Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 568: There is no body in the coffin but there are treasures


“Pavilion Master Lin is too much like Meng Lang. As Pavilion Master Lin, these words are ridiculous.” This woman also speaks in a subtle way.

Lin Feng said lightly, “To be successful in life, you must have all the joy. Don’t let the golden bottle stand against the moon. As a person like me, I can do whatever I want and say what I want. Do you think I care about outsiders? What do you think?”

The woman thought for a while and realized that Lin Feng probably really had a character that didn’t care about the opinions of outsiders at all.

Living quite freely.

This kind of life is more or less enviable.

After all, in the world of cultivators, there are not many people who can live their true selves.

But the woman ignored Lin Feng. After all, not long ago, Lin Feng beat her nominal husband until he vomited blood. She and Lin Feng were chatting enthusiastically here. What a big deal.

The woman quickly came to the coffin.

Lin Feng also walked towards the coffin.

Counting the Demon Lord and others, the eight powerful men belong to eight positions.

An old man said gloomily, “I know there are a lot of dirty things among you, but let’s keep the ugly talk in front of us. No one should be clever before the coffin is officially opened, otherwise, other forces will be attacked. We must abide by the siege, what do you think?”


Lin Feng and others nodded.

After everyone reached an agreement, they began to study the coffin.

This coffin is not simple. The pictures, divine patterns, etc. on it are all extremely mysterious and contain extraordinary power. In addition, there are nails that fix the sarcophagus in place. There are sixty-four nails in total. These nails are all based on Made of special materials, it is not easy to open the coffin.

“Judging from the weirdness displayed by the coffin before, if we try to open the coffin, we will definitely be attacked. Therefore, we’d better grasp the rhythm and suppress any danger caused by the coffin, while also You should try your best to pull out the nails you are responsible for at the same time. Once you complete this task simultaneously, the probability of final success will be greatly improved!” A strong man spoke.

In fact, there are many things that this strong man did not explain very clearly, such as why he needs to do some things simultaneously, etc., but some things do not need to be said so straightforwardly, after all, they are all top strong men.

See everything at a glance.

Everyone adjusted their position slightly, then took out the tools and began to try to pry off the nails on the coffin. During this process, everyone was very careful and tried to be consistent, but at this time, in the coffin, But a large amount of **** energy poured out.

These **** energies shrouded Lin Feng and others, seeming to want to rob Lin Feng and others of their flesh and blood.

“Seeking death!”.

The eight powerful men’s voices were cold, and they took action at the same time. The eight powerful men used their torrential magic power to suppress the surging **** power.

The **** power in the coffin is quite powerful.

However, it also depends on who the opponent is. If the opponent is only one or two people, it may be easier to deal with it, but if the opponent is eight powerful people, it will not be easy to deal with it.

The eight powerful men joined forces to attack, which was simply earth-shattering.

The crazily surging **** energy was suppressed, and then the eight powerful men joined forces to suppress it.

But the **** energy was unwilling to give in and soon surged out again, but was still suppressed by Lin Feng and others.

“Seal this coffin so that the **** energy cannot come out!”. A strong man spoke.

This is the coffin opening of eight top powerhouses, and they all master the art of sealing.

As a result, Lin Feng and others applied a layer of sealing techniques one after another.

The eight people applied a total of eight layers of sealing techniques. These eight layers of seals were super powerful when combined. Even the **** energy in the coffin was not able to surge out and was successfully sealed in it.

After seeing this situation, Lin Feng and others applied for a big promotion, but they did not dare to waste time. If they did not open the coffin at this time, they would wait for it.

So Lin Feng and others took action one after another, trying to pull out the nails. Experts at their level could easily find a consistent rhythm, and with their efforts, the first nail was quickly removed by them. Pried it off.

Everything is difficult at the beginning.

After the first nail was pried off, the second, third, and fourth nails followed. Since there were sixty-four nails in total, each person was responsible for eight nails. Soon they would The eight nails he was responsible for were pried out.

At this moment, the crowd below also became commotion.

Because the coffin will be opened soon.

The monks who have never been on the Taoist platform are now secretly accumulating their strength, waiting for the treasure to appear so that they can **** it.

“Push him away”. A strong man spoke.


The eight powerful men took action, and the powerful force struck **** the coffin lid. The coffin lid was extremely heavy, like a mountain, but now it was pushed away and fell onto the Taoist platform.

“Why is there no body?”.

Someone exclaimed.

Originally, everyone thought that there should be a corpse in this coffin, especially Lin Feng. He guessed that the corpse in the coffin was the owner of the maze, and he was also the hateful man back then. But who would have thought that in this coffin, There is no body of the other party.

However, there were some funerary objects placed in the coffin. There must be more than a dozen of them. Each funerary object was surrounded by a black light group. The black light group had the effect of blocking the exploration of spiritual thoughts, so everyone did not Know what it is.

“Grab…”. At this moment, everyone took action, trying to **** the treasure in the coffin.

Although I don’t know what these treasures are, since they can be placed in the coffin, they are definitely amazing things, so everyone is sparing no effort to fight for them. But at this time, the dozen black light groups actually shook. An extremely terrifying power emerged.

The terrifying power struck Lin Feng and the others fiercely, and then sent Lin Feng and the others flying away.

Then, a dozen treasures quickly rushed outside.

“Grass!”. Some strong men swore directly. They had no idea that these light groups were so weird and so powerful that they were almost abnormal, which shocked everyone.

Lin Feng made a decisive move. He locked onto one of the black light groups, evolved into a swallowing black hole, and shrouded it directly towards the black light group.

Lin Feng’s swallowing black hole instantly enveloped the black light group, but the black light group continued to struggle and was about to struggle out.

But fortunately, at this time, Lin Feng had already cast the Eight Seal Runes of the Forbidden God, directly suppressing the black light group, and then Lin Feng collected the black light group.

All this happened in a flash of lightning.

After collecting the first thing, Lin Feng locked on the second black light group. He rushed towards it quickly, still evolving into a swallowing black hole and shrouding the black light group.

But at this time, someone quietly appeared behind Lin Feng and punched Lin Feng’s head. It seemed that he wanted to blast Lin Feng’s head to pieces like a punch blasting a watermelon. ()


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