Outside of time Chapter 411: 0 Lin rime water shakes the wind


Kong Xianglong works in the Field Office and is responsible for chasing murderers.

Today, the arrested wanted criminals were also delivered. When Xu Qing saw him, he was chatting and laughing with some familiar jailers on the ninth floor, and beside him lay a dying double-faced clansman.

This double-faced clansman’s cultivation base is not good, even though he was lying there with heavy injuries, his golden core and seven palaces still fluctuate very strongly, obviously he is also a good person in his clan, otherwise, it is impossible to have the seven heavenly palaces.

It’s just that it’s miserable now, with scars all over her body, as if she was beaten, and she lost a leg, and the wound seems to be torn off.

Ye Xianglong was also injured, but he didn’t care. After noticing Xu Qing, his eyes lit up and he smiled. “Xu Qing!” “Brother Kong.”

Xu Qing returned the salute, and the guards all around greeted Xu Qing with a smile. During this period of drought, Xu Qing successfully guarded District 1, 3 and 2 without changing prisons, which made many jailers hear about it.

In particular, he went out to and from get off work every day, but he didn’t die in any accident. This reminds me of more admiration.

Seeing Kong Xianglong at this moment, Xu Qing also smiled, and his eyes fell on the wound on the other side’s body. “It’s nothing, little injury, Xu Qing, are you a pawn? Haha, it’s exactly as I expected.”

Kong Xianglong glanced at the black dark fire patterns on Xu Qing’s Taoist robe, and also noticed the expressions of the jailers around him, so he blinked. He didn’t seem too surprised that Xu Qing became a pawn. “Actually, as soon as I heard that you were going to be the palace lord’s accompanying order, I just guessed…” “What did you guess.”

Before Kong Xianglong finished speaking, a cold voice came from the steps on the ninth floor with dignity.

As the words echoed, the indifferent figure of the palace lord appeared there, walking towards the crowd step by step with coercion.

All the jailers became serious and bowed together. “Meet the Palace Master.”

The same is true for Xu Qing, and Kong Xianglong trembled even more, bowing his head to pay respects.

Xu Qing noticed that Kong Xianglong seemed extremely frightened, even sweating on his forehead.

But the palace lord has a great sense of oppression, and as he approaches, the oppression permeates the entire ninth floor.

When there was silence all around, the figure of the Palace Master walked in front of everyone.

He glanced at the wanted criminal of the double-faced family lying on the ground, then his eyes fell on Kong Xianglong, and he spoke coldly. “Based on your cultivation, you can capture this cultivation alive with one sword. Why do you have two swords and be boasted as the arrogance of this generation of human race? You can’t be complacent. You haven’t learned anything else. You are so proud of how fast you learned. “

After speaking, he looked at Xu Qing again, equally indifferent. “And you, don’t go back to practice when you’re off duty, what’s the fun here, you can’t be complacent if you suppress Ding Yisaner, besides, have you really suppressed it? If you have the ability, go suppress Ding Yi and be promoted to District C!”

Xu Qing’s eyes froze, the words of the palace master made him fall into deep thought. As for the palace master’s temper, Xu Qing already knew it. During this period of time, he gradually became familiar with the other jailers, and he heard people talk about the harshness of the palace master of the sword-holding palace.

Combined with the reprimand from the other party when they met for the first time, Xu Qing knew that it was useless to say anything at the moment.

As for Kong Xianglong, he also lowered his head and said nothing at the moment. “Why don’t you say it, and ask you!”

The palace lord glanced over Xu Qing and Kong Xianglong, and finally looked at Kong Xianglong.

Kong Xianglong hesitated and spoke in a low voice. “At that time, the monk of the double-faced clan had a few maidservants who were close friends. They were poor people. I was afraid that the power of the attack would hurt the innocent, so…”

Neighbors are not of the same race, they are born of the human race, and their fate is sometimes even more miserable.

The palace lord was silent, and spoke for a long while. “Even so, how could you get hurt by killing a Qigong Golden Core, and what kind of private business did you do!”

Kong Xianglong was sweating on his forehead, but he couldn’t help but be stared at by the palace lord, so he bit the bullet and opened his mouth. “The wanted criminal had some accomplices. They ran away. Although they were not on the wanted list, I couldn’t help seeing the unscrupulous things they did, so I chased them all and killed them all. Stubble, I was killed too, so I was injured.”

The palace lord gave Kong Xianglong a cold look, turned around and walked towards the steps, but there was an icy voice echoing. “It’s understandable, but you didn’t abide by the rules of the task of the sword bearer, and there were extra problems. I will punish you for seven days in prison and take you away!”

After speaking, the palace lord left.

Xu Qing looked at Kong Xianglong sympathetically.

In this matter, he felt that the Palace Master was too old-fashioned and unreasonable.

Kong Xianglong sighed, glanced at Xu Qing, and smiled wryly. “If I had known this earlier, I would have left after I came here to send someone off. I was one step too late, so unlucky.”

During the speech, the jailer at the side came back solemnly, restrained the double-faced prisoners on the ground, and walked in front of Kong Xianglong again.

Kong Xianglong raised his hands in resignation, was put in shackles, and was taken away directly.

Before he left, he turned his head and waved at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing silently watched this scene until Kong Xianglong disappeared, then he left the Prison Division and returned to Jiange.

After sitting cross-legged, Xu Qing could see the dark night outside, and the scene of Kong Xianglong being reprimanded and sent to prison appeared in his mind.

Through this incident, he could clearly feel that the Master of the Sword Holding Palace obeyed and strictly followed the rules, just like reprimanding himself here, and the same is true for Kong Xianglong. “Such a sword-holding palace…”

Xu Qing gazed through the night.

He suddenly felt very good. The rules here are simpler. Although everything is based on strength, credit is as important as rules. “So when Big Brother Chen told me that Zhang Siyun’s ancestor was one of the four great deacons, he said that he was a person who practiced favoritism. If such a palace master really had favoritism, he would not allow it.”

Xu Qing was thoughtful, and unconsciously, she had a preliminary understanding of the senses of the Sword Holding Palace after experiencing these little things.

At the same time, he thought of the old man Danqing’s words. “The god’s clone is imprisoned in the depths of the Prison Division!”

Xu Qing shook his head. He felt that it was all he needed to know about this matter, and he could not investigate and verify it himself.

So he buried this matter in his heart, closed his eyes, and felt the fifth heavenly palace.

His fifth heavenly palace is about to take shape. According to Xu Qing’s judgment, it will take five or six days to complete its concretization. “The further you go, the slower the visualization will be.”

So Xu Qing has been thinking about whether to put his natal mosasaurus in lately…

He felt that his first four heavenly palaces were all very good, compared with them, Mosasaurus was a bit ordinary.

The formation of the Tiangong Golden Pill can not only be formed by the fusion of foreign objects, but also can be formed by its own skills, so Xu Qing is also thinking about what will happen if he integrates it with the emperor-level skills.

This matter is theoretically possible, but Xu Qing lacks some information, so after thinking about it, he took out the sound transmission jade slip and sent it to Zixuan Shangxian. “Senior, are you there?” “Not here.”

The voice of Zixuan Shangxian came from the jade slip almost instantly.

Xu Qing was silent, and there was no second sentence in the jade slip.

He heard that Zixuan Shangxian’s tone was wrong, and he was a little confused. He didn’t know when he had provoked the other party, so he sent a voice transmission to Fifth Master to inquire about the imperial-level kungfu fusion palace. “Ah? Didn’t the Immortal Zixuan tell you about this matter? Before we came to the county capital, your master communicated with her about your emperor-level kung fu blending golden core.” “A few days ago, I saw Senior Zixuan Invited some of her friends to the sect, and also asked about similar matters. After all, each type of emperor-level exercises is different, and the method of integration is also particular. She also paid a special visit to the three sects, and went to They have been inquired by the Legal Council.”

If you integrate indiscriminately, although it is harmless, it will not succeed. “

Xu Qing was silent, he didn’t know that Zixuan had done so many things for him, and there were waves in his heart, so he picked up the jade slip and sent Zixuan a voice transmission.


“Well, who are you?”

Zi Xuan’s voice came from the jade slip.

“I am Xu Qing…”

“Oh, is that Xu Qing who chose to live in Jiange and never return in order to avoid me?”

Xu Qing didn’t know how to reply, so he could only speak softly.

“I heard from the fifth master… Thank you, senior!”

There was a soft snort in the jade slip.

“Your Fifth Heavenly Palace is about to take shape, come back to see me on the day it takes shape, by the way, I like to eat sweet-scented osmanthus cakes from the south of the city.”


Xu Qing breathed a sigh of relief, quickly put away the jade slips, and wrote down the matter of the sweet-scented osmanthus cake

“In the future, I will find an opportunity to repay Shangxian Zixuan.”

Xu Qing was not good at expressing his emotions, so he took out the bamboo slips and engraved Zixuan’s name on the other side, where all the people who were kind to him were recorded.

“In addition to military achievements, I have to hurry up.” Thinking of military achievements, Xu Qing frowned slightly.

After becoming a pawn, he has a clearer understanding of obtaining military merit. Normally, as a pawn, he has a fixed military merit every month.

Not a lot, and it is too far away from his goal. If he wants to get more, he has to go out and complete the task.

But even if it is a mission, there are not many given. Those missions with a lot of rewards are often team actions or Nascent Soul level.

However, after all, there is a day when the number will be reached after accumulation, so Xu Qing plans to complete various tasks near the county in addition to being on duty in the coming days.

After a decision, Xu Qing closed his eyes and began to meditate.

Time passed, and when it was almost dawn, Xu Qing suddenly opened his eyes.

“I seem to have forgotten something…” Xu Qing frowned, thinking, and after a while his eyes froze.

“Today’s palace lord once questioned me if I really suppressed the Ding 132 district.”

Xu Qing murmured, he felt something was wrong with this sentence, and what was most wrong, he almost forgot it after returning.

“No!” Xu Qing raised his head suddenly, he was very confident in his memory, he should not forget this matter.

“Since when did I start to lose my memory?” Xu Qing’s eyes showed thought, and after recalling his own experience, his eyes gradually shrank.

“I only remember the memories related to Ding Yi San Er, and I will forget them unconsciously, but not other things.”

“And this situation also started when I became the guard of Ding Yi San Er.”

Xu Qing was shocked.

He suddenly thought of the previous guard, the old man sharpening the knife, who had said a word to him that day.

“Just when you think you’ve found it all, there’s more to it.”

Xu Qing was silent. After a long time, his eyes were cold and he murmured.

“I was influenced by Ding Yi San Er.”

At this moment, the sky outside is bright.

But there is not much sunshine, the sky is gray, and the rain is falling.

This is the rainy season in the county capital, which lasts for several months.

Xu Qing stood up, with a chill in his eyes, pushed open the door of the Jiange, walked into the wind and rain, and walked towards the jailer.

The moment he stepped into the Prison Division, he contemplated the Vajra Sect Patriarch and his shadow at the same time.

“From this moment on, you will record all my next experiences with the photo slips, and the whole process will continue.”

The Patriarch of the Vajra Sect and Ying Ying were taken aback for a moment, and quickly obeyed.

“Master, what happened?” the ancestor of the Vajra Sect asked cautiously.

“I suspect that some kind of force interferes with my cognition and dilutes my memory of some things.”

Xu Qing’s eyes became more and more icy, and she walked into the prison department, the fifty-seventh floor, and… Ding 132 area!

I don’t know when it started, Ding 132 area became less dark and cold.

I don’t know when it started, the head didn’t talk so much, the cloud beast didn’t eat its tentacles anymore, the rotation of the millstone became jerky, but the old men of the Danqing tribe appeared frequently.

Perhaps Yingying and the Patriarch of Vajra Sect have credit for this.

After Xu Qing walked into the Ding132 District, feeling everything here, this thought arose in his heart.

The little boy also appeared, standing not far from him, with some helplessness in his eyes. Walk past the prisoner’s cage.

When he walked to the millstone, he saw the head that was muttering, it was not rolling around on the ground, but appeared on the millstone, staring at Xu Qing with a strange expression on his face.

It looked at Xu Qing, and Xu Qing also looked at it.

It didn’t speak.

“Why is it so quiet today?” Xu Qing said calmly.

“I don’t want to be trampled to death, besides, have you ever seen someone talk to a dead person?” The head smiled, very strangely.

“Yes.” Xu Qing replied.

The head froze for a moment.

“Not only have I seen it, but I have also said it.” Xu Qing said seriously.

The head showed a strange look, then shook it left and right, and pointed the back of its head at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing walked forward until he came to the cage where the Danqing clan was. Looking at the neat old man inside, he suddenly spoke.

“You repeat every sentence you said to me before, and if you miss one word, I will kill you.”

The old man was taken aback.

Xu Qing had no expression on his face, and when he waved his hands, the shadow spread out, spreading the opponent’s cage again.

The old man Danqing spoke quickly, his memory is very good, after making Xu Qing the guardian, he said all the words he said here.

Xu Qing nodded after hearing this, turned around and went back to the prison door, closed his eyes and meditated.

One day passed, nothing happened this day, it was the same as usual, until it was time for the next duty, Xu Qing walked out of Ding Yi San Er.

He returned to Jiange without any pause.

The moment Xu Qing sat down cross-legged, Xu Qing spoke.

“You Lingzi, you come first.”

The black iron sign flew out, and the Vajra Sect ancestor quickly transformed into it, with an incomparably dignified expression, and a picture jade slip appeared while waving his hand, and a picture appeared on it.

The one on the screen is Xu Qing.

It records the scene of his day from the time he stepped into the prison department, until he entered the Ding 132 area and finally left. It is very detailed and clear, and there is nothing missing.

Especially the words of the elders of the Danqing clan were all recorded.

Xu Qing looked at it for a long time, but he didn’t see anything unusual inside, so he sent a divine thought to the shadow~IndoMTL.com~ Soon the shadow also released the picture it recorded.

After comparing the two, everything is as usual.

Thinking appeared in Xu Qing’s eyes, and a thought involuntarily popped up in his mind.

“Am I thinking too much?”

Xu Qing murmured, and after suppressing this thought, he continued to look at the pictures on the jade slips. Finally, his eyes froze and landed on the old man of the Danqing tribe inside the jade slips.

The voice of the other party came from the picture of the jade slip.

“Master Guardian… How many prisoners have we imprisoned in total?”

“In your memory, how many prisoners are there?”

“My lord, I have no choice but to talk nonsense like that. The black shadows were going to eat me up just now. I have no choice but to buy myself some time like this. Otherwise, I will be gone. You are a lot, my lord. Forgive me.” Once, just once!.”

Xu Qing stared at the jade slip, and listened to the old man Danqing’s words over and over again. Finally, he made a formula, repeating the sentence that the ancestor Danqing begged for forgiveness in the photo, and spoke softly.

“You Lingzi, Xiaoying, listen to this sentence, is this Patriarch Danqing… talking to me?”

I saw a reader yesterday saying that I was trying a new way of writing. That’s right, I really just tried a new way of writing.

Eggs, milk, sugar, cream, flour, etc. are needed to make a cake. I try to bury these materials in all chapters, or bury them in some events, and finally put them together to present you a cake.

I try to keep the process from being boring.

Friendly reminder: I like to skip reading so that I can’t see the clues in it. I have no choice but to scold me for not understanding the final reading experience.

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