Invincible Powers Chapter 1257: Colorful butterfly flapping its wings


 The name of the ninth-level demon fish in the demon palace is Yanli.

 After she fully regained consciousness, she screamed at Jin Li regardless of her injuries.

 She spit out the bright blisters one after another.

 Each water bubble seems to have become an independent illusory world, with colorful butterflies dancing gracefully emerging from it.

 As soon as the colorful butterfly appeared, a look of confusion suddenly appeared in Yan Li’s demonic pupils.

 One wave has not subsided, but another wave has arisen.

 It’s just that Yan Li at this moment does not seem to be penetrated by Her Majesty the Queen’s evil thoughts.

 A kind of ethereal and illusory, mysterious power that does not belong to Yanli is also born from every bubble at this moment.

 The numerous crystal bubbles spit out by Yan Li floated toward the big monsters and strange beasts that stood motionless in the void, and then in a flash, they escaped into their sea of ​​monster soul consciousness.


 A sky star beast smashed into the gravel blocking the road, and suddenly rushed towards the black oil bull and the icy meteorite where Yanli was.

 Hybrid beasts, golden rock beasts, and unknown strange beasts all started to take action once they were caught in the water bubbles.

 Almost at the same time.

  Summoned by Yu Yuan from the acupoint, the dragon-slaying platform in his hand became so hot that he felt hot to the touch.

 The cub of the Titan Spinosaurus revealed a message from the depths of the strange purple-gold dragon egg.

 There is an invasion of foreign matter!

Yu Yuan suddenly changed color, and with a thought, he immediately threw the long dragon-slaying platform towards the opened hole again.

 In the small world inside the hole, he seemed to hear the strange sound of a butterfly flapping its wings.

 The dragon-slaying platform, in the world in his cave, bloomed with dazzling brilliance.

 “Void Spiritual Charm!”

Yu Yuan turned pale in shock.

  He conveyed a message from his heart to Yu Yiyi, and immediately sat down in the evil cauldron, concentrating all his energy, soul thoughts and energy and blood to deal with the mysterious and unpredictable power that escaped into the acupoints.

 “Yu Yuan!”

  Deep in the cold cave, the anxious screams of Yan Ziyang of the Ghost Spirit Sect rang out. He seemed to be in trouble too.

 He saw the sleeping Queen, with frowning eyebrows, and for some reason, a gorgeous and mysterious butterfly appeared in the center of her smooth and white forehead.

 First the forehead, then the neck, then the whole cheek…

 It seems that even the body of Her Majesty the Queen is gradually emerging from colorful butterflies.

 The colorful butterfly is sometimes clear and sometimes blurry. It seems that it is constantly changing due to the offset between Her Majesty the Queen’s power and the power of the colorful butterfly.

 Yan Ziyang, who knew Her Majesty the Queen’s true background and had heard the legend of the Phoenix, was heartbroken at this moment.

 That gorgeous and mysterious one

 What exactly is a colorful butterfly?

 He didn’t know the inside story, so he called Yu Yuan loudly, hoping that Yu Yuan could explain his confusion to him.

 Unfortunately, Yu Yuan is also in deep trouble.

 “Void, the spiritual charm of void!”

  Yan Qiling, who had not yet adjusted, looked at the many black and white chess pieces he had refined, rearranged themselves, and turned into a magical secret door again.

  Deep inside the secret door, it seems that there are thousands of time and space intersecting, rippling with a dazzling brilliance.

 He lost control of the chess pieces. He had no idea how that strange secret door was formed or what wonders it contained.

With his profound understanding of the power of space, even the ninth-level elders of the Void Spirit Charm Clan would never be able to surpass him and use his artifacts to build such a secret door.


 Combined with Yu Yuan’s anomaly, he immediately put away the movement of the Dragon Slaying Platform, and Yan Qiling had the answer in his mind.

 The next moment, in the depths of his mind, the sound of colorful butterflies flapping their wings also arose.

 Yan Qiling’s body, at the moment when the wings sounded, seemed to be frozen in space and could no longer move.

 His thinking consciousness is not stagnant for the time being, and he can still think deeply…

  What he was thinking was, why did the power of the void spiritual charm suddenly appear in this world, and why did it target him and Yu Yuan? Is it because of the Dragon-Slaying Platform?

 Also, isn’t that legendary Void Spirit Charm already an empty shell?

 The mysterious being who created the Void Spirit Charm Clan, who was also a starry sky beast, left behind the Cocoon Opening God Stone. In addition, he also left his own body in the Holy Land of the Void Spirit Charm Clan.

 But the soul has long since disappeared.

 This is a fact that everyone knows!

 Not only the Void Spirit Charm, but also the tenth-level bloodline warrior of this group disappeared while exploring an abyss cave?

 The soul of Void Spirit Charm, the strongest member of this group today, has disappeared for countless years.

 ”Source Realm! Gate of Source Realm! God of Source Realm!”

 Yan Qiling’s soul was suddenly shaken, and he was vaguely touched and comprehended.

 It’s a pity that he can’t move now, he has completely lost control of the space, and he can’t even control his own chess pieces.

 The sound of colorful butterflies flapping their wings still continues.

 Yan Qiling can only listen passively.

 Listen, listen, in his dazed state, he seemed to hear the sound of wings flapping, and there was a hint of ridicule.

  Laughed at him, and used the Shenhun Sect to threaten the Dark Spirit Tribe old monster and Pei Yuling.

 Yan Qiling’s consciousness gradually became dim and confused, intermittent, and could not be coherent.

Jin Li was confused.

 The sudden change made him overwhelmed. After he woke up, he only heard Yan Li’s urgent urging, and then everything became different.

Yu Yuan immediately sat down in the evil cauldron with a solemn expression, as if facing a formidable enemy and facing some external erosion.

 Yan Qiling seemed to have turned into a puppet. Not only was he unable to move, his soul was also in trouble.

 Yan Li, as well as the bubbles spitting out of Yan Li’s mouth, caused her to try to enter the cave. Many strange beasts and monsters that had been escaped by the bubbles also rushed towards the meteorite.

 Heiyou Manniu and Jin Li looked at each other and felt equally confused.

 “What happened?”

Jin Li stood in the sky and tried to establish soul connections with his capable men.

 Then, he also heard the strange sound of butterflies flapping their wings from the souls of those golden rock beasts.

 Jin Li’s demonic body gradually stiffened.

 Chick, click, click! Click, click, click!

 The hole leading to the cave was exploded by Yan Li’s demon body. The ninth-level demon king of the demon palace was driven by another force. Finally, under the gaze of Yan Ziyang, he fell into the cold cave.

  Yan Ziyang, who had not encountered any supernatural effects, had long been shocked by Her Majesty the Queen’s abnormality. Then he saw Yan Li fall and felt Yan Li’s strange aura…

 ”Colorful butterflies, when the Phoenix is ​​sleeping and consolidating memories, can take the opportunity to penetrate and influence her, and can fight against her.” Yan Ziyang’s heart trembled, and finally called out the name, “Void Spirit Charm!”


 The thick cold mist suddenly gathered in the cave, and the wonderful patterns carved on the rock wall were pulled by a force.

 Two icy figures in a row, one behind the other, appeared in the cave.

 They are all special forms of the Extreme Cold Demon.

 ”As ordered by my master, I will protect Her Majesty the Queen.”

 After Han Fei settled down, a snow-white arm was refined with the power of extreme cold.

 In a very short period of time, her arm turned into a sharp ice pick, with a cold light.

 With the other hand, he pointed towards Yan, and extremely cold flames flew out.

 Old Demon smiled ferociously and grinned: “Having the honor to participate in the battle between the giant beasts in the starry sky is enough for me to brag about for the rest of my life!”

 He stamped his foot hard.

 Thousands of sharp ice beams emerged from all sides of the cave, piercing the surface along the holes, stabbing the beasts’ bodies one after another, including the Star Beast, the Dark Flame Beast and the Golden Rock Beast, which were penetrated by the evil thoughts of the void spirit. There are **** holes all over.

 In the icy world inside the Dragon-Slaying Platform, the old demon who had accumulated a lot of power showed his powerful side.

 Yan Ziyang suddenly discovered that this cold treasure land with cold veins had nothing to do with him anymore.



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