Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 567: Poaching in person


“Do we still want to fight?”.

On the Taoist platform, Lin Feng stood proudly, looking at the monk with wings on his back with cold eyes.

In fact, if possible, Lin Feng really wanted to kill this guy. After all, they did not belong to the same camp.

Killing this guy will eliminate a big threat in the future, but Lin Feng also knows that the opponent is very advanced. Although he is injured now, his combat power is still extremely terrifying. It is not easy to kill such a being, even There may be a big price to pay.

And this guy also has companions. Although his companions are not as powerful as him, they are existences that cannot be underestimated.

As for the monk with two wings on his back, his face was extremely gloomy. Now that he was hurt by Lin Feng, he was really humiliated. He wished he could find a crack in the ground to crawl in, and there was no need to continue the war. He didn’t want to in his heart. Accept this fact, but have to accept that his combat power is indeed inferior to Lin Feng.


The monk with wings on his back snorted coldly and did not answer whether Lin Feng would continue to fight, but everyone knew that he was shrinking.

Lin Feng looked at the monk with wings on his back and said, “What are you still doing standing on the platform? Why don’t you get off?”.

“Boy, what did you say?”, the monk with wings on his back was suddenly shocked, his face was slightly distorted, and he looked at Lin Feng with eyes that looked like he wanted to kill someone, as if he wanted to kill Lin Feng The look of being cut into pieces.

Lin Feng said with an indifferent expression, “The defeated are not qualified to continue to stand on the Taoist platform. Don’t you understand this truth? Do you need me to teach you?”

Many people lamented Lin Feng’s strength. In fact, if Lin Feng didn’t drive this person away, others probably wouldn’t say anything. After all, the Shenting organization still has to give face, and besides, the existence of the wings on his back is indeed extremely powerful. He is so powerful, and no one wants to offend such a powerful figure.

But it was a different situation when Lin Feng opened his mouth. As a victor, Lin Feng did not need to save any face for the monk with wings on his back.

Since this guy comes out to step on people, he must be aware of being stepped on and losing face.

“Boy, let’s fight, you and I will fight to the death!”. The monk with wings on his back shouted angrily. As the deputy master of the Shenting organization, he naturally could not accept being humiliated by Lin Feng. Now his blood was rushing to his head and he wanted to fight Lin Feng for life and death. This choice of his made him sad. Many people are secretly happy. Many people like to watch this kind of life-and-death showdown. Anyway, no matter who is killed, there will be no harm to them. They even have fewer competitors, so why not do it.

Lin Feng sneered and said, “Since you want to die, then I will help you!”.

After the words fell, Lin Feng stepped forward to kill the monk who wanted to grow wings on his back. The monk who had wings on his back was also extremely angry now and also killed Lin Feng. But at this time, a voice suddenly sounded, “Husband, step back. Well, there is no need to continue arguing!”.

Many people looked at the woman who spoke. In fact, many people had already noticed the woman, because the woman was indeed outstanding. She had such a good figure that it was almost a crime, and she had a beautiful face. , the temperament is very noble.

He is a man who seems to want to conquer this kind of woman.

Many people didn’t know much about this woman, but after hearing the woman’s name for the monk with two wings on his back, they immediately knew that this woman turned out to be this guy’s wife.

The monk with two wings on his back is the deputy head of the Shenting organization. Many people think that he will most likely not listen to his wife’s persuasion. After all, it is about face.

But what shocked everyone was that when the woman spoke, the monk with wings on his back really stopped.

He looked at Lin Feng coldly and said, “I’ll just go down! But we’re not done with today’s business!”.

“Haha, losers always like to use some pale words to regain some ground.” Lin Feng sarcastically said, his words made the monk with wings on his back very angry.

The monk with wings on his back wanted to refute Lin Feng, but saw his wife shaking her head at him.

The monk with wings on his back forcibly held back.

Lin Feng thought to himself, “How come this couple feels so weird!”.

Lin Feng only thinks so because the status of a monk with two wings on his back is too simple. After all, the Shenting organization is also a top force. He can reach the level of deputy court master, so he is naturally an extremely extraordinary person, but outside he is like this It’s really unusual to listen to what my wife said. After all, this is the world of cultivators. The status of women is not as high as imagined. In a world where men are in power, a man with a noble status does not even dare to refute his wife’s words. Any words, this in itself is enough to make people think a lot, but it cannot be explained clearly by saying that he is so obedient because he loves his wife.

There must be a secret behind this, but Lin Feng couldn’t guess it.

However, Lin Feng didn’t mind making things a little more confusing.

There is no need to be polite when attacking the enemy, so Lin Feng said to the woman, “Beauty, this guy is not worthy of you, but I do lack a personal maid by my side. Are you interested in coming to serve me?”.

“I’ll go…what kind of tiger-wolf talk is this?”.

At this moment, countless people were shocked.

I didn’t expect Lin Feng to say these words at all. Isn’t this just poaching in front of others?

Of course, everyone knows that Lin Feng’s words are meant to stimulate the monks who have wings on their backs.

As the saying goes, murder kills the heart.

Nothing better than this.

“Boy, I’m going to tear you apart!”. Sure enough, the monk with wings on his back went berserk after hearing Lin Feng’s words, and rushed forward to fight with Lin Feng, as if it was either you or me who would die.

“Okay, please restrain yourself and don’t be affected by his words. He wants everyone to laugh at you!”.

The woman spoke and stopped her husband who was about to go crazy.

The monk with wings on his back finally nodded, retreated into the crowd, stopped talking, and just stared at Lin Feng with eyes full of hatred.

Lin Feng didn’t care at all about this person’s hatred.

A guy who is just a defeated general and has already cast a psychological shadow. If he is given ten more chances, he will not be able to make any waves. Moreover, Lin Feng will not give him so many chances. If there is a chance later, If so, just kill this guy directly.

And the woman walked towards the Taoist platform with gentle steps.

Obviously, she wants to replace her husband as one of the eight-person coffin-opening team.

“Who is this woman? She doesn’t look simple…”, a strong man spoke, but no one knew this woman. This was something that surprised many people. After all, some people were relatively familiar with the Lord of the Divine Court. , but none of them knew the identity of this woman.

This woman came on stage, and a good smell wafted from her body.

It is indeed the best. It is impossible for someone other than a top-notch beauty to have such a fragrance.

Lin Feng looked at the woman’s charming body with a rather unrestrained look, and said, “The words I said will always count for you!”. ()


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