Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 436: Lin Feng’s Fantasy



“This kid has indeed set a trap waiting for us!”.

“Humph, what a trap, we can break it easily!”.

A group of people sneered again and again.

I have no intention of taking Lin Feng’s methods seriously.

Lin Feng sneered in his heart. These people are too self-righteous. They haven’t noticed that something is wrong until now. Of course, it may have something to do with their experience. After all, as a force inherited from the old era, and they are still such a group of top powerhouses, they naturally I feel fearless and feel that no matter what happens, I can easily solve it.

This kind of confidence comes from strength.

But they ignored one thing.

That is, they ignored the power that Lin Feng had. Lin Feng was alone before, so he could not be the opponent of their group.

But now Lin Feng is not alone.

The members of the strongest heavenly group have already arrived. You must know that Lin Feng’s strongest heavenly group also includes Shi Long and several other powerful men at the level of universe bosses.

Although there is no such powerful monk as Zhentian Goddess.

But so what, Lin Feng and the others are outnumbered.


Lin Feng is also assisted by the undead army.

The stone man army joined forces and was enough to hold back the True Heaven Goddess in about four hundred immortal temples.

Lin Feng, the Grand Formation, the Strongest Heaven Regiment, and other members of the Undead Army are working together to deal with the other members of the Heavenly Tribe.

This plan is simply perfect.

Lin Feng’s voice came out, “What a bunch of arrogant people. Do you really think I can’t deal with you guys? I can tell you, there are many helpers around me!”.

At this time, the True Heaven Goddess and the monks of the Heavenly Tribe also seemed to sense the aura of the strongest Heavenly Tribe member.

Goddess Zhentian sneered, “Ah… there are really many strong people, but so what, compared with us, they are still far behind. These people you have found will also be the same as you.” Let’s die here together!”

Lin Feng said, “What if we add another legion?”.

After finishing his words, Lin Feng directly summoned the undead army.

When the undead army was summoned by Lin Feng, whether it was the True Heaven Goddess or the monks of the Heaven Tribe, their expressions immediately changed. They were powerful enough, so they could feel how extraordinary the army summoned by Lin Feng was. .

Although the number is less than one million.

However, the key realm is relatively high. If the number of people is insufficient to make up for the realm, this is very powerful, and the deterrence caused will also be extremely astonishing.

The monk army composed of millions of masters is still very scary.

What’s more, Lin Feng’s group of helpers who he found from nowhere are actually quite powerful.

“How to say?”. The captain of the Heavenly Tribe looked at the True Heaven Goddess and asked.

The face of the Goddess Zhentian was gloomy and quite ugly. She said, “Get out first!”.

Making this decision is not an easy thing, because they are used to being aloof and have never backed down, but now, they are scared by Lin Feng and want to retreat.

This made Goddess Zhentian feel quite uncomfortable.

Of course, not only the True Heaven Goddess felt uncomfortable, but also the monks of the Heaven Tribe felt quite uncomfortable.

These people.

I also never chose to retreat.

They regarded this as a great shame and humiliation.

It’s just that the current situation is not good for people like them. No matter how aggrieved they are, they can’t choose to endure it to the end.

If you do that, you may really lose everything here.


After making a decision, the group of people chose a direction and rushed quickly, trying to break out.

Lin Feng sneered. He had already guessed that these people would choose to break out, so Lin Feng’s large formation combination was superimposed with multiple illusion formations.

In addition, Lin Feng will also use the spiritual field to influence the spiritual world of these people later.

How can they break out if they want to?

“Go ahead and kill them all, leaving no one behind.”

Lin Feng waved his hand and said.

Wu Liang Taoist priest shouted, “I want to get rich!”.

This guy is eyeing the treasure in the opponent’s storage ring. After all, he is an ancient force from the old era. The treasure collected must be extremely amazing and exciting.

Poison Ancestor shouted, “Haha, the origins of these guys should be quite powerful!”.

It seems that Poison Ancestor has focused on the origin of these people. What Poison Ancestor said is in line with the truth. The realm of these people is generally relatively high.

Their origins are naturally extremely precious, and for Lin Feng, they may not be of much use.

But for many people in the strongest group.

Their origins and the role they play are absolutely extremely huge.

The strength of many people in the strongest heavenly group will be greatly improved.


The formation boiled, and countless formations intertwined, releasing extremely terrifying attacks of various types, killing the True Heaven Goddess and the monks of the Heavenly Tribe.

Lin Feng used his spiritual field to influence the spiritual world of these people.

The two demon flower sisters also use psychedelic techniques to influence each other.

Coupled with the large formation arranged by Lin Feng, their breakthrough suddenly lost its direction.

The strongest heavenly group launched extremely powerful attacks one after another towards the True Heaven Goddess and the monks of the Heavenly Tribe.

The undead army also began to charge against these people.

The battle was extremely fierce.

It has to be said that these people are indeed terrifying. The undead army that rushed into the formation was constantly being strangled.

Especially the Zhentian Goddess, she is so powerful. She is close to the strength of four hundred immortal temples. She can kill gods if she blocks her, and kills Buddha if she blocks Buddha.

No one can beat you.

Wuliang Taoist shouted, “Xiao Linzi, hurry up and find a way to deal with the leading woman, otherwise there will be big trouble sooner or later.”

“Okay, you can just deal with the others. I and the Stone Statue Legion will deal with that woman!”.

Lin Feng said.

Originally, Lin Feng used his spiritual field to influence the True Heaven Goddess and everyone in the Heavenly Tribe, but now Lin Feng has withdrawn his spiritual field against the Heavenly Tribe monks.

All the power of the spiritual field has acted on the body of Zhentian Goddess. This time, the impact on Zhentian Goddess is relatively large.

It turns out that the Goddess Zhentian and the others fought side by side.

But when Lin Feng put all his energy into dealing with the Goddess Zhentian, Lin Feng’s spiritual field actually pulled the Goddess Zhentian into the illusion.

It stands to reason that it is indeed difficult to pull a strong man of this level into the illusion. Lin Feng was able to succeed. First, he fell into a trap with the Goddess Zhentian and found it difficult to break out, which had something to do with his panic. Second, he had something to do with Lin Feng’s relationship. Having better luck has a lot to do with it.

Goddess Zhentian said coldly, “Do you think this illusion can trap me forever? It’s easy for me to break it.”

With that said, the Goddess Zhentian was about to break Lin Feng’s mental field.

But this time.

The stone statue army appeared in the illusion and attacked the Zhentian Goddess. ()


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