clutched his chest, surprised.

“That’s right, otherwise, do you think you can get Jiuzhuan Xigusan with Wu Tianren!” Yao Bufan smiled, but what he said was earth-shattering.

“Why, why did you collude with Wu Tianren!”

Xue Ji’s head exploded with a bang.

“Collusion? What is collusion? On the way of cultivation, the weak will prey on the strong!”

Yao Bufan smiled and said: “The old man was expelled from Taiyuan Holy Land, wandering around, always trying to find a place to live.”

“At this time, Wu Tianren approached the old man and said that as long as he helps him seize the Blood Shadow Sect, the old man will have the final say in Haizhou from now on!”

“So, I gave him Jiuzhuan Xigu Powder.”

“Then why did you poison the old man again! Wouldn’t it be better to let the old man die immediately?” Xue Wushuang didn’t know why.

“Xue Wushuang, how could you die so easily?”

Yao Bufan sneered and said: “If I remember correctly, you should know a secret art of the Blood Shadow Sect, called the Blood Fiend Golden Body Art, perform this art, ninety-nine and eighty-one times, nine-turn erosion bone powder The toxicity will be weakened, allowing you to extend your life! You just don’t know it!”

“Besides, your strength is not bad, and the Blood Fiend Golden Body Art can even make you explode with great strength before you die.”

“So the old man can only poison you, it’s that simple!”

“Bastard! Don’t you owe Aoxuezong favors? That’s how you repay favors!” Xue Wushuang scolded angrily.

“Ao Xuezong? Heh! It’s just a second-rank sect! What are you afraid of?”

Yao Bufan has his hands on his back, arrogant and arrogant:

“As long as you die, I will naturally control the Blood Shadow Sect. At that time, let alone a second-rank sect, even a first-rank sect, I will not be afraid!”

“The medicine is extraordinary, you are so calculating!”

Xue Wushuang was about to burst into tears, and wanted to forcibly run the Blood Fiend Golden Body Art, but he couldn’t mobilize the spiritual energy in his body at all.

“Now that you are all going to die, if you have any last words, please speak quickly.”

Yao Bufan scanned the crowd.

“Senior Yao, I don’t want to die! Please spare my life, spare my life!”

“Don’t you want my Aoxuezong’s golden spirit grass? I’ll ask my ancestor to give it to you later!”

Tan Aoshuang knelt down on the ground, pleading:

“Besides, if I help you bring them here, it’s considered a meritorious service!”

“Oh! Your words are true!”

Yao Bufan smiled slightly, raised his hand and threw out a porcelain bottle: “This is the antidote. After taking it, you will be safe for half a year. I hope you can fulfill your promise and give the golden spirit grass to the old man!”

“Otherwise, the old man will kill you!”

“Yes! Yes!”

Qin Aoshuang kowtowed repeatedly, then got up, stood behind Yao Bufan, and swallowed the medicine in one gulp.

He bowed his head and smiled flatteringly. He looked like a dog leg, how could he have the slightest demeanor of the sect’s holy son?

“Tan Aoshuang, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person!”

Xue Ji stared at Tan Aoshuang, and angrily reprimanded her.

“Little bitch, shut up, you thought you were the saint of the Blood Shadow Sect! You are now a prisoner!”

Tan Aoshuang rolled his eyes and looked at Yao Bufan with a flattering smile:

“Senior Yao, this junior has an unfeeling request, I don’t know if I can say it.”


Yao Bufan is not in a hurry, he said calmly.

“Can this little **** save her first, junior… junior…”

Tan Aoshuang laughed.

“Oh! Then I will give her to you!”

How could Yao Bufan not know what Tan Aoshuang was thinking.

It’s just that it’s not impossible to ask Tan Aoshuang to fetch the golden spirit grass in the future to give him some sweetness.

“Thank you, Senior Medicine, thank you, Senior Medicine!”

Qin Aoshuang repeatedly bowed to thank her.

“You bastard, even if I die, I won’t let you succeed!”

Xue Ji’s heart trembled, she already had the will to die.

“If I knew it earlier, I should have asked Fellow Daoist in the early days to come together!”

Shadow spoke suddenly, eyes full of regret.

“Hmph! A country bumpkin from a remote galaxy, so what if he came? He was killed by Senior Yao!”

Tan Aoshuang pretended to be a tiger and said arrogantly.

“Hey! It’s all my fault! It’s the old man who killed me!”

Xue Wushuang regretted it too much.

Although Jiang Taichu only transformed into a god, his cultivation is very impressive.

Even Wu Tianren, who was at the peak of Void Return, was no match for him.

If he was there, he would definitely save everyone’s life.

“Yes, there are fellow Daoists in the beginning, and friends in the beginning!”

Xue Ji’s face suddenly became happy, and she raised her hand to take out the jade talisman sent by Jiang Tian from her bosom, and crushed it with a snap!


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