Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2675: No Phase Tribulation Stone


The corpses of god-king ranks were calcined by red flames. Neither the Blazing Demon God nor the First Prince had ever heard of it.

Other **** kings of the same line want to go further, only by absorbing the souls of other **** kings. For example, the soul of the blazing demon **** has been completely absorbed by the current flame **** king. His health has increased by at least one-third compared with before.

The second use of the corpse of the **** king is to make weapons. The head, torso and other parts of the blazing demon **** are all made into fire-type artifacts. stronger.

Like Lu Yang, he was the first one to use red flames to calcine. It wasn’t that Lu Yang didn’t want to absorb the soul of the sky-puncher, nor that he didn’t want to use the corpse of the sky-puncher as a weapon. Restricted by the rules, as long as you go out, you will be reduced to ashes.

As for the divine soul of the Heavenly Punisher, it cannot be absorbed by cultivators from another world. Its attributes are extremely mismatched. It plays a role in improving, and it may also split the soul of the practitioner. Therefore, the best solution is to let the sky punisher burn it with red flames.

Thirteen days.

It took thirteen days for the body of the executioner to be completely ignited, and at this time, the body of the executioner could not resist Hongyan’s special ability, and began to distort and deform.

Pieces of off-white shells peeled off from Skyrunner’s body. The red flames did not burn anything, but the dark blue core inside collapsed crazily.

It seems that the body of the executioner is going to condense into one point, but when the body of the executioner was pierced by the horns of the God King of the Desolate Heaven Clan, it proved that the blue body is solid, not hollow. !

The horns of the **** kings of the Desolate Sky Clan couldn’t be pierced at all, and they could only penetrate less than ten centimeters.

Now that it is forcibly collapsing inward like this, the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince involuntarily stood in front of Lu Yang and cast the teleportation circle at the same time.

Once an explosion occurs, all the explosive power will be annihilated by the blood purgatory law of the transmission channel, and will not have any impact on the three of them.

Lu Yang continued to increase the release speed of the divine power in his hands, the red flames burned more and more violently, and the body of the executioner collapsed faster and faster, gradually turning into a dark blue ball with a diameter of one meter.

Suddenly, the blue ball swelled ten centimeters outward, as if it was about to explode, but in the next second, it collapsed back inward again, and then it began to expand, collapse, expand, and collapse again back and forth alternately.

Lu Yang didn’t dare to take any other actions, so he could only continue to release the red flame. Under the calcination of the red flame, although the blue ball would still expand, overall, the blue ball was getting smaller.

It gradually shrunk from one meter to fifty centimeters, then thirty centimeters, twenty centimeters… When it collapsed to ten centimeters in diameter, the blue ball stabilized.

As Lu Yang continued to activate the red flame, a strange feeling appeared in the bodies of Lu Yang, Blazing Demon God and the First Prince. The blue ball gradually turned transparent in front of the three of them.

“What is this?” Lu Yang asked confusedly.

The Blazing Demon God and the First Prince were both dumbfounded, their eyes widened in excitement, and at the same time they couldn’t help but muttered to themselves: “Phaseless Tribulation Stone~!”

“Phaseless Tribulation Stone? What is it?” Lu Yang asked.


Without waiting for the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince to explain, a terrifying roar suddenly appeared from inside the sphere, and slammed into the direction of the teleportation array.

“If you want to run, there’s no way.” The Blazing Demon God and the First Prince closed the teleportation array at the same time, and activated the Chaos Demon Flame at the same time.

The purple-black flame instantly turned into a chain and trapped the colorless transparent ball, no matter how hard it struggled, it could not escape.

“Lu Yang, cut off a small piece of the spirit in your abdomen and inject it into the Phaseless Tribulation Stone, hurry up!” Blazing Demon God urged.

Spiritual soul is the basis for a cultivator to advance from a lower **** to a middle god, upper god, main god, and finally to a **** king. Now the Blazing Demon God asks Lu Yang to cut off a part of his soul and inject it into this small transparent ball. It can be seen that this How important is the little ball.

“Is this enough?” Lu Yang cut off a piece of his soul the size of a thumb from his abdomen and poured it into the Wuxiangjie Stone.

“Just right.” The Blazing Demon God and the First Prince laughed and said.

After the Wuxiang Jieshi inhaled the soul, it quickly calmed down, suspended in mid-air, and no longer needed the control of the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince.

The two looked at each other, and couldn’t help laughing, even laughing a little crazy, which made Lu Yang a little puzzled.

“Is this thing that you two call Wuxiang Jieshi so good? What’s the use of it?” Lu Yang asked with a smile.

“What’s the use?” Blazing Demon God handed the Phaseless Tribulation Stone to Lu Yang, and said, “Did you know that this thing has only appeared once in our world for hundreds of millions of years.”

The eldest prince said: “In my era, no wonder a **** king died inexplicably. No one knew who snatched the body. After that, this thing popped up. No one knew about it. Where did it come from, and no one paid attention to him at first, after all, it is such a small broken ball, and I don’t know what it is for, I only know that every time the battle of the gods, someone will appear with this small broken ball.”

Lu Yang asked: “This thing absorbs the soul?”

The eldest prince shook his head and said with a sneer: “This thing is for absorbing resentful souls. In a great battle, there were millions of dead and injured on both sides, and so many resentful souls were absorbed by this little broken ball.” .”

“At first no one cared about it, but later someone fought with the strong man holding this little broken ball. As a result, this little broken ball turned into an ancient divine beast—Phaseless Tribulation Beast.”

“What is this?” Lu Yang asked.

The Blazing Demon God said: “I didn’t tell you before, because this thing is so rare, I thought it didn’t exist. The Phaseless Tribulation Beast is a divine beast in our world, representing the power of resentment between heaven and earth.” , while rushing towards the target, there is endless resentment attached, anyone who is thrown by the non-phase robbery beast will instantly explode due to endless resentment, the upper **** is no exception, and the peak of the main **** can barely suppress the resentment and save his life. “

The eldest prince nodded, and said: “At that time, I was in other battlefields and did not participate in this war, but according to the surviving people, the Wuxiang Jie beast couldn’t even kill the **** king, so I didn’t dare to fight it. This endless resentment, but the Formless Beast has no body, so everyone was scared away by the Formless Beast.”

Lu Yang was dumbfounded, and said, “Who is the person who holds the Wuxiang Jie Beast?”

The eldest prince said: “I don’t know, that person’s self-control has always been hidden in the black mist, and he belongs to the side of the ancient gods. It was blown up during the battle, and there has been no Phaseless Tribulation Stone since then.”

The Blazing Demon God laughed and said: “I didn’t expect to see the Wuxiang Jieshi again, and it was still on our side. We were still worrying about killing too many old demons, and we couldn’t use all the resentful souls with the Demon God Don’t worry about transforming, this is all right, let the superfluous robbery stone absorb all the excess, and try to let him evolve into a non-phase robbery beast as soon as possible, when the time comes, we will all have to run away when the main **** peak sees it.”

Lu Yang couldn’t help laughing. After being bombarded and killed by the Wuji Yanyang of the Scarlet Flame Spirit King, being chased and killed by the four demon generals at the peak of the main god, and being threatened by Xiaguang Turang, he really had enough. If it’s a formless robbery beast, he doesn’t have to be afraid.

“I’ll take my brothers to kill Earth Demon when I go out.” Lu Yang said.

Thirteen days in a row, his brothers outside should be in a stable state, and the only difference is that they are fighting in the form of warriors from the Desolate Sky Clan. There is one more important thing.

“Liu Ruohuai, come in.” Lu Yang ordered loudly.

Outside the Huangtian Clan’s castle, Liu Ruohuai was leading his brothers to practice. Hearing Lu Yang’s order, he quickly entered the castle and ran to the back garden.

“Boss, I’m here.” Liu Ruohuai said respectfully.

Lu Yang looked at him with a smile and said, “Do you know the strong man of the Huangtian clan beside me?”

Liu Ruohuai looked up at the God King of the Desolate Heaven Clan. The armor and sharp horns all over his body were harder than blood-refined silver, and his appearance was even more calm and majestic.

“Boss, who is this?” Liu Ruohuai couldn’t guess.

Lu Yang said: “The **** king of the Huangtian clan.”

“No wonder you are so strong.” Liu Ruohuai said in amazement.

Lu Yang smiled, and said: “He is yours, replace your blood of ordinary Desolate Heaven Clan warriors, and use the blood of Desolate Heaven Clan God Kings.”

Liu Ruohuai’s eyes widened excitedly, looked at Lu Yang and said, “Boss, are you serious? This, this… This is too precious, I can’t accept it.”

He was so excited that he couldn’t speak. The bloodline of a strong God-King Rank, no matter how stupid Liu Ruohuai was, he knew the meaning of this bloodline.

Lu Yang said: “You are the legion commander of the Huangtian Clan, you deserve it.”

“But, but, Zhou Tianming’s boss hasn’t changed yet.” Liu Ruohuai said.

Lu Yang said: “I chatted with Zhou Tianming on the way here. In order for the brothers not to be threatened by demon whispers and extraterrestrial demons, Zhou Tianming has decided to use only the blood of the Nightmare clan in his life.”

“Boss Zhou Tianming…” Liu Ruohuai was filled with admiration once again in her heart. After being exposed to cultivation, who would not want to become stronger continuously, and the most important thing to become stronger is blood.

Zhou Tianming can give up the bloodline of the god-king class, except for truly treating them as brothers, who can do such a thing.

Lu Yang also sighed inwardly. Originally, he wanted to let Zhou Tianming remove the blood of the Nightmare Clan and let others take over, but Zhou Tianming was worried that other people would not be able to withstand the invasion of the extraterritorial demons, so he decided to continue to fight against the extraterritorial demons alone. Protect all brothers.

“Ruohuai, remember what the boss said. Although we came to this world to gain stronger strength, our ultimate goal is to protect our homeland.”

“Our ancestors were enslaved once, and we deeply know the taste of being enslaved. The feeling of losing dignity, losing our homeland, and being unable to protect our loved ones and loved ones must never happen to us and our next generation again.”

“We practice desperately for these things. If you can’t maintain this mentality, even if you get the blood of the god-king rank, you will one day be devoured by the remnant souls of the extraterrestrial demons and the god-kings of the Desolate Heaven Clan.”

“Absolute power is not what we pursue. Protecting our family, protecting our dignity, and guarding the land we raise is what we pursue. Do you understand?” Lu Yang said to Liu Ruohuai word by word.

The hearts of the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince were greatly touched at this moment. Is it the corpse of the God-King Rank, or is it the main **** of the Huangtian Clan who relies on body and strength to fight, and just give it to his subordinates? !

If it is calcined with red flames, the treasures that come out will definitely not be weaker than the level of Wuxiang Jieshi. If it is handed over to Lu Yang, Lu Yang’s strength will be further strengthened, but Lu Yang’s The choice is given to my brother, just to make the race stronger!

The eldest prince took a deep breath in his mind, looked at the Blazing Demon God and said: “I am completely convinced, what he pursues is really not power, but something that I may never understand.”

The Blazing Demon God sighed, and said: “It is precisely because of his quality that he can cultivate warriors who are not afraid of demons outside the realm.”

The eldest prince nodded, and said: “I’m really looking forward to seeing Lu Yang’s subordinates replace themselves with the top bloodlines in Blood Purgatory, and return to the scene of fighting in another world.”

“I’m looking forward to it too.” Blazing Demon God said.

In the back garden.

Liu Ruohuai completely understood what Lu Yang meant, he regained his composure, bowed respectfully to Lu Yang, and said: “Boss, I will remember what you said, and I will work hard for this goal all my life .”

“Let’s merge, I’ll help you.” Lu Yang nodded in satisfaction, opened the teleportation space with a move with his right hand, and used his divine power to throw the corpse of the God King of the Desolate Heaven Clan to the entrance of the teleportation.

The red light flickered, and the body of the God King of the Desolate Heaven Clan instantly turned into countless particles of dust, among which the one without law was captured by Lu Yang and sent to Liu Ruohuai.

Liu Ruohuai’s soul quickly separated from her body and merged with this dust. In an instant, the dust seemed to have found a hotbed and began to grow crazily. It soon turned into cells, and then divided rapidly. Half a day later, it covered the entire body. Liu Ruohuai’s whole body.

Looking at Liu Ruohuai again at this time, except for his appearance, he is almost no different from the God King of the Desolate Heaven Clan. Surging divine power is crazily spinning in Liu Ruohuai’s body. Originally, there is still a small half of magic power in his body, but now under the spinning divine power , All were converted into divine power.

The wind, thunder and clouds move, and the sky and the earth change color!

When the vision arises, there must be a **** descending into the world. Liu Ruohuai looked at Lu Yang blankly and said, “Boss, I, I, I seem to have advanced to the next rank of god!”

Lu Yang has already seen the changes in Liu Ruohuai’s body, the sharp horns of all parts and the armor on his body are sharper and harder.

“You are the peak demigod, it’s normal to get the blood of the head of the Desolate Heaven Clan and some of the power in his body to be promoted to the next god.” Lu Yang said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, but I’m not prepared.” Liu Ruohuai said blankly. Originally, he thought that according to the order, it would be his turn after the promotion of Zhuojiu and Baishi, etc., but he became the second.

Lu Yang patted him on the shoulder and said: “Let’s not talk nonsense between brothers. When the opportunity comes to you, you should become a god. This is not something worth celebrating. The stronger you are, the stronger you are. The heavier the responsibility, I hope you are ready to face a strong enemy.”

Liu Ruohuai’s eyes gradually became firm, and he said: “Boss, I understand what you mean, I will not disappoint the expectations of you and your brothers.”

Lu Yang nodded and said: “Come out with me, let’s take the brothers to familiarize themselves with the body, the enemy will not let us practice so comfortably all the time.”

“Yeah.” Liu Ruohuai nodded vigorously, and followed Lu Yang out of Huangtianbao.

Twenty-eight thousand soldiers of the Jagged Brotherhood who had replaced the blood of the Desolate Sky Clan were confused about the reason for the phenomenon of heaven and earth. They were all stunned when they saw Liu Ruohuai flying out of the castle with Lu Yang.

Under the influence of the same blood, they quickly sensed that Liu Ruohuai had been promoted to the lower god, which made them all look dazed and excited.

Lu Yang flew over the crowd and said loudly: “Liu Ruohuai has been promoted to the lower god, and from now on, the Jagged Brotherhood has two lower gods.”


More than 20,000 brothers cheered in unison. The excited mood of Lu Yang and the others calmed down, and they said: “Everyone is now a quasi-god and a demigod, right? The ten-member team advances parallel to the east, using the enemy to practice, remember, you are not allowed to kill Old Demon, you only need to capture me alive.”

“Yes.” Pan Yuhang, Yao Ye and the others cheered in unison. Going further is becoming a god. Excited, they led their teams to the east side of Huangtian Castle.

When Delia and Maldron led the team to the east, they did not advance in parallel, but inserted like a sharp blade into the endless monsters on the east side of Desolation Castle.

Their purpose is to put themselves to death and survive, to force themselves into a desperate situation, to learn to cooperate and help each other. In this way, countless monsters on the east side of Huangtianbao were drawn out, and most of them With Old Demon as the main one, it is just right for Liu Ruohuai and Pan Yuhang to practice their hands.

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