Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2673: Change body


Since Lu Yang took Delia, Maldron and other soldiers from Turang City to open the passage to the castle of the Desolate Clan, every day he would order Delia and the others to clear the road here to prevent There are new creatures occupying this passage.

Even when Lu Yang returned to the arctic wasteland, he left an order to tell Delia and the others not to forget to clear the road.

Now there is not a single blood purgatory creature on this road, Lu Yang marched with more than 30,000 people in a hurry, and it took less than half a day to arrive at the gate of the castle of the Desolate Sky Clan.

Finding the location of Fengyan, Lu Yang led the crowd to jump in in batches. In the end, more than 30,000 people all entered the castle and gathered at the ruined wall in the center of the city.

There are corpses of Huangtian warriors all over the place. Lu Yang looked at Liu Ruohuai, Pan Yuhang and others with a smile and said, “Everyone finds one, and I will replace the bodies for everyone.”

“Oh~!” Liu Ruohuai, Pan Yuhang and others cheered loudly, even though they were seriously injured, they still managed to find their bodies.

Delia, Maldron and the others were afraid that Pan Yuhang and the others who were seriously injured would not be able to bear it, so they walked over to help select the corpses.

“I’ll go to the garden, you must not follow, the danger over there has not been lifted yet.” Lu Yang said.

“Yes.” Delia, Liu Ruohuai and the others nodded, and then sent messages to their subordinates not to go in the direction of the garden.

Lu Yang came to the entrance of the garden with a few jumps, and saw the twelve main god-level masters lying on the ground again. He did not dare to go in directly, but tentatively walked to the edge of the magic circle. The main **** looked at Lu Yang at the same time, but their bodies couldn’t support them no matter what.

“Scared me to death.” Lu Yang secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he was still a little anxious, he should come first to make sure that the twelve main gods are really immobile before bringing the brothers in.

“Experience is also part of our battle, you did nothing wrong.” Blazing Demon God said.

The eldest prince said: “Excessive caution will cause you to lose many opportunities and delay many things.”

“Thank you.” Lu Yang said gratefully in his consciousness, he stepped into the garden, bypassed the purple blood wood forest, and came to the bottom of the blood-red tree.

“Help…save me~!” Skyrunner’s sky blue eyes turned to look at Lu Yang, begging in a low voice, this time he was weaker than last time, as if he was going to die at any moment.

“He’s not dead yet.” Lu Yang looked at Tian Xun Zhe speechlessly, and said, “Why are you carrying on like this, just accept your fate and die sooner.”

“Save…save me~!” The Skyrunner was still whispering.

Lu Yang didn’t have time to talk to him. He came to the mouth of the well and looked down. To his surprise, there was some blood refining silver below. Although the amount was not much, according to the method given by Malthus, it was enough for 10 people. up.

He threw down the storage bag in his hand, and extracted all the blood and silver that had been produced. Afterwards, he ignored the illusion of Skyrunner, and walked back to the gate of the garden.

“What should I do, I’m not dead yet.” Lu Yang said a little speechlessly.

The Blazing Demon God pondered for a while, and said, “It will probably take ten days and half a month.”

The First Prince said: “I agree with your point of view, at most half a month, this Skyrunner will die, but you have to pay attention, we both felt it just now, and he will reserve his last strength to fight to the death. If you approach him again in a month, he will definitely release the spell hidden in the purple blood wood, causing the purple blood wood to release countless wooden thorns to blow your soul, and he will take your soul and rebirth.”

“None of the superpowers is simple.” Lu Yang shook his head speechlessly. The Sky Punisher was killed by the joint efforts of the Desolate Heaven Clan God King and the Twelve Lord Gods. He not only survived, but also created the Sky Punishment Six kills left behind a magic circle inside the Purple Blood Wood.

As long as there is a little bit of greed, or there is no god-king powerhouse like Blazing Demon God and the First Prince to remind him, Lu Yang will die if he enters!

“Go outside the city to look for it. It stands to reason that the main **** of the Desolate Sky Clan should have a weapon, but the two times we came, we didn’t find it. Maybe he was blown out of the castle.” The Flame Demon God said.

“That makes sense.” Lu Yang nodded, the weapons used by the God Kings of the Desolate Heaven Clan must be of the God King rank, even if he doesn’t use them, they can be sold for a good price.

But he can’t leave the castle yet. He can guarantee that his brothers will not come to the back garden, but Lu Yang can’t guarantee that Delia and Malderon’s ten thousand Turang city warriors will not come.

As long as one of them enters the back garden, they will have to fall under the illusion of Tian Xun Zhe, when the day Xun Zhe takes his body away, the ones who will die will be Lu Yang and the others.

“After finding the body, everyone exits the Castle of Desolation.” Lu Yang jumped onto the remaining part of the city wall and said loudly.

Liu Ruohuai and the others had already found their bodies. After hearing Lu Yang’s order, they all jumped out of the eye of the storm with the help of Delia and the others, and returned to the outside of the castle.

After seeing everyone go out with his own eyes, Lu Yang left the Blazing Demon God and the eldest prince behind, ran out to check the number of people, and only after making sure that more than 38,000 people were there, he let go tone.

After reconnecting the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince, Lu Yang began to change his bloodlines. In order not to waste them, Liu Ruohuai and the others withdrew the bloodlines from their bodies first, and then merged with the bloodlines of the Huangtian warriors.

This kind of fusion is almost not dangerous, just need to worry about not being attacked by the remnant souls in the warriors of the Desolate Sky Clan and the extraterrestrial demons taking advantage of the opportunity of the fusion.

Lu Yang called Zhou Tianming out of the Demon God’s Temple. During this time, Zhou Tianming had already made preparations. As soon as he landed, he turned into a nightmare form, flew into the air with vibrating wings, and launched a super-large illusion, killing everyone All the Jagged Brotherhood fighters were included in his illusion circle.

Delia, Maldron and others were watching around Lu Yang, when they suddenly saw Zhou Tianming, they all showed shocking expressions.

“Why does this person have the aura of an extraterrestrial demon?” Delia said in horror.

Lu Yang said with a smile: “This is one of the combat commanders around me, Zhou Tianming who has the blood of the Nightmare Clan, he has already eaten many extraterrestrial demons, so you can feel the extraterrestrial power in him. The breath of the demon.”

“Eat?!” Delia, Maldron and the others felt that their understanding of their own world was broken again. When will a creature from another world dare to say that he can eat the alien demon?

“I’ve met you brothers, I’m sorry, I’ll meet you when I’m done with work.” Zhou Tianming said to Delia, Maldron and the others.

“Boss, he is at the pinnacle of the quasi-god, and he actually ate the extraterrestrial demon, how did he do it?” Maldron asked in disbelief.

“Because we have a common belief.” Lu Yang said with a smile.

Delia, Maldron and other Turang City fighters recalled the battle scene where Liu Ruohuai and Pan Yuhang killed the Old Demon a few hours ago, the kind of battle where the weak attack the strong, protect each other, cooperate with each other, and fight each other. dead scene.

“Boss, I have completed the fusion.” Liu Ruohuai was the first to fuse with the blood of the warriors of the Desolate Heaven Clan. Surging magic power mixed with divine power is pouring out through his soul. A sign of godliness.

At this time, Liu Ruohuai’s appearance also changed. When he activated his transformation ability, he had already turned into the appearance of the Huangtian clan, with curved horns on the top of his head, a pair of extra curved shoulders, and a waist The waist, arms, and from Liu Ruohuai’s own appearance, there is almost no difference from the Huangtian clan.

“Are there any remnants of the extraterrestrial demons and warriors of the Desolate Heaven clan?” Lu Yang asked.

Liu Ruohuai said: “The remnant soul was eaten by me, and I didn’t perceive the sneak attack of the extraterrestrial demon.”

“Good job.” Lu Yang patted Liu Ruohuai hard, and said, “Go over there to rest and stabilize the current state.”

“Yeah.” Liu Ruohuai walked aside.

Delia, Maldron and the others saw Liu Ruohuai walking in front of them, they all looked at each other, and their hearts were filled with huge waves.

“The cooperation of human beings and the spirit of not fearing death are already so terrifying. Now that they have replaced the bodies of the Desolate Clan, it is only a matter of time before they become the lower gods. This race is too powerful.” Maldron murmured language.

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