Outside of time Chapter 410: Thousands of clouds cover the blue sky


At the same time, Ding 132 District in the Criminal Prison Department of the county capital.

Xu Qing frowned, looked at the place where the little boy disappeared, and after a while, he walked towards the cage where the Danqing clan was.

Maybe it was the threat from the shadow before, so this time the old man of the Danqing clan did not hide, but the first time he saw Xu Qing, he hurriedly approached the railing and respectfully cupped his fists to meet him.

“Shui Mozi, a sinner of the Danqing tribe, has met the guardian.”

“What is it?” Xu Qing looked at the illusory old man in front of him, and said in a deep voice.

“Go back to guarding the adults, it is luck! The old man responded in a low voice without any hesitation.

Xu Qing’s eyes became sharp when he heard this.

Under his gaze, the old man’s body trembled a little. He felt that the guard in front of him was very different from the ones he had seen before.

In fact, he doesn’t care about guarding. After all, he is a special ethnic group. He feels that even if the people in these paintings shatter their carriers, it is nothing, they are all illusions.

But at that moment just now, the life-and-death crisis brought about by the spreading shadow of the guardian in front of him gave him a strong feeling that the other party could eat him.

This made him nervous, after all, it would be very painful if he was eaten.

So he noticed the change in Xu Qing’s gaze, and hurriedly continued speaking.

“My lord, the little old man doesn’t know why that luck is here. It already existed when I was imprisoned.”

“We need more guardians to help, because that luck always likes to transform into the world of our Danqing clan. With it, I dare not show up. I have a feeling that it also wants to eat me.”

“So I couldn’t remind you, Lord Guardian, and I hope Lord Guardian will forgive you.”

The old man hurriedly explained, and he also knew that no one would believe his words, because he knew that he did not remind the jailer of his thoughts from the beginning to the end.

There is still something to say.

Comparing sometimes explaining and not explaining, the meaning is completely different.

At least this represents my serious attitude.

Xu Qing gave the old man of the Danqing tribe a cold look. He didn’t believe much of what the other party said, and he didn’t bother to torture him.

At this moment, after turning around to leave and returning to the prison door, Xu Qing dispersed his shadow and gave him an order to guard the place.

This is a reward for it.

Shadow was suddenly excited, as if he had a new toy, showing happy mood swings, quickly dispersed into fourteen copies, and spread into fourteen cages.

The cloud beast stopped eating, because the shadow was curious and was helping him to eat.

The woman trembled more and stopped trying to put the scarecrow to sleep, because after the shadow appeared, those scarecrows stood up tremblingly one by one, walked around it, and obeyed orders extremely.

In the end, it even surrounded the woman with it, staring at it.

The millstone is still turning, but instead of turning it by itself, the head is pushing it with all its strength.

Both sides were terrified, because the cage they were in, a shadow whip turned into a shadow, and kept pulling away.

In the paintings of the Danqing family, the expressions of the twenty figures have changed from smiles to fear, because the shadows are lying on them, licking and licking.

The entire cage is filled with peace at this moment.

Only that little boy would appear to look at Xu Qing occasionally, his eyes always falling on his right wrist, gradually his curiosity was not as strong as before, and in the end it simply sat cross-legged opposite Xu Qing, with its chin hanging Looking at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing also looked at it.

He knew that this little boy was Ding Yi San Erli’s secret.

In this way, time passed, and soon half a month passed.

In the past half a month, Xu Qing never encountered such inexplicable things when he went out, and Ding Yisaner became extremely normal under his supervision.

It’s just that every time the prisoner inside looks at Xu Qing, there will be some panic in his eyes.

Because they are missing some things one after another.

It’s all shadows.

Its curiosity is too strong, and it always likes to take a bite here and a bite there… Fortunately, these prisoners are weird, and they can grow back overnight.

The head is no longer chattering, but occasionally when Xu Qing passes by, it will sigh.

“Don’t trample me to death, I don’t want to be trampled to death, it hurts.”

The little boy also became familiar with Xu Qing. Basically, every day when Xu Qing came, it would immediately transform into an illusion and sit aside.

Looking like that, it seems to follow some agreement to protect it.

Sometimes it will look for the shadow, watching the shadow intimidate the prisoner.

As for the Patriarch of the Vajra Sect… Xu Qing didn’t put him in the storage bag despite his pitiful face, so besides the shadow, there was also an elder of the Vajra Sect. ancestral.

He was more interested in the millstone, and somehow he discussed it with Shadow, and finally the cage of the millstone was managed by him.

The shadow is most interested in the Danqing tribe, it especially likes to lie on it and lick it from time to time.

After a long time, the picture became blurred.

Looking at all this, Xu Qing silently counted the time in his heart. According to his communication with other jailers in the past half month, he knew that the jailers of the Department of Penalty and Prison had a share of handling prisoners every month.

However, according to the number of prisoners in the cell, Xu Qing has the final say, and he only has two shares.

He has some regrets.

“Ding Yi San Er has a little less prisoners.”

Just as Xu Qing was thinking about how to replenish the prisoner, the old man of the Danqing clan made a trembling pleading sound.

“Master Guardian, this old man has a secret to tell you. I don’t ask for anything else. I just ask that after listening to the Lord Guardian, if he thinks the secret of this old man is acceptable, then… just accept this black shadow.”

Xu Qing looked normal and didn’t care.

“Master Guardian… How many prisoners have we imprisoned in total?”

The old man Danqing spoke in a trembling voice.

There is deep panic in this sentence, it seems that it is also helpless and has no choice but to tell Xu Qing.

Xu Qing frowned upon hearing this, and looked at him coldly.

He knew about the fourteen prisoners here when he came here, and he has already checked them one by one, and he has already found out the secrets of Ding Yi San Er.

But now that the old man of the Danqing tribe suddenly asked this question, he was very suspected of playing tricks.

Xu Qing’s eyes were slightly cold, and he was about to look away.

But in the next moment, his expression suddenly changed, and he recalled carefully.

“Master Guardian, have you noticed too…”

Seeing this, the old man of the Danqing clan spoke in a trembling voice.

“Master Guardian, are there really fourteen prisoners here?”

“Master Guardian, recall your memory carefully and think about it carefully.”

“In your memory, how many prisoners are there in this place?”

“Have you really discovered Ding Yisaner’s secret?”

The old man Danqing’s voice became weaker and weaker until it finally disappeared.

Xu Qing looked at the prison where the other party was, with a flash of light in his eyes.

The other party’s words are somewhat inductive, Xu Qing has already seen this.

But no matter what, he decided in his heart and recalled the memory picture in his mind.

He had checked the prisoners here one by one on the first day he came here.

A total of fourteen people, the first is a cloud beast, the second is a human woman, the third is a mopan…the thirteenth is a head, and the fourteenth is a Danqing tribe.

“Fourteen, that’s right.” After thinking carefully, Xu Qing took out the information jade slips, checked them carefully, and found that there were still fourteen.

But for some reason, Xu Qing faintly felt that something was wrong in this memory and thinking.

But he couldn’t tell what was wrong, so Xu Qing stood up and walked towards the cage where the cloud beast was.

After looking around, he walked a long circle along the corridor until he arrived at the old man of the Danqing clan. He counted and found fourteen of them.

At this moment, outside the cage of the Danqing Clan, Xu Qing looked gloomy, staring at the blurred painting, and gave an order to the ancestor of the Vajra Sect in his heart.

In an instant, the black iron stick flew out, wandered around the entire cell, flew into each cage to investigate, and finally returned, telling Xu Qing that everything was as usual.

Xu Qing was silent, and then cast out a shadow to check again, and the shadow passed over every prisoner, and finally transmitted the wave of spiritual thoughts.

Same as what he checked before, nothing different.

There were indeed fourteen prisoners.

Xu Qing’s complexion darkened, and he controlled the shadow to move part of the painting in front of him, so that the old man in the painting could be fully revealed.

The old man of the Danqing tribe also looked at Xu Qing at this moment, with panic in his expression, and cried out.

“My lord, I have no choice but to talk nonsense like that. The black shadows were going to eat me up just now. I have no choice but to buy myself some time like this. Otherwise, I will be gone. You are a lot, my lord. Forgive me.” Once, just once!”

Xu Qing didn’t speak, but his eyes became colder.

The old man trembled, his panic turned into fear, and then he spoke quickly.

“What I’m going to say next ~IndoMTL.com~ is a real secret, Mr. Guardian, in fact, the prisoner that our Prison Division really suppresses is…a god!”

“Tell me carefully.” Xu Qing spoke slowly.

“Master Guardian, I don’t know too much about the specifics. I heard from a prisoner who was older than me here that the Prison Division once sealed the clone of a **** when it was being built… This is also the reason why the palaces of the past dynasties mainly guarded this place.”

Xu Qing was thoughtful, he thought of the first time he arrived, the roars he heard from the deep pit, and the tremors in the depths of the earth that sometimes came from the prison department.

I also thought of handling the corpses of the prisoners here, and they were all thrown directly into the deep pit, as if they were being fed.

These thoughts permeated and expanded in his mind, and eventually occupied the entire range, diluting his confusion about the old man of the Danqing tribe who had previously played up mysteries.

For a long time, Xu Qing glanced at the old man Danqing, and completely recalled the shadow from the painting.

Although Shadow was reluctant, he had no choice but to focus on the other prisoners and continue playing.

The ancestor of the Vajra Sect did the same thing, and went to Mopan.

Ding 1, 3 and 2 districts, everything is back to normal.

The lucky little boy also reappeared, judging from its location, it seems to have been following Xu Qing, keeping a certain distance, and never leaving.

Time passed slowly, several days passed.

Everything is normal for Xu Qing. Although he occasionally thought about the words of the old man of the Danqing clan, they have gradually dissipated in his mind unconsciously.

Until the day when it was time to be on duty, since Ding Yisaner was about to return to the Jiange after leaving, he saw an acquaintance in the prison department.

It is Kong Xianglong.


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