My Divine Diary Chapter 997: The sea of ​​stars is home


The created intelligent life is also an intelligent life, and it is within the scope of Su Hao and the others’ respect for life.

Concerning these created intelligent beings, Su Hao and the other three also discussed the issue of ‘humanity’, and finally came to a unified understanding of these beings.

These beings created by them are essentially meant to serve the experiments of Su Hao and the others.

So, the premise for these beings to be respected is that they have completed the experimental goals.

Before this, using these created people as experimental subjects, the three of them did not have any psychological pressure. After completing the corresponding experiments, individuals who are still mentally normal will gain a certain degree of freedom until life naturally end.

This situation is similar to the various races in Infinite Land.

The creatures of these races are essentially experimental subjects created by the three of them. However, as early as tens of thousands of years ago, these intelligent races have completed their experimental goals and have gained relative freedom since then, and Su Hao and the others People do not interfere with their survival in some details.


The three of them were wandering around and chatting in the infinite land.

I encountered all kinds of things along the way, including a woman who killed her partner because of love and hatred, a monk who killed people and stole treasures and fled thousands of miles away, small-scale racial conflicts, monks who bullied others and robbed beauties but were killed by brave men. A young man comes back from school to humiliate his childhood bully, and a mortal travels across the ocean to study under a master in order to pursue his dream of becoming an immortal…

However, in the eyes of the three of them, these scenes were as dull as a bowl of clear water.

The love and hatred that touched people’s hearts, and the beautiful short verses of poetry that reached the depths of their souls, somehow could no longer create a strange sweetness in their hearts.

Suddenly, the three of them discovered that in this infinite land created by their own hands, they were just a misty wisp of smoke and dust, walking on the road, seemingly invisible.

It seems that everything in the world has nothing to do with them.

Inexplicably, Su Hao suddenly smiled and said: “Yashan, Fengcheng, the infinite land we created was originally intended to build a ‘center of the universe’ for us, where we can call it home.

Now that Infinite Land has been built, I can’t find the feeling of ‘home’ here. Instead, I feel like an outsider. ”

Ashan said thoughtfully: “Perhaps we lack a real family in this land?”

In Feng Cheng’s opinion, the place where Su Hao and Yashan are together is home. He didn’t have a deep feeling about this, so he was surprised and said: “Boss Yashan, you don’t want to get married and have children, do you?”

Ashan shook his head and said: “Even if I marry and have children now, my wife and children will not give me the feeling of home. It is meaningless.”

Ashan’s real home is just the home that exists in memory. It was basically shattered after his first wife was killed by the [Bone Demon] battle.

Su Hao said: “Don’t think of your wife and children as soon as you hear home.”

Feng Cheng chuckled and said: “As a matter of habit, every time I hear Boss Yashan talk about his family, I can’t help but wonder what Boss Yashan’s wife and children look like.”

Ashan said: “It’s useless to be curious. It’s been too long and you have no chance to see it.

Speaking of this, I discovered that before Infinite Land was built, I thought that after Infinite Land was built, I would be able to stay here safely and do research, and I had been looking forward to this for a while.

When the Infinite Land was actually built, there was no so-called sense of belonging. Just like what Boss Wei said, I felt like I was just an outsider in this land and could not integrate into it.

Perhaps I am used to following Boss Wei to explore the universe, but when I really stop, I feel a little uncomfortable.

I still prefer to go on adventures with Boss Wei. ”

Feng Cheng nodded in agreement: “That’s true. When you were weak, you hoped that you would be powerful enough to do anything. After you become strong, you will miss the adventurous mood you had when you were weak. Haha, I always feel that I am too greedy and can do anything. Want it.”

Su Hao chuckled and said: “This has nothing to do with being strong or not. You two have lost your sense of crisis. I suggest you control your clones to die several times in major disasters in the universe. This kind of nostalgic disease I guess it will be fine.

Of course, this is a joke, you can try it if you want. ”

Feng Cheng was eager to try: “You can try it.”

Su Hao said: “There is a saying called Home in the World. We are in this state. It can be called ‘Home in the Sea of ​​Stars’. Thinking about it, there is nothing wrong with it. Since we can’t find the feeling of home in the infinite land. , then just let nature take its course.”

Yashan and Fengcheng nodded slightly.

After a pause, Su Hao added: “When I finish this project, I will take you two to leave the infinite land and continue exploring the depths of the unknown universe!”

Yashan and Fengcheng were shocked and looked at their boss Wei with surprise.

Su Hao smiled: “However, I can’t say how long it will take to complete this project.”


After hanging out with Yashan Fengcheng for a while, Su Hao found that he had some new ideas.

After he returned to the laboratory, he was full of energy again: “Building a body for the pinball space is the ultimate goal, but in the process of my exploration, I can always make some new discoveries, which is also the fun of exploration.

I should enjoy the process and not have to strain to achieve this goal. ”

Then the question is, what can be adsorbed on the surface of the pinball space and be taken away by the pinball space?

Don’t know.

Try them one by one!

There will always be an answer.

During the trial process, there must be other new surprises.

After another hundred years, Su Hao still failed to successfully adsorb the material on the pinball space and make it wander in the universe with the pinball space.

On this day, he looked through the information on previous failed experiments in the pinball space, trying to find loopholes in the experiments, and soon fell into deep thought.

“So many attempts and failures have actually helped me screen out most of the common substances. These common substances on the planet will not be taken away by the pinball space, and there is no need for me to do more. About this attempt.

Things that can be taken away by the pinball space must be special enough. What could it be? ”

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao shook his head and said: “Maybe there is something wrong with my way of thinking. The exhaustive method is indeed a feasible method, but it is not very good. I think there must be a clue to this problem, as long as If I grasp this clue, I can find the correct answer.”

Thinking of this, and based on past experiences, Su Hao couldn’t help but smile: “Maybe the things that can be absorbed on the surface of the pinball space, like the answers to previous exploration questions, are right next to me.”

Over the years, he has explored many problems, and the answers to most of them were simple enough to surprise him.

Just in response to one sentence – the great truth leads to simplicity.

However, no matter how simple the answer is, if a person wants to go from not knowing to knowing, it is easy to say and difficult to say.

Speaking simply, maybe a word-for-word reminder will help you understand.

It’s hard to say that if you can’t do it, you can’t do it. If you don’t think of it, you can’t think of it. This has nothing to do with whether the brain is smart or whether the IQ is high. Hao put the problem back into the pinball space and thought to himself: “This clue may be in the pinball space. I should think about this problem based on the nature of the pinball space.

The pinball space receives information from the outside and emits information from the inside…

In other words, the only connection between the pinball space and the outside world is ‘information’.

The substance I am looking for that can be adsorbed on the surface of the pinball space may have some information characteristics, so that it can achieve a certain degree of integration with the pinball space, and then it can follow the pinball space and leave. ”

“What are the materials that contain information? Waves, electrons, special particles, light, rays… Theoretically speaking, the pinball space receives external information in these forms and stores it in the pinball in another way. In space…”

As he spoke, Su Hao spoke slower and slower, and finally couldn’t help but curse: “What the hell?”

He seems to understand that something can follow the pinball space and leave.


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