Invincible Powers Chapter 1221: A hand to cover the sky


  Zhu Huan’s nervousness and worries, of course the two Platinum Shuras who were staring at him, also noticed.

  So, when Zhu Huan wanted to get rid of it, Demian and Ciara immediately tried their best.

  Ciara sneered, stretched out her hand to the darkness, and pulled it hard.

  The dark cold energy originating from the dark domain suddenly turned into a wall, blocking the center of Zhu Huan and Yu Yuan, so that the circle of flames that shrouded Zhu Huan’s Dharma like a blazing sun could no longer be Break forward an inch.

  Fire light crackled and collided with the ultimate darkness, fighting for the front.

  Ciala hated Zhu Huan and the others, beheaded and killed the warriors in the clan, and did not hesitate to consume blood, so that Zhu Huan could not lend a helping hand, and wanted to see Xu Jingyao die from that stone.

   Taking advantage of this opportunity, Demian summoned the souls of the dark beasts from the “Blood War Drum” worn on his body.

  A silvery-white snake-like beast with dense scales swam out of the armor.

  The alien beast is thousands of meters long, not a complete flesh and blood form, as if it was formed by gathering snow peaks and glaciers in the dark area, and there was a rumbling sound in its body.


  The alien beast roared, and the dharma image Zhu Huan sacrificed fell apart in an instant.

  All kinds of evil thoughts poured into Zhu Huan’s sea of ​​soul and consciousness through the roar of the strange beast, making his burning Dharma form seem to cool down suddenly after being splashed with ice water.

  Part of the cold darkness flowing from the “dark well” poured into the body of the alien beast, endowing it with divine power.

  Then I saw that strange beast, just as Zhu Huan was about to reunite with his Dharma form, it plunged into the circle of light like a burning sun.

  The dazzling divine brilliance, mixed with hundreds of millions of fire lights, exploded from the circle of light, the law was chaotic, and the terrifying energy movement of heaven and earth annihilation oscillated layer by layer.

  Zhu Huan was eventually besieged by Ciara and Demian. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get close.

  Yu Yuan, holding the dragon-slaying platform in his hand, looked at Pei Yuling who was in charge of the “Xu Tianjian” in front of him, and he was weighing the pros and cons in his heart.

  Even if Pei Yuling held the “Xu Tianjian”, the Titan Spinosaurus cub in the dragon-slaying platform seemed to have a way to suppress the power of the “Xu Tianjian” and open the passage in the “Dark Field Cold Well”.

  The question is, should we do this?

  Once the “Dark Well” is unimpeded, King Shura, who is recovering from his injuries in the Dark Region, may use it to come across the sky.

  Although the most powerful man of the foreign race has not recovered from his serious injuries, if he descends on the Illusion Starfield, he will also have the power to reverse the situation and make Zhu Huan, Fu Xuanwen and others suffer a devastating blow in an instant.

  But… Chen Qinghuang is already awake.

  Her eyes are also staring at this place. The moment King Shura appears, the two will immediately notice each other.

  The phoenix and the intelligent creatures on the first step of the outer domain became enemies a hundred thousand years ago. Not long ago, she even took care of a witch from the Dark Eldar tribe.

  Will a **** battle break out between the seriously injured King Shura and her who just woke up?

  If there is a real war, what consequences will it lead to? Can the Huanhuan Starfield bear it?


  Yuan’s heart is at war with heaven and man.

  ”Help me!”

  Suddenly, Beru’s shout sounded from the stone beside him.

  Yu Yuan, who was still hesitating, squinted his eyes and saw the dense but slender flames, piercing the stone crazily, making the crack in the stone hiding the “Phantom Star Sea” stand out.

  The slender fire light is the crazy attack of the “Vulcan Spear”.

   Judging from the posture in front of him, Xu Jingyao probably knew that he was invincible, and he didn’t want to continue to fight Leo and Beru in the illusory galaxy in the “Illusory Star Sea”.

  So, he must have exerted all his strength to break through the “Phantom Sea of ​​Stars” with the help of the artifact “Vulcan Spear”.

  After the power of the artifact was fully ignited, the “Phantom Star Sea” seemed unable to bear it, and was about to explode.

  Beru saw something was wrong, so he yelled in the illusory galaxy, wanting him to help.


  Yu Yuan just wanted to say that he didn’t know what method to use to set up obstacles for Xu Jingyao, when he suddenly heard the voice of the cub inside the purple gold dragon egg in the Dragon Slaying Platform.

  Fortunate to his heart, he held the dragon-slaying platform with one hand, and pressed the palm of the other hand against the stone next to him.

  The focus is on the area that is constantly penetrated by the “Vulcan Spear”.

  Inside the stone.

  The illusory galaxy that burns everywhere, Xu Jingyao hissed, that strange body of the Yang God is like a shining strange stone containing infinitely refined “sun essence fire” between heaven and earth.

  Thousands of “Sun Essence Fire” are circulating in Yangshen, providing an inexhaustible stream of flame energy, which is injected into the sky-high “Vulcan Spear”, creating bunches of sky-cracking fire.

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  The blazing flames should have penetrated all boundaries and barriers between stars, and should have shattered the “Phantom Sea of ​​Stars”!

  Xu Jingyao also saw that the layers of star energy barriers, under the strong piercing of the “Vulcan Spear”, will be pierced like a membrane.

  Suddenly, in his vision, an extremely huge palm appeared out of thin air.

  The “Hand of God” with colorful rays of light and the aura of time-space restriction pressed down on the star energy boundary wall that was constantly pierced by the “Vulcan Spear”.

   Covering the sky with one hand.

  The star energy boundary wall that should be pierced in the next moment has become the palm of the giant hand that emits infinite rays of light, and the palm lines of the “hand of God” suddenly give rise to pocket-shaped, seven-colored heads. The colorful space-time dragon.

   Dragons of time and space seem to soar in the palm of that giant hand, forming a light curtain that can seal off the heavens and worlds!

  The “Vulcan Spear” was pushed to the extreme, and all the thousands of “sun fire” in his body were poured into the spear. God’s hand!

  That is to say, the “Phantom Sea of ​​Stars” cannot be cracked, and it cannot be rushed out.

   “It hurts a little bit, like a needle prick.”

  Yu Yuan’s murmur, resounding like a god, majestic and solemn, suddenly came from the palm of that hand, making Xu Jingyao terribly aggrieved, and he didn’t know what was going on.

  The fierce offensive of “Vulcan Spear”, in Yu Yuan’s

   In the mouth, it’s just like a needle prick?

  Xu Jingyao felt a great humiliation.

  In the turbulent sea of ​​flames all over the sky, among the many charred stars, Leo and Beru suddenly appeared.

  The two looked solemnly at Xu Jingyao who was in charge of the “Vulcan Spear” and almost blasted out of the “Phantom Star Sea”.

   Only by really fighting Xu Jingyao can we know how powerful this person is, and know that Yuan Yangzong made the right choice.

  Before Beru came in, Leo had no advantage at all. At the beginning, it was just a balance of power. After Xu Jingyao got used to the “Phantom Star Sea” and settled down, Leo was a little tricky.

  When he went out and was severely injured by Fu Xuanwen, when he came in again, it was Xu Jingyao who pressed him and beat him.

  Without Beru’s intrusion, he might be hit again by Xu Jingyao in his own “Phantom Star Sea”, and the “Phantom Star Sea” would be broken.

  Really confronting the mighty Tianjiao, the darling of the star clan who was born with an “altar of life”, only then did he know that there is a reason why the human race can run rampant in the outer galaxy.

   “Yu Yuan!”

  Pei Yuling suddenly drew closer and settled down tens of meters away from him. Stone face, “Trouble, give me Xu Jingyao, he can’t die at the hands of aliens!”

  When he said this, Pei Yuling, who claimed to be a wild crane in the clouds, showed a trace of hostility in his eyes.

   There are cracks in space, like a peacock spreading its tail, the dark galaxy blooms behind him. In the narrow and bright gaps, there is brilliance, and thousands of spots of dark light burst open, like a magnificent fireworks show.

  At this moment, Pei Yuling was no longer as timid as before, and his eyes were extremely firm.


  A magical figure surrounded by a nine-layer space halo, formed by Pei Yuling, with loose cuffs, like two realm passages leading directly to the end of the galaxy, hiding the mystery of space.

  Pei Yuling’s Dharma appearance is neither sad nor happy, upright and peaceful, just like the gods and Buddhas enshrined in the temple.

  The cracks that open behind it gradually change, like refining into a void blade that cuts through all boundary walls.

  The sharp and fierce expression made Zhu Huan and Fu Xuanwen, who was already on the way here, gradually look dignified.

  It seemed that this was the first time they had seen Pei Yuling like this.

  This “leisure cloud wild crane”, who is proficient in space power but rarely shows his edge, did not expect that when he was really angry and determined to do something, he could burst out with such momentum.

  Yu Yuan took a deep breath.

  He was horrified to see that the illusory galaxy formed by the “Phantom Star Sea” suddenly appeared abnormal the moment Pei Yuling spoke and asked him to let him go.


   There was a crisp sound, which spread from the stone surface that his palm could not cover, and deep cracks were formed inexplicably, and the cracks became wider and wider.

  If the stone is a real miniature small world, then when Pei Yuling’s space is torn, the small world has been cut and cracked in a criss-cross pattern.

  ”Please don’t provoke me again.”



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