Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 566: Metallic runes break the Supreme Court


He is the deputy chief of the Shenting organization.

His strength, looking at the four major universes, is the top strong man.

It’s no wonder that the monk with wings on his back couldn’t accept the fact that he was repelled by Lin Feng. After all, such a superior being was repelled by a monk who lived more than 300 years. No one would tell such a thing to anyone. I believe it, but it happened like this today. It was like a fantasy, and it had a great impact on the monk with wings on his back.

Of course, it was not just a mental shock, but also some facial problems. It was really inappropriate for a big shot like him to be repelled by a junior like Lin Feng. He felt that his face was burning with pain.

It was like being slapped in the face.

This made him extremely angry.

“What kind of monster is this guy?”. Many people watching the battle had stunned expressions.

Even the Demon Lord couldn’t help but be slightly startled, wondering how long it had been since they were separated, and how much more powerful had this kid’s combat power been? This guy probably got a great opportunity in this maze. Otherwise, how could he have improved so much strength in such a short period of time.

This made the Demon Lord a little jealous of Lin Feng. After all, none of the monks who entered this place were very lucky.

But among the competition among these lucky people, Lin Feng was still able to stand out.

This is enough to explain too many problems. If Lin Feng is allowed to grow, Lin Feng may really become the second Ye Xuan.

For people like them, this is an extremely terrifying thing.

“Master’s interests!”. Li Jianji clapped his hands and applauded.

“What a perverted strength!” Wang Caiyu on the side was also a little shocked. She had fought side by side with Lin Feng, but at that time Lin Feng did not display too much extraordinary individual combat capability, but now he has shown it in a small way. Once upon a time, the whole audience was shocked.

“Boy, die!”.

The monk with the wings on his back shouted angrily, and saw him flying into the mid-air. His wings quickly grew in size, and then he shot out endless cold light and killed Lin Feng. Those cold lights were , like sword energy, can easily tear apart the void. This is an attack he condensed based on his own situation.

“It’s useless, there’s nothing you can do about me!”.

Lin Feng sneered, jumped up, and killed directly towards the monk with wings on his back. Around Lin Feng, the void became distorted.

It seems vaguely visible.

There is a mysterious black hole looming.

That was the devouring black hole formed by Lin Feng’s six paths of reincarnation. When the endless sword energy came to kill, they were all swallowed up by those black holes, but Lin Feng successfully rushed to the monk with two wings on his back. in front of him, and then killed him with one punch.

“Damn it!”. The monk with wings on his back shouted angrily. He was not afraid and charged towards Lin Feng.


The two sides collided for the second time, and he was knocked away by Lin Feng again.

Seeing this situation, many people were amazed. Lin Feng did not look like a young monk. He was sophisticated in his methods and had great fighting spirit. He was not the kind of monk with extremely rich combat experience who could not defeat him in such a short time. Only when his state has been adjusted to this level, I can only say that this Lin Feng is really a monster. Many people feel that if they tell others about Lin Feng’s battle situation they saw today, others will definitely not believe it. This is not what they should be at all. This is the fighting ability that such a young monk should possess.

At this time, Lin Feng pursued the victory and wanted to seize the opportunity to beat the drowned dog and completely eliminate the monk with two wings on his back.

The monk with wings on his back looked very ugly when he saw Lin Feng coming to kill him, but his reaction was also extremely fast. When Lin Feng quickly came to kill him, he fanned his wings.


The monk with wings on his back disappeared.

There was only an afterimage left in the void.

Lin Feng’s body passed through his afterimage and was unable to cause any harm to the monk with wings on his back.

“What a speed!”. many people exclaimed.

The speed of the monk with two wings on his back was indeed astonishing. He appeared on the other side of the Taoist platform, looked at Lin Feng coldly, and said, “Boy, you have completely angered me. Next, I will let you learn from me. Real combat power and killing moves!”.

The words fell.

The monk with wings on his back chanted the incantation while making secrets with his hands.

A combination of mantras and formulas.

A loud rumbling sound came out, and a mysterious world suddenly condensed in the void, and in that mysterious world, there was a huge temple, looming, and the huge palace The temple is so real, great, mysterious, ancient, and immortal. Any words to describe that mysterious temple cannot describe one-tenth of the splendor of that mysterious temple.

“It’s the Supreme Court of God…”.

Someone said.

In fact, among the heavens, there are some magical powers that can summon the shadow of the Supreme Divine Court. These magical powers are the most top-notch magical powers. However, these magical powers themselves are also divided into three, six or nine levels.

This is like going to college, some are from Qingbei and some are from Sanben.

It is also the magical power to summon the Supreme Court of God, but the power can also be very different.

Obviously, this monk with two wings on his back, as the deputy master of the Divine Court organization, the Supreme Divine Court summoned by him is the most advanced summoning technique.


The monk with wings on his back looked at Lin Feng with an indifferent expression. As he let out a soft drink, the huge Supreme Court moved towards Lin Feng to suppress it.

The fluctuations emanating from the Supreme Divine Court are enough to shake all directions.

Even many top experts feel the pressure.

Although the monks who were less powerful were still some distance away from Lin Feng and the others, their faces turned pale under the pressure emanating from the Supreme Court.

They had to retreat quickly, so the pressure they endured was much less.

“Yes, yes, this power is quite tyrannical, but it is not enough. Today I will also let you experience my magical power!”.

Facing this heaven-defying attack, Lin Feng sneered repeatedly without any fear.

I saw Lin Feng directly condensed a metallic rune. This was a rune of gold recorded in the Five Elements of Heaven and Earth. It was a rune that was understood from the Origin Stone. This kind of rune is Runes transcend the level of reincarnation, so runes are the ultimate sublimation of Tao, so powerful that they shock people’s hearts.

When the metallic rune flew out, bursts of Dao roaring sounds could be heard between heaven and earth, resounding throughout the world.

“Could it be… a pioneer-level supernatural power?”. Seeing the metallic runes offered by Lin Feng, some monks shouted in shock.


The next moment, the metallic runes condensed by Lin Feng directly shattered the Supreme Divine Court formed by the monks with wings on their backs.

Immediately afterwards, the metallic rune illuminated the world of a hundred thousand miles of starry sky.

He struck hard at the monk with the wings on his back, and directly flew away the monk with the wings on his back.


The monk with two wings on his back suffered a huge impact and vomited blood in mid-air. ()


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