Invincible Powers Chapter 1219: Everyone has supernatural powers


  Many perplexing mysteries were temporarily left behind by Yu Yuan.

  Feeling Fu Xuanwen’s real killing intent, thinking of this person’s prejudice and hatred for Yao Shenzong, Yu Yuan immediately cheered up, and did not dare to be negligent.

  Holding the dragon-slaying platform tightly with both hands, his heart, soul, and blood flowed into it, and he sought the power he could use.

  Suddenly, he clearly heard the heartbeat of the Titan Spinosaurus cub, as well as its even and powerful breathing.

  His thoughts, his current difficult situation, the moment his mind entered the dragon-slaying stage, seemed to be transmitted to the different time and space where the cub was.

  Bringing a radiant glow, the long-dead dragon of time and space flew out strands of dragon breath from the dragon corpse.

  The breath of the dragon is like a rosy cloud, converging in the void, forming a circle of ripples in an instant.

  The ripples caused by the rippling clouds contain the secret of time and the true meaning of space. They are the direct display of the two rules of the avenue, and they are so charming and magnificent.

  After a while.

  Yu Yuan in the magnificent palace was surrounded by the colorful rays of light overflowing from the Zhanlong Terrace, and suddenly broke free.

  In just a trance, he saw the majestic palace, the lonely galaxy in front of him, and the figure of Fu Xuanwen inside the shrine covered with golden floor tiles.

  There is also the surprise on this person’s face and the deepness in his eyes.

   “Dragon Slaying Terrace.”

  Fu Xuanwen’s two hands retracted into the sleeves, slowly stretched out, the fingertips were splashed with golden lightning, and countless golden ancient characters were piled up behind him, turning into a sea of ​​words.

  He stepped out of the palace in one step, swayed a few times, and instantly sacrificed the Dharma.

  Thousands of feet of Dharma, as if cast from hundreds of millions of small golden characters, full of a kind of erudition, knowledge of the true meaning of worldly knowledge, and the scholarly spirit of teaching all beings.

  The sixth Tiangong Seal turned into a palace, and after he sacrificed the Dharma image, it turned into a thick, ancient book like a square brick.

  Fu Xuanwen held the ancient book in one hand, and with the other hand, he flipped through a page at random, and said softly, “God will.”

  Brilliant divine brilliance burst out from the pages of the ancient book made by the Tiangong seal. Inside the pillar of divine radiance, there are thousands of cipher texts hidden, communicating the world and laying out the rules.

  Yu Yuan, holding the Zhanlongtai with both hands, saw the space in all directions, and squeezed towards him.

  If there are many invisible gods who roll up time and space into a carpet, they want to roll him and Zhanlongtai, including the space where he is, into layers.

   An extremely awkward feeling rushed into his heart and body, making Yu Yuan vomit blood in pain.

   Then he discovered to his horror that his bones were deformed under such pressure, and his flesh and internal organs were squeezed, almost bursting.

  A deep roar sounded from the Dragon Slaying Platform.

  In the small world inside the dragon-slaying platform, the dragon corpse of the space-time dragon seemed to be controlled by the cub of the titanic spinosaur. God when

  Years smashed the galaxy, showing the mysterious talent that came and went without a trace.


  A colorful illusory dragon surrounded Yu Yuan, swaying flexibly around his waist.

  The colorful dragon tail of the phantom dragon set off space fluctuations, making the time and space that was gradually rolled up from a flat state become more distorted and disordered.

  Yu Yuan was not affected, instead, he shuttled deftly in the distorted and disordered time and space.

  In the hands of Fu Xuanwen, a thick ancient book transformed from a Tiangong seal, on the page opened by him, many golden words that appeared on the page disappeared one after another as if being wiped by an eraser.

  Fu Xuanwen was secretly surprised.

  Thousands of feet tall Dharma body, eyes like two brown stars, he stared at the little mosquito, holding the Dragon Slaying Platform under his eyelids, Yu Yuan who came and went freely from layer upon layer of space , the mood gradually became a little heavy.

   Has not yet become a Yangshen, but with this dragon-slaying platform alone, can Yu Yuan get rid of his ban?

  He was a little hard to accept for a while.

  When he was about to exert his strength again, Yu Yuan, who was holding the dragon-slaying platform, suddenly broke through all the blindfolds and reached the meteorite again.

  On the meteorite, Leo’s screams and Xu Jingyao’s angry shouts seemed to continue.

  Yu Yuan took the time to look down, and found that inside the diamond-like stone, the strange galaxy transformed by the “phantom star sea” was submerged by a large shower of meteors and fire.

   Tiny stars were penetrated by meteor fire rain and turned into scorched earth and black charcoal.

  The so-called meteor fire rain is clearly Xu Jingyao who controls the “Vulcan Spear” and destroys wildly.

  Leo re-entered the world of “Phantom Star Sea” after failing to rescue Beru and being severely injured by Fu Xuanwen, but it was difficult to suppress Xu Jingyao.

  ”Dragon Slaying Terrace, the phantom of the dragon **** of the dragon of time and space!”

   Pei Yuling, who caught Chu Yao, had a fascinated expression on his face, and the posture of the colorful dragon in his mind was recalled by him over and over again, imprinted in the deepest part of his memory.

  The illusory form of the dragon of time and space, every time it shakes its head and tail, contains the true meaning of time and space.

  Others cannot benefit from it and cannot gain insights.

  Of course he can.

  Although he only saw a few scenes at a glance, Pei Yuling has benefited a lot and gained some new insights into space.

   “Mr. Pei, that… used to be my mentor, both a master and a father.” Standing behind Pei Yuling, Chu Yao lowered his voice, “He lost himself after going mad, Even insanity. We have no choice but to do something secretly for the continuation of the Medicine God Sect.”

   “You don’t have to tell me this.” Pei Yuling shook his head.

  Then, he muttered to himself: “The Dragon of Time and Space is dead, but the time and space ability he controls can actually be displayed and condensed into an illusory image. This is strange, and something is not quite right .It is said that in Zhanlongtai, there is no existence

  In the soul of the weapon, because this thing is too strange. “

  “Without any soul, you can control the power contained in the three-headed dragon **** in the dragon-slaying platform. The golden dragon, the frost dragon and the space-time dragon, the three dragon gods who have reached level ten, even if they are dead , There are no mysterious souls and foreign objects in the world, and you can use their power for yourself.”

  ”But now, Zhanlongtai gives me the feeling that I have a weapon soul.”

  Pei Yuling thought it was incredible.

  He could see it, he could feel it, and he didn’t even need to use his brain to figure it out. With his cultivation in Soul Wandering Boundary, and his current strength and level, Yu Yuan was definitely not capable of controlling Dragon Zhantai.

  Even if it is suitable for Zhanlongtai, due to the lack of realm and strength, Zhanlongtai will definitely not be able to exert such power.

  Being able to break free from the palace dominated by Fu Xuanwen, being able to escape from layers of spatial blockades, easily escape, and accurately find the path back to the real world, at least it should be like him, proficient in space power, and achieve a comfortable state of practice By!

   It should never be Yu Yuan at this moment!

  ”In the Zhanlongtai, there should be some strange changes, there should be something!”

  After some deep thinking, Pei Yuling came to a conclusion and guessed some of the hidden facts.

   “Yu Yuan!”

  Beru’s shouts of surprise and surprise sounded.

  Holding Zhanlongtai with both hands, Yu Yuan, who put most of his energy on Xuantianzong Fu Xuanwen, turned his head to look at the words, “Are you okay?”


  Beru’s face glowed with vitality, and the blood that flowed from his body, scabbed into crystals, flew out piece by piece, and he took the opportunity to swallow it into his mouth.

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  Fu Xuanwen controlled Tiangong Yin, chased Yu Yuan, and when he wanted to trap Yu Yuan to death, he bought him time.

   “Star Shadow!”

  The bright stars in the Illusory Star Field suddenly became dim, and then suddenly brightened again.

  Beru, who was tightly held by that huge palm, was like a… shadow that communicated with one of the stars, completing a magical exchange.


  A dead, lifeless star exploded.

  In the star river where the huge boulder was thrown, Beiru, who looked embarrassed, walked out of thin air.

  Belu, who was always grasped by Fu Xuanwen’s giant hand refined by spiritual power, became an illusory shadow, condensed from tiny star energy.

  ”Phantom Star Sea!”

  In the distant starry sky, Beru cast the secret technique again, looking up to the sky and whistling softly.

  His figure was gradually enveloped by star power, and disappeared in place little by little.

  Yu Yuan, who was holding the Zhanlongtai, suddenly felt something, and smelled the strange breath of time and space rotation.

  Looking down, he found that Leo and Xu Jingyao were fighting, and there was an old figure in the star river among the stones formed by the “Phantom Star Sea”.

  Great Sage Beru.



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