Invincible Powers Chapter 1104: Who wants to borrow a sword?


  Empress Qingluan, who stands tall in the “Nest of Death”, is fearless and fearless in the face of Sabonis’ fury and President Li’s scolding.

  It seems that in the galaxy, there is no existence that can threaten her or make her feel afraid.

  Whether it be King Shura or Great Demon God Grek, they are not enough to affect her will and change her decision-making.

  She returned the Zhanlong Terrace to Yu Yuan, the “Dark Well” was scratched to pieces by her, and the tunnel connecting the Dark Realm was also broken by her power. At this moment, the “Nest of Death” was back under her control middle.

  Blossoming, the flowers of death blooming on the edge of the lair are growing vigorously, and the power of death is rippling outward.

  The extreme cold and darkness were melted away by the power of death and gradually dispelled.

  The three-headed and six-armed figure of the empress hovered over the nest and remained motionless.

  The power of death, destruction, and regeneration surrounds the three parts of the Dharma, which moved Sabonis, President Li, Jun Chen, and the Great Demon God Grek.

  Empress Qingluan who has refined and joined the “death lair”, the aura that emerges from the lair cannot be underestimated.

  They also have an intuition that if Chen Qinghuang sees a bad opportunity, he can get rid of Chidiao Realm and Annihilation Star Field with just a single thought, and appear in the “Destruction Nest” of Soaring Galaxy.

  No one, no existence, can stop her from leaving.

  The boundary wall of Chidori Realm does not have much influence on her at this moment.

  ”You have actually comprehended to such a degree what the phoenix left behind, the three paths to reach the gods.”

   Sabonis’ golden body stood on the chariot, flush with Chen Qinghuang’s death face.

  When King Shura was speaking, he saw the darkness pouring in from the dark realm, being corroded by the power of death, and his mood became more and more irritable.

  He knew very well that the connecting tunnel between the Dark Realm and Chidiao Realm had been destroyed by Chen Qinghuang.

  The Shura army, which can advance, attack, retreat, or defend, completely cut off its retreat because of Chen Qinghuang’s move.

  There will no longer be more cold energy from the dark field pouring into Chidori Realm, engulfing this realm as he thought, allowing him to easily eliminate all opponents.

  If the cold energy of the dark realm floods the entire Chidori Realm, and the king of gods descends, he will have nothing to fear.


   Sabonis frowned slightly, and began to examine the new situation now, with a pair of golden eyes intertwined with countless currents.

  ”Chen Qinghuang, you ruined my big business!”

  President Li, who was sitting on the golden throne, had a gloomy face and was also asking for responsibility.

  The corridors of the Dark Realm and Chidiao Realm were broken, and the Sword of Holding Heaven, which was left behind in the extreme cold and darkness, could not follow the corridors. Give the call back.

One of the schemes of   Chamber of Commerce and Divine Soul Sect fell through because of this.

  The Sword of Holding the Sky is in the most mysterious dark area between heaven and earth, and Sabonis, the king of Shura, sits in the dark area all year round. Who can take the Sword of Holding the Sky away from Sabonis in the dark area?

  Nie Qingtian back then probably didn’t have such power!

  Finally induced King Shura to leave the dark realm, carefully

  After the layout, let the sword soul enter the dark field, relying on a lot of subtleties, guide the direction of the Qingtian sword, so that this sword can come back, who would have thought that Chen Qinghuang would interfere and disrupt the soul sect and Chamber of Commerce plans?

   “Not all bad.”

  The regenerated side of Empress Qingluan faced the golden throne and said indifferently: “Look, King Shura won’t be able to return to the dark realm in a short time. And the sword soul of the divine sword is integrated into it. The sword soul Falling into it, Excalibur will have wisdom and spirituality, and it can get rid of the dark realm by itself while King Shura is away.”

  ”The sword that lifts the sky will eventually pierce the boundary wall of the dark realm and escape into the outer galaxy again.”

  When she said this, her eyes under the bead curtain seemed to be looking at Yu Yuan and the scabbard that Yu Yuan still held in his hand.

  ”Sword Soul knows Yu Yuan, and can also sense the position of the scabbard. After the Excalibur leaves the Dark Realm, after a long journey through the galaxy, it will find Yu Yuan one day.”

  ”At that time, Yu Yuan may have truly possessed the power to wield this divine sword.”

   “Not now.”

  As soon as these words came out, Chairman Li and Ghost King Tianzang had slightly unnatural expressions on their faces.


  Tianzang licked the corner of his mouth, looked deeply at Empress Qingluan, hesitant to speak.

   “I know, someone wants to borrow the sword.” Chen Qinghuang said in a low voice, “I want to temporarily borrow the divine sword to kill the world and calm the chaos. But that person is not the master of the divine sword, nor is it the inheritor.”

  She sneered, and said: “If this sword comes back, it really falls into Yu Yuan’s hands first and is used by Yu Yuan. I might not destroy it. It’s a pity that Yu Yuan has no power to fully control it before he breaks through to the realm of freedom. That sword.”


   She looked at Yu Yuan and said, “Just wait a little longer, it is yours after all. After it breaks through the dark domain ban, it may take some time to find you. But it is better than letting you It’s better to go to the dark realm by yourself and get the sword. No matter what state you are in, the moment you really appear in the dark realm, Sabonis will be able to detect it immediately and kill you instantly.”

  After that, she was in charge of the death side, and said to Sabonis: “Really?”

   King Shura was noncommittal.

  ”Someone wants to borrow a sword…”

  When she finished speaking, Yu Yuan felt something in his heart, thinking who could control this divine sword and bring this shocking turmoil to an end?

  ”Ming Chaokun, when will you see it again?”

  Suddenly, the great demon **** Grek grinned towards the outside world, “If you refuse to come in, don’t blame me for being cruel and crushing your two chess pieces to death.”

   After these words fell, Lin Zhuyun, who was submerged in darkness and covered in bruises, suddenly felt a chill.

  Yu Yuan in the Soul Transformation Pool was holding the scabbard in one hand and the Dragon Slaying Platform in the other, but the “Altar of Life” in the Qi and Blood Xiaotiandi was affected by Greg’s power, and it was out of his control. The extremely high speed and abnormal rotation made him instantly feel that the blood world was about to collapse.

  There were many fine scars on his chest, all of a sudden, because of the overflow of manic energy and blood.

  Tianzang, Hei Xun, Shaking Emperor, Heavenly Demon Qingmai, couldn’t give any help at all, and they didn’t know what method to use to alleviate the abnormality in his body.


  Lin Zhuyun came out of the darkness, wrapped in a cloud of blood mist, and slowly soared into the air, appearing in the eyes of everyone.

  This woman, who had a lot of grievances with Yu Yuan, was in extremely poor condition. She didn’t know how many bones were broken and how many tendons were opened. She was dying, as if she would die in the next moment.

  ”It’s better for them to die than for me to die.”

  A hoarse and deep voice came from the galaxy outside the boundary, clearly from Ming Chaokun, and everyone inside could hear it clearly.

   “I’ve never seen a giant starry sky beast as timid as you.” King Shura snorted coldly.

  ”That’s why I have survived until now. And the one who was older than me and stronger than me, the supreme Titan Spinosaurus, didn’t he die early? He thought he was invincible in the galaxy, but he was still surrounded by the same kind, by those few A guy was beaten and seriously injured, and died quietly?”

  ”Void Lingmei, I also feel that no one can kill her. I think that if I can penetrate the void, I will not be afraid of anything. What happened?”

  ”Phoenix, you still think she can regenerate forever, now?”

  ”Even the giant winged lizard of the deep sea, went to the most remote and lonely galaxy in the outer domain, and survived to this day in the uninhabited nothingness for hundreds of millions of years?”

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  Ming Chaokun’s hoarse voice was full of ridicule and sarcasm.

  ”Although I have been imprisoned in Haoyu for many years, I am still alive, and I am still living in the central world of Haoyu. As for you two reckless men, hey, the King Shura before you, the patriarch of the Blood Demon Clan, I see There were not ten, but seven or eight. I had a good relationship with a few of them, much better than the two of you.”

  ”So what?”

  ”Your previous patriarch, didn’t you also step into the tenth-level bloodline, and died one after another.”

  ”Only me, and only me!”

  Ming Dunkun’s voice became deeper and more ethereal, and seemed a little far away from Chidiaojie.

  The powerhouse at the peak of the Freedom Realm can feel that this giant starry sky beast is deliberately pulling away from the Chidori Realm, as if it is afraid of something.

  Outside the realm, the giant fish transformed by Ming Chaokun is indeed getting farther and farther away from the Thousand Bird Realm.

   Moreover, he completely gave up the idea of ​​swallowing the Chidori Realm in the original form of the starry sky behemoth.

  He also contracted sharply, transforming into the body of a skinny old man, disappearing from the galaxy in the outer domain in an instant, and appearing on the meteorite land where the corpse king is.


  Yin Corpse King stood behind him respectfully, with sincere respect in his eyes.

  Ming Chaokun narrowed his eyes, frowned deeply, sighed quietly, and said, “I knew it would happen.”

   “What?” Yin Corpse King asked in surprise.

   “Look at the boundary wall again.” Ming Chaokun said.

  Yin Corpse King gathered soul thoughts and Yin pure spiritual power into the pupils of his eyes, stared intently, then took a deep breath, his expression became as bitter as that of Chaos Kun.



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