Invincible Powers Chapter 1102: The Great Demon God Who Arrived Completely


After Sabonis uttered these words angrily, all the Shuras of the dark realm who were hidden in the darkness resolutely rushed out.

In the cold darkness, the strength of Shura fighters can be improved, while the combat power of other tribes is weakened.

Originally, he only needed to spread the darkness to the entire Chidori Realm, and when the sky and the earth in this realm were completely engulfed by the darkness, Shura of the Dark Realm could easily kill all enemies.

Besides, there won’t be too much damage on my side.

But now, sensing the anomaly in the dark area, the struggle of the Excalibur, and Yu Yuan’s gathering of all the forces, he split the darkness with a single sword, exposing the “Nest of Death”, and Sabonis smelled the coexistence of conspiracy and danger. Taste, and he doesn’t care about the death of his subordinates.

One of his orders to bloodbath the Chidori Realm made Shura of the Dark Realm, who was hiding in the darkness, spend all his money.

The people of all ethnic groups saw hundreds of Shuras in the dark realm forming an array and stepping out of the darkness one by one. Only then did they realize that the training fighters who entered the dark realm this time were actually Sabonis’ core team members. His guards are the Predator who accompanied him in the north and south.


The Shura of the dark realm roared in unison, and the converging killing torrent oscillated in the rocky ground that was no longer wide in the Qiandiao Realm.

At the same time, the mutated monster and the Yin corpse suddenly became insane after being ordered by the great demon **** Grek and the Yin corpse king respectively.

“Protect the saint!”

The armored warriors of the Mingguang clan surrounded Canli in the center, defiantly defending against the repeated attacks of mutated monsters and corpses.

The members of the Mingguang clan with eighth-level bloodlines exploded to death one by one like the scorching sun from time to time.

They blew themselves up, and their blood was like gemstones, forming a terrifying halo in an instant, blasting the densely packed mutant monsters and ghost corpses to the point that not even their bones remained.

A ninth-level warrior with a battle ax and his whole body covered in silver armor knelt down on one knee in front of Chanli.

Pillars of light that soared to the sky burst out from the warrior’s body, making the incoming mutant monsters turn into blood mist before they could get close to him.

The kneeling mighty warrior gradually turned into a huge light source.

Chanli stood behind him, with the palm of her left hand gently resting on the top of his head.

Canli, who gently closed her eyes, used the magical power of the “Altar of Life” in her body, using the kneeling nine-level Mingguang clan powerhouse as her energy source, and began to display the earth-shattering bloodline supernatural powers of the Mingguang clan.

“Illuminate the Earth!”

Gathers of dazzling light sources, with holy brilliance, purify all the filth and darkness in the world, and flew out from the body of the ninth-level warrior kneeling on one knee.

Dozens of light sources covering an area of ​​more than ten acres, like crystal gems rolling into the dark depths.

Where the light sources pass, the darkness is expelled, counteracted, and purified.

In mid-air, the Shura King Sabonis, who was intercepted by Zhongli Dapan, Luliu, Beiru and others, snorted and looked even more serious.

“The curtain of the starry sky!”

Leo, who only has an eighth-level bloodline in StarClan, sat down quietly and chanted with a voice that everyone couldn’t hear.

The magic robe on his body flew slowly into the air, and gradually spread out.

On the magic robe, there are clusters of star clouds, and there seem to be countless small stars inside. At this moment, the mysterious and pure starlight blooms, and the power of the galaxy that does not belong to the annihilation star field, with the power of the star in his body The “Altar of Life” was used as an introduction, and it was forcibly pulled to this world.

Under the boundary wall of the Chidori Realm, in the sky, countless tiny lights suddenly appeared.

The lights twinkle and twinkle, one piece after another, like the epitome of the galaxy in the outer domain.

Battled with the Great Demon God Grek, Jun Chen, who showed a thousand-foot dharma appearance, was about to collapse under the impact of the endless mighty energy and blood, and suddenly felt that the soul sea became clear again. A piece of bright galaxy appeared near him after being shrunk billions of times.

In his acupoints, the dried-up star energy reserves were quickly filled.

His combat power has also increased dramatically because of this.

“Leo, son of the stars!”

Jun Chen took a deep breath, looked at Leo, who was as small as a mustard seed to him at the moment, and thought about the spectacle of the other party’s birth, and the many legends about this child, and murmured: “It is indeed the one from the sky. The favored son, the darling of the boundless galaxy, the altar that was born with it, also has infinite uses.”

While talking to himself, his Qianzhang Dharma made a gesture of embracing the heaven and the earth.

A large expanse of brilliant galaxy, with tens of thousands of broken stars flying along a specific trajectory, formed right in front of his chest.

The giant spirit and monster possessed by the Great Demon God Grek was instantly engulfed, strangled in the large galaxy in his chest like a millstone pushed by the gods.

The third-generation titan, who had reached the tenth level, was immediately **** and his bones shattered.


Amidst the creepy sound of bone cracking, this giant spirit, which had become a hundred feet tall due to the injection of one-third of the Great Demon God’s power, was crushed alive, with its muscles, bones and flesh ripped apart.

In the brilliant galaxy, there is only a piece of blood left, no matter how hard Junchen tries, there is no sign of melting.

That is the true blood essence of Great Demon God Grek.

Out of bounds.

Ming Chaokun, who showed his real body, looked coldly at the **** sea with a pair of unique beast eyes formed by refining the sun and the cold moon.

One red, one white pupil, full of curiosity and anticipation.

“Not going in yet?”

Ming Chaokun’s voice slowly resounded in the galaxy outside Chidiaojie, and then spread, vibrating in the entire Annihilation Starfield, so that all powerful creatures still in this Starfield can clearly hear it.

He was talking to the sea of ​​blood.

Greek’s snort came from the blood-colored ocean outside the realm, and it also resounded within the realm, the brilliant galaxy surrounded by Jun Chen’s chest.

Subsequently, the **** ocean outside the boundary suddenly disappeared.

In the world, in front of Jun Chen’s chest, the bright starry river, the blood is surging, shaking the original taste of blood and flesh.

It seems that the essence and blood of all life races are transpiring in the **** ocean, “bubbling” blood bubbles, if a new creature can be born in it. Also, the existing, inferior, and unadaptable races can be ablated.

The sea of ​​blood was shaking violently in the Cancanxing River, setting off a tsunami-like blood-colored giant wave, turning many broken stars into dust and starbursts.

Jun Chen’s peak blow, the strongest magical power he has comprehended, was also boosted by “Son of the Stars” Leo, but it was destroyed in an instant due to the complete arrival of the Great Demon God Grek.

Countless streaks of blood also exploded from Jun Chen’s thousand-foot aura, causing Jun Chen to stagger in the void, stumble to the ground, and fall towards a land that was annihilated by darkness in the Thousand Bird Realm.

Canli saw that it was not good, so she strengthened the power of the secret art of blood.

In front of her, the Mingguang clan powerhouse knelt on one knee, his face under the mask was bleeding profusely, but she turned a blind eye to it and continued to squeeze the remaining power of this person.

More sources of light flew out from the warrior’s body, and fell towards the place where Jun Chen’s thousand-foot-high dharma figure crashed to the ground.

The arrival of the light source drove away the darkness, allowing Jun Chen, who was lying flat on the ground and smashed several small hills, to adapt quickly and stand up slowly.

Jun Chen stood up again, most of the waist down was submerged in darkness.

But Junchen adjusted quickly, looking at the blood-colored ocean high in the sky, gradually shrinking and refining, and slowly condensing into the true physical form of the Great Demon God Grek.


“Grek, has fully descended, no longer a partial force!”

“He was irritated by Jun Chen!”

The few remaining aliens who were still alive looked up at the sky, watched the changes in the blood-colored ocean, and took a deep breath, feeling fearful and honored at the same time.

Even if they died in Chidori Realm, they could see King Shura and Greck, show their true colors completely, and use all their strength, they would feel no regrets.

Because the vast majority of people, throughout their lives, will never see any of them.

“Be careful!”

At this time, Tianzang looked at Yu Yuan, who was slightly dissatisfied with him, and after a forced smile, he said, “You are from the Shenhun sect, how dare I harm you?”

Yu Yuan remained silent with a cold face.

The development of the situation has exceeded everyone’s expectations, and he is not sure what the Shenhun Sect and the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce are planning and what they want.

Maybe the sword that holds up the sky has only one purpose, what else?

“Almost all the ones who should come have come. With Ming Chaokun’s timidity, I am afraid that it is impossible, and he went crazy with King Shura and Greck.”

Chen Qinghuang’s beautiful face under the bead curtain revealed a sarcastic smile, talking about Ming Dunkun’s timidity.

As soon as she opened her mouth, she immediately attracted everyone’s attention, but when they turned their heads to look, they were surprised to find that she had left the “Fortress of Destruction” without a trace.

Including Yu Yuan, they all naturally searched for her figure.

Then, it was discovered that she was standing in the sky above the “Death Nest” without any warning.

“Chen Qinghuang!”


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