My Divine Diary Chapter 999: Never-Ending (Ended)


After finding something that can successfully attach to the outside of the pinball space, the next plan is very simple.

First, constantly look for opportunities to create semi-condensed soul power, and then attach it to the outside of the pinball space until the amount reaches a certain level.

Then use this semi-condensed soul power as a fulcrum to try to carry other substances.

Finally, the various materials carried are used to create the corresponding body.

These steps are almost not difficult in Su Hao’s hands and only require a certain amount of time to accumulate.

The difficulty before was that there was no fulcrum on the surface of the pinball space and could not take away other materials that make up the body. Now that semi-condensed soul power can firmly adhere to the surface of the pinball space, the problem of the fulcrum has been solved.

As long as there is a fulcrum, Su Hao can use this fulcrum to build a powerful and perfect body.

As of now, it can be said that most of the ‘Giant Project’ has been completed. There is no more suspense, and the final finishing test work is left.

Su Hao retrieved the soul power test data, analyzed it from beginning to end, and immediately started corresponding plans and experiments: “Work together to complete the Giant Plan.

Let me see if the ‘pinball giant’, whose pinball space is the brain, semi-condensed soul power is the fulcrum to connect to the outside world, and other materials are the body, can really allow me to completely control the pinball space and control it freely. A trip through pinball space. ”

If the giant plan doesn’t work, in the end we have to wait for the reincarnation to deliver the body for positioning before trying again.

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao came up with a specific plan: “To make a pinball giant, in principle, we must first wait for hundreds or thousands of years to accumulate enough semi-condensed soul power, and then try to use semi-condensed soul power. Capturing matter, transforming it into source, and finally using the source to transform various body structures to complete the construction of the pinball giant takes about more than a thousand years.

But this process can be carried out completely simultaneously, while accumulating semi-condensed soul power and embedding it on the surface of the pinball space, while trying to capture matter and transform it into a source.

In this way, it can also speed up the accumulation of semi-condensed soul power, which can be said to serve multiple purposes. ”

Soon, Su Hao finished the plan.

“Next step, go to the planet to complete the accumulation transformation simulation, and then wait for the next pinball space landing.”


Twenty years later, after landing in the pinball space, Su Hao obtained a large amount of semi-condensed soul power, which adhered to the surface of the pinball space.

Ten years later, the semi-condensed soul power successfully wrapped some Origin Beads and followed them through the pinball space.

In another five years, under the influence of the source, a large amount of matter was transformed into the source and semi-condensed soul power, and the pinball space ushered in a great harvest.

Fifteen years later, a large amount of semi-condensed soul power and a large number of sources were obtained through fission again, and a specific captured material structure was initially formed.

For another twenty years, Pinball Space successfully took away a large number of common substances.


Five hundred years later, the pinball space is basically covered with a thick layer of semi-condensed soul power and massive source beads.

Up to this moment, the Giant Project has reached its final stage.

As long as Su Hao is willing, he can use the massive sources in the outer layer to directly transform into a body at any time.

Su Hao was inside the pinball space, quietly observing the outside through the eyes of the pinball space.

Same as before, every once in a while, the pinball space will bounce to another unknown world, always moving and running like this.

“Are we going to start transforming the giant body now?”

Su Hao took a deep breath: “Since everything is ready, what am I waiting for? Let’s get started!”

As soon as he thought of this, Su Hao’s shadow in the pinball space dissipated, and the massive source beads outside the pinball space instantly rioted, constantly expanding, transforming, and changing shapes.

A huge face glowing with white light was first generated, and gradually turned into Su Hao’s face. The mouth was slightly open, the nostrils were ventilated, and the eyes were open…

The two brown and black eyes gradually gained energy, staring into the distance.

White light spreads under the head, and the body and limbs take shape one by one. Finally, a white light robe covers it, and an extremely huge giant stands quietly in the void.

Su Hao carefully felt this huge body composed of Yuanling and soul power. He raised his hand and slowly clenched it, then looked down at his fist. A strange feeling lingered in his heart.

It’s the same as looking down at your own body as an ordinary person, but with a different and special feeling.

It’s like this is his body, but not his body. To put it simply, it’s like a human being who traveled through time and became an ape. Of course, it’s almost the same for an ape to become a human being…

Su Hao opened his mouth and was about to let out the giant’s first sigh: “My…”

Before he finished speaking, the pinball space disappeared and moved to another place, and then slid slowly with his giant body.

Su Hao was silent for a moment and continued: “My body is controlled by my brain. It’s really strange.”

It is normal for the body to be controlled by the brain, but like Su Hao, it is very strange for the brain to drag the body along.

After running around a lot in the pinball space, he finally got used to the rhythm of being dragged along by his brain.

He began to look at the surrounding environment. It was gray and gloomy, with only his body emitting a dull light.

“Where is this?”

Although he read it a thousand times, Su Hao still couldn’t figure out where he was at this time.

He shook his head and didn’t care where this was. The primary goal at the moment was to find a way to actively control the pinball space, which was his current brain.

Although I have successfully built a giant body, it is not an option to be dragged away by my brain all the time.

The essence of his construction of the giant is to use the giant’s body to work together from the outside and the inside to find a way to completely control the pinball space.

“Then, you can build a teleportation array on the giant’s body and teleport the clone.”

This was something Su Hao had planned all along. After successfully building the giant’s body, he built a teleportation array on the body and then teleported the clone.

In this way, Su Hao’s reincarnated body can establish a solid connection with the pinball space, and Su Hao can always stay beside the pinball space and conduct research on the pinball space.

Su Hao’s giant body opened his palm, and with a thought, a three-ring array was engraved on his palm. After a while, the inscription was completed, and the faint light lit up, activating the array.

At the same time, a teleportation array in the test base also lit up.

The two teleportation arrays are successfully connected.

Su Hao controlled a [God] clone and teleported it to the palm of the giant through the teleportation array.

At this moment, a small Su Hao raised his head, and a huge Su Hao lowered his head, looking at each other.

Legendary, I found myself.

Then the question arises, is the pinball giant Su Hao’s true self, or is the reincarnated body Su Hao’s true self?

Without the reincarnated body, Su Hao’s consciousness information recorded in the pinball space cannot be thought about, which is equivalent to nothing.

Without the consciousness information of the pinball space, the information in the reincarnated body will also collapse, and there will no longer be Su Hao.

In other words, whether it is the pinball giant or the reincarnated body, both are Su Hao.

He is a man with two bodies…

Su Hao didn’t have time to think, nor did he have time to express emotion at this historic moment, he instantly took out a positioning stone and drove it into the giant’s body.

Then the giant Su Hao’s palm split open and [God] Su Hao was swallowed into his palm.

After the cracks closed together, the giant disappeared and was transferred again by the pinball space.

At the same time, Su Hao’s [God] clone and positioning stone also left together.

“Successfully positioned the pinball space!”

Su Hao felt indescribable joy after completing this step.

After so much planning and preparation, aren’t we just waiting for this day to arrive?

Su Hao controlled the [God] clone along the body and came to the core of the brain. He curiously opened his mind and sensed the existence of the pinball space.

It was the first time that he observed the pinball space at such a close distance from the outside.

The pinball space is infinitely large and infinitely small, and then it appears in front of Su Hao in the size he recognized.

This is an indescribable feeling.


After completing these steps, the giant body has bounced back and forth several times in different airspaces following the pinball space.

For about ten seconds, you are in the starry sky and the universe, and for about ten seconds, you are in darkness and nothingness.

At first, Su Hao thought that this dark nothingness was the scene observed during the bouncing movement of the pinball space.

“The Almighty Soldier of the Female CEO”

Now that I think about it, this is not the case. This void may be the non-material universe envisioned by Su Hao.

He is actually able to wander the non-material universe.

However, if you want to explore this non-material universe, you can only do so after thoroughly controlling the pinball space and staying here for a long time.

“The huge project of ‘Mastering the Pinball Space’ has now entered the final stage. Work harder and win it all at once. Hey, I guess it will take at least a thousand years for me to completely control the pinball space. Operation.”

So, in the following time, Su Hao kept trying to control the pinball space.

A hundred years have passed, and Su Hao has tried various things.

A thousand years passed, Su Hao thought hard.

Ten thousand years later, Su Hao encouraged himself to continue working hard…


One day, Su Hao came to Yashan and Fengcheng in high spirits.

“Are there any other important research projects on Yashan, Fengcheng, and Infinite Land?”

When Yashan and Fengcheng heard this, they immediately realized something and looked excited.

Ashan said: “Boss Wei, I no longer have any important research projects. Disciples can complete many things, as long as they regularly check the information they upload.”

Feng Cheng also said: “It’s okay to leave one or two clones, or come back every thousand years.”

Su Hao smiled and said: “In that case, I will take you to explore another universe!”

“Okay Boss Wei!”

The exploration of the starry sky and universe will never stop, but it does not prevent them from opening up a new path of exploration, running on two lines in parallel.

Su Hao took the bodies of Yashan and Feng Cheng and teleported them to a space created in the Pinball Giant’s body. He then controlled the Pinball Giant to move, leaving the material universe and coming to a void.

Su Hao has tried many times and discovered that currently only the pinball space can freely transfer back and forth between the material universe and the non-material universe.

The Pinball Giant is like a giant ship, carrying them across the unknown boundary, from the material universe to the non-material universe.

After walking out of the giant, Yashan and Fengcheng looked at everything around them and were dumbfounded.

Everything is gray nothingness, as if there is light, but also as if there is no light at all. It is difficult to distinguish up and down, left and right, and far and near.

This is different from being in the vast universe. At least no matter how empty the location in the universe, you can always see the faint starlight in the distance.

And here, there is nothing.

Feng Cheng tried his best to open his eyes, looked carefully, and swept around with his majestic spiritual thoughts. However, he saw nothing. He tried to flash again, but he couldn’t use it. Some of his previous abilities didn’t work here. .

He couldn’t help but asked in surprise: “Boss Wei, where is this?”

Su Hao laughed and said: “I don’t know either, I’m still exploring. But I call this place the non-material universe, and the starry sky we are in is called the material universe. I don’t know the specific details.”

Ashan also stared with wide eyes and observed: “The non-material universe? It’s very vivid. It’s like nothingness here. Staying here, a long-lost fear envelopes my heart.”

Feng Cheng nodded in agreement. If Boss Wei hadn’t been by his side and he had come here by himself, he would probably have been swallowed up by fear.

Su Hao said: “Just because we can’t see it with our naked eyes doesn’t mean there’s nothing here.

All our perceptual abilities are used to perceive the material universe. It is normal for them to lose their effectiveness when they come to the non-material universe.

So, if we want to see this non-material universe clearly, we need to obtain a pair of eyes belonging to the non-material universe.

But I don’t know how to do it specifically. I need to explore it step by step.

Yashan, Fengcheng, all this is unknown, now, we have to start from scratch.

Take a look and see what the real face of this place is. ”

“Okay Boss Wei!”

Su Hao suddenly said: “My real name is Su Hao.”

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