Invincible Powers Chapter 1253: Unintentional spoiler


Green forest cave.

Yan Ziyang of the Ghost Sect watched with a sad face a group of colorful fishes hanging down a hole.

In the cold river where the cold veins are contained, the drop of empress Qingluan’s tender green blood shines brilliantly, illuminating the dark cave very brightly.

The group of fish that shined on it also looked magnificent.

As the Yangshen Daxiu of the Ghost Spirit Sect, Yan Ziyang, who has fought in the outer galaxy for many years, can tell at a glance that those fish are the female great demon from the Demon Palace above, condensed with drops of blood.

“Do I need to make a move? If I make a move, will I expose myself?”

Yan Ziyang hesitated.

Suddenly, the drop of tender green blood in the cold river made dazzling waves.

A strange energy that twisted the soul instantly filled the cave and spread upward.

In Yan Ziyang’s eyes, confusion immediately appeared.

When the small colorful fishes were about to fall into the icy river, if they were pulled by some force, they flew upward again.

Soon, all the fish released from the sleeves by the big female demon returned to her demon body.

The woman grinned her teeth and screamed strangely a few times, then suddenly lost her sanity and rushed towards the black oil bull.

“Crazy woman, are you courting death?”

The black oil barbarian turned pale with fright, and retreated away immediately, and said cursingly: “I didn’t frame you, the commander of the aquarium. What’s the point of you coming to fight against me?”

Whoo! Whoosh whoosh!

The swimming fish that was put in the woman’s sleeve flew out again, suddenly swelled, and turned into a bloodthirsty fish school, biting the black oil bull, which was as solid as black iron.

The woman’s mouth opened wider and wider, and the skeletons without flesh and blood burst into pieces in her mouth.

Immediately, I saw bone spurs, as sharp as arrows, also heading towards the black oil bull.

The sky is full of colorful fish and bone arrows.

The Heiyou Bull, who was still yelling, noticed that there was a tiny green flame appearing in her pupils, and Hei Niu’s expression changed suddenly, and finally realized that something was wrong.

He growled violently twice, and was about to stay away from the meteorite, when the ghost seemed to hear a bird song.

Birds chirping, as if from the past 100,000 years ago, across time and space.

The nine-level black oil bull’s unique blood was immediately stimulated, and he transformed into a dark bull in an instant, with black sticky oil continuously flowing out from his pores , and was instantly ignited.


The black demon fire was burning crazily, and the black oiled ox tens of feet high roared endlessly in the demon fire.

Bloodthirsty, colorful schools of fish were crackling and burned to death by the black demon fire. The sharp bone spurs piercing towards him landed on his strong monster body, “dang dang dang” like a clash of gold and iron.

Enraged, the barbarian cow was wrapped in monstrous black demon fire, and instead of retreating, it rushed directly to the female big demon who was also transforming and revealing her demon body.

The two sides quickly fought together, writhing in the black demon fire.


Yu Yuan, who punched a golden rock beast on the head, looked down in surprise when the golden rock beast sank.

Judging from the commotion caused by Her Majesty’s several awakenings, he believed that even if the two monster kings with ninth-level bloodline really rushed into the cave, they should not be able to do anything.

What’s more, Her Majesty the Queen also said before she fell asleep that that drop of her blood…not everyone can capture it.

Because of believing in Her Majesty’s combat power, Yu Yuan dared to control the demon sword while hunting the out-of-control golden rock beast, without worrying about the two demon kings, who could really threaten Chen Qinghuang.

But the picture below still surprised Yu Yuan and shocked him.

Because, Her Majesty the Empress is still sleeping, and there is no special movement in that drop of tender green blood that shines brightly in the cave.

Unfortunately, the two demon kings have killed each other.

“The eighth-level big demon, before approaching the drop of her blood, was already crazy. The ninth-level demon king fell on that meteorite, and any changes would be affected by her strange power? “

“A starry sky behemoth born in the chaos like her is born with such power?”

“No wonder, she didn’t look at the blood-colored crystal block of Great Demon God Grek, and she didn’t show any particular interest.”

Yu Yuan realized something.


He called out the scabbard of the Sword of the Sky, and pierced a golden rock beast from the waist and abdomen. After that, the figure was raised again and fell to another meteorite.

Condescending and looking in all directions, he saw more eighth-level monsters and strange beasts from beyond the sky.

After a rough estimate, there are at least thirty eighth-level monsters, and other beasts of the same level, who were attracted here by a drop of Her Majesty’s blood.

“The two demon kings will kill each other when they fall into the meteorite. The vast demons and the alien beasts from the outside world are not in the right way. I guess…they will also kill each other, right?”

As soon as this thought was formed, he knew the answer.

There are the Jinyan Beast that is far away, the Sky Star Beast he has seen, and the rare Dark Flame Beast, and they are biting together tens of miles away.

The Sky Star Beast and the Dark Flame Beast come from the Illusion Star Realm of the nearby Star Clan and the Silver Sand Star Realm of the Silver Scale Clan respectively. They are active in the Deep Forest Star Realm to collect special things to strengthen themselves.

For the big monsters in Haoyu, the alien beasts from beyond the sky instinctively hate them, and they belong to the type that will kill them as soon as they meet.

The two aliens from different camps, due to the blood of Her Majesty the Empress, gathered in large numbers to meet each other. Even if they did not lose their minds or go crazy, they might start a **** battle right away.

What’s more, there is still that drop of blood distorting their spirituality.

“As expected of the legend, the divine bird that spreads death and destruction. Wherever it passes, blood flows like a river, and there is no place where it can live safely.”

Yu Yuan was amazed.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that when he was in the Great World, he was also privately called the “God of Plague” by all parties.

“It’s a bit of a coincidence.”

Shaking his head, Yu Yuan didn’t think about it any more, he tightly held the scabbard of the Qingtian Sword, and released all the subtleties of “Qingtian Nine Slashes” to his heart’s content.

A streak of crimson sword lights shot at the nearby Golden Rock Beast, piercing through the flesh and blood of the Golden Rock Beast with one blow.

However, the vitality of the eighth-level golden rock beast is quite astonishing. Unless the demon heart is pierced, otherwise the golden rock beast will not die completely, and can still continue to fight with injuries.

Even if the head is cut open by the scabbard, the Golden Rock Beast will not die immediately.

“The heart is the key point, which is different from the practitioners of the human race.”

Yu Yuan knew it well, the next assassination would be aimed at the chest of the golden rock beast, piercing the heart of this kind of monster as accurately as possible.

“Howling! Howling!”

In the sea of ​​stars thousands of miles away, there is also the roar of fierce beasts, shaking the sky and the earth.

“Jin Li!”

Yu Yuan listened for a while, his face became more and more gloomy, but there was no trace of fear.

Jin Li, the black oil bull below, and the female big demon are both only level nine demon kings.

The demon king, since he is also affected by the power of the phoenix, he is very likely to lose his mind when he comes, so what is he afraid of?

Not to mention…

Yu Yuan narrowed his eyes and laughed silently.

He felt the Sha Mo Ding, and realized very accurately that Yu Yiyi, the soul of the tripod, was approaching rapidly.

Yu Yiyi alone is equivalent to the ninth level of the Freedom Realm, and with Concubine Han and many high-level demons, his combat power can instantly increase by a large amount!

The other end.

In the depths of the battlefield outside the sky, the strange meteorite that was closely watched by Yin Corpse King and Lin Zhuyun.

Pei Yuling walked out from the center of the earth with the “Xu Tianjian” on his head. He felt the movement of the earth here with a gloomy expression, and muttered: “It shouldn’t be like this, it shouldn’t be…”

According to his judgment, there are many alien races and big monsters haunting the famous outer space battlefield.

Many of the Yangshen of Haoyu also honed themselves here.

Underground, after showing mysterious movements, it should attract many creatures to come over to explore, or to join in the fun and come to find out the reason.

But he waited for a long time, and did not wait for too many creatures, which is abnormal.

Pei Yuling was very anxious.


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