Invincible Powers Chapter 1387: Darkwing Starfield


Darkwing Starfield.

The numerous stars and earth, like pieces of emeralds scattered in the starry sky, made Yu Yuan feel happy.

If the Dragon-Slaying Platform is not in hand, the bright stars are just stars.

Even if he breaks through to Yangshen, he cannot see the scenes inside those stars, and it is difficult to feel the wonder of these stars.

Because his own sight cannot penetrate the star boundary wall.

The Dragon-Slaying Platform at his feet became his “God’s Eye”, allowing him to see all the details in the stars.

Rivers and lakes, forests and mountains, many villages and towns of the Dark Spirit and Wing tribes, as well as some more primitive tribes, live close to the mountains, making a living by picking fruits and fishing…

The members of the Wing tribe live on tall trees in the forest. They build wooden houses on the trees, hanging in the air like birds.

In addition to the Wing Clan and the Dark Spirit Clan, there are also the Moon Night Clan, the Crypt Clan, and a small number of Shadow Clan members who also survive in all the worlds in this starry sky.

Nearly a hundred stars, a small part of them are not surrounded by boundary walls, and have become a place of death and silence.

But there are still dozens of stars and heavens, and even the mountains are covered with dense vegetation and full of vitality.

With the view from Zhanlongtai, he watched for a while and firmly believed that if the disciples of the Medicine God Sect and the Heavenly Medicine Sect could roam those heavens and earth, they would surely be able to cultivate many rare medicinal herbs and refine more medicinal herbs. There are many miraculous medicines to benefit the body and mind, and to improve the soul.

In his mind, the image of disciples of Yaoshen Sect and Tianyao Sect traveling through the mountains and forests of the stars, busy collecting herbs, naturally emerged.

“It would be great if those people could come to the Dark Wing Star Territory.”

He whispered softly.

Limited by the rules set by the five supreme forces of Haoji, those who do not reach the Yang God are not allowed to set foot in the starry sky.

As for those who know how to collect and grow medicinal herbs, how many disciples of Tianyao Sect and Yaoshen Sect can cultivate to the realm of Yangshen?

Most people have limited energy. They have to study medicinal herbs and refine medicine at the same time. They cannot immerse themselves in practice for a long time. Therefore, the realm of a pharmacist cannot be too exaggerated.

Zhong Chichen and Chu Yao are considered outliers among alchemists.

If you can’t reach Yangshen and go to the outer galaxy, you won’t be able to see the wonders outside the sky, and you won’t be able to carry forward the magic of the alchemist in a realm similar to the Dark Wing Star Territory.


Suddenly, he sensed the aura of the Demonic Cauldron and Yu Yiyi.

Across the vast galaxy, his eyes fell on a star that was not too big and shrouded in circles of emerald green light.

That star is not in the center and conspicuous position of the Dark Wing Star Territory, and is slightly remote.

The same is true. At the beginning, Yu Yuan didn’t pay attention.

Now, after having the induction, he used the Dragon Slaying Platform to investigate carefully, and immediately became convinced that the star where Yu Yiyi and the Evil Cauldron were located was the richest treasure land in the Dark Wing Star Territory.

Over there, the vegetation essence in the air is much richer than that in the Bifeng Mountains.

The so-called Lingshan Mountain that Yujia Town relies on is even less worth mentioning than that star.

Generally speaking, there are few worlds in the Outer Galaxy that have more spiritual energy than Haoji.

Hao Miao’s spiritual energy is not only abundant, but also extremely pure!

Even mortals who have never practiced and are countless times weaker than aliens can adapt.

When Yu Yuan saw that world at this moment, the aura in the spiritual energy was relatively single, and the proportion of vegetation energy was too large, so the stars and trees were dense.

Even so, it is extremely rare to find a place that is richer in the energy of vegetation than the Bifeng Mountains.

Yu Yuan was a little surprised, so he sensed it carefully.

The star, which may be only slightly larger than the Silver Moon Empire and the Flame Sun Empire, is not in the shape of a sphere, but in the shape of a long prism. From a distance, it looks like a piece of green emerald, exuding an emerald green halo.

The emerald green halo is naturally the boundary wall between the world and the world here, blocking out most harmful starry sky powers.

When he sensed the Evil Cauldron and Yu Yiyi, he used the Dragon Slaying Platform to smell the power of Chen Qinghuang’s “Death Lair”, but no trace of Chen Qinghuang was found…

“Just go over there.”

As soon as his mind moved, the dragon-slaying platform under his feet immediately became as fast as lightning.

“The master is here!”

On a giant green tree with lush branches and leaves, Yu Yiyi, who was sitting at the mouth of the evil cauldron with her legs dangling, suddenly felt her shoulders tremble slightly and immediately looked out at the sea of ​​stars.

In her eyes, the sky of this world seemed to always have auroras, and the sky was filled with green ripples.

Her sight cannot actually penetrate the boundary wall between heaven and earth, and she cannot truly see Yu Yuan.

But the direction she was facing was indeed the direction where Yu Yuan appeared in the Dark Wing Star Territory, and it was also the position where Yu Yuan was approaching.

She whispered: Mr. Yan!

The sound was high-pitched and sharp, frightening Yan Qiling, who was hundreds of miles away, taking out space spiritual stones one after another and throwing them into the “den of death”.

The strange “death nest” that once appeared in the Chidori World is now located on a giant dead tree.

Below, a wooden house woven with dead vines hangs from the bare branches.

In the wooden house, there are distinguished elders from the Wing Tribe and the Dark Spirit Tribe, who are discussing something.

This dead tree exudes the aura of death, has gray-white rhizomes, and is very similar to the “Death Lair”. Space force flows inside.

Those spatial powers come from the space spirit stones thrown into the tree hole by Yan Qiling.

The dead tree, which is more than 300 meters high, has holes like honeycombs in the trunk. However, they are not chiseled, but appear naturally with the erosion of time.

Having just thrown a space spirit stone into one of the tree holes, Yan Qiling’s body suddenly shrank.

After shrinking to the extreme, he transformed

A little white light suddenly disappeared.

A moment later, he appeared out of thin air at Yu Yiyi’s place, with a calm smile on his face, “Where are the people from Yu Yuan?”

Yu Yiyi stretched out a finger and pointed outside, “There!”

Yan Qiling nodded, “Wait a moment.”

I saw the sky that Yu Yiyi was pointing at. All the green had faded away, as if the turbid lake water had been cleaned up instantly by some force and suddenly became clear and bright.

In this world, the boundary wall that Yu Yiyi points to seems to be transparent.

The barrier’s defense against the outside will be weakened as a result, but it will not block Yu Yiyi’s sight.

“Yu Yuan is coming!”

Also in this world, in an area with many swamps, some rare plants and flowers grow.

Mia from the Dark Elf tribe looked up at the corner of the starry sky that suddenly became clear, with a smile on her face.

“Yu, Master Yu!”

Wen Lu, who followed her around and was in good and bad situations, immediately became excited.

Her expectant gaze was fixed on the transparent boundary wall.

She saw a meteor flying rapidly in the dark depths of the galaxy, “Is that Master Yu?”

In the Chidori Realm, although Yu Yuan asked Luo Huh to teach her how to refine medicine, he also accepted her as his apprentice.

When she followed Mia and returned to the Dark Elf clan as a hybrid, she was not recognized.

Brissette, the leader of the Dark Elf Tribe, did not allow her to recognize her ancestors and return to her clan, and also deliberately targeted Mia. As a result, Mia could only lead her to wander in the galaxy of the Dark Elf Tribe and the Wing Tribe.

Suddenly one day, due to the great changes in the Shulin Star Territory, Brisette’s attitude towards her and Mia changed drastically after her bloodline plummeted.

Then, she and Mia came to the Dark Wing Star Territory and came here.

She learned from Mia that the mighty Queen Qingluan was actually the founder of the Wing Clan and the legendary phoenix from outside the world!

I also heard that Queen Qingluan and Yu Yuan helped Brisette in the Shulin Star Territory and jointly resisted the evil of the abyss.

She knew that Brisette was still alive because of Yu Yuan’s contribution…

That’s why she and Mia were able to come to this strange place in the Dark Wing Star Territory, where they could stay with people from the Shenhun Sect and the Chamber of Commerce.

“Yu Boy is getting more and more popular.”

Hu Caiyun took a breath of lavender smoke in the corner of the swamp, tasted it carefully with an intoxicated look on his face, and then said: “I haven’t seen him for a while, and I don’t know what his current strength is. ”

Now she has become a member of the Shenhun Sect.

The reason why she was accepted by the Shenhun Sect was naturally because she was recommended by Yu Yuan. She followed Yan Qiling to the starry sky of the Wing Clan and learned a lot about what happened in the Suilin Star Territory. .

The more news she heard about Yu Yuan, the stranger she felt.



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