My Divine Diary Chapter 998: Giant of light?


What did Su Hao think of?

He thought of light!

In fact, light signals can be transmitted into the pinball space, which is also the main way for the pinball space to obtain external signals.

It is this characteristic that allows Su Hao to realize his pinball eye. After being connected to the consciousness information, he can directly see the scene outside the pinball space.

When Su Hao first thought about what kind of material could be attached to the outside of the pinball space, he subconsciously did not think about the possibility of light.

Because light has no fixed form, it can also be said that it has no fixed shape. Even if light can be absorbed outside the pinball space, it will be of little use to the Giant Project.

Another reason is that Su Hao cannot directly convert the source into light. The substances he is looking for subconsciously give priority to substances that can be converted into light using the source.

In fact, up to now, all substances with fixed forms known by Su Hao, except light, can be transformed using sources.

“The ubiquitous light in the universe may really be able to follow the random movement of the pinball space.

The thing I was looking for before that could travel between the material world and the non-material world was probably light. Light is special enough. ”

“As for how to use light to build a giant’s body…haven’t I mastered the soul power? This is condensed light, another special form of light, but it is still light in essence.

I have tried to attach soul power to the pinball space before, but it failed.

The reason for the failure is probably not that the soul power cannot follow the pinball space to leave, but that the soul power in this highly condensed state has lost certain characteristics of light and cannot integrate with the pinball space.

As long as I change the condensed state of my soul power and make it stimulate another form of light, I may be able to successfully merge with the pinball space and follow the pinball space to leave…”

Thinking of this, Su Hao retrieved the previous experimental data that failed to attach soul power and checked it carefully.

Now that he is looking back at it, some details that he had ignored before were presented to him from another perspective.

The more he thought about it, the more likely it became. Su Hao took a deep breath, calmed down his inner restlessness, and quickly retrieved all the information about soul power.

Although he already knew this information by heart, he still organized it again to avoid missing it.

Since coming into contact with soul power, Su Hao has conducted a lot of research on soul power. He has conducted corresponding experiments on the different performances of soul power in different environments and recorded them one by one.

Originally, he thought that the greatest effect of soul power on him was as a tool for relocating consciousness information, allowing him to gain eternal life.

Unexpectedly, now that I am studying the pinball space, I find that the soul power has a new role.

Sure enough, the accumulated knowledge is not useless. All the knowledge accumulated in the mind will definitely be expressed in some surprising way in the future life.

Of course, the premise is that you haven’t forgotten it by then.

“Whether it is exactly what I thought is still to be verified. Maybe this inspiration, like the previous times, ended in failure. Everything speaks for itself.”

After Su Hao read the information about soul power, he immediately opened the record panel and started writing the experimental plan.

There is still some distance before the next pinball space landing. This period of time is just enough for Su Hao to make various plans.

“It may not take too long to complete the Giant Plan. I have a hunch that whether the Giant Plan in Pinball Space can succeed or not depends on the light of soul power… The 100 million years I told Yashan Fengcheng before , now that I think about it, it’s a bit exaggerated.”


Ten years later, Pinball Space landed on a planet again.

The program preset by Su Hao will be executed immediately.

In the first second, a large amount of substances are absorbed and combined together in the structure of a focus system. The surging energy is focused on one place and a small amount of source is obtained.

In the second second, the sources dispersed, each transformed into various kinds of radiation, creating a violent environment for the birth of soul power.

In the third second, a weak wisp of soul power was generated.

This complicated process was all completed in a very short period of time, which can be called a flash of lightning. This is the result of Su Hao’s continuous optimization over the years.

The generated soul power is not much, only a trace, which is almost unnoticeable. Being able to obtain such a trace of soul power in such a short time is already Su Hao’s current limit.

But just a trace is enough. He is not creating a giant body now. He just wants to verify whether the soul power can be taken away by the pinball space.

“Successfully obtained soul power, the next step is to change the state of soul power into an ‘information state’, which is the state of Bai Jial’s talent skill ‘Ten Thousand Miles Away’. In theory, the soul power in this state can Entering the pinball space.”

In the fourth second, that is, after the soul power was generated, under the radiation of the wave signal released by Su Hao, it changed its state and shot towards the pinball space.


Under Su Hao’s highly concentrated attention, this soul power was integrated into the pinball space and transformed into a piece of information in the pinball space. It was stored in a corner and marked by Xiao Guang.

Looking at this scene, Su Hao had a question in his mind: “Is this considered a success?”

The pinball space has not left yet. At this time, traces of soul power are still being generated. Su Hao takes this opportunity to continue to put these newly generated soul powers into various different forms into the pinball space. .

It was not until the twelfth second that the pinball space left this airspace and disappeared.

In the pinball space, Su Hao’s eyes were shining because he ‘saw’ a ray of soul power, which was attached to the surface of the pinball space and was brought by the pinball space.

This is a trace of soul power between ‘condensed state’ and ‘information state’, which Su Hao calls semi-condensed soul power.

“The Giant Plan really relies on soul power! This semi-condensed soul power can just stick to the surface of the pinball space… Although I saw such a scene with my own eyes, I still I feel a little weird.”

Su Hao suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that before long, Pinball Space would be able to build various external devices and turn into a giant.

And his perspective will no longer be limited to the reincarnated body and the inside of the pinball space, but will be able to wander in the unknown as a giant.

Even after thoroughly analyzing the pinball space, you can completely control the pinball space and become a truly free-moving giant.

Thinking of this, Su Hao could no longer suppress his excitement and almost danced in the pinball space.

It has been a long time since he felt like his entire soul was sublimated, which made Su Hao enjoy the joy before victory.

“If I were really independent of the void as a giant, it would be another exciting time!”

After calming down, Su Hao turned his attention to the trace of soul power brought by the pinball space: “Let me see, what is so special about this trace of soul power? The ball space is taken away.”

After a long time, Su Hao’s hearty laughter echoed in the pinball space in a unique way: “Hahaha, that’s it! Why didn’t I think of it before? However, how could I imagine it without seeing it in person? Everything in the world is indeed ingenious and magical.”

This trace of semi-condensed soul power is like a pebble that is half embedded in the wall, half buried in the wall and half stretched out.

To put it simply is that the ‘information state’ part is integrated into the pinball space, and the ‘condensed state’ part is exposed. It looks like it is divided into two parts, but it is actually one.

It is this unique property that allows the semi-condensed soul power to successfully adhere to the pinball space, and it is so strong that it can follow the pinball space for special transfers.

Attaching to the pinball space in such a unique way was something Su Hao never expected.

How could you imagine such a tricky angle?

Su Hao smiled and shook his head: “This shows that there are many things that I can’t think of.

No wonder after such a long time, I am almost standing at the top of all living beings, and I am still so humble. In fact, it is not that I have a good personality, but that I am not humble. There are too many unknown things, how can I breed them? Thoughts of complacency? ”

A long time ago, no one could teach Su Hao.

Su Hao learned everything by himself, allowing him to slowly reach the highest state of learning: taking all things as his teacher.


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