Land of Miracles Chapter 164: For you I am willing to love the whole world

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I would love the whole world for you. It was such a feeling, such an emotion was contained in this punch.


The bodies of Fahua and Lange slid back tens of meters before they stabilized. The Big Dipper Demon King slowly landed on the spot, with a slight hint of surprise on his calm face.

“Interesting.” He said these two words lightly.

“Bah, bah, bah!” Lan Ge angrily scolded Fahua in his heart, “For whom do you love? For whom?”

“Bah, bah, bah!” Fahua just said these three words.

However, the punch just now gave them a special feeling invisibly. They seem to have touched the power of another world, a wonderful and incomparable power.

What the Big Dipper Demon King uses is the complete integration of emotions and energy. What is emotion is a manifestation of the spirit, and its essence is still on the spiritual level. For a powerhouse at the level of the Big Dipper Demon King, it is the integration of divine consciousness and what he has learned.

His fist is called Liu Dao. The changes contained in it can often make the opponent disappear in the memories of the reincarnation of the previous life.

But what he didn’t expect was that Lan Ge could use the second law of elements, and it was a law close to the original.

Tian Mo Shan’s confidence in Beidou Demon King is naturally unparalleled. Even if it was himself, he didn’t dare to say that he would definitely win against the Big Dipper Demon King. As demons, they know best how terrifying this kind of great demon king who has inherited from the past is.

However, at the same time, the Hongbao Queen decided to let Fahua and Lange continue to bet at that time, so how could it be possible that she was not sure at all? Her connection with these two people is already too close, and she will not let them have an accident anyway. In this case, she still decided to let Fahua and Lange carry out this attempt, which meant that she was also sure.

What is the source of the confidence of the Red Treasure Queen?

As a Moon God-level powerhouse, her lifespan is actually much longer than that of Tianmodan and Tianmohao. It has also experienced a catastrophe. Therefore, she has the power of observation to see everything.

At the beginning, she once led the Ant-Tuning Clan and the Sea-Shu Clan to fight for the control of the Green Sea of ​​Life. . Even so, she was not reconciled, and tried every means, even at the expense of a large number of clansmen to perfect herself, thus impacting the level of the Great God. Once she is allowed to become a great god, the first thing she will do is to control the green sea field of life. At that time, the Shuhai tribe can only let her get whatever they want.

Although Tianmodan and Tianmohao are the strongest of the Moon God level among the Twenty-Four Heavenly Demons, in fact, their status in the Demon Realm is not too high. It is far from being able to understand the core of the Demon Realm. But the Red Treasure Queen was different. Her understanding of the field was definitely the deepest among all the people present.

Therefore, she observed clearly just now.

This is the Blue Domain, a world belonging to the elements. The elemental field of the blue domain has been mobilized, no matter whether the human beings in the blue domain can control it or not, at least the field is activated.

Just now, Fahua and Lange made a bold attempt to reconnect the field, making it impossible for the Heavenly Demon field to be divided and suppressed. The biggest benefit they get is being recognized by the elemental field.

At this time, Fahua became Lan Ge’s support, and Lan Ge was the one who was truly recognized by the elemental field.

As the energy source of a region, the field may recognize different people, and there may be more than one. But in Leicheng, where the thunder element is the core, there can only be one recognized by the element field. That is, Blue Song!

Lan Song has become the real center of the thunder element here, which is the power of the elemental field of the entire continent. Although the process just now was short, in fact, in that process, the invisible elemental field has taught Lan Ge many things.

Just like when the Red Treasure Queen was competing with the Shuhai Clan for the field of life, although she lost in the end. But to a certain extent, she has also been recognized by the field of life.

There are many elders in the Shuhai Clan, but she is the only one who is truly top-notch in the Ant-Tuning Clan. It was that comprehension that allowed her to find the door to the Great Heavenly God.

What is Lan Ge’s cultivation level now? It’s just the ninth level. A ninth-level human has not entered the **** level but has been recognized by the elemental field. What does this mean? It means that both his comprehension and future improvement will be accelerated. More importantly, before the elemental field in front of him dissipated, he was the center and even the controller of the elemental field here.

So, no matter which elemental law he wants to use, it will become too much, too much easier.

Missing today, it will be very difficult to achieve this state again, but at least today he is fully capable of doing it. This is the basis of the Red Treasure Queen.

Otherwise, with Lan Ge’s original cultivation, how could he directly perceive one of the ultimate laws of the fire element: warmth.

Regarding these, the Red Treasure Queen did not remind Fa Hua and Lan Ge that their own comprehension is far more important than reminders. Moreover, Empress Hongbao knew even more about Wushuangzhu than they did. She knew very well how strong the twin stars were under the influence of the Wushuang Orb. As long as they are not instantly killed by their opponents, they will have a good chance in this battle under the imperceptible increase of the elemental field.

A faint smile appeared on his face, a rare one, the Red Treasure Queen smiled.

“Little girl, what’s your name? What’s the relationship between you and my son? You are so beautiful!” A soft voice rang in the ears of Queen Hongbao.

Empress Hongbao turned her head to look, and she saw Xiangyun’s gentle and curious smile.

Red Treasure Queen is so beautiful even when she becomes a little girl, Xiang Yun even thought for the first time that there is a woman more beautiful than herself, even though she is still a little girl.

“My name is Hongbao.” Queen Hongbao replied somewhat bluntly.

Xiang Yun sighed, “Unfortunately, it’s too small.”

Red Treasure Empress was stunned for a moment, “What’s the matter?”

Xiang Yun said with a smile: “If you are older, I will definitely find a way, even if it is abduction, I will let you be my daughter-in-law!”

Queen Hongbao clenched her fists subconsciously, while Lan Ge, who was teaming up with Fahua and concentrating on fighting the enemy, suddenly felt a chill down her spine for some reason.

“I’m your aunt Xiangyun, Lan Ge’s mother. Go back to my house and I’ll treat you to something delicious.” Xiangyun said with a smile.

Xiangyun? Aunt?

The corner of Queen Hongbao’s mouth twitched, she really wanted to explode, but for some reason, looking at Xiangyun’s gentle smile, she just couldn’t.

She has lived through thousands of years, and her parents and elders all died in that catastrophe. Even if there is no decline, in the world of swallowing ants, where the weak eat the strong, there are only cultivation, becoming stronger, and controlling, and there has never been such warmth.

The emotion that rose in Fahua and Lange’s heart before: I am willing to love the whole world for you, also infected her. At this moment, she felt this warm breath from Xiangyun again.

“En.” The Red Queen’s clenched fists slowly loosened. Although he was still a little cold, he did not refuse after all.

Xiang Yun didn’t know what kind of existence she was communicating with. Although the Red Treasure Queen seemed to be very powerful, in her eyes, this was a cute little girl! I just don’t know how he was abducted by his son and Fahua.

The Great Elder watched them communicate from behind, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He knew what Fahua and Lange had encountered in the green sea of ​​life, and he also knew the existence of the Red Treasure Queen. Although the person in front of him looks completely different from what Lan Ge and the others described, and he is much younger. However, is the existence of the Luna level so easy to appear?

“Boom—” Fa Hua and Lan Ge were sent back again. But the same warmth lingers in their hearts, turning all samsara into a boost. Under the impact of this punch, the Big Dipper even took a few steps back.

He frowned for the first time. It was the first time he encountered such a situation where he could transform the influence of his six-way fist’s spiritual consciousness into his own power.

Six Dao Fist, this is broken!

Slowly taking a deep breath, the Big Dipper raised his right hand, forming a palm in the air, as if pressing a ball under his palm, and then raised his left hand, which was slightly lower on the other side of his body. The whole body squats down slightly.

It was just such a simple movement, but it made him seem to be perfectly integrated with everything around him. In an instant, Fa Hua and Lan Ge could clearly see the existence of his body, but they seemed to be unable to feel him. really exist in this world.

“Heaven and man are one.” The Red Treasure Queen’s reminder appeared in their hearts in time.

The next moment, behind the Big Dipper Demon King, dots of stars began to light up. Yes, even in the case of the elemental field above the head, there are still stars shining.

A total of eight stars, seven of which form a spoon shape, and a particularly bright star suspended above the head of the Big Dipper Demon King.

This is the demon phase, the demon phase belonging to the Big Dipper Demon King. Or it can no longer be simply called the devil’s face, it should be the devil’s face.

His whole body seemed to become transparent, the soft light spread out, purple, but his body became as white as jade, even his head.

A deep humming sound sounded from him, “Beidou, Yao is natural!”


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