Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2674: King of Fire God


10,000 Turang City fighters agreed with this point of view. If before that, they were proud of being an elite clone of Turang City, this time they acted together with Liu Ruohuai and more than 20,000 human fighters, and witnessed it with their own eyes. It comes to the way humans fight, and they now have the blood of the Desolate Clan.

The fighters in Turang City have already doubted their own strength, but they don’t want to admit it.

They couldn’t believe that every human warrior could resist the attack of the remnant souls of the Celestial Clan.

“Impossible, I don’t believe that simply going to death with each other can resist illusion.”

“That is the remnant soul of the warriors of the ancient race, the Desolate Sky Clan. How could human beings have ever fought against it? At least two-thirds of it must have been eaten by the Desolate Sky Clan.”

“I don’t believe it either, but if they do it, I will practice according to the method taught by His Highness Lu Yang.”

The soldiers in Turang City whispered, and Lu Yang could hear them clearly, which made both Delia and Malderon blush.

Just as the two of them were thinking about whether to scold everyone, Pan Yuhang stood up and said, “Boss, I have completed my blood fusion.”

“I have also completed the fusion.” Zhao Cheng also stood up.

“I have also completed the fusion.” Yao Ye also stood up.

“I have completed the integration.”

“I’m done too.”

The first batch of one hundred warriors stood up one after another. They all completed the fusion. Zhou Tianming personally checked the souls of each of them, and made sure that they were still their own, and that they had not been remnant by extraterrestrial demons and warriors of the Desolate Sky Clan. Swallow, gave Lu Yang a thumbs up.

“The second batch.” Lu Yang said loudly.

From the beginning to the end of the fusion, it took less than 5 minutes in total, so he can feel a little relieved.

The soldiers in Turang City were dumbfounded. All one hundred people easily completed the fusion, and the success rate was 100%. gave the answer.

With the second batch, the third batch, the fourth batch…

For thirteen days, until the last batch of fighters completed the blood fusion, and none of them had any problems, the fighters in Turang City were completely convinced.

They turned their attention to Delia and Maldron and other high-level legions. If they want to reach the level of the Jagged Brotherhood, they must first have a boss who is willing to sacrifice for them. This is the premise of everything.

If they don’t want to take the lead, then someone else has to take the lead!

“Boss, I want to take my brothers to continue exploring.” Delia said.

Seeing the determination in Delia’s eyes, Lu Yang thought about it and said, “Go.”

There is no need to say any extra words, and Lu Yang does not need to remind you about safety issues. Whether Delia and the Wantulang city warrior behind him can break through the spiritual shackles depends on this action. up.

“Assemble the whole army, let’s continue to explore eastward.” Delia ordered in a loud voice.

“Yes.” Maldron and other commanders responded loudly. After quickly assembling their respective teams, they followed Delia to the distant mountains.

“The battle of breaking out of the cocoon and becoming a butterfly, I hope more people will survive.” Lu Yang watched them leave.

If you want to understand the spiritual meaning of watching and helping each other and sacrificing your life for righteousness, you can only face enemies stronger than them.

Delia and Malderon both know this, but in this world, if they want to defeat enemies stronger than them, they have to pay a considerable price.

Many fighters from Turang City will die in this battle. Lu Yang only hopes that the price they pay will be less. After all, this will be his main combat power in the future.

“Follow the past, if you have any questions, please contact me in time.” Lu Yang said to Zhou Tianming beside him.

The 28,000 fighters of the Jagged Brotherhood have all been transferred to become fighters of the Desolate Clan, and the rest is to improve their strength.

The bloodline of the Huangtian clan is very strong. Most of the warriors were already on the verge of becoming quasi-gods, and some of them had already reached the quasi-god level. , who was originally a quasi-god is about to enter a higher level.

Lu Yang’s current task is to stay by their side. He can wait for them to be promoted. All the old demons and other monsters around here have been killed, and no other creatures will come over. He is not worried about safety. .

“Okay then, boss, I’ll follow to protect them.” Zhou Tianming transformed into the shape of the Nightmare Race, spread his wings and flew into the air, following behind Delia and the others from a distance.

After Lu Yang watched Zhou Tianming fly away, he sat cross-legged near the main entrance of Huangtian Castle, preventing the Sky Executioner inside from suddenly going berserk, or using other tricks to lure his brother into it.

one day

Two days

Three days

After ten days in a row, Lu Yang suddenly felt a strange aura, which was a sense of desolation that the top-level life had come to an end and gradually dissipated.

“The one inside is dead.” The Blazing Demon God and the First Prince said excitedly at the same time.

“I’ll go in and have a look.” Lu Yang jumped into the air, looked around to make sure there were no foreign enemies, and then walked to the gate of the castle.

The powerful attraction sucked Lu Yang into the gate of the castle. He didn’t rush there, but quickly circulated the divine power in his body.

“Blood refining silver body~!”

Lu Yang let out a low growl, and his whole body turned silvery-white. Both the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince had told him that the Purple Blood Wood must have a mechanism set up by the Sky Executioner. Similarly, Lu Yang did not believe that the Sky Executioner was Before he died, he left nothing for himself.


A group of misty light blue dead souls suddenly rushed out of the garden and ran towards Lu Yang, but Lu Yang reacted quickly and turned around to avoid it.

“I’m not reconciled, I’m not reconciled, I’m not reconciled~!” The light blue misty soul roared and ran towards Lu Yang again.

The Blazing Demon God said with some emotion: “This should be the resentful soul of the sky punisher. This is the first time I have seen a resentful soul of the god-king rank.”

“How to deal with it?” Lu Yang asked.

The Blazing Demon God said: “It’s good to avoid it, the blue is already so faint, it will probably dissipate soon, but don’t let him hit it, it will leave an indelible mark on you If you walk in the blood purgatory in the future, the executioner thousands of kilometers away will be able to sense you.”

“Death is never easy.” Lu Yang shook his head. Fortunately, he was the one who came in. If it was his brothers, or other creatures, or the ghost of the Skyrunner flew out to find other targets , Maybe another Skyrunner will be attracted.

He quickly used his movement skills to avoid the impact of the dead soul of the Skyrunner in the castle. It turned into dots of blue light and disappeared into the ruins of the castle.

Lu Yang, Blazing Demon God, and the First Prince all lamented that the powerhouse at the peak of the God King had just disappeared like this.

“Let’s go in and have a look. The Heavenly Punishment Six-killing Formation at the door is still there, but the Heavenly Punisher didn’t inject energy into it.” Blazing Demon God said.

Lu Yang nodded, jumped into the back garden of the castle a few times, and as expected, the vines in the purple blood tree attacked Lu but Lu Yang found out in advance and hid. .

When he came under the blood-red tree, the body of Tian Xun Zhe was still azure blue, and the state of entanglement with the God King of the Desolate Heaven Clan remained unchanged, but his eyes had become dull.

“Check again carefully to see if their souls are really gone, and they won’t have any way to fight back.” Lu Yang said.

The Blazing Demon God and the First Prince were also afraid that something might go wrong, so they flew out of Lu Yang’s body, and carefully checked the souls and consciousness of the Sky Executioner and the God King of the Desolate Heaven Clan.

“They must all be dead, don’t worry about burning them.” Blazing Demon God said.

“Then I won’t be polite.” Lu Yang let out a red flame and set the corpse of the executioner on fire.

The Blazing Demon God and the First Prince immediately released the control circle, and they were also very curious about what kind of treasure they would get if they burned the Sky Executioner to death with red flames.

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