Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 2296: Jiuhuan Xigu San

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“Grandpa, what are you talking about, you will be fine!”

Hearing what Xue Wushuang said, Xue Ji felt extremely complicated.

She instinctively didn’t want Xue Wushuang to die, but she also hoped that she could be with Jiang Tian.

It’s a dilemma for a while.

Seeing the shy look on her granddaughter’s face, Xue Wushuang was also very pleased.

The beauty of my granddaughter, in the whole Haizhou, except for Ye Qiushui of Xuantian Sword Sect, who can overwhelm her, there is really no saint or female cultivator who can match her.

But the Blood Shadow Sect controls the evil cultivator sect in Haizhou, and its power is hundreds of times stronger than the third-rate sect of Xuantian Sword Sect.

He didn’t believe that Jiang Tian was not tempted.

“Blood Master, the Blood Shadow Sect is all over Haizhou, and I will definitely find a cure for you!”

Shadow spoke quickly.

Although he said so, he also knew that Jiuzhuan Xigu Powder is a strange poison in the world.

It is impossible for ordinary sects to have an antidote, and I am afraid that only those blessed places in the cave, or the Holy Land of Taiyuan can have a solution.

If Xue Wushuang really died of poison, Jiang Taichu might be a good choice.

Moreover, the Blood Shadow Sect is quite powerful, and Jiang Taichu is a monk from a remote galaxy, so he has no reason to refuse.

“Damn it! This old guy wants to betroth Xue Ji to Jiang Taichu, even the Blood Shadow Sect!”

Tan Aoshuang’s face darkened.

Xue Ji is the top three women in the Haizhou Hundred Beauty List.

The reason why he came to participate in the Saintess Canonization Ceremony of the Blood Shadow Sect was to propose marriage.

Get the Blood Shadow Sect by the way.

Unexpectedly, this Jiang Taichu would actually stick a stick!

All the ducks are flying!

It’s absolutely disgusting!

“Thanks for your love, but I already have a Taoist partner!”

Jiang Tian flatly refused.

Although Xue Ji looks good, compared with her Qing’er, there is still a big gap.

Moreover, considering Jiang Tian’s strength, he really doesn’t like the Blood Shadow Sect.

Even if it is to control this world, he is not very interested.

“What, he refused!”

Shadow was taken aback.

“Fellow Taoist in the early days, the road to cultivation is long, so what if you have a Taoist companion? Thousands of stars are so vast, and your Taoist companion may not even know it!”

Xue Wushuang was also quite surprised, but he still tried to persuade him.

Xue Ji’s complexion suddenly darkened.

I don’t mind what happened to you Taoist couple.

As long as you can come back to accompany me occasionally.

“What the hell!”

Tan Aoshuang was very dissatisfied.

This boy is not attracted to the woman he wants with all his might.

Is my vision so low?

There is also that old dog Xue Wushuang, who is still licking his face to persuade him.

The older you get, the more shameless you become!

“Even if she doesn’t know, I can’t do it!”

Jiang Tian still shook his head.

I owe enough debts.

“Ah! It’s an old man who climbed up!”

Xue Wushuang’s lonely face:

“It’s just that this old man is dying, and this granddaughter is a soft-hearted person. I’m afraid it’s hard to take on the big responsibility, control the Blood Shadow Sect!”

“The blood suzerain doesn’t have to be like this, this poison is easy to cure.”

Jiang Tian said lightly: “I just need to refine a few pills, and after taking them, you can recover your cultivation within a day.”

“What! Fellow Daoist in the early days can solve Jiuzhuan Xigu Powder?”

Xue Ji’s face suddenly lit up.

“If fellow Taoist in the early days can detoxify the blood master’s poison, the Blood Shadow Sect will be grateful!” Shadow also had an excited look on his face.

“Fellow Daoist in the early days, are you serious?”

Xue Wushuang was excited, and his face flushed suddenly.

“It’s just a small poison, of course!” Jiang Tian said lightly.

“Fellow Daoist in the early days, you can’t talk nonsense!”

At this moment, Tan Aoshuang spoke lightly.

He had long been dissatisfied with Jiang Tian, ​​but when he heard Jiang Tian’s nonsense, he was immediately dissatisfied.

“Jiuzhuan Xigusan is a strange poison in the world, and the blood master has been deeply poisoned, and there is no way to recover from it!”

Everyone was silent.

Although Tan Aoshuang’s words are not pleasant, they are true.

“The world’s strange poison? In my eyes, it’s not worth mentioning!” Jiang Tian sneered.

“Jiang Taichu, stop boasting!”

Tan Aoshuang sneered and said, “I know you have some cultivation, but detoxification and cultivation are two different things!”

“In the entire Haizhou, even first-rank sects can’t have an antidote. If you want to find the antidote, you can only go to the Paradise of Heaven!”

“Besides, since you are from a remote star field, I’m afraid you haven’t even heard of such a strange poison as Jiuzhuan Xigusan?”

“Well, I’ve never heard of it, but it doesn’t mean I can’t understand it!” Jiang Tian said coldly.

“Come on!”

Tan Aoshuang smiled contemptuously: “Perhaps your remote galaxies have some natural treasures and panacea, but in the central galaxy, your things are not worth mentioning at all.”

“I once saw a monk from a remote galaxy take the Great Return Pill he refined to the pawnshop outside the Aoxue Sect to exchange for spirit stones!”

“When I heard that it was a great pill, I thought it was some kind of panacea! It turned out to be a pill that supplements spiritual energy, which is **** at all!”

Everyone nodded slightly.

What Tan Aoshuang said is indeed correct, they have also seen many such situations.

Resources for cultivation in remote galaxies are scarce, and most of the monks from those remote galaxies have little knowledge and use stones as jade.

“Fellow Daoist in the early days has a heart of sincerity, this old man is extremely grateful!”

“It’s just the old bones of the old man, I’m afraid it’s powerless to recover, so don’t worry about it!”

Xue Wushuang surrendered immediately.

Since Jiang Tian rejected his deathbed entrustment, he didn’t want to bother Jiang Tian anymore.

In that case, the favor owed will not be finished.


Shadow is silent.

After all, it is from a remote galaxy, and it is normal to talk big.

“Grandpa, I think Fellow Daoist in the early days may be able to, let him try!”

Xue Ji tugged Xue Wushuang’s arm, and begged: “Let’s talk about it, what if it works!”

“Shut up! Do you want to **** me off!”

Xue Wushuang scolded.

This little girl, everyone has rejected you, and you still have such a posture, aren’t you afraid of being looked down upon?

“Senior Blood Lord, don’t be angry, it will hurt you!”

Tan Aoshuang glanced at Jiang Tian and said proudly:

“As far as I know, the cave of Alchemist Yao Bufan is nearby. Why don’t I wait to find him.”

“The alchemist has extraordinary medicine?”

Xue Wushuang said in shock: “But that medicine from Taiyuan Holy Land is extraordinary?”


Tan Aoshuang proudly said: “Although the alchemist was expelled from the Taiyuan Holy Land, his alchemy ability has been passed down!”

“If Yao Bufan takes action, there may be a way to detoxify the blood master!” Shadow suddenly became excited.

“Well, Yao Bufan is known as the alchemist of the wonderful hand, and he is quite famous in the entire Taiyuan Continent!”

Xue Wushuang nodded repeatedly and said, “I just heard that he has a weird temper, so I’m afraid he won’t make a move easily!”

“Senior Blood Master is too worried!”

Tan Aoshuang patted his chest and laughed: “Aoxuezong once helped Yao Bufan, he owes us a favor, and he will definitely do it!”

“So, thank you Holy Son!” Xue Wushuang quickly thanked.

“Then I will leave immediately!”

Tan Aoshuang nodded, looked at Jiang Tian: “Who is that, don’t go, lest Senior Yao hate you.”

“Exactly, let’s leave it alone!”

Jiang Tian smiled coldly and was about to leave.

“Fellow Daoist in the early days, don’t leave!”

Xue Ji suddenly said: “Since the Taoist friend saved us in the early days, it is better to send the Buddha to the west. Although Wu Tianren died, his minions may not come again!”

“No need!”

Jiang Tian couldn’t see the contempt of the crowd.

However, in order to repay Xue Wushuang’s favor, he still took out a jade talisman and handed it to Xue Ji: “Crush it in danger, I will be there in a moment.”

After that, Jiang Tian took a deep look at Tan Aoshuang.

Now is not the time to kill you, you will surely destroy Aoxuezong someday!

Leave immediately.


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