Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 438: Want to kill all the monks of the Heavenly Tribe


Zhentian Goddess still urged the cold sword in her hand to kill with an extremely powerful attack, but Lin Feng could feel that Zhentian Goddess’s attack this time was much less powerful than the sword just now. Far.

That sword strike just now was really amazing.

Lin Feng felt that even a strong person with the level of five hundred immortal temples might not be able to attack at the level just now, so that sword completely destroyed the stone statues.

And such an attack would take an unimaginable toll on the body, not just a serious drain.

It can also cause additional side effects on the body.

It is not easy to activate it, and it is even more impossible to activate such attacks continuously.


The next moment, the attack from Lin Feng’s ancient weapon collided with the sword from Zhentian Goddess. The sword from Zhentian Goddess instantly destroyed the attack from Lin Feng’s ancient weapon.

Zhentian Goddess is worthy of being a powerful person in the 400 Immortal Palaces. Even though the power of this sword has dropped a lot, it is still unimaginably terrifying. The sword energy continues to kill Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng threw the diamond circle and used it to resist the power of the remaining sword energy.

When the Diamond Circle was knocked away, Lin Feng controlled the ancient weapons formation to launch a second attack.

Lin Feng’s main role is to overwhelm Zhentian Goddess.

Let the Goddess Zhen Tian break the illusion and join others without being distracted.

“Damn it!”.

Zhentian Goddess could not help but curse in a low voice. She continued to wave the cold sword in her hand and attacked Lin Feng. At this time, the stone statues destroyed by Zhentian Goddess reorganized their bodies one after another. When Lin Feng and When the attack of the Goddess Zhentian completed the second collision.

The group of stone statues has been assembled and surrounded the Goddess Zhentian again.

Suddenly, the Goddess Zhentian fell into the situation of being besieged by the stone statues and Lin Feng again.

The battle outside can be said to be extremely fierce. The undead army, with the cooperation of the strongest heavenly group and the ultimate killing formation, continues to attack the monks of the heavenly tribe.

Although the Heavenly Tribe does not have the help of the True Heaven Goddess, the monks of the Heavenly Tribe are extremely powerful in combat. In addition, they also have many magic weapons and their combined attack skills are extremely perfect, so The overall combat power is still ridiculously strong, which makes Shilong and others feel dumbfounded. They are worthy of being the most top team. Compared with the Tianzhi tribe in all aspects, the strongest Tiantuan is indeed far behind. gap.

Therefore, the loss of the undead army was very serious, and a large number of undead were killed. Although they were resurrected inside the Book of the Dead, they had lost their combat effectiveness and needed to recuperate.

Of course.

The undead army suffered enough losses, and the tribesmen of the sky also began to suffer damage in this continuous battle.

After all, there are only a few people on their side, only twenty-one people in total.

With such a small number of people, no matter how powerful they are, they will be severely tested under the Legion’s charge.

Every once in a while, someone is killed by the monks of the Undead Army who are constantly charging.

Up to now, the Tianzhi tribe has lost eight people.

Only the last thirteen people were left struggling to support themselves, but most of them were injured.

The eyes of these monks of the Heaven Tribe have turned blood red. For endless long years, they have been aloof and overlooking the existence of all living beings. They have never been in such a mess. But today, their losses are really huge. It’s so tragic.

They tried to break out several times, but were unable to break out.

The undead army launched a new round of charge.

After this round of charge, another strong man was killed.

“We must contact the Lord, otherwise, we may all lose it here!”. The first deputy captain said to the squad leader with a pale face.

“Okay, I’ll contact the Lord, you guys try your best to resist!”. The squad leader spoke.

“You have to do it as soon as possible.” said the first deputy captain.

So the team leader began to try to use secret techniques to contact the Lord of the Galaxy.

“Intensify the attack!”. Shi Long shouted loudly, calling on everyone to increase the attack intensity as much as possible.

A large number of fairy stones were ignited, further stimulating the power of the formation.

The undead army once again began a charge that was not afraid of death.

The members of the strongest heavenly group also launched their strongest attacks one after another, launching a crazy and violent offensive against the opponent.

The tribe of Heaven once again received a huge impact.

This time, the members of the Tianzhi tribe were directly dispersed.

Three more people were killed, and now, there were only five people left in the Tianzhi tribe.

The Goddess Zhentian in the illusion accumulated strength for the second time and launched the terrifying attack from before.

This time, in order to perform this attack, she even burned her origin.

It can be seen how difficult this kind of attack is to perform, but its power is indeed extremely terrifying. It once again destroyed the group of stone statues. Lin Feng used the mirror flower shadow to neutralize the opponent’s attack and bounce back part of the attack. This part of the attack hit Zhentian Goddess. Although Zhentian Goddess neutralized part of the attack in time, she was still shocked and spit out a mouthful of blood. It can be seen that Lin Feng’s rebounded attack was quite powerful.

But the wave caused by this attack was really powerful, and it still broke Lin Feng’s illusion. After all, Lin Feng’s illusion had already suffered a huge impact from the previous wave of impact.

This time. I can’t hold on anymore.

When the Goddess Zhentian came out, they discovered that there were only the last five people left on the Tianzhi tribe. It was really terrible to see that such an elite force had suffered such heavy losses.

And a new round of charge by the undead army has also begun.

Lin Feng’s voice resounded throughout the world, “Those brave and fearless warriors, pick up the weapons in your hands and repel these despicable and dirty guys.”

The blessing power of the Tomb of Soldiers has played a great role, directly forming a very powerful blessing for the strongest heavenly group and the undead army. Although it is not as exaggerated as five or six times, or even more, it is It also doubled the combat power of their magic weapons, making their combat effectiveness even stronger.

Facing the charge of the undead army, the remaining five people are not so easy to resist.

Two more monks were killed.

The two cosmic bosses at the vice-captain level also suffered extremely serious injuries.

One person was almost cut in half, and the other had an arm cut off.

The team leader was in contact with the Lord of the Galaxy. He was protected by others, so he was not seriously injured.

“Woo woo woo…”. The trumpets sounded.

The undead army gathered again and began a new round of charge. This time, the undead army was full of morale and seemed to want to completely kill the last three people of the Heavenly Tribe. ()


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