Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 403: Delicate flowers bloom


The people watching the fun outside gradually dispersed.

Ning Qing woke up while she was resting, but she didn’t know what was happening outside. The little beauty looked extremely lazy, and her spirit was also a little depressed. It was obvious that she had not recovered enough.

When she saw Lin Feng, her pretty face suddenly turned crimson.

Looks extremely shy.

Lin Feng said, “If you are tired, you can take a rest!”.

Ning Qingqing said, “I want to go into retreat and practice using the methods you taught me!”.

Speaking like this, Ning Qingqing’s pretty face became more and more rosy.

The method taught by Lin Feng is a “special method” that is beneficial to both parties.

The benefits to Ning Qingqing may be greater. After all, Lin Feng’s cultivation is stronger.

Lin Feng nodded and said, “Okay.”

He didn’t bother Ning Qingqing to practice.

At the same time, Lin Feng sensed the changes in Ning Xiaotian and judged from experience that Ning Xiaotian would definitely be out of seclusion in three to five days or half a month. After he is out of seclusion, his cultivation should be improved. Small improvement.

Bang bang bang.

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside.

Lin Feng came outside, opened the door, and saw Hong Fengzhu in a red dress standing outside. Although this woman had a fierce personality, the important thing was that she was beautiful.

Every move.

They all exude a unique temperament and charm.

Let people! I couldn’t help but look at her a few more times.

Of course, Lin Feng is a person with strong self-control and is used to seeing beautiful women with different styles.

I won’t be fascinated by it.

Lin Feng asked, “Is something wrong?”.

Hongfengzhu said, “We have a small party over there and would like to invite you there, how about it?”.

Lin Feng said, “Not interested.”

Then, the courtyard door was closed with a bang.

Hong Fengzhu, who was standing outside, couldn’t help but be slightly startled.

Immediately, her pretty face turned dark.

This guy actually ignored her personal invitation and turned her away.

This made Hong Fengzhu very angry.

I couldn’t help but scold Lin Feng for not knowing how to show mercy to others.

Bang bang bang!

Hong Fengzhu knocked on the door again, this time with anger, and the knocking sound was a little louder.

There was a squeak.

The courtyard door opened again.

Lin Feng asked, “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t go?”.

Hongfengzhu told herself not to get angry with the man in front of her.

Isn’t he the little man you like?

Then you have to endure it.

Hong Fengzhu showed a smile and said, “Our party is not simple. Some secrets may be revealed at the party. Aren’t you interested in this too?”

Lin Feng said, “Not interested!”.

Seeing that Lin Feng was about to close the door again, Hong Fengzhu quickly stretched out her feet to block the door threshold. Lin Feng was unable to close the door.

Hongfengzhu was about to explode from Lin Feng’s pain.

This guy, why can’t he get enough oil and salt? It’s really irritating.

Hongfengzhu looked at Lin Feng with his hands on his hips and said with a fierce attitude, “I don’t care if you want to go or not. Since I told you to go there today, you must go with me, sister!”.

Lin Feng smiled bitterly. It seemed that Hong Fengzhu would never give up until Hong Fengzhu took him there.

Considering this woman, it seemed that she was really worried about his safety before.

And it seems to really mean something to me.

Lin Feng felt that he could sell it to Hongfengzhu for the sake of face.

It won’t make her lose face in front of her friends.

Lin Feng said, “Okay, I’ll go get ready and find you later! How about that?”

“Oh, no need to bother, just follow me!”. Hong Fengzhu said, grabbing Lin Feng’s hand and dragging Lin Feng towards her own residence.

Lin Feng said, “It’s not good for a beautiful woman to tease her like this. If someone sees her, she will get misunderstood!”.

Hongfengzhu asked, “What’s the misunderstanding?”.

Lin Feng said, “I misunderstood that I have that relationship with you…”.

Hongfengzhu said, “It’s okay, sister, I’m not afraid of others misunderstanding. Anyway, I was the one who flirted with you first, so you can just bear it passively!”.

Lin Feng was almost speechless. When he met a woman with such a strong character, even he felt helpless.

Lin Feng waved casually. The courtyard door is closed.

Hongfengzhu’s residence is not too far from Lin Feng’s. There is a small courtyard not far from Hongfengzhu. Several of her male friends live in that small courtyard. As for Hongfengzhu, The woman in pink skirt and the woman in white live in the courtyard where Lin Feng and the others are now.

When they arrived here, Hong Fengzhu’s friends were all in the lobby on the first floor.

Saw Lin Feng arriving.

The eyes of these people are all different.

The four male monks like Xue Heng all looked envious and helpless. They did not want Lin Feng to come over.

But even if the three goddesses wanted to invite Lin Feng over, they had no choice.

The most depressing one is Xue Heng, because among the four, he pursues the red phoenix bamboo, two others admire the woman in white, and the fourth admires the woman in pink skirt.

Looking at Hong Fengzhu’s attitude towards Lin Feng, we know that he is basically out of luck.

The other three compatriots seemed to have a lot of fun.

Anyway, Xue Heng never thought that the other two goddesses would compete with Hong Fengzhu for men.

As for the other two goddesses, they seem to have different thoughts.

The woman in the pink skirt was much more enthusiastic and bold. She kept staring at Lin Feng with a pair of wonderful eyes, as if she was also extremely interested in Lin Feng and seemed to want to see through Lin Feng.

As for the woman in white, her eyes were relatively calm, and she seemed to just treat Lin Feng as an ordinary friend.

“Everyone, I’ve invited Brother Ji!”.

Hong Fengzhu said with a smile.

Lin Feng hugged everyone and said, “Hello everyone!”.

“Hello, Mr. Ji!”. Several people also saluted Lin Feng.

Hong Fengzhu said, “Brother Ji! Let me introduce these friends to you. Our families are all family friends. We have known each other since we were young, and our relationship is pretty good. This is Xue Heng, and this is Zhang Kuan, this is Fengchang, and this is Zhou Yun!”

Lin Feng has no interest in these four male monks. They are all very ordinary people. If they were thrown into the crowd, Lin Feng would not give them a second glance.

Furthermore, Lin Feng felt that these guys were very hostile to him.

Just because of Hong Fengzhu’s reputation, Lin Feng would not be as familiar as these unknown people.

Hong Fengzhu then introduced the two women around him.

Hongfengzhu said, “This sister is called Qin Muya, and this sister is called Bai Yaoer!”.

Qin Muya has an oval face, big eyes, and a pretty face that can be broken by a bomb.

As for Bai Yaoer, her body is full of fairy spirit, and her temperament is out of this world.

Red Phoenix Bamboo is **** and charming.

These three women have different looks and temperaments, but they are all like top-notch beauties. Standing together, they are really a beautiful scenery. ()


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