Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 437: The Ultimate Sword


Needless to say, the fighting power of the Stone Statue Legion is quite powerful.

Lin Feng used his spiritual field to influence the mental state of Goddess Zhentian, and then used the stone statue army to hold back Goddess Zhentian, just to prevent Goddess Zhentian from joining other battles.

Although the Heavenly Tribes are powerful enough, they lack the top-level combat power of the True Heavenly Goddess.

Of the three captain-level beings, the strongest one is the squad leader who has the cultivation base of more than 200 immortal temples.

The other two vice-captain-level monks only have the strength of more than a hundred immortal temples.

Although the three of them are powerful, they cannot change the situation of the battle. The only one who can change the situation of the battle is the Goddess Zhentian.

Having held back the True Heaven Goddess, Lin Feng believed that the twenty-one members of the Heavenly Tribe would definitely not be able to withstand multiple attacks such as the strongest Heavenly Group, the Undead Army, and the Killing Formation.

The fantasy world created by Lin Feng is still a world filled with heavy snow.

The fighting power of the stone statues is quite astonishing. Even the Goddess Zhentian does not dare to be careless in the slightest.

The battle between the two sides was extremely fierce, and the True Heaven Goddess was indeed extremely powerful. Although she was besieged by a group of stone statues, the sky-wide attacks from the stone statues failed to harm the True Heaven Goddess.

All attacks were resolved by the Goddess Zhentian.

And. Many stone statues were successively destroyed by the Goddess Zhentian.

It’s just that even if these stone statues are destroyed, they can be quickly reassembled and repaired. Zhentian Goddess has no way to truly destroy these stone statues. This is also the horror of the stone statues. If Zhentian Goddess can truly destroy these stone statues, even if The group of stone statues cannot trap the Goddess Zhentian.

When Goddess Zhentian saw that the stone statues could be repaired after being destroyed, she knew something was wrong.

She can’t keep fighting with the stone statues, it won’t do her any good.

She began to quickly search for Lin Feng’s whereabouts.

As long as Lin Feng is found and defeated, all the troubles will be solved.

Since Lin Feng evolved into the illusion, he has disappeared into the illusion.

It is really not an easy task to find Lin Feng.

But Goddess Zhentian is too powerful.

The combat power of almost four hundred immortal temples, and he also possesses infinite magical skills, and his methods are as unpredictable as ghosts and gods.

Zhentian Goddess quickly locked onto Lin Feng’s position, and then quickly moved towards Lin Feng’s hiding place. Even the group of stone statues did not stop Zhentian Goddess, and she rushed out.

“You really surprised me, but it has to come to an end!”.

The Goddess Zhentian held a cold sword and stabbed into the void.

That was Lin Feng’s hiding place.

But when the Goddess of Heaven struck with her sword, the void turned into a mirror with water patterns.

A wave of water rippled.

Lin Feng disappeared.

Not there.


Behind Zhentian Goddess, Lin Feng appeared, holding a black dragon sword, and slashed directly at the back of Zhentian Goddess, but Zhentian Goddess reacted too quickly, turned around and swept his sword, and Lin Feng collided with Zhentian Goddess. With one blow, he was actually knocked away by the sword of Goddess Zhentian.

Lin Feng felt his hands were numb from the shock.

The pain was excruciating.

And the Goddess Zhentian continued to kill Lin Feng, with a bit of cold light that seemed to be able to penetrate the world. The sword locked Lin Feng and stabbed Lin Feng’s Tianling Gai fiercely.

If this sword pierces the head and is suddenly twisted, the entire brain will be completely destroyed and the person will die.

But when the Goddess Zhentian struck with her sword, Lin Feng disappeared again.

The True Goddess! Still couldn’t hurt Lin Feng!

At this time, the group of stone statues had come again and surrounded the Zhentian Goddess.

Lin Feng emerged and said, “Goddess Zhentian, although you are ridiculously strong, your spirit has been affected. Your perception and everything you see are still somewhat different from the reality. So, even if you You can really lock me, but I can also use the mental field to create a momentary illusion, making it difficult for you to hurt me at all!”

“Don’t be proud. Do you really think I can’t defeat your method? I was just testing you just now, and I also found your weakness. Now, I will completely destroy all the stone statues. And completely destroy your illusion!”.

The voice of this true goddess is extremely cold.

In fact, she herself knew very well that the current situation was extremely bad for them. Although he didn’t know what the situation was like among the tribes of heaven outside, he could make a guess. Fan, the current situation of the Tianzhi tribe is probably not that ideal.

There may even have been casualties.

She can’t continue to waste it.

“The Ultimate Sword!”, the deep voice of the Goddess Zhentian, which contained cold murderous intent, suddenly resounded.

You can see it.

The goddess of true heaven holds the sword in both hands and sweeps across the void.

Her sword bloomed with endless light. The light was so piercing that it almost made people unable to open their eyes. A single sweep of the sword seemed to be able to destroy the world and shatter the six realms. The power was so tyrannical that it made people unable to open their eyes. Shock.

This is the desperate method used by the four hundred immortal palace experts. It is truly terrifying.

Anyone who encounters such attacks.

Absolutely, they will all be shocked.

Even Lin Feng was like this. He realized that something was wrong, and quickly used the secret skill of mending the sky to resist the damage caused by this blow.


The stone statues roared and attacked with all their strength, but the attacks of the stone statues were instantly destroyed, and then the stone statues were also destroyed one after another under the attack of the terrifying sword.

Lin Feng relied on the Heaven-Mending Technique to avoid the sword attack.

That sword was simply stunning.

After destroying the group of stone statues, he continued to attack Lin Feng’s illusion. Lin Feng’s illusion also suffered a huge impact and was about to be destroyed.

Just one more less powerful attack will definitely break the illusion.


Lin Feng did not give Zhentian Goddess this chance. Lin Feng directly sacrificed many of his magic weapons, and then used an ancient weapon array to attack Zhentian Goddess. At the same time, Lin Feng also used the magic weapon he just used Behind Lin Feng, the phantom of the Soldier’s Tomb appeared.

Countless illusory images and countless magical weapons shook the void, resonating with Lin Feng’s many magic weapons.

In fact, Lin Feng has already planned to update his magic weapons. After all, the magic weapons he can control are also limited. Lin Feng wants to gradually replace some creator-level magic weapons with quasi-pioneer-level magic weapons. In this way, , the power of these magic weapons will be even more powerful.

At this moment, with the blessing of the Tomb of Soldiers, the power of the ancient weapon array instantly increased by three to four times, and the attack was directed at the Goddess Zhentian, who originally wanted to destroy Lin Feng’s creation. fantasy, but now she had to stop. She needed to resist Lin Feng’s attack first. Otherwise, if such a terrifying attack hit her, even if she was as powerful as her, she would still be seriously injured if she didn’t die. ()


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