Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2554: Tier 10 Magic Crystal



While there was still a month left, Lu Yang did not rush back to the East China Sea, but flew towards the junction of Shandong and Henan Provinces.


When he flew over before, he sensed that there were two races from another world fighting at the bottom of this area, and he was a little curious about what it was like now.


The light flickers.


Lu Yang accelerated his flight, and within four hours, he arrived at the Dushan Lake area at the junction of Shandong Province and Henan Province.


This is a huge lake, enough for millions of people to drink water here all year round. In fact, it is not too difficult to find a race to find another world.


Among the different world races that have been transmitted at present, there are many amphibious races, that is, the races that are located in the north and south poles of the different world and are illuminated by two stars at the same time. Such races generally still need water.


Even if they leave the original gathering place after being teleported with the help of Fu Yun, they cannot do without water. As long as they search in the nearby water source area, they can generally be found.


It just so happens that the following two warring races all need water, but there are two giant water sources like Dushan Lake in Shandong Province and Henan Province, and the other is Weishan Lake, just in Dushan. below the lake.




A huge metal knock sounded from the ground, and a giant creature visible to Lu Yang’s naked eyes grew wildly, reaching more than 200 meters in a blink of an eye and entering the clouds.


This monster is a blue-and-white humanoid monster with a body that seems to be made of rocks. It is very strong. It does not hold weapons on its arms, but has two huge pincers. The knocking sound is pincers issued.


“What race is this?” Lu Yang asked.


“The giant pincer, living in the area between the polar cold star and the holy light star, likes to live by the water.” The Blazing Demon God said.


Lu Yang was a little curious and said, “Then why are they staying by the lake instead of going to the sea?”


The Blazing Demon God smiled and said: “There are still few races like the sea demons that can adapt to the salty waters. The giant pincers may have higher requirements for the waters.”


“Crayfish physique.” Lu Yang complained.


“When I can’t transform?” Another creature visible to the naked eye grew crazily. This creature Lu Yang knew, belonged to the Godbeard tribe, and was almost the same as a human from the neck down, but there was a large amount of growth on the chin. ‘s whiskers.


When they met in the Red Mist Blood Pond, Lu Yang thought they were humans from another world, but later found out that this race was a new race that was automatically formed by flesh and blood after the death of an ancient god, and it had nothing to do with humans. any relationship.


The most powerful part of the Shenbeard clan is the beard on his face. This thing can perceive the holy light, and the strongest state can turn the body into an archangel-like creature.


“Transformation of Holy Light!” The strong man of the Shenbeard Clan instantly turned into an archangel. The wings of the Holy Light behind him were very dazzling, and there was a stick made of Holy Light in his hand.


Lu Yang hid in the higher clouds and watched the two quasi-gods fight, and said to the Blazing Demon God: “If I guessed correctly, these two should be the clan leader of the Giant Claw Demon and the Godbeard Clan. The patriarch is at the peak of the quasi-god, and the breakthrough is only a few months away.”


The Blazing Demon God said: “It’s just two ignorant races. They only know the war but don’t know the strategy. It’s too stupid to make people work desperately.”


Lu Yang nodded. He had already guessed how Fu Yun was spreading the word here. He probably told the Giant Clan that the Shenbeards wanted to monopolize the water source, and told the Shenbeards that the Giant Clan would move in collectively. Live in Dushan Lake.


Just such a simple sentence is enough to make the two races desperate, who makes them two races can’t live without water.


“Huh?” Lu Yang felt that the sky above his head was getting dark. He looked up and saw a large thick black cloud floating in the sky in the distance, covering an area of ​​hundreds of kilometers, covering the entire sky. .


The cold wind carried the goose feather-like university down, and suddenly the temperature dropped by nearly 20 degrees. However, this cold current was obviously not formed naturally, and Lu Yang could clearly feel that the cold current contained a magical aura.


“Tier 10 ice magic crystals?” The head of the Godbeard clan roared: “The angel army raided, found these ice magic crystals, and destroyed their magic circle.”


This kind of cold is unbearable for the Godbeards. If the big blizzard is allowed to fall like this, it will not take a few days for the Godbeards to freeze to death.


“Unexpectedly, Shenxu, I endured for a month, just waiting for this day, all your clansmen have been transferred to the battlefield, and if you can’t draw a team, you and I have used the last mana Ready to fight to the death, what else can you do to stop this blizzard from coming?”


“Aren’t you afraid that your clan will freeze to death?” the quasi-god of the Godbeard clan roared angrily.


“It is an honor to die in battle for the race!” The Giant Claw Demon Patriarch roared, showing a frantic look, and said, “There are only two races, you and me, in this area. Sooner or later, we must compete against each other. Solve the matter and usher in peace for the future generations of our clan, giant pincers, kill!”


The patriarch of the Giant Claw Demon Clan took the lead in launching the attack. He used his pliers to collide with the Holy Bachelor of the Godbeard Clan again and again. The two warriors on the ground fought even more fiercely, especially the Giant Claw Demon Clan. , the patriarch has already fought his life, and they are extremely madly inspired.


Lu Yang looked at the areas on the left and right, and was seen by the Blazing Demon God, and said, “Looking for the location of the tenth-order magic crystal.”


Lu Yang nodded sharply and said, “Both clans are so brave, I have to help them, this must be fair and just.”


The Blazing Demon God gave Lu Yang a roll of eyes in his consciousness and said, “The area 50 kilometers to the east is where the breath comes from.”


Lu Yang was a little shocked. While flying to the east, he asked, “Your sensing range has reached 50 kilometers?”


“You are promoted to quasi-god, and I will naturally improve with my strength, but it has not reached that much level. It is about 10 kilometers, but the tenth-order magic energy crystal is special, and the ice aura of this thing radiates far away. , I can feel it.” Blazing Demon God said.


Lu Yang nodded, flew over the area of ​​50 kilometers quickly, and found that there was a huge mountain range below. At this time, he didn’t need the help of the Blazing Devil God, he could already perceive the location of the tenth-order magic crystal. It’s in a valley not far ahead.


A large snowstorm has frozen the valley here. There are only 30 giant pincers in the valley, all of which have been frozen into ice cubes!


The tenth-order magic crystal is also known as the **** stone. Once triggered, the overflowing energy will freeze everything around it.


When Lu Yang came to the valley, he was a little surprised to see the thirty giant pincers who had been frozen to death, and said: “I can’t believe that there are races in other worlds who are willing to sacrifice for the whole family. Look at them.”


The Blazing Demon God said: “The experience of each divine race is different. Those small races are born with low-level races, but most of the divine races are ancient creatures that grew from them after they died in battle. The new creatures that come out will encounter different hardships and produce different ethnic cultures.”


“I already have this experience.” Lu Yang nodded. The spirit arm clan he saw before lived in a way of clan gathering. The brains of clan people are not controlled by their own consciousness, and they need to be controlled by higher-level people. Lingarm clan control, this is a unique racial way of life.


The same is true of the blood spirit snake clan. This kind of clan has already subverted Lu Yang’s three views. He shook his head and forgot the disgusting reproduction method of the blood spirit snake. He came to the front of the magic circle, and there was a fire in his right hand. .




Lu Yang smashed the tenth-order magic crystal out of the magic circle with a close punch. In an instant, the icy rays of light sprayed on the magic crystal stopped.


He took out a space backpack from the Demon Temple and put the magic crystal in the space carrying this backpack and continued flying towards the East China Sea.


The Shenbeard Clan and the Giant Clamp Clan will definitely fight to the death. It is not appropriate to join and merge at this time. It is better to return to the East China Sea quickly and prepare for the war against the Blood Spirit Snake.


Four hours later.


Lu Yang flew to the border of Hei Province. In order to avoid the detection of spies, he ordered Zhuojiu and others to drive into the border area on the north side of Hei Province with an army of 100,000 troops, nominally chasing down the remaining clansmen under Binghun. It’s actually to see if there are spies following.


The other one, after the 100,000 army arrived in the ice soul lair, they did not explore outside, and the whole army stationed in place and began to practice.


In the past two years, Lu Yang led the Jagged Brotherhood to slaughter three divine races, slaughtered the troll camp in another world, and plundered the treasure house of dark orcs and jackal-headed orcs.


The training resources obtained are enough for 400,000 people to be promoted to the monarch rank, but Lu Yang has no time. This time, he can practice for a month. The army of 100,000 people has experienced the joy of endless resources.


Falling from the sky, Lu Yang looked at Zhuojiu and the others who were greeted by him below, and asked, “How are you cultivating brothers?”


Zhuojiu said: “All the members of the Dragon Orc Legion are of the monarch rank, and half of them have reached the middle rank of the monarch. The Druid Legion has also been promoted to the monarch rank, and the strength of the 20,000 God-Blood Warriors and the 30,000 Holy Light Warriors have also been promoted to the lord rank.”


Lu Yang nodded with satisfaction, summoned Old Jones from Bandarsburg, and received: “Brother Qi, I will tell you about the situation of the blood snakes and fight with them. way.”


Maoshu and the others nodded, and each gathered their men to go down.


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