Land of Miracles Chapter 166: Magic ancestor?

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On the third holy page, the sword of wisdom emerged, turned into light and shadow, and merged into the long red sword. The faint red flame seemed to bring Lan Ge back to the moment when Empress Hongbao burned her divine body for him and Fahua.

Double swords match, love!

“Big Dipper, break!” Another star burst, and the palms of the Big Dipper Demon King merged.

With a sound of “bang”, he clamped the Hongbao long knife between his palms abruptly.

However, his palms are burning, which is the power of love.

There is no burning, what is burning seems to be his body, it is the love for strength, it is for…

The Big Dipper Demon King finally let out a scream. The brightest star above the head suddenly shone brightly.

His body began to become unreal, and behind him, there appeared layer upon layer dozens of figures, which were the figures of the Big Dipper Demon Kings of all generations.

Layer upon layer, his body also split apart in an instant, turning into rays of light, and with the burning of his love for his consciousness, he was suddenly absorbed by the brightest starlight in the sky.

Starlight burst!

Lan Ge felt his eyes go dark, and a huge suction force suddenly came from the elemental field in the sky, forcefully pulling aside the aurora that exploded above his head. Even so, Lan Ge Wu Duo Xiang’s body was thrown out. The wisdom shields guarding around the body shattered one after another.

This is the terrifying power of the Moon God level! A mouthful of blood spurted out. While Lan Ge’s body was flipping, Fa Hua had been separated again.

Fahua opened his mouth, and a mouthful of blood sprayed on his face. When the two of them landed again, they had long lost Lan Ge’s previous handsome and unrestrained style, and turned into gourds.

Aurora fell on the other side and turned into the Big Dipper Demon King again, but at this moment, his whole body became illusory. There are only five clusters of stars looming and dim in the background.

“Let’s go!” He growled, closed his eyes, and the five clusters of starlight behind him suddenly merged into one, sucking his body into it, turning it into light and falling into the hands of the demon.

Tianmo Shan looked at Fahua and Lange who were a little tired in the distance with a solemn expression, his eyes narrowed slightly, just when he was about to say something. Suddenly, the heavenly demon field guarding around their bodies vibrated slightly.

The originally dark purple sky demon field suddenly turned into a strange purple-gold color. The moment the purple-gold color appeared, it seemed that the entire Blue Land Continent trembled slightly.

Tian Mo Shan, who had a dignified face before, was stunned for a moment, and then, ecstasy appeared on his face, “The devil ancestor, the devil ancestor has awakened.”

Not only him, but all the heavenly demons showed ecstasy.

Tianmodan then turned to Fahua, Lange, and all humans, “It’s very good to come to Lanyu this time. The speed and talent of your human growth have exceeded our expectations. But for you It’s a pity, because you let us see all of this. I’m even a little lucky that the promise is ten years, not a hundred years, because after a hundred years, maybe you can really grow to the point where our family can take it seriously .But it’s only ten years, and we will see how you can grow. Ten years later, we will come back! And I will definitely suggest to the clan to come back as soon as possible and find you.”

After saying these words, the purple-gold sky demon field swept up, sweeping the eight heavenly demons into it, and the next moment, the purple-gold sky had already soared into the sky and flew straight up.

There is no intention of avoiding the elemental field at all. When it rushed in front of the elemental field, suddenly, the entire elemental field trembled violently, and a hole was pierced abruptly, and the purple-gold blinked. disappeared without a trace. But the hole that was pierced has not been closed for a long time.

From the beginning to the end, everyone in Lan Yu just watched all this silently. Obviously, the Eight Great Heavenly Demons are gone, so it should be something to be thankful for, but for some reason, each of them feels heavy in their hearts.

The eight heavenly demons are already extremely powerful in their eyes, but from the last words of the demon list, they can already feel that, perhaps, these powerful demons are just the tip of the iceberg of the whole demon world. Ten years, can ten years really make human beings strong enough to fight against the demons?

The Great Elder walked out slowly, and said to Lan Xiang: “Close the field. They have already left.”

But soon they discovered that they couldn’t accept the field, because it was no longer under their control.

Then, Lan Ge became the one who caused the field to disperse and turn it into a sea of ​​elements again.

The sky became clear again, blue sky and white clouds, Leicheng was no longer hazy, everything seemed to be back to normal.

For the people of Leicheng, this may just be a special celestial phenomenon for a period of time. They will be curious, but they won’t think too much about it. But for the people who have really experienced these things, there is a stone in their hearts, which is enough to overthrow the entire human being.

“Dad, did we do something wrong?” After taking back the elemental field, Lan Ge obviously felt that his strength was also weakening, and the previous feeling of manipulating the elements disappeared. He can be sure that at this time, he can no longer use the God of Destruction Thunder.

Lan Xiang shook his head, “No, you didn’t do anything wrong. We should never expect that the demons will let us go. The Seven God Orbs are human opportunities, left to us by the Seven Sacred Patriarchs. The opportunity has been created for us long ago. If you can fight for ten years, I believe that after ten years, you will be able to protect mankind. What’s more, in the face of the Demon Realm, we have never fought by ourselves.”

Lan Ge’s heart moved slightly, and he vaguely understood what his father meant.

Yes, even after ten years, human beings may not be qualified to stand in front of the demons, but the monsters are. The powerful monsters and spirits will never sit back and watch the demons invade. Anyway, they are the ones who are closer to the Demon Realm.

This time it’s just the eight great heavenly demons. When the army of demons arrives, the first to greet them is the army of monsters and spirits from the demon realm.

Yaoyu doesn’t know how powerful human beings have reached, and Moyu won’t take the initiative to tell them.

The next ten years must be very important for human beings. How far can they grow in ten years?

“Ten years, maybe we still can’t defeat Demon Realm, but ten years, maybe we are enough to protect ourselves.” At this moment, a cold voice sounded, firm and powerful.

Red Treasure Queen’s pupils suddenly shrank, and she subconsciously took a step forward.

A little bit of darkness spread quietly, appeared out of thin air, and slowly enlarged, but it didn’t give people any sudden feeling. As if he should appear here, everything is so natural.

Behind that darkness, there was a soft flame following, growing larger behind him.

He is down-to-earth, peaceful and safe, with a handsome face, a black robe, and long hair hanging behind him, as gentle as jade. Isn’t it the son of darkness that Lan Ge has been looking forward to coming, Beiyue Shangchen?

“Brother Shangchen.” Lan Ge exclaimed in surprise.

Bei Yue Shangchen bowed to Lan Xiang and the Great Elder, “Your Majesty, Great Elder.” Then he turned to Lan Ge, smiled and said, “You have not let us down, your growth rate has surpassed ours. Judgment.” While speaking, he opened his arms towards Lan Ge.

Lan Ge hurried forward and hugged him, “Brother Shangchen, you are…”

Beiyue Shangchen smiled and said: “Yes, I have already arrived. I have been watching you all the time. This battle with the eight great demons has extraordinary significance for your growth. Although the demons have Be vigilant, but what they see is only you. I can’t come out when you can fight. I can’t let them know more.”

Slimming her eyes slightly, the Red Treasure Queen suddenly said, “I didn’t even notice your existence, how did you do it?”

Beiyue Shangchen smiled slightly, “You are the guardian of Xiaoge and Fahua, right? Seven God Beads, I am Youming. This is my guardian, Huoliji.”

Yes, when he appeared, Huoli Ji was right behind him, appearing with him.

Compared to when Fahua and Lange met back then, Huoliji seems to have grown up a bit now, and her height is already close to that of Beiyue Shangchen, who is already very tall. People seem to give people a softer feeling.

“The Nether Orb? Are you the master of the Nether Orb?” the Hongbao Empress said in surprise. At the same time, she also immediately understood why Beiyue Shangchen just said that the demons should not know more.

Slightly nodded, Beiyue Shangchen said: “It’s not just us, the masters of the Seven God Orbs will only be human beings. This is the most precious treasure left to us by our ancestors. Of course, there are also you guardians. Human beings The future must not be like this now. Ten years, Xiaoge and Fahua, thank you for fighting for these ten years for us humans. Perhaps, these ten years are the most precious golden ten years for us.”

Fahua and Lange looked at each other, Fahua said: “Brother Beiyue, how many of the Seven God Beads have been born now? Also, what is the demon ancestor mentioned by the magic list just now?”

Bei Yueshang said in the morning: “As far as I know, at least five of the Seven God Beads have been born. Including the one you have seen before, Lu Yuan who is in charge of the Sky Bead. I believe that the remaining two will be in the near future. Birth. When the Seven God Beads gather, it is time for us humans to break through the darkness. This darkness refers to our era.”




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