Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 402: Destroy the Dark Clouds


Although Wu Jiuxiao and others’ attacks were extremely powerful, Lin Feng was still as steady as Mount Tai. What kind of storms and waves had he never seen before? Wu Jiuxiao and others were really nothing in his eyes. Although their attacks were It’s quite impressive, but it depends on who it’s aimed at. If it’s aimed at Lin Feng, it still lacks a lot of meaning.

“Military Control Technique!”.

Facing the densely packed magic weapons that were bombarded, Lin Feng directly began to try to counter-manipulate those magic weapons. The role that the weapon control technique could play at this time was undoubtedly extremely huge.

Under the control of the Weapon Control Technique, the densely packed magic weapons that were originally blasting towards Lin Feng were basically controlled by Lin Feng, but Wu Jiuxiao’s evil sword escaped Lin Feng’s control. , mainly because the evil sword was of a relatively high level, and Wu Jiuxiao was also relatively powerful. Another reason was that Lin Feng controlled hundreds of powerful magic weapons at once, and the consumption was still quite large.

It is normal to be unable to control that powerful evil sword.


I saw all the densely packed magic weapons flying towards their master, directly heading towards his master to kill him.

This sudden scene shocked everyone.

Everyone was extremely shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They manipulated hundreds of other people’s magic weapons at once. Not to mention that they had seen this method before, many people had never heard of it.

Pfft, pfft.

The sound of tearing could be heard endlessly.

I saw a monk whose body was torn apart by his magic weapon and died tragically on the spot.

Although some people resisted in time, they only withstood one or two waves of attacks.

Soon his own magic weapon broke through the defense, and then he died tragically under the attack of the magic weapon.

I have to say it! Lin Feng’s methods were too violent, almost terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, everyone in the Wuyun Society except Wu Jiuxiao was killed. At this time, the evil sword controlled by Wu Jiuxiao had already reached Lin Feng. Some people came back to their senses and everyone was amazed. Yu Lin Feng was evil and terrifying, but when Xian Zai saw Wu Jiuxiao’s sword that was about to cut off Lin Feng’s head, they couldn’t help but exclaimed that such an evil person could not escape the fate of death in the end.

But at this time, everyone saw that Lin Feng flicked his finger, and it seemed to be an ordinary action, but it bounced onto the evil sword as fast as lightning. The evil sword that had reached the level of the creator was actually directly hit by Lin Feng. It was broken.

“How is that possible?”. Countless people were shocked. What a terrifying power it must be to be able to break such a high-level magic weapon. Is this still a human? It is simply a humanoid tyrannosaurus.

“You…”. Wu Jiuxiao turned around and ran away into the distance as if she was about to be frightened.

But Lin Feng sneered and said, “Do you think you can escape?”.

Lin Feng opened his big hand and pressed lightly in the void. Suddenly, an extremely terrifying energy handprint condensed in the void, and the energy handprint went directly towards Wu Jiuxiao who was escaping.

Wu Jiuxiao shouted, “You can’t kill me, because behind me is…”.

Lin Feng didn’t even give Wu Jiuxiao a chance to tell who was behind it. The big energy handprint had already hit Wu Jiuxiao’s body fiercely. Wu Jiuxiao’s body exploded and he died tragically on the spot.

“Too strong! At this age and this level of cultivation, it’s really unbelievable!”.

“Is it possible that he has a quasi-pioneer level of strength? Such a powerful being should be extremely famous in the chaotic land. Could he be an outside monk?”

“Who is he?”

“He is so handsome, I really want to marry him!”.

The surrounding area suddenly exploded.

The male monks were shocked and the female monks were in admiration.

Everyone’s eyes when looking at Lin Feng have undergone tremendous changes, and they really agree with the saying that it is not a dragon but a river.

“This little brother is so strong that even my sister’s heart is beating!”. The woman in pink skirt said.

Hongfengzhu curled her lips and said, “Stop being wild, he is mine, sister!”.

The male monks around him really didn’t dare to say anything at this time. Lin Feng was really too scary. Even the elders of their family may not be so powerful.

The goddess next to me has thoughts about Lin Feng.

Of course they didn’t dare to say anything. How could they be qualified to compete with Lin Feng? It was just an egg against a rock.

Lin Feng flicked his finger, and sky fire flew out, instantly burning the bodies of everyone in Wuyun Club to ashes.

The happiest person now is another gang in Wuyun City that is as famous as Wuyun Society.

This gang is called Chaoshengge.

Some members also came to watch the fun.

Now that I see that Wu Yunhui and its president Wu Jiuxiao have been killed, I feel so good that I am about to take off.

But these things obviously have nothing to do with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng said, “The fun is over, everyone can leave!”.


City Lord’s Mansion!

Wu Shijin sat lazily on a chair and read a book, which was obviously a short story or a novel, which made her giggle from time to time.

The image of Wu Shijin to outsiders has always been that of a woman who is mysterious and cruel.

Very few people can see Wu Shijin acting like a little girl.

“Miss, something bad has happened!”. Wu Shijin’s maid hurried in.

Wu Shijin frowned slightly and asked, “What’s wrong?”.

The maid hurriedly said, “Something happened over at Wuyun Club! Wu Jiuxiao seemed to have brought a group of people to deal with a foreign monk, but according to the news, everyone, including Wu Jiuxiao, He was killed by that monk!”

“What? Everyone was killed?”. Wu Shijin’s face suddenly became extremely ugly, because it was with her support that the Dark Cloud Club slowly got up.

And now.

Even the president of Wuyun Club was killed.

The Wuyun Society’s strength has been so seriously damaged that it is almost gone in name only.

It’s strange that Wu Shijin is in a good mood.

The maid said, “According to the answer below, the monk who killed Wu Jiuxiao and others has not left Wuyun City yet. That guy seems to be emboldened!”.

Wu Shijin asked with a dark face, “Have you ever investigated that guy’s identity?”

The maid said, “The only thing that can be known at present is that the person should have come in from the outside. I don’t know anything else!”.

Wu Shijin gritted her silver teeth, and her voice was full of murderous intent, “It seems that this person is not simple. He may have a very good status outside, but so what, in this chaotic place , there are rules in the land of chaos. Anyone who kills me, no matter who he is, will definitely die. This lady! He will be cut into pieces!”

After she finished speaking, a kind of extremely strange flame escaped from her palm. The flame instantly burned the book in her hand into a ball of ashes.

Wu Shijin said viciously, “I will use the demonic fire of heaven to burn him to ashes. This is what will happen if you offend me, Wu Shijin!”. ()


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