Invincible Powers Chapter 1251: Brave Bull


  A golden rock beast as mighty as a mountain passed through the “Xinghe Ferry” guarded by Xuantianzong, and after stepping on the famous battlefield outside the sky, it immediately used a drop of demon blood to sense the group.

  A drop of his golden demon blood, like the rising sun, shines on the stars in all directions.

  Bursts of demon energy rippled, spread thousands of miles away in an instant, and continued to spread.

  Among the meteorite that looked like an open shell, the guardian of Xuantianzong watched silently, secretly amazed.

  He knew that the golden rock beast in front of him was named Jin Li, and it was a level nine demon king.

  The reason why Jin Li appeared here instead of the Dark Star Field was because Jin Li had many Golden Rock Beasts come here before the tragedy in the Dark Star Field happened.

  Because his ethnic group is here, after the accident in the Dark Star Field, he hesitated and did not accept the dispatch of the Demon Palace.

  After handling his own affairs, he still chose to come here with the ethnic group in mind.

  But he used demon blood to try to communicate with several competent generals, and discovered a strange thing.

  His go-getters seem to be all crazy.

  Those guys who also have eighth-level blood and have opened up their wisdom early like him seem to have degenerated, and they have become fierce beasts who only know **** and have no spirituality.

  All the golden rock beasts ignored his call, as if they didn’t feel it.

  Moreover, many golden rock beast herds are still gathering in one direction.

  That is not where he is now…

  Jin huffed heavily, sulked for a while, let out an irritable growl, and quickly walked away.


  ”What’s going on?”

  Yan Qiling stood on a white meteorite, holding a newly carved crescent moon ornament in his hand, looking down at his feet.

  He is in the extremely high void of this outer battlefield.

  The meteorite he stepped on was once a fragment of a crescent moon, somewhat similar to the “fallen star eye” refined by Liu Ying back then.

  Based on his knowledge of space power and this unique meteorite, he and Yu Yiyi could see many wonders.

  They noticed that a lot of big monsters that were hidden, which they hadn’t noticed before, suddenly appeared.

   Then, one by one, they rushed to a place behind them like a chicken blood.

   Not only the big monster, but also some strange beasts from outside the sky were also alarmed.

   “The formation of the ‘Gate of Origin’ in the depths of the battlefield caused other changes?” Yan Qiling frowned, puzzled, “Impossible? There is also the gate of the strange land of the alien race, after it is formed, it will not make the herd crazy.”

  Because of understanding the power of space, he entered the outer galaxy, and after being approved by the Soul Sect, he deliberately went to learn about the mysterious “Gate of Origin”.

  He has never heard that after the “Gate of the Origin Realm” is formed, it will trigger monsters, monsters, and monsters

  The madness of the beast.

   “It’s not two directions at all.” Yu Yiyi said.

  ”The movement and stillness become strange, but the big monster and the strange beast have the same characteristics. It is just at the stage of birth, when the bloodline level is not high, and there is no wisdom formed.” Yan Qiling narrowed his eyes, The expression on his face was very weird, “relatively, it’s easy to lose control and lose your mind.”

  He said this because he noticed the big monsters and strange beasts that were dispatched one after another, and his mind collapsed.

   has become a beast that only follows instinct.

   “Either before or after, let’s choose a place to explore?” Yu Yiyi suggested.

  ”In the front, in the center of the battlefield, there is a gate of the source world that has just been formed. Behind, the beasts are gathering, and the reason is unknown.” Yan Qiling muttered, “You choose.”

   “Go back, my master should be behind, I need to find him first.” Yu Yiyi said decisively.

   “Depending on you.”


  On the cold meteorite.

   Dashes of **** knife light intertwined to form numerous strange grids, flying towards the dark man transformed by the demon king.

  The big man grinned strangely, shuttled like lightning among the countless sword lights, approaching Yu Yuan from time to time, and had some physical collisions, “Boy, the Shamo Body Refining Technique you practice is really good.”


  A huge group of blood souls suddenly appeared in the form of a blood ape in the blood-colored grid all over the sky.

  Blood Ape screamed loudly, refining a huge iron rod out of nowhere, and smashed it on the back of the big man’s head.

  The dark-skinned demon king fell to the ground with a stick, and got up in a daze. He looked at the blood soul in the form of a giant ape, and the fierce light in his eyes quickly subsided.

  He also showed nostalgia, “Master Zhentian Ape, the first time I went to war in the world, I served under your tent. At that time, I fought against the strong in the outer domain, but if I was a little timid, I was defeated by you.” A lesson.”

  The big man sighed with emotion, and didn’t rush to fight back, as if he wanted to look at the blood soul a few more times.

  As if in response to him, the other six groups of blood souls within the many intertwined blood-colored grids suddenly shrank correspondingly.

  Only, the blood soul in the shape of the sky-shattering ape continued to grow.

  It seems that I have awakened a little bit of spirituality for a very short time…

  Yu Yuan, who was shaking his sore and hot arms, looked at the demon king who was originally a black oil bull, secretly surprised.

  The black oil savage bull is an extremely different kind of monster in the vast world. This kind of monster is used to moving in the depths of the uninhabited mountains, looking for a kind of oil that is as black as ink in the ground, and strengthens itself by refining that oil. blood, thus quickly breaking through.

  In Haoyu Tiandi, the black oil is not endless, so once the black oil bull breaks through the eighth level, it will be ordered to be sent out of the sky by the demon hall.

  Moreover, try not to let them go back to Haoyu.

  Therefore, most of the high-level black oil bulls are all fighting in the outer galaxy, breaking through the bloodline through the black oil in the alien galaxy.

  The black oil bull in front of him, whose bloodline has reached level nine, is quite famous in Haoyu’s legend.

  Three hundred years ago, when he was the medicine **** Hong Qi, he had heard about it.

  The rapidly expanding huge blood soul seemed to condense into a huge ape in a very short period of time, with a pair of scarlet demon eyes, staring straight at the dark-skinned strong man with sparkling radiance.

  ”It’s really sad, you are stronger than you, but you were eaten back by a knife.”

  Heiyou Manniu shook his head, looking very regretful, “If it weren’t for this knife, if your lord is still there, maybe in today’s chaotic world, there is still hope to attack the demon god.”

  ”Of course, it’s just a little bit of hope. After all, I think I’m more qualified.”

  The dark man smiled strangely.

  ”Hei Niu, you are still so arrogant.”

  A soft and pleasant female voice came from behind the meteorite in the distance, and then saw a colorful meteorite, like a coquettish woman passing away quickly.

   Between the colorful rubble, a thin ghostly figure floated out of thin air, she pursed her lips and smiled.


  The next moment, she stopped beside the black oil bull, shaking her skinny hand gently.

  The meteorite she was in before exploded suddenly, and the colorful stones turned into thousands of colored stones, which burst into bright light and appeared behind her.

  ”You are Yu Yuan, right?” The woman looked weak and gentle, and said in a soft voice, “Tsk tsk, he is a very strong young man, and his appearance is also outstanding, what a pity.”

  She squinted her eyes and smiled, and said to the black oil bull: “Don’t worry, there are still many juniors in the hall who are also on their way.”

   “Damn, isn’t that enough?” The black oil bull grinned.

  The moment he landed, he knew that there were gold rock beasts, blood pattern beasts, wind wolves and other demon palace juniors who died from the demon sword called “Blood Hell”.

  Wandering outside all the year round, and never returning to Haoyu for hundreds of years, he has no affection for the juniors of the Demon Palace.

  “It’s just a few, it’s definitely not enough.”

  The woman lowered her head, her gaze seemed to pass through many holes, and she saw the drop of tender green, dazzling blood, “Hei Niu, you are too arrogant. With you alone, I really think I can gain something ? If that person is really down there, there will be more than a drop of blood.”

  The black oil bull was taken aback.

  ”Yu Yuan, do you know that Yaodian was very optimistic about you? Master Jinxiang even recommended you, but you rejected Yaodian’s solicitation.” The woman sighed with a look of pity, “The dolls who have made friends with you have developed well in the Demon Palace, Zhan Tianxiang, Zhao Yafu, and some people you are familiar with.”

   “Stop!” Yu Yuan’s face was dark.



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