Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2676: Phaseless Tribulation Beast





More than 28,000 Iron-Blood Brotherhood fighters of the Desolate Sky Clan’s blood rushed into the Old Demon area.


Countless Earth Demons were wandering around the entrance of the cave. When they saw Pan Yuhang and others rushing over, they thought it was food delivered to their door, and spit out the Earth Demon Swords in their mouths.


Pan Yuhang only felt that the attack speed of the Earth Demon Sword in front of him was extremely slow. After dodging for an instant, he tried to hit it with the sharp corner of his arm.


There was a crisp sound of metal and stone clashing, and the Earth Demon Sword only left a shallow sword mark on the sharp corner.


Earth Demon thought it was a missed hit, retracted the Earth Demon sword and spit it out again. This time, Pan Yuhang did not choose to dodge. During the more than ten days that Lu Yang refined the Skyrunner, he was already familiar with his body.


The skin on the chest is only three points softer than the horns growing on the arms. When the divine power is concentrated on the skin, the strength of the skin is no different from the horns.


Pan Yuhang used the skin-hardening spells he learned from the ancient gods in the arctic wasteland, and the combat art worked extremely smoothly on the bodies of the desolate people. In an instant, the skin on his chest hardened like a sharp point. same angle.




The crisp sound of metal and stone clashing sounded, and the long sword spit out from Old Demon’s mouth stabbed Pan Yuhang’s chest head-on, without even piercing a point.


Earth Demon was stunned, and Pan Yuhang was also shocked. Although Pan Yuhang expected to know the result, when he actually appeared, he was shocked beyond measure.


“The combat art of the ancient gods combined with the blood of the Huangtian clan is really too strong.” Pan Yuhang let out a long roar, and slammed his arms inward.


There was a dull sound, and the long sword that Old Demon spit out was actually broken into two pieces by Pan Yuhang. Under the severe pain, Old Demon turned around and ran away, but it was too late to run again.


Zhao Cheng suddenly turned around and landed in front of Old Demon, at the same time, the sharp horn on his arm slashed across half of Old Demon’s body.


Earth Demon was disembowelled!


“Too strong, we are too strong.” Zhao Cheng shouted excitedly.


“You made a foul, the boss said, you have to live.” Pan Yuhang raised his eyebrows and said with a laugh.


“Fuck, I forgot.” Zhao Cheng patted his forehead, and hurriedly ran back to Lu Yang with the old devil in his arms, blood all the way.


Looking at Zhao Cheng’s ashamed expression with a smile, Lu Yang said, “It seems that you want to learn the original combat style as soon as possible. How about I teach it to you now?”


Zhao Cheng shook his head crazily. They knew how Lu Yang learned the four-armed aura. Unlike Lu Yang who could withstand the wailing of so many resentful souls, he was not ready yet.


“Boss, I was wrong.” Zhao Cheng pretended to be honest and rubbed the back of his head.


“Get out, grab some more.” Lu Yang scolded with a smile.


“Okay boss.” Zhao Cheng ran away in a hurry.


Lu Yang shook his head with a smile, and after punching him to death, he burned his body into the original sky crystal with red flames, and he took the remaining soul into the Wuxiang Jieshi.


“It’s a pity, the long sword in the mouth of the old demon is not weaker than the weapon of the lower god.” Lu Yang said with a tut.


Both the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince rolled their eyes at Lu Yang subconsciously, and the First Prince said, “I figured it out, even if the fire beetles in the Blood Purgatory fall into your hands, you have to dismantle them.” Open it to see what can be sold for money.”


Lu Yang laughed and said, “Of course, who made us poor.”


The Blazing Demon God said with a smile: “Not only are you poor, but you also have a bit of luck. This old demon is a master of earth-type divine power, and he is equipped with extremely strong earth-type spells. If you are in another area, you The brothers under him didn’t have such good luck, that is, in this area where spells cannot be released, Old Demon was beaten so helplessly.”


The First Prince nodded and said: “That’s right, the long sword in the mouth of the Earth Demon is an accessory after they have cultivated their spells to a high level. The sharpness is perfect compared to those of your subordinates who have learned the ancient **** clan’s combat art and also use the most suitable blood of the Huangtian clan.”


Lu Yang also felt that he was lucky or wrong. While killing the Old Demon, he chatted with the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince. It had been a long time since they had such a leisurely and comfortable time.


Now the three of them are most excited about the Wuxiangjieshi. Seeing the resentful souls being absorbed one by one, all three of them can feel the changes inside the Wuxiangjieshi.


As if this Phaseless Tribulation Stone is a melting pot, the resentful souls that enter it will be refined into something else, which is so mysterious that even the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince can’t understand it.


The three of them could only continue to wait, but as the Jagged Brotherhood moved forward, more and more Old Demons died in Lu Yang’s hands.


After the entire team marched forward for seven days and seven nights, the number of Old Demons killed by 28,000 people reached 100,000.


Lu Yang also injected 100,000 resentful spirits into the Wuxiang Jieshi. At this time, the Wuxiangjie stone had turned into pure black, and there were constant low roars from inside.


The Blazing Demon God said: “It looks like your first Phaseless Tribulation Beast should be born soon, find a place, the three of us will try to give birth to him.”


The three of them have never used the Wuxiang Jieshi before, but the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince have heard some methods of using it for countless years.


Some are nonsense, but some are believable. Without a better way, the three of them can only try this way.


Lu Yang asked his brothers to stay where they were. He found a spacious flat ground, and first set up a control barrier to prevent the Phaseless Robbery from violently injuring people after it was successfully spawned.


“Inject divine power first, so that the Phaseless Tribulation Beast can finally take shape.” Blazing Demon God said.


Divine power surged out of Lu Yang’s body and poured into the Wuxiang Jieshi. The originally pitch-black sphere gradually took shape, and finally, it turned into a strange creature with sharp horns on its head that looked like a dragon or a lion. , although it also has four legs, but has a pair of black wings on its body.


The key point is that this Phaseless Robbery Beast, just like the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince described, seems to be tangible, but in fact it is invisible. That weird feeling makes Lu Yang, the owner, very uncomfortable.


“Use the secret technique to see if it can be released.” The First Prince said.


Lu Yang followed the method taught by the First Prince, and the strange creature that had been roaring in the Wuxiang Jieshi suddenly roared wildly and flew out with a black awn.


After falling to the ground, the black glow gradually grew larger, and finally formed a three-meter-high monster that looked exactly like the dragon and lion in the Wuxiang Jieshi.


Endless resentment erupted crazily from the body of Wuxiang Jieshou at this moment. Standing beside Wuxiang Jieshou as the master, Lu Yang could feel the whispers of demons in his consciousness amplified a lot. The voice seemed to be heard.




Wuxiang Jieshou let out a low growl, and looked left and right, looking for prey with a furious expression. Suddenly, he saw Liu Ruohuai, Pan Yuhang and others.


“Come back.” Lu Yang mobilized his divine power, and the body of the Wuxiangjie Beast turned into a black light and returned to the Wuxiangjie Stone.


After Lu Yang repeatedly confirmed that the Wuxiang Jie Beast could not come out, and the Wu Xiang Jie Stone would not be damaged by the Wu Xiang Jie Beast, he finally let out a sigh of relief.


“Are you two alright?” Lu Yang asked quickly.


“Sure enough.” Blazing Demon God let out a sigh of relief, and said, “No wonder the Phaseless Tribulation Beast is invincible, and it makes people’s minds confused before it even launches an attack. It is indeed one of the top secret treasures in ancient times. “


The eldest prince sighed and said: “The key is that this thing does not distinguish the strength of the soul, as long as it is a resentful soul, it will be smelted into this state by him, Lu Yang, do you feel anything?”


Lu Yang smiled, and explained the situation he just encountered, and said: “I suspect that the holder should be a divine soul, whether it was eaten by an extraterrestrial demon or he went crazy. The resentment of this thing is too heavy .”


Both the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince nodded, and they also felt that the users of the Wuxiang Jieshi would not end well.


“Use it with caution. If you don’t meet the main **** in the future, don’t use the Phaseless Tribulation Beast.” The Blazing Demon God said.


Lu Yang nodded, and just about to agree, he felt a vibration from the flame pick in his arms, which he used to contact Zhou Tianming.


“Boss, Delia’s 10,000 Turang City soldiers were attacked by the Lord God, and 5,000 of them died in battle. What should we do?” Zhou Tianming shouted anxiously.


“Lord God?” Lu Yang showed a speechless expression. He didn’t expect that he just decided not to use it lightly, and he was about to take it out on the battlefield.


“Tell me the location and the situation, I’ll come over right away, I have something that can hurt the Lord God.” Lu Yang said.


Zhou Tianming didn’t bother to ask what it was, so he quickly informed Lu Yang of the location and the situation. It turned out that when Delia led 10,000 Turang city soldiers to fight eastward, she found the exit of the magic-free pure land. .


You can use spells after leaving the magic-free pure land. Delia and the others, who fight with the fire-like secret art of the nine-color divine light, thought it was finally their turn to show their talents, but they didn’t expect to bump into a Among the races whose whole body is purple and black, with a purple bead on the chest, and sickle-like wings on the back.


“In front of this race, Delia’s nine-color divine light has no advantage at all. The local patriarch is still at the main **** level. With one strike, he killed 5,000 Turang city warriors, and then he watched his clansmen besiege Delia and the others, eating away at them bit by bit,” Zhou Tianming said.


The Blazing Demon God frowned and asked, “The bead on the chest of a creature of this race is about 30 centimeters in size, isn’t it?”


Zhou Tianming made some calculations and said, “That’s right.”


The Blazing Demon God took a deep breath, and said in amazement: “I don’t know whether to say they are lucky or unlucky, they have met the Blood Refining Dzi Bead Clan.”


“Is there anything special?” Lu Yang asked.


The Blazing Demon God snorted coldly, and said: “In terms of bloodlines, the Blood Refining Dzi Beads are one rank higher than Delia’s and the others’ bloodlines. Thinking about it really made that old guy Xiaguang Turang gamble.”


The eldest prince said: “This race is also a special race that uses light-like mages. The purple light shot by the dzi beads on the chest can beat the fighters in Turang City at the same level. If you lead the soldiers of the Huangtian clan to kill them like this, They can resist the Earth Demon Sword, but they can’t withstand the purple light, you have to be mentally prepared.”


Lu Yang was a little speechless, he didn’t expect Delia to provoke such a difficult race, so he said, “Let me try it.”


After all, he was the first fire-type top race to surrender to him. He had to give it a try anyway, and said to Liu Ruohuai beside him: “The whole army is changed to a front arrow formation, and a hundred people charge forward in a row. There are unnecessary battles on the way. If we don’t fight, let’s save the soldiers of Turang City.”


“Yes.” Liu Ruohuai quickly formed a team.


Lu Yang sensed the route sent by Zhou that Liu Ruohuai’s team had completed, he jumped into the sky alone, turned into a phoenix form, and flew towards Zhou Tianming’s position past.


“I’ll take a step first and leave you coordinates along the way.” Lu Yang’s voice reached the ears of Liu Ruohuai, Pan Yuhang and others.


When Liu Ruohuai and the others looked at the sky, they could only see black spots in the distant sky.


“The warriors of Turang City helped us, and the Jagged Brotherhood has never owed anyone a favor. Brothers attack with me, kill~!” He rushed in the direction of Lu Yang.


Twenty-eight thousand Jagged Brotherhood warriors charged forward in the form of the Desolate Sky Clan. The Old Demons along the way couldn’t resist at all. The Old Demons on both sides wanted to sneak attack, but they didn’t pay much attention. Kill them, or let them go, anyway, the magic sword can’t hurt them.


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