Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 404: Queen of Chaos


Almost everyone in the world likes to appreciate beauty.

So, being able to become an idol-level existence is not just as simple as being strong.

In terms of appearance, one must also be quite outstanding.

Hongfengzhu, Bai Yaoer, and Qin Muya are indeed goddess-like, so there is always no shortage of followers around the goddess. For example, the four Xue Heng should be their followers, too. No wonder these guys are hostile to me.

Lin Feng felt like a mirror.

After the two parties got to know each other, Hongfengzhu greeted Lin Feng to sit down.

Hongfengzhu looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Brother Ji, are you a monk from outside? Did you come to Wuyun City to participate in the engagement ceremony of the daughter of the lord of Wuyun City?”

Lin Feng, the daughter of the city lord of Wuyun City, has actually seen her before, that Wu Shijin, dressed in black, with her perfect figure and beautiful face, which is really impressive.

But Lin Feng didn’t know that this woman was engaged to someone else.

So Hong Fengzhu asked Lin Feng if he came for this matter. Lin Feng shook his head and said, “I came here to find something special!”.

Hong Fengzhu asked, “Brother Ji, what are you looking for? We still have some connections here, maybe we can help you find it!”.

Lin Feng said, “Thank you Sister Hong, this thing has been revealed!”.

Hongfengzhu said, “Actually, we are here not only to participate in Wu Shijin’s engagement ceremony, but also to attend to another important matter. It is said that the family of the city lords of Wuyun City is very unusual and controls several things. Extremely ancient secret places. These extremely ancient secret places are inherited from the old era. They are treasure troves left by some of the top forces that were destroyed in the old era. Once they can be opened, some surprises are likely to appear inside. things of the world”.

“In the past, many forces heard about this incident and wanted to join forces to destroy the Wu family and seize these secret places. However, it was later discovered that only the Wu family people used their family blood to cooperate extremely. Only special means can open the secret place, so nothing can be gained by destroying the Wu family.”

“Because of those secret places, it is said that mysterious and powerful forces have stood up to support the Wu family. Suddenly, the Wu family has become extraordinary, and it is difficult for others to open the secret places. , so an agreement was later reached. After the Wu family opened the secret place, most of the treasures in the secret place needed to be put up for public auction. Some time ago, the Wu family seemed to have opened another secret place, and it happened to take advantage of this opportunity. An auction was held at the stall where the eldest lady of the Wushi family was engaged, and countless people came here after hearing the news, ready to participate in the bidding!”

Lin Feng said, “This agreement only takes out most of the things, but in fact there are still some things that have been retained by the Wu family. They may have contributed to the forces behind them, or they may have used some of them themselves, and they may also have given them to others. As part of the top forces, the value of those things taken out is probably not as great as imagined, right?”

Hongfengzhu said, “Brother Ji! Don’t underestimate the Wu family’s auction. Because it is so long ago, many things in those secret places cannot be recognized by today’s people. What is the origin of it? So although the Wu family has intercepted a lot of good things, there are still some extremely precious things that may not have been recognized, and then they are put up for auction. There are always some people who are well-informed. , recognized the good things that others could not recognize, and finally made a fortune and soared into the sky!”

Qin Muya nodded and said, “Yes, this kind of thing has happened more than once in the past. Every time, someone got good things in the auction, and once there was an extremely fierce fight. Fighting, two mysterious strong men fought over a treasure, which is absolutely unimaginable. If a peerless strong man had not intervened to stop the war, those two strong men would have destroyed Wuyun City.”

Lin Feng touched his chin, but he had never thought that there would be such an interesting auction.

Anyway, he had to wait for Du Zu and others to come over, so he had time to attend the auction.

Lin Feng asked, “When will the auction be held?”.

“Held the day after tomorrow.” Hong Fengzhu said.

After a pause, she continued, “The day after tomorrow, the City Lord’s Mansion will hold an engagement ceremony for Wu Shijin!”

“I heard that the identity of the person engaged to Wu Shijin is not simple!”. Qin Muya said.

Xue Heng said, “It’s not simple. He is a member of the Queen of Chaos family. It’s not clear what his specific relationship is with the Queen of Chaos!”

Lin Feng asked curiously, “Who is this Queen of Chaos?”.

Everyone looked like they were eating together.

Love, you have come to this chaotic place, and you don’t understand anything about this chaotic place.

Anyway, this chaotic place is almost as big as two or three big worlds.

The area is really not small, and the power here is also very strong, okay?

Hong Fengzhu said, “The Queen of Chaos is the emperor of the Land of Chaos and the real master of the Land of Chaos. It is said that she controls the original power of the Land of Chaos. Therefore, even the major families in the ten ancient cities need to bow their heads. Promise me! Of course, the Queen of Chaos is relatively low-key. Over the years, few people have seen her out and about!”

Bai Yaoer said, “Maybe when she goes out to walk around, others won’t recognize her.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows slightly. He felt that Bai Yao’er might know something.

It’s just that since Bai Yao’er didn’t fully explain this matter, Lin Feng naturally didn’t need to talk too much.

Hongfengzhu said, “Brother Ji, come with us to attend Nawu Shijin’s engagement party!”.

Lin Feng said, “I won’t go there, after all, I don’t know anyone!”.

Hongfengzhu nodded.

She probably expected that Lin Feng would refuse, so she didn’t force him.

After chatting here for a while, we agreed to attend the auction together.

Lin Feng went back to his residence.

Ning Qingqing and Ning Xiaotian were both in seclusion. Lin Feng was the only one left. He was a little bored. Lin Feng thought that he would be in seclusion for a few days and it would not be too late to come out when the auction started. Lin Feng returned to his residence and entered time and space.

That night, a hazy figure appeared outside Lin Feng’s residence.

It can be vaguely seen that this figure has a slender waist and an exquisite figure.

Although her body is obscured by special power, she is definitely a female cultivator.

The female cultivator showed a sneer. She disappeared quietly, and when she reappeared, she had already arrived outside Lin Feng’s room.

In the darkness, her eyes revealed a murderous intent. ()


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