Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2553: Explore the blood snake family



Six hours later, in the pre-dawn darkness.


Lu Yang flew over 1,900 kilometers to Gui City, Guangxi Province. Looking at the high-rise buildings below, he couldn’t help but sigh.


Before the advent of another world, this place was a famous tourist attraction in the world. He had not been there before, and it was destroyed like this.


In the urban area, the hissing sound of snakes can be heard everywhere, and in the sky not far away, you can also see strange birds with a golden crown and extremely sharp mouths.


Lu Yang activated his perception ability and found that there were no monsters in a dilapidated old building not far to the left. He landed in a room on the sixth floor and sat cross-legged to rest to recover his magic power.




The gust of wind whizzed past, Lu Yang took out the intercom and looked at it. The outside temperature displayed on it was minus three degrees, which made a smile appear on the corner of his mouth.


“Come out.” Lu Yang made a move with his right hand and summoned Old Jones from Bandarsburg.


“Damn, I smell the **** snake clan, they are very close, very close.” Old Jones’ serpentine face became more sinister, but the cold weather made him tremble all over .


Lu Yang’s right hand burst into flames and set the sofa in the room on fire. He asked curiously, “Are you so afraid of low temperature?”


Old Jones hurriedly approached the sofa area to warm up, nodded and said: “Our ancestors were the flying ten-headed snake Turin in the mythological period, who was killed in the battle of the arctic star, the main head and body were shattered by ice, nine The snake head survived and formed today’s nine new races, such as the shadow snake, the blood spirit snake, and the black devil snake, but our bodies all have the same flaw, that is, when we escaped from the polar cold star to form a new race, the extreme cold The gas has entered our body, causing us to be extremely afraid of cold, even after all these generations, it has not changed.”


Lu Yang asked: “How low is the temperature to make the blood snake clan go dormant?”


Old Jones said: “This temperature is not enough, at least 30 degrees lower, but before we go to sleep, we will spray a lot of poison in the surrounding area, I need to check the blood snakes in the surrounding area to make sure they are Is the poison in your hand the same as before?”


Lu Yang is also worried about this problem. He is not good at using poison. Although he is a flame body and a demon body, the blood spirit snake clan has a record of killing a median **** level powerhouse with poison. He can’t main idea.


“There will be a blood snake clan coming over soon, hide your breath.” Lu Yang’s purpose of lighting this fire is to attract the blood spirit snake clan to come and investigate.


Sure enough.


It didn’t take Lu Yang to wait too long. When only one third of the wooden sofa was burning, there was a strong cooing sound in the distance.


Two creatures with blood-red bodies and snake-like bodies but a giant tumor on their upper body jumped up. As soon as they entered the house, they raised the huge bone knives on their arms and stared at the room left and right.


Bone knives are very special. There are three in total, one long and two short. They are not held by hand but grow out of the flesh. The tip of the bone knife is still glowing with purple-black light, which is obviously highly poisonous. of.


One of the blood snakes sneered in their own language: “I smell the smell of humans, and there is fresh meat to eat.”


“Come out, we have found you, poor reptile.” Another blood snake showed a hideous expression, twisted his body and walked into the room.


Passing by the burning sand, several sparks burst out from the crackling flames. Neither of the two blood snakes noticed. However, just as the sparks flew behind them, Lu Yang suddenly appeared ontology.


“Thirty-three Heavens”


Two bizarre rays of light shot into the souls of the two blood-spirit snakes. Immediately, the two of them froze in place, and then Lu Yang launched the soul search technique.


Old Jones came out of the room on the side, and also launched a soul search technique on the two blood snakes. After a search, the two opened their eyes one after another.


“The toxin has not changed. The blood spirit snake emperor still uses the toxin from our other world.” Old Jones said with a grin on his face, “The medicine I have researched can completely counteract this toxin.”


Lu Yang smiled and said, “It’s good if you can restrain yourself. This blood spirit snake clan is really arrogant. Their clan leader has set the living area of ​​the entire clan in the city center of Gui City.”


“Is there a problem?” Old Jones asked.


Lu Yang pointed to the waterway around the city outside and said, “This means that millions of blood snakes depend on the water system of this city to live. I want you to poison the water, tell me, what toxins do you have? !”


Old Jones looked outside and said, “This is living water, and it will take at least a month for poisoning. As for my toxin, it is called dark poison. If you don’t fight for life and death, this poison has no effect. But if there is a life-and-death battle, the dark poison will strike.”


“Follow me upstream.” Lu Yang took Old Jones into Bandarsburg and flew into the sky, while the two blood snakes in the room were still in an illusion.




A bunch of flames jumped out, and the high temperature caused the two blood snakes to wake up. They looked at each other and found nothing unusual, and continued to walk into the room to investigate.


“Have you found humans yet?”




“Damn, another day of nothing.”


“Let’s go back.”


The two blood snakes jumped off the high-rise building and returned to the downtown area. On the other side, in the upper reaches of Gui City, Lu Yang released Old Jones from Bandarsburg again. The potion was taken out of old Jones’ pocket and poured into the river.


The potion was black, but after it melted into the water, it quickly turned colorless and drifted into the city along with the river.


“I’ll go explore the city, be careful yourself.” Lu Yang was worried that the Blood Spirit Snake Emperor would not drink the water here, it would be embarrassing. He picked up a bag of poison and put it in Bandarsburg, and moved towards The direction of the city flew over.


Old Jones himself is a monarch. He is not only good at using poison, but also good at melee combat. He doesn’t have to worry about his safety at all. Moreover, Lu Yang has also explored the surrounding area with his consciousness. Except for poisonous snakes, there is no blood snake clan.


At this time, it was dawn. On the streets of the city, there were huge fires burning everywhere. The closer to the center of the city, the more such fires. The nearest ten meters, the farthest is thirty meters. Dom.


A large number of blood snakes are lying near the fire. They have changed the appearance of the city. All kinds of strange blood threads and mucus have formed a special mesh structure over the city. The blood snakes are running on the blood threads. Much faster than running on the ground.


Many low-level blood snakes have already woken up, come to the river and lean down to drink the water directly, and most of them are still sleeping.


Lu Yang turned into a spark and jumped between the fires. The sun had already come out, and his actions were more concealed. He jumped to the biggest fire in the city center. He found the goal of this trip. Blood Spirit Snake King!


A ten-storey shopping mall, the gate and the three-storey wall have been broken, blocking the door is a terrifying red **** face, this is the face of the blood snake emperor.


Unlike other races, the blood spirit snake family is hermaphrodite. If you want to become a male snake, you can change from a female snake to a male snake. If you want to change from a male snake to a female snake, you can change at any time.


Under normal circumstances, the strongest clan leader becomes the patriarch, serving as the female snake, and the other elders serve as the male snake.


Before coming to Earth, the patriarch of the blood snake clan also died in battle, so now it is the first elder who serves as the patriarch, changing from a male snake to a female snake, the second elder fills up to become the first elder, and the rest of the elders fill in in turn, continue Breed offspring with the new patriarch.


Once you become the king of snakes among female snakes, your body can no longer maintain a 2-meter-high body shape, and she tries her best to reduce her body shape, which is also about 30 meters in height.


The bigger the body size, the more disadvantaged it will be on the battlefield, and the usual concealment is also very disadvantageous. Therefore, each clan usually survives with a smaller body shape.




The Blood Spirit Snake Emperor suddenly let out a long howl, with an angry meaning in his voice. Hundreds of blood spirit snakes of the monarch rank suddenly climbed up from the ground and quickly ran to the river not far away to use their magic power Draw water from the river to form a water ball, then ran to the entrance of the shopping mall, and fed the water ball into the mouth of the Blood Spirit Snake Nearly a dozen quasi-god-level elders walked into the left and right side doors. Obviously, it was going on. The mating work of the new day went.


Lu Yang felt a little disgusted. He really couldn’t understand. The Blood Spirit Snake Emperor had been the first elder for hundreds of years before, and he and the second to seventeenth elders had been brothers for hundreds of years. When the goods change from male to female, other brothers can go down and mate with him.


“I’m sick to death.” Lu Yang said speechlessly.


The Blazing Demon God smiled and said: “This race is indeed different from most races in our world, but there are many such races in your world.”


“Out of sight is pure.” Lu Yang said.


“Woo!” The Blood Spirit Snake Emperor roared again, followed by a clattering sound. Some of the nearby monarch-order blood spirit snakes ran towards the back door of the shopping mall. A blood spirit snake was holding two dark red snake eggs and entered the underground garage next to it.


Lu Yang secretly counted the number. When the last one came into the garage with a snake egg, the Blood Spirit Snake Emperor laid more than 1,000 snake eggs this time.


But this is not the end. In the afternoon, the blood spirit snake laid more than a thousand eggs, and in the daytime the next day, it also laid two eggs in the morning and evening.


Lu Yang hid in the fire and observed it for a month, and found that the blood spirit snake emperor was like this every day. Lordship.


When a batch of cubs hatch, the Blood Spirit Snake Emperor will order the clan to expand the living area of ​​the clan, and this batch happens to be heading upstream.


Lu Yang secretly said a fluke, taking advantage of the chaos of the blood snake clan carrying snake eggs, he flew back to the upstream area first, and flew to the East China Sea with Old Jones.


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