Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2552: Ice Magic Stone



“Is there any special news in the head of the ice soul?” Malthus asked curiously.


Lu Yang blinked and said: “Ice Soul was originally a low-level god, and when a different world came to him and flew over through the teleportation channel, 90% of the magic power of his whole body was stored in his special space, and he came to this place. It took more than eight years for the world to absorb 30%, and the remaining 60% still exists in his special space.”


Malthus was stunned, his eyes widened and he said: “How can such a good thing happen, take it out quickly, if you use it well, you can cultivate a quasi-god at the peak of the ice element in a short time, and even have a breakthrough. The possibility of reaching the next god.”


The Blazing Demon God made a move with his right hand, opening a strange space, and a large blue-white stone like a diamond fell out, and there were also a large number of blue-white gems shining brightly.


“Ice Magic Stone!” Malthus said with glowing eyes: “Hurry up and move to the Demon God’s space, your space is too violent, it’s easy to burn these things down.”


Lu Yang nodded, and quickly transferred both the ice soul’s core and the ice magic stone to the Demon Temple, and then he asked, “What is the ice magic stone for?”


Malthus said: “The ice wolf demons outside are all created with ice magic stones. This thing is what the ice soul clan has preserved from ancient times. As long as the ice magic stones are not destroyed, even those ice magic stones are not destroyed. If the wolf demon is dead, you can still use the dropped ice magic stones to create a group of powerful monarchs and demigods.”


Lu Yang’s eyes lit up. He has a team of ice magicians under him. The lovely queen also has the ice elf bodyguard. If you give the core of the ice magic stone and ice soul to the lovely queen and her ice magician team , a monarch-level legion can be quickly formed.


“I’ll go out to find them.” Lu Yang flew out of Bandarsburg excitedly, looked at the surrounding Zhuojiu and Bai Shi and others who were cleaning the battlefield, and shouted: “Kill all the ice demon wolves. After that, look inside their bodies to see if there are any sparkles, and if there are any, bring them all back, that’s a treasure.”


“Is that so?” the white lion asked while standing on the body of a smashed ice demon wolf, holding a shiny blue-white stone.


“That’s it. After collecting everything, go back to Baishan City.” Lu Yang jumped and fell in the direction of Baishan City.


The elves in the city quickly withdrew the defense formation. Algaia led the crowd to the front and asked excitedly, “Boss, where is the ice soul?”


Lu Yang said with a smile: “Let me kill you, you will be really safe from now on.”


“Excellent.” Algaia exhaled excitedly.


Lu Yang said: “Place the emotions of your clansmen and prepare for the spring of the coming year to officially start your clan’s new life.”


Algaia nodded fiercely, turned around and walked firmly towards the square in the city. He wanted to announce the good news to all elves and trolls.


Lu Yang looked at the rest of his brothers, found the lovely queen standing in the corner of the back row in the crowd, and said, “Chu Xiao, come here.”


The real name of the lovely queen is Chu Xiao. After eight years since the advent of another world, the arrogant but resolute little girl who was by Lu Yang’s side has grown into the female leader of the Ice Mage Corps. Her character She still looked like a little witch, but she didn’t dare to show it in front of Lu Yang, and asked cutely, “Boss, what’s the matter?”


Lu Yang took out the core of the ice soul from the Demon Temple with a smile, and said, “It’s yours. From now on, you will enter the Void Temple, practice well, and advance to the pinnacle of Quasi-God as soon as possible.”


Chu Xiao’s eyes widened, and the ice elf attached to her flew out of her body, staring at the core of the ice soul with wide eyes.




The ice elf let out a burst of excited shouts. Only Chu Xiao could understand the meaning of this, but there was no need for the ice elf to say how important this divine core was. Chu Xiao could perceive it by herself. This thing could make her The strength of the ice has grown by leaps and bounds.


“Boss, am I worthy?” Chu Xiao was a little afraid to pick it up. In the eight years of another world, there were tens of thousands of brothers in the Jagged Brotherhood who died in battle. Chu Xiao clearly remembered every one who died blocking the sword for her. Brother, the children of those people are more qualified to obtain this divine core, she is not worthy!


Lu Yang sighed, looked at Chu Xiao and said, “Don’t let those brothers die for you in vain, you must protect their families, the war is still going on, you are the first human being recognized by the ice elves, God It is the most appropriate choice to give you the nuclear power, don’t be unconfident, improve your strength as soon as possible, I need you to be able to participate in the war with the strength of the peak quasi-god in two months.”


It took sixty years to enter the Void Palace, but Chu Xiao is only the strength of the monarch, and it is too far to be promoted to the peak of the quasi-god!


Sixty years may not be enough!


Chu Xiao’s eyes gradually became firm, picked up the core and looked at Lu Yang and said, “I will definitely do it.”


Lu Yang nodded and said: “This is only 40% of the Divine Core, and I will give you 60% after you have absorbed this. Enter the Void Hall, His Highness Malthus will guide you. “


Malthus rolled his eyes and said, “I’m exhausted.”


Lu Yang burst out laughing and said loudly, “All the ice mages come to me to assemble, come early, get it early, and don’t necessarily get it if you arrive late.”


There are more than 3,000 pure ice mages in the Jagged Brotherhood. Hearing this, they hurried over to Lu Yang, and they stood together in 20 minutes.


“Report to the boss, all the Ice Mage will report to you.” Deputy Head Sun Yuxuan said loudly.


Lu Yang pulled out all the ice magic stones from the Devil’s Temple and said, “Send it to every ice wizard. From now on, all ice wizards will enter the wind and snow area to practice and absorb the ice magic stones within two months. If you need magic crystals, you can ask Tu Feng to collect them at any time.”


“Yes.” Sun Yuxuan nodded solemnly. He knew that there must be a very important task to be entrusted to them, and immediately led the staff to distribute the ice magic stones to the ice mages one by one.


The Blazing Demon God was a little curious and asked, “What do you want to do?”


Lu Yang opened the map on his arm, pointed to the junction of Guangxi and Hunan, and said, “The blood spirit snake clan is in this area, and I plan to kill them in two months.”


The Blazing Fire God, Malthus and Old Jones have all explained to Lu Yang the blood spirit snake clan they know, which is an amphibious race that lives in the arctic region between the flame star and the dark moon star in another world.


The flame star will erupt once a year like the dark moon star. At that time, the flame star will enter an extremely hot state, and the blood snake will migrate to the dark moon star area at this time, but when the dark moon star erupts, the blood The snake will migrate to the side of the flame star again.


This means that the blood snakes have two weaknesses, they are afraid of holy light and cold. When the flame star erupts and the blood snakes enter the dark moon star area, they will curl up in the house most of the time and not go out. , or even go to sleep.


Nowadays, the blood spirit snake clan has been fooled into Guangxi by Fu Yun. Before the invasion of the other world, the winter there would rarely go below zero, but after entering the other world, the global industry has Destroyed, global warming has also turned into global cooling, and the winter in Guangxi will also enter below zero, and it will snow.


Lu Yang was going to have a heavy snowstorm in the Shiwanda Mountain two months later when the weather became very cold, forcing the blood snake clan into hibernation, and he took this opportunity to slaughter them all The Blood Spirit Snake Clan can get more training materials, and they can also get the full help of Old Jones.


The Blazing Fire God and Malthus looked at each other and were a little surprised by Lu Yang’s thoughts. Malthus said: “Once the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees, it will cause serious damage to the body of the blood snake. The trick should be feasible.”


Lu Yang said: “There is another reason for me to go there. The Dark Moon Young Master will never sit back and watch as I grow stronger. Although the legion sent next time may be easily killed by us, But I suspect that sooner or later he will destroy us, so I have to do some preparations so that I can’t be led by his nose.”


This is what he is most worried about. There will be no pie in the sky. The cooperation between the Dark Moon Young Master and Lu Yang is limited to when Lu Yang does not pose a threat to him. Once the Dark Moon Young Master sends his clan to come In the East China Sea, Lu Yang is the biggest obstacle and must be removed.


At the moment, Lu Yang started the preparatory work. After seeing the seventh form of Dark Moon, Lu Yang did not dare to despise the powerful clans in other worlds. There is no guarantee that any race has any special abilities that can be separated from each other. The world tempts the people of the East China Sea.


Ordinary people can’t stand the temptation of power, and some careerists will lose their minds by this temptation, so he continues to act to confuse the outside world, pretending that all the legions continue to attack north, looking for ice The remnants of the soul, Lu Yang flew into the dense forest further north of the border of Hei Province alone, but in fact, Lu Yang took a circle in secret and quietly flew back to the East China Sea, without disturbing anyone. , found Old Jones, asked him to pretend to be in retreat, and actually flew him towards Guangxi.


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