My Divine Diary Chapter 996: 0-year reunion


Su Hao collected a large number of different substances through Yashan and Fengcheng, sorted them, analyzed their characteristics, and planned to test them one by one in the future to see if the pinball space can take them away.

According to his speculation, there must be some kind of substance that can be brought to the non-material world by the pinball space.

The material world is compared to seawater, and the non-material world is compared to the atmosphere. Although seawater and the atmosphere seem to be distinct, there are always some bubbles in the seawater, and there is always moisture in the atmosphere. There are no absolutes.

“Perhaps the part of the sea surface that is in direct contact with the air, after changing its properties, has the opportunity to enter the ‘atmosphere’ of the non-material world.”

Su Hao believes that the type of matter that is closest to the non-material world may be carried away by the pinball space.

“So, what substance is closest to the non-material world, is it the source?”

This point has not been tested and is simply inferred, so it is difficult to draw results.

Fifteen years later, the pinball space came to a planet. Su Hao’s preset program was immediately started, absorbing a large amount of materials, and then arranged and combined them in a specific order to achieve the ‘focus system’ at the fastest speed , obtain a small amount of sources and adsorb them around the pinball space.

After waiting for this opportunity for more than ten years, Su Hao only had to complete one task, which was to test whether the pinball space could take the source away.

If it works, then everything becomes very simple. If it doesn’t, wait until next time and try using the source to transform it into various substances.

As long as you keep trying, there will always be surprises.

In Su Hao’s pinball vision, under the action of the ‘Focus System’, in just two seconds, the source was successfully transformed, transferred to the internal test, and adsorbed on the ‘surface’ of the pinball space theory. Certain signals maintain contact.

“Can the source be taken away by the pinball space?”

Su Hao is waiting for the result quietly. After a while, he will know the answer.

Soon, Pinball Space suddenly disappeared from the planet and went to another unknown place.

“It failed. Although the source is very special, it cannot smoothly follow the pinball space and leave. I can only make a preset plan, arrange the substances I know, and try them one by one.”

Su Hao had expected the failure, and he did not feel depressed because of it.

If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t work. There is no disappointment at all.


A few years later, Pinball Space came to a planet. Su Hao obtained the source as quickly as possible, then used the source to transform into vitality, and tried to let Pinball Space take it away.

Unfortunately, parasitic substances such as vitality have also failed, and they cannot be parasitic on the surface of the pinball space.

Source and vitality were the two things that Su Hao thought were most likely to be taken away by the pinball space, but they both failed.

This shows that Su Hao’s ‘feeling’ about the pinball space is not very trustworthy.

“What is the closest thing to the non-material world?”

Su Hao thought for a while, then shook his head and continued to prepare for the next experiment.

A hundred years later, Su Hao, whose experiment failed again, put down the experiment in his hands, thought for a while, and planned to walk out of the laboratory to the infinite land outside, relax his brain, and change his thinking, maybe he would come back after a walk There are new ideas.

After learning that Su Hao was out, Yashan and Fengcheng also put down what they were doing and followed Su Hao for a leisurely stroll.

Every once in a while, it feels good for the three of them to get together.

It’s like a few old friends getting together to have a barbecue and drink together during their free time from work.

Feng Chengdao: “Boss Wei, is there any progress in your research?”

Actually, Yashan and Fengcheng did not know what Su Hao’s research project was. They only knew that Su Hao was collecting various special substances for research.

However, they knew that Su Hao was out for a walk, either to complete a phase of the task in an experiment, or to find inspiration.

If they complete the stage tasks, they can celebrate. If they come out to find inspiration, they can also think together.

Su Hao said with a dull smile: “There has been some progress, but now we are stuck at a point. Solving this problem will take time, but it will not take time. Take your time, it can always be solved.

Moreover, I am ready to spend hundreds of millions of years solving this problem. Overall, there is no rush. ”

Yashan and Fengcheng looked surprised.

It is difficult for the two of them to understand that it would take hundreds of millions of years to study a project, and the person studying this project is still Boss Wei.

What kind of problem can Boss Wei be prepared to spend hundreds of millions of years to solve?

Su Hao did not explain too much about things related to pinball space. He just changed the topic and asked: “Yashan, Feng Cheng, how is the research progress of you two? I see you two have lights in your eyes and you are in high spirits. , the harvest should be good.”

Yashan and Fengcheng laughed and said, “Something gained.”

But one thing is different from what Su Hao thought.

The light in their eyes was not because their projects had made progress, but because they rarely came out to talk with Boss Wei.

In the beginning, we could always see each other every few days, and then we could see each other every few months. Now we basically use years as the unit of calculation, years, decades, hundreds. It’s possible every year.

This makes every time they get together very precious…

Of course, it is very precious to Yashan and Fengcheng, but to Su Hao, it is just so-so.

After all, if you want to meet, it only takes one sentence.

Su Hao smiled and said: “Tell me what you are doing, I am also very interested in your research progress over the years.”

Ashandan first said: “The ‘spiritual speaking technique’ I studied has basically taken shape. Using the source as the core of energy, and matching the language with the corresponding spiritual frequency band in a specific way, we can achieve ‘speech following the law’ .

Not only that, based on the art of speech and spirit, I did more in-depth research on spiritual power and found that the power of spirit is no worse than the Yuanling we have. If there is a major breakthrough in the future, it can even reverse yin and yang. , reversing the degree of ‘life and death’. ”

He has many planetary experimental sites, and the massive creatures created are glowing for his experiments, which makes his experiments progress very smoothly.

After a pause, Yashan smiled again: “The reason why we were able to achieve such a smooth success is also thanks to the mature and perfect ‘Yidian Arrancar Spiritual Method’.

For ordinary things, this spiritual method can be called a ladder to heaven, and it is a quick method of practice that allows ordinary people to transcend the ordinary and become holy.


There is much to explore. I plan to continue to create more planetary experimental sites in the future to study various changes in mental power. ”

Su Hao laughed: “According to your research, in the future it might be possible to create the world with just one thought.”

Ashan: “It is indeed possible. I believe that our spiritual power, like this universe, is infinite.”

Seeing that Yashan had a clear pursuit of his own, Su Hao was very pleased. He turned to look at Feng Cheng and asked, “Feng Cheng, what about you? Have you studied the characteristics of the demon insect’s genes and cells clearly?”

Feng Cheng couldn’t bear the excitement in his eyes: “I figured it out as early as fifty years ago. Now I have successfully implanted the protective mechanism of demon insect cells into human cells. So far, I have not found any Abnormal, on the contrary, it also shows extremely strong physical adaptability. This adaptability is even higher than that of demon insects, which means that humans with this set of cellular mechanisms will have stronger physical potential.

Furthermore, I have also implanted vitality into the bodies of these new humans. I am still in the observation stage, but judging from the current situation, these human individuals are much stronger than ordinary humans. ”

Su Hao said in surprise: “What, you want to create a new human race?”

Feng Cheng nodded and said: “That’s the vitality implantation test is completed, I plan to create a brand new human race, bury powerful power into their genes, and let them grow up , obtain enough self-protection power, and then put them into the infinite land to observe the situation.

The most important thing is to observe how high this group can push the power of genes in the future.

As Mr. Ashan said, human spiritual power is as infinite as the universe. In addition, I also believe that human physical power has no limit. ”

Su Hao smiled and said: “Perhaps you can throw the modified humans into a lifeless planet with extremely harsh environment and see if they can survive smoothly. If they can survive, over time, we will definitely evolve. Something you don’t know.”

Feng Cheng’s eyes lit up: “Huh? Boss Wei, your proposal is feasible. If you take multiple samples and proceed step by step, you might be able to evolve life forms that can adapt to various harsh environments.”

Su Hao and the other three seemed to be chatting, but after they finished chatting, they really planned to do this.


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