Outside of time Chapter 409: The shadow exploded


Latest website: Xu Qing was silent when he heard the words, his eyes were slightly condensed, he pondered for a long time, and bowed with his fists clasped.

The old man stopped talking and continued to sharpen his knife.

Amidst the piercing sound, Xu Qing went away and returned to the door of Ding 132 Prison in District 57. He looked at the green and black cell door in front of him, raised his hand and pushed it open, and walked in. .

As soon as he entered, he heard the call from the head of 237’s cage.

“Pawn, pawn, are you back?”

“How about it, is it bad luck if you go out, throw me to the cloud beast, and I will help you resolve it.”

“Trust me, yes.”

“If you don’t believe me anymore, then you are really doomed. I have seen that you died very badly, but you don’t know, you don’t know how many times you have died.”

“And… the guarding of Ding Yi San Er, do you really think that this is the first time you have done it?”

“I can’t say it anymore, I can’t say it anymore, you throw me to the cloud beast, throw me there, and I will continue to tell you the truth.”

Xu Qing calmly walked in the corridor, passed by the prisons where the prisoners were, and walked to the place where the head was, and opened the cell door with a click. hand.

“That’s right, that’s right, haha, Xiao Yunyun, here I come.”

Amid the excitement of the head, Xu Qing carried it to the cage where the millstone was, and threw the head into it.

Did the mill shake? It seemed very unexpected, and some happy emotions came out.

The excitement on the face of the head instantly turned into panic, and it let out a shrill scream.

“Let me out, I don’t want to be here.”

“My lord pawn, I was wrong, I said, this place is cursed, Ding Yisaner is cursed, I can simply resolve it for you.”

“But what I said before didn’t lie to you, I really saw it, you really died many times, I didn’t lie to you.”

Xu Qing ignored it, turned around and left to the cage where the last prisoner was, looked at the painting floating inside, looked at the twenty-three figures inside, and suddenly spoke to the shadow.

“Eat it.”

The next moment, the shadow revealed greedy emotions, spread away from Xu Qing’s feet, and spread into the cage.

As it dispersed, an evil intention grew from the shadow, covering all directions, at the same time, the entire Ding132 District suddenly fell silent.

The head no longer screams, the millstone no longer turns, the cloud beast no longer chews, the scarecrow no longer roars…

Only the painting of the Danqing family is trembling at the moment.

As the shadow approached, it became more and more intense, until the shadow was less than three feet away from it, and the old man in the painting suddenly spoke.

“Master guarding the lower right edge, not my family.”

Xu Qing immediately looked, and his eyes fell on the lower right of the painting.

There is a little boy painted there, standing there with a smile, he looks no different from other figures in the painting, just like a family.

But after the old man opened his mouth, the little boy in the painting frowned, and in an instant, the shadow jumped directly at the little boy, making a click as if it had bitten something.

Then he came back towards Xu Qing. As for the painting, it was not damaged, but the little boy inside was gone, and it was swallowed by the shadow.

But at the moment when the shadow returned, an unprecedented scene appeared.

Shadow’s body trembled suddenly, and under Xu Qing’s gaze, it collapsed in an instant, and at the same time, the shadow wailed.

Its body explodes!

A blurry figure emerged from the inside and merged into the surrounding darkness with laughter. Even though the black iron sign rushed towards it at this moment, it was still in vain, and the little boy was missing.

And the shadow obviously couldn’t die like this. Although the body exploded into many pieces, they quickly merged together. After recovering, it was obviously weak, but it sent Xu Qing’s mood swings in a hurry.

“Luck… Swallow… Fry…”

It seems to be very afraid that Xu Qing will think it is incompetent, but this time the description is quite clear.

Xu Qing’s eyes froze suddenly, and he turned to look at the place where the little boy disappeared.

“Luck?” Xu Qing murmured.

At the moment when the black iron sign came back, the Patriarch of Vajra Sect turned into an illusion, he quickly glanced at the weak shadow, then looked at Xu Qing, suddenly nervous.

I failed both times, and although Shadow also failed, he made up some theory of luck.

“The little fart’s film studies are broken, **** it!”

The Patriarch of the Vajra Sect snorted coldly in his heart. He felt that the matter was probably because the shadow was talking nonsense in order not to show his own incompetence, so he secretly said nonsense in his heart, you are no better than grandpa and me, little fart shadow.

Since you are talking nonsense, I will add some material to you, so that when the evil star finds something is wrong, you will be in big trouble, and as long as I pick myself out, I will not be implicated.

He has read too many scripts, and some of them have descriptions of luck, and most of them are necessary for the protagonist. It seems that this is a lot of scripts that I am willing to use.

“Luck? Master, I can’t see luck. I’m not as good as the knowledgeable Xiaoying in this regard, but since it says so…”

“Congratulations to the master, congratulations to the master, the master is indeed destiny, that’s why you can meet luck here!”

The Patriarch of the Vajra Sect opened his mouth quickly.

Xu Qing frowned and looked over.

The spirit of the Vajra Sect patriarch lifted up, he quickly recalled the contents of those scripts, and spoke quickly.

“Master, according to Xiaoying’s statement and thinking, if it is correct, I should guess why the guard of Ding Yi San Er was accidentally killed outside.”

“This Ding Yi San Er’s secret, if Xiaoying is right, then I also know.”

“There is a ray of luck here, which should be part of the power of luck in Fenghai County. I don’t know why it exists here, and it has never changed into form.”

“And the reason why those former guards died was that people with extraordinary luck could be added to their bodies. If it is too late, things will go the other way, so there will be bad luck and inexplicable things.”

Speaking of this, the Patriarch of the Vajra Sect was taken aback for a moment, and his heart became confused, because he felt that such an explanation seems… extremely reasonable.

“It’s not true what Little Piying said, is it?”

When the ancestor of the Vajra Sect was in shock, Xu Qing frowned even more. It was the first time he had heard the words of luck. The mainland was born by luck.

When Xu Qing was thinking, his expression changed suddenly, and he suddenly looked to the far right, where a figure emerged from the darkness, it was the little boy who had disappeared before.

He stood there, looking at Xu Qing curiously.

The Vajra Sect patriarch rushed out suddenly, and the little boy disappeared, but soon he appeared on the other side, still looking at Xu Qing curiously.

But this time, Xu Qing noticed the other party’s gaze, which fell on his right wrist!

Xu Qing’s heart moved, and he raised his right hand.

The little boy’s sight also changed accordingly.

Xu Qing was silent, his right wrist looked normal, but he knew that there was a golden silk thread hidden there. When he was absorbed into the poison pill and escaped death, the golden thread was shining, and there were a series of inexplicable coincidences.

“What is this?” Xu Qing raised his right hand and asked the little boy suddenly.

In Ding Yi San Er’s cell, as Xu Qing’s words echoed, all the prisoners were extremely quiet.

The cloud beast turned around, and the woman climbed to the edge of the cage, the stone patterns on the millstone formed eyes, and the head in the corner also looked into the distance…

Even the painting of the Danqing family has become blurred. An illusory old man is sticking to the railing of the cage, paying attention to Xu Qing.

Xu Qing didn’t pay attention to these prisoners, he looked at the little boy and waved his right hand.

The little boy’s eyes follow Xu Qing’s right hand, as if in his eyes, Xu Qing’s right hand has become the only one in the world, and his expression is very strange, with some puzzlement and more Some dazed.

He heard Xu Qing’s words, so he looked away from Xu Qing’s wrist and looked at Xu Qing.

After a while, he opened his mouth, as if he was talking, but there was no sound or divine thought, and even the shape of his mouth did not change.

Xu Qing frowned.

But the little boy’s behavior was very strange. After he finished speaking, his ears moved a lot, as if he heard some response, his eyes lit up even more, and then he spoke again.

Then listen again.

Finally, he seemed to hear something that made him happy, so he jumped up for joy, and after glancing at Xu Qing, he patted his chest, stepped back, and merged into the darkness again.

At the same time, within the sphere of influence of the county capital, about a month away from the capital, and close to the border of the Nether State, there is a stretch of mountains.

One end goes deep into the Nether State, and the other end is in the border of the county capital.

This mountain range is very strange, the soil and rocks are purple.

Geology of this color is rare, and its name is called Purple Spirit Mountains.

At this moment, within the area where the Purple Spirit Mountain Range is located in the county capital, there is an abyss among the mountains.

The abyss is huge, and the bottom is pitch black. I can’t see the details. I can only see bursts of purple mist emanating from the abyss. When it slowly rises into the sky, there are two figures outside the abyss, approaching.

These two figures are old and young, the old one is the old man of Banquan Road, and the young girl is naturally a beautiful and flawless Ling’er in white clothes.

They rode the flying giant that had an agreement with their clan before, and were taken to the border of the county capital, and the other party left, so they walked to the Purple Spirit Mountain Range by themselves.

Now it is finally close to the destination.

“Ling’er, the Wood Spirit Clan is coming. According to the ancient agreement, you can get a inheritance here, but there are risks in this matter. You need to rest for a while and wait for your blood to stabilize before trying it. “

“During this time, you have to concentrate on nothing else, you…” The old man on Banquan Road was talking, when he suddenly noticed that Linger was distracted, so he was taken aback.

“What are you doing?”

“Father, there is a child talking to me.” Linger’s eyes showed a hint of surprise.

“What kid is talking?” The old man on Banquan Road was surprised and looked around.

“It’s nothing, maybe it’s from the Wood Spirit Clan.” Ling’er blinked, and it was the first time she lied to Dad. She knew that the other party didn’t like Xu Qing, so she thought it was better not to tell the other party about it.

At the same time, in the bottom of her heart, she quickly replied to the child’s voice that suddenly echoed in her mind.

“Yes, who are you? Did you see my brother Xu Qing? Where are you?”

“In Jundu?!” Linger’s eyes shone brighter.

“Well, you don’t have any friends? Well, of course I can be friends with you~IndoMTL.com~ But you have to help me take care of my brother Xu Qing, I will find you in a while.”

The old man on Banquan Road was suspicious and looked at Ling’er carefully.

“Daddy, let’s go quickly.” Ling’er smiled and said, looking very happy, the smile was full of innocence and beauty.

The old man on Banquan Road was even more suspicious, but he didn’t know what happened, so he shook his head after thinking about it, and continued to exhort him.

“Don’t be stupid. The inheritance is very important this time. You must not fail. It is a matter of life and death. You will retreat to stabilize your bloodline when you arrive at the Wood Spirit Clan. I will go to the county for you.” Buy some auxiliary things.”

“I know, Dad.” Ling’er said delicately, holding the old man’s arm.

At this moment, the mountain wind blows, blowing up her blue hair, caressing her beautiful face that can be broken by blows.

Ling’er raised her hand and tied her hair behind her ears. With this movement, she quickly turned her head to look in the direction of Jundu, and the corners of her mouth raised, showing a smile.

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