Land of Miracles Chapter 165: The Peerless Golden Body

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Boom——” An extremely terrifying aura erupted from him in an instant, and at that moment, his whole body seemed to swell a bit. The powerful white light burst out with a purple halo, behind him The eight starlights of the eight stars bloomed at the same time, gathered into one, turned into a huge beam of light and descended from the sky, heading straight for Fahua and Lange.


Fahua and Lange only had time to hear these two words in their hearts, and their perception was completely blocked by the terrifying beam of light.

Luna, this is a Luna-level attack. It has surpassed the existence of the star **** level. Use the star **** to display the moon god’s cultivation base. What kind of strength is this?

At this moment, what Fahua and Lange are facing is irresistible and powerful!

When those eight stars were shining brightly, many thoughts appeared in their minds at the same time, returning to the unparalleled space? Mirror inversion?

However, in the dark, there seems to be a voice in their hearts telling them that these are useless. In front of this terrifying huge beam of light, everything seemed to have become illusory.

Facing the unavoidable beam of light falling from the sky, Fa Hua and Lan Ge stood side by side. At this moment, there was no emotion in their eyes, only a emptiness.

Although the Big Dipper Demon King kept his eyes closed, everything that happened here today was actually within his perception. He could also see that the strongest point of Fahua and Lange was actually their toughness, which was endowed by Wushuangzhu. If you want to solve this toughness, you can only kill them with one blow. Leave them little time to grow and learn. Don’t give them any space.

That’s why he used his demon form, and after Liu Dao Fist was broken, he used the most powerful attack without hesitation.


Golden halos gushed out from the bodies of Fahua and Lange, it wasn’t too strong, it just surrounded their bodies within a foot or so.

The soft golden halo gives people a wonderful feeling, as if they no longer exist in this world. The light on their foreheads also became brighter and brighter. That is the rune belonging to Wushuangzhu.

It’s just that at this moment, the rune, which was originally just a human figure, seemed to have turned into two three-dimensional villains, and they were hugging each other tightly.

The bodies of Fahua and Lange, in the process of changing the rune, opened their arms uncontrollably and hugged each other forcefully…

Yes…, hugging…

Although the mood of the two of them is really disgusting at this moment, the key is that they can’t control it!

The two of them shouted in their hearts almost in unison: “It’s a trick.”

The golden light turned into a ball, protecting them firmly. And the huge beam of light swallowed them completely in the next instant.

“Little song!” Xiangyun exclaimed, and was about to rush out. But was grabbed by Queen Hongbao.

“They’re fine, don’t go.”

“Are you okay?” Xiangyun was taken aback.

Red Treasure Queen’s beautiful face was a bit weird, she nodded and said, “It’s all right.”

The Big Dipper Demon King’s original frown suddenly became more serious, his aura also began to calm down, and even the eight stars behind him began to dim.

After all, he is still at the tenth level. Although he has the memory of his previous life and can display the combat power of the eleventh level, it cannot last long.

It’s just that what he didn’t expect was that the other party was so difficult to deal with.

The white light gradually faded, and the ground was not damaged. This is not because the power of “Beidou Yao is natural” is not strong, but because the Beidou Demon King has reached the point where the control of energy is so wonderful that there is no waste.

When the white light disappeared, the golden halos on Fahua and Lange also disappeared. revealed their realities.

The expressions of the two were even a little dazed, because even they themselves didn’t know what happened. However, what surprised them was that just now, they not only withstood all the attacks. What’s more, under the shining of that strange golden light, their diseases disappeared, and all their consumption had completely recovered to their peak state at this moment.

“This is it!”

“Wu Shuang is right, the unparalleled golden body. When your hearts are truly connected, the ultimate mystery belonging to the unparalleled orb will be revealed. This is the real unparalleled.”

The majestic voice sounded from the bottom of their hearts, but for some reason, why did the two of them feel so tired of hearing this voice?

“Let go!”

“Let go!”

The two roared at each other almost simultaneously.

Release at the same time, and then push the other person away. The golden halo on his body also disappeared. But at this moment, they have returned to their perfect selves.

At this moment, the Big Dipper Demon King slowly opened his eyes.

“Ten years in Zangfeng, I originally wanted to go back all the way, but I never expected that it would end because of human beings. You can be proud.” The Big Dipper Demon King said lightly.

His eyes are lavender, just like the magic lines on his head, and the moment he opened them, the magic lines that were originally only a small part of the bald head exploded rapidly, covering all of them in an instant. His whole Douluo and the position of his neck.

Tenth rank is still the peak of the tenth rank. But his sense of danger is so terrifying.

It is not for Fahua and Lange to release the state of Zangfeng, but for the magical Wushuang Orb.

“Come here!” Fahua turned to Lan Ge and said. After he finished speaking, he shook his body and turned into a white awn, which merged instantly.

Blue song without double phase!

White cloak, white outfit, a faint golden halo, and nine golden holy pages swirling around his body. Lan Ge suddenly felt an unprecedented powerful feeling.

“Come on, bald head with long patterns. It’s you who should feel proud.” Lan Ge looked at the other party with arrogant eyes.

The Big Dipper Demon King snorted coldly, and slowly patted his right hand in the direction of Lan Ge. Suddenly, the air twisted, and lavender energy swarmed out like a tide, turning into various monsters in the air, rushing wildly.

At the same time, the previously dim Big Dipper behind him shone again. Especially the one above the head, which has turned lavender.

What Fahua and Lange don’t know is that the Big Dipper Demon King is only a few years away from returning to the Moon God level. And once he breaks through to the Moon God, he can regain most of his original power and return to the peak of the Moon God in one step. As for whether he can break through to the realm of the great **** in the future, it depends on luck and timing.

The cloak behind Lan Ge’s back was automatically raised without wind, and slowly raised backwards. He also raised his right hand, and deliberately maintained the same movement as the Big Dipper Demon King.

A blue halo spread out from his body as the center, and in the sky, the blue at the core of the elemental field suddenly became a bit deeper.

In this space, especially within the scope of the school field, all other element attributes are completely gone. Even the terrifying magic power released by the Big Dipper Demon King dimmed a bit. Only one element remains.

Light blue **** of light floated out of the blue light, each one the size of a dragon’s eye, and they precisely found the purple monsters.

There is no violent roar or dazzling light. When the ball of light and the monsters touched each other, the monsters disappeared in such a strange way.

Yes, this is destruction. The destruction that belongs to the law of destruction!

Fa Hua and Lan Ge recovered not only their physical condition, but also their entire body. And with the previous process of merging with the elemental field, now under the echo of the field, coupled with the increase of Wuduxiang, Lan Ge can finally control the power of the Destroyer God Thunder.

Divine thunders and monsters collided and disappeared in the air. At least on the surface, Lan Ge did not fall into the slightest disadvantage.

In the sky, the element field is slowly rotating, threatening all the heavenly demons invisible. And the blue song at this moment is the core of the whole field.

The expressions of Tian Mo Dan and Tian Mo Hao finally began to change. A tenth-level opponent is not scary. What is scary is that the elemental field has become the source of its support. In this situation, the consumption of Lan Song is very small, but the attack it triggers is extremely powerful.

It can be said that if the current Lange Wushuangxiang is at the level of the moon god, with the blessing of the elemental field, none of the demons can leave.

“Big Dipper, Aurora!” The Big Dipper Demon King took another step forward. All the monsters disappeared, all the light stagnated again, and the sky suddenly turned into a light red, and in that light red, there was a special texture.

The God of Destruction Thunder released by Lan Ge suddenly froze in mid-air, unable to continue to fly, and even unable to explode.

Big Dipper took a step forward, and he was already in front of Lan Ge. His hands moved like butterflies wearing flowers, turning into hundreds of palms and slapping him from all directions.

He also felt how bad it was for him to fight in the elemental field, and if he continued to consume like this, he would be the most disadvantaged.

Lan Ge grinned, and the second and eighth of the nine golden holy pages around his body suddenly lit up.

A solid shield appeared, protecting his body tightly.

Creation, Smart Shield!

More importantly, at this moment, everything has been upgraded to the full level. Yes, the Peerless Golden Body restores the connection between the Lotus and the Holy Scriptures of Wisdom!

A circle of golden halo spread, imprisoning the world. At this moment, the imprisoned world released by the scripture of wisdom almost completely stopped the sky on this side.

The red treasure long knife in Lan Ge’s hands was closed together, turned into a handle, and slowly raised.

The Big Dipper Demon King frowned, imprisoning the world, and he couldn’t break free even for a while.

“Big Dipper, break!”

“Boom—” Among the eight star lights behind him, one exploded. The incomparable terrifying energy instantly lifted him to the peak. Based on his body, the huge beam of light turned into a human-shaped ray of light, rushing towards Lan Ge at such a close distance.

However, a thick purple light broke off on the sixth holy page. The huge beam of light almost flew towards Lan Ge’s body.

“You also take my knife. Love.”



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