My Divine Diary: It’s finished


I started writing the book in October last year, and by September this year, I have completed one year.

My first year as a writer felt pretty good.

The reason why the book “My Becoming a God Diary” was born was actually just an idea of ​​mine.

Inexplicably, a question suddenly popped up in my mind: Is there a real **** in this universe?

I think that as long as time keeps flowing, gods will always be born.

So if there were gods, who would be the first god?

How was the first **** born?

It was these questions that gave me the idea of ​​writing a book about the ‘First God’.

And in my perception (note, this is my perception, different people have different perceptions), the path Su Hao has walked and the things he has mastered are probably the ‘first god’. Something to have.


Many book friends say that there is still a lot to write, and it is true. As long as I drink water every day, there will always be endless things to write…

But this is after all a story about Su Hao’s growth into the universe’s ‘first god’.

Su Hao has completed his goal, his story is basically completed, and this book should come to an end.

Of course, it’s okay if you think I can’t continue writing.

Some book friends suggested discovering a new civilization in the universe to confront Su Hao and start a great battle.


What does it mean to not forget your original intention?

This is what I call not forgetting the original intention.

What I am writing about is the birth of the ‘first god’ in the universe. If I rashly add an extremely powerful opponent to fight with Su Hao, then the diary of becoming a **** that I wrote this year will be basically meaningless.


Once again, thank you all book friends for your support.

Dalibao kneels down to thank you, dances to thank you, dresses up to thank you…


As for the new book, it is expected to be released in October. I hope all book friends will go and take a look at it. If you think it suits your taste, you can vote for it.

“The Point Guard Is Here”


The book is completed according to the outline normally, with nine being the extreme number, and is divided into nine volumes with a total of 999 chapters. 1 ‘The Secret of Flesh’

Volume 2 ‘The Secret of Genes’

Volume 3 ‘The Secret of Pinball’

Volume 4 ‘The Secret of Space’

Volume 5 ‘The Secret of Energy’

Volume 6 ‘The Secret of Burning’

Volume 7 ‘Secrets of the Spirit’

Volume 8 ‘Secret of the Soul’

Volume 9 ‘Crossing the Wave·Rhythm of the Universe’

We would also like to express our special thanks to the strong support of the nine alliance leaders, Aobububobo, Xiniao, Shishi Chunliang, Lee Zero Queen v5, Detection and Execution 95072252, Nantian Seven Degrees, Talolan, Genuine Jun Ziyou, and Pa Qiuqiu. !



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