Invincible Powers Chapter 1424: The disappeared sect


Feng Zhong’s expression was solemn, his careless style had been restrained, and his thieving eyes were shining with astonishing light at this moment, staring closely at the incomplete Soul Art on the table.

In Qu Yun’s memory, he had just seen the scenes and scenes in his mind.

Everything Yu Yuan knew and all the speculations in his heart were also explained clearly to him.

At this time, he stared at the incomplete Soul Art that Lian Hu practiced and that Yu Yuan accidentally obtained, and looked at some ancient symbols under the words of the Soul Art.

The words used to write Soul Art are the contemporary human language of Hao Mie, there is nothing unusual about it.

But the yellowed paper was obviously old, and most of it was shaped like flowers and birds, tree patterns, and insect-like patterns and runes, as if it contained some kind of mystery.

Feng Zhong looked at it very seriously and carefully. He frowned and kept thinking.

Yu Yuan remained quiet, his heart full of expectations. Feng Zhong’s performance at this moment made him realize that the leader of the “Wind Singer” should know something.

Most of the hour passed quietly.

Feng Zhong looked away from the incomplete Soul Art on the table. Seeing Yu Yuan asking questions anxiously, he shook his head.

Then, he took out a jade tablet from his sleeve, and wisps of soul thoughts escaped into it, as if he was looking up some secret information with the help of the jade tablet.

Not long after, wisps of his soul thoughts, wrapped in fragmentary messages, returned to his sea of ​​consciousness.

“You should know that in the long history, many sects have been short-lived and glorious.” Feng Zhong held the jade plaque in one hand, as if connected to a treasure house of knowledge in the Chamber of Commerce, “Now they have been destroyed The Sha Demon Sect originally had a deeper foundation than the Blood God Sect and the current Scarlet Demon Sect.”

Yu Yuan nodded.

“In the current Nirvana Continent, over the years, there have been two sects that have been sometimes strong and sometimes declining, but they have always stood firm. One of these two sects is called the Voodoo Sect and the other is called the Ghost Talisman Sect.” Feng Zhongshao He paused and said with a deep expression, “Few people know that the Voodoo Sect and the Ghost Talisman Sect were originally from the same family.”

“From the same family?” Yu Yuan looked moved.

He has a deep understanding of Voodoo. He once had an in-depth discussion with the old leader of Voodoo about the method of poisonous elixir condensation. He also accepted Luo Hu and taught him carefully for many years.

He also has contacts with the Ghost Fu Sect and knows a little about the secrets of this sect.

The Voodoo Sect and the Ghost Fu Sect have always been hostile, and their battles with each other have never ceased.

Two sects, originally one family?

He was in disbelief.

“Well, the two sects were originally one family. The history of this sect can be traced back to…the period when the Shenhun Sect was established. This is a human sect that may be older than the Shenhun Sect. Today’s three major sects, Demon Even the palace has a longer history than this sect.”

“It’s called – Ghost Witch Sect!”

“The Ghost Witch Sect was broken up by the Shenhun Sect. After splitting into two, it became the current Voodoo Sect and the Ghost Talisman Sect. The incomplete Soul Art in front of you is the Ghost Witch Sect’s soul technique. It is closely related to the Ghost Witch Sect. Now the methods of Voodoo and Ghost Fu Sect are completely different.”

“The Ghost Witch Sect was born in the beginning. In the era when the human race was fighting against the Dragon Clan, there were also dazzling figures. There were also supreme powerhouses at the level of Yuan Shen. At its peak, the Ghost Witch Sect’s power was… Second only to the Shenhun Sect, it is stronger than the three great sects and even the Demon Palace, which is also a human sect.”

“It’s a pity that when the human race united with the demon race and knocked the dragon race off the altar, the two souls of the Ghost Witch Sect fell.”

“The Ghost Witch Sect fell into decline and gradually lost its voice. Later, the Shenhun Sect rose to strength and overpowered all parties to become the overwhelming overlord, and the Ghost Witch Sect completely disappeared.”


“It was not until the Shenhun Sect was removed from the Haoji World with the joint efforts of all forces in Haoji that two new sects appeared in the Annihilation Continent – the Ghost Talisman Sect and the Voodoo Sect.”

“From the information I got, the disappearance of the Ghost Witch Sect was because the Shenhun Sect was too powerful. One or more of the Divine Kings of the Shenhun Sect did not want to see the Ghost Witch Sect exist anymore.”

“So, only after the destruction of the Shenhun Sect, the Ghost Witch Sect, which had been eliminated, reappeared in the world as the Ghost Talisman Sect and the Voodoo Sect.”

“It is a pity that after the separation of the Ghost Talisman Sect and the Voodoo Sect, they have never been able to restore the glory of the Ghost Talisman Sect. From the beginning of records to the present, it seems that no soul has been born in the Ghost Talisman Sect and the Voodoo Sect.”


After a long narrative.

Feng Zhong said softly: “The person possessing Qu Yun carved the symbols and lines on the rock wall of the Yaoshen Sect’s forbidden area, which is similar to the Ghost Fu Sect’s talisman technique. But those symbols and carvings are still… It can emit poisonous smoke that corrodes the soul, which has traces of some secret techniques of voodoo.”

“Only those who practice both Voodoo and Ghost Fu Sect’s soul-defying secret techniques and master them can achieve that step.”

“According to the news from our ‘Wind Singer’, there is no such person in our Haoji. The five supreme forces allow the Ghost Talisman Sect and the Voodoo Sect to appear, but they don’t seem to want to see it. To the new Ghost Witch Sect reappears in the world.”

“So, you can see that the Voodoo Sect and the Ghost Talisman Sect are always in a state of hostility and are always fighting in the dark.”

“This is the result of the deliberate laissez-faire of the five supreme forces. After our Chamber of Commerce merged with your Shenhun Sect, the Ghost Fu Sect took the initiative to surrender. I think it was the tacit approval of the five supreme forces.”

“At any time, the five forces do not want to see the Voodoo Sect and the Ghost Fu Sect unite to create the Ghost Wu Sect.”


Feng Zhong told the inside story in detail.

Yu Yuan listened attentively, his face extremely calm, but when Feng Zhong elaborated for a long time and finally said the three words “Ghost Witch Sect”, he instinctively felt a deep disgust.

This kind of disgust is imprinted in the main soul and is deeply rooted!

But there was no corresponding memory light exploding in his soul consciousness, and he did not recall anything.

However, he still knew that in the era when the human race was fighting against the dragon race, the Ghost Witch Sect did appear. He hated the word Ghost Witch Sect so much that he couldn’t help but think of it…

According to what Feng Zhong said, the Shenhun Sect has one or more **** kings who do not want to see the existence of the Ghost Witch Sect, so the Ghost Witch Sect has lost its voice.

Then, was it me in the first life who personally eliminated the Ghost Witch Sect and made the Ghost Witch Sect disappear?

The black hand hiding in the dark, who also practices the secrets of Voodoo and Ghost Talisman Sect, can be regarded as a member of Ghost Witch Sect. Does he know that there is something wrong with Hong Qi in the second life, or does he act because of other reasons? Deliberately targeting Yaoshen Sect?

If it is a sectarian dispute, if we see Hong Qi in the second life with the shadow of Shenhun Sect on him, then…

As he thought deeply, Yu Yuan’s expression couldn’t help but become gloomy.

“When the human race tried to reach the top and officially showed its strength on the grand stage of the Great Destruction, there was a so-called struggle between gods, ghosts, and demons.” Feng Zhong thought about it, and then said: “The gods are the Shenhun Sect. The ghosts are It’s the Ghost Witch Sect. The demons are human demons and earth demons. They are now the demon clan, and they used to include the dragon clan.”

“This is a battle between forces, not a general battle between humans and monsters.”

“As the leader of the Wind Singers, I don’t know the specific details. I only know that the final winner in the battle between gods, ghosts and demons is the Shenhun Sect. Therefore, the Shenhun Sect became the Haojie Sect. The overlord rushed towards the sky from behind and became a predator in the galaxy.”

“The worst thing is the Ghost Witch Sect. In the fight between all parties and the Haoji Dragon Clan, both of the sect’s souls died.”

“The Dragon Clan fell, and when they shared the fruits of victory, the Ghost Witch Sect was gone, and naturally there was no harvest. The Demon Clan was organized into the Demon Palace and dominated one side. As for the demons, there were demon cultivators who were also from the human race on the human and demon side. , the creation of the Demonic Palace is also the beneficiary.”

“Devils, the earth demons among them, many outstanding ones have fallen and become marginalized characters.”

Feng Zhong suddenly hesitated.

Yu Yuan was startled, “Old Demon, has there ever been prosperity?”

Feng Zhong nodded, “Tell me, where did you get this broken Soul Art?”

“The sea is full of colorful clouds.” Yu Yuan said.

“The Sea of ​​Caiyun Miasma.” Feng Zhong had a weird expression, nodded, and then said: “The birthplace of the Ghost Witch Sect is in the Sea of ​​Caiyun Miasma. The Ghost Witch Sect and the Haojie Earth Demon seem to be eternal. Allies, when the Shenhun Sect became the strongest force in Haoji, the ones who were most suppressed were the Ghost Witch Sect and the Earth Demon.”

“The Ghost Witch Sect was expelled. The Earth Demon was once reduced to a vassal of the human demon, enslaved by the Demon Palace, and remained silent for a long time.”

“Also, earth demons are also bred in the continents and deep seas where they annihilate all parties.”

“But the Earth Demons from the Caiyun Miasa Sea have been the leaders of the Earth Demon lineage from ancient times to the present. In other words, the Earth Demons from the Caiyun Miasma Sea are the royal family of the Earth Demons line.”

The Nether Demon Envoy, known as the Plague Poison or the God of Plague, and the seven disgusting strange demons, all come from the Caiyun Miasma Sea.

Colorful clouds and miasma sea – the holy land of earth demons!



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