I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 83: What follows is an era of intense turbulence


Because the Kagura patriarch is too unconventional, the atmosphere in the reception room becomes more and more strange, and the only conscience, Kagura Mio, enters a state of contempt because of her father’s sudden “scumbag setting”. This role can only be played by Guan Junyan himself.

After all, if Kagura Zhao continues to let himself go, Guan Junyan will transform into a scumbag. He is obviously still a single and a virgin.

“Uncle, do you think the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Bureau can solve this incident? Those are the three most famous monsters.”

The three most famous monsters are the Yamata no Orochi, the nine-tailed fox, and Shuten Doji.

Among them, Shuten Douji has been seen before, but he did not show the strength of a lifetime of overwhelming power, but that was because he was killed by Minamoto Yorimitsu once, which shook his foundation and has not recovered yet, and this Kyuubi who has experienced the Battle of the Gods No one can say how much power the demon fox has left behind.

“This is hard to say. Calamus didn’t tell me much useful information.”

Kagura Zhao let go of the hand covering his head, and instead folded his hands to support his chin.

“The key depends on how much power the prisoner has mastered the Killing Stone. If it is only the level of the Tsuchiya family or the banished forbidden curse, even complete liberation will not be too difficult.

At another level, the super disaster response room’s own power is not enough, and more power behind it needs to be used, but it is not impossible to handle it as long as you are ruthless.

The ‘Emperor’s Clan”s strategy of attracting talents has been very effective. It has attracted many powerful people over the years, and even has a sword master, a rare female sword master. ”

“Ah, I know, it’s the inheritor of the ‘Two Heavenly First Class’, Zhe Shen Zi, who was so handsome when he cut the disaster with his sword that even an old aunt like me couldn’t help but be moved.”

There is only one old aunt here, Kagura Hongzi.

Of course, these words immediately aroused Kagura’s dissatisfaction: “Hey, my husband is still here.”

“You are allowed to have an old lover, but I am not allowed to have an old lover.” Kagura Hongzi was not afraid at all.

“But what I love most is always my wife.”

“My favorite thing is also you, my husband.”



Looking at each other with deep affection, the distance is getting closer and closer.

Guan Junyan: “…”

Someone, bring me my lemon.

Take a bite and it will be sour, so sour!

Even the interest in Sword Master has been diluted.

Kagur Mio and Iori Setsuna stretched out their hands to cover Sakura’s eyes.

“Don’t look.”

“It’s too early for you.”

This made the funny couple stop.

Kagura Zhao coughed and said seriously: “The third purpose is to ask us to verify a piece of gossip. I have no clue yet. It is about Yin and Yang Dao. The Tsuchimikado family, one of the three imperial families, has been very busy recently. Abnormal, seems to be planning something.”

“The Tsuchimikado family?” Kagura Mio interrupted, “Aren’t they the guardians of the emperor in the past and the most loyal supporters of the Emperor? For this reason, they specially changed their surname to Tsuchimikado.”

Before Tsuchimikado, there was actually Abe, the greatest and most famous Onmyoji Abe Seimei’s Abe.

Because of his meritorious service in protecting the Emperor, the word “Gomon” was specially given to refer to the royal gate.

“That’s why we come to us ‘outsiders’ for verification. It is impossible to hide the internal channels from the Tsuchimikado family, just like there are very few things about Shinto that we don’t know about.”

Compared to the Tsuchimikado family, the Supernatural Countermeasures Room is just a newborn baby, far inferior in all aspects.

Speaking of which, the drama is finally here.

“Toshihiko, you are an Onmyoji, and your ancestor also has some relationship with the Tsuchimikado family. Please help me keep an eye on it if there is a chance.”

“Okay, uncle.” Guan Junyan nodded in agreement.

Although I don’t have a clue about the forces of Onmyodo, Kagura didn’t say enough about the omen, so it doesn’t matter if I agree.

“Also, how much do you know about the supreme secret technique of Yin and Yang Tao, ‘Taishan Mansion King Sacrifice’?”

“I’ve only seen some introductions, saying that it’s a state where you can freely control your own life, but I don’t know much more.”

Master Taishan is one of the gods in charge of the ghost underworld in ancient China. As long as you successfully negotiate with this god, you can resurrect the dead, reincarnate people, and even completely break the shackles of life span and become immortal.

Because it is too mysterious and far away, Guan Junyan just give it a try. If you really want to pursue it, wait until the day I reach the limit of human beings.

However, Kagura Omen now mentions——

“Do you think the changes in the Tsuchimikado family may be related to the ‘Taishan Prefecture Jun Festival’?”

After all, this secret technique was studied by Abe Seimei in his later years. The ancestors of the Guan family learned it in the Onnyang Lao, so they heard about it. Of course, because they were not true inheritors, they were not taught.

“It’s just an intuition. Because no one has ever seen the user of this secret technique, it might just be a legend. But a few years ago, there were rumors that someone who truly mastered the ‘Taishan Fujun Festival’ appeared in the world. It seems to have something to do with Mount Osore. Anyway, be careful and don’t deliberately inquire about it. Just keep an eye out secretly.”

“Got it.” Guan Junyan nodded again.

After receiving such a big favor from Kagura Zhao, it is right to help. Even if you have to bear some risks, it is already good to be honest with the other party instead of choosing to hide it.

Maybe you can try it from the shop owner, maybe Hoshikuma Yugi, no one should know more about reincarnation than the Oni clan, and Osazan was mentioned in the previous conversation.

“Don’t be so nervous, just by the way, I will find a way to find out myself.”

Kagura Zhaoyi clapped his hands, bringing the conversation to an end.

“Dinner time is half an hour away. Go wipe yourself down and change your clothes.”

The three of them immediately followed the instructions and fought all morning. There was no one who was not sweaty and dirty. It was really uncomfortable to have the book stuck to the body like this. Without this kind of thing, they They were already soaking in the bathhouse – of course, each bathed in his own way. The Kagura family was not a Nura group, so they did not have the habit of mixed bathing.

When the boys and girls took the baby away, Kagura Ou suddenly seemed like a deflated rubber ball. He slumped down on the sofa. He was older than Uncle Ge and said in a solemn tone that did not match his posture:

“You said, did I do something wrong by telling the children these things and putting them in danger?”

Kagura Anko sat down next to her husband: “You did nothing wrong. The Kamo family, the Weishi Sect, and Mangui all made prophecies. The following will be an era of violent turbulence. If you can’t grow up as soon as possible, If you get up, you will only be swallowed up by the times.”

“If my premonition comes true…”

“Let’s fight. Calamus has gained a body of cultivation and a pair of legs. Now it’s our turn. That’s why we have been forbearing.”

Kagura Hongzi stretched her arms and held her husband in her arms. The latter closed his eyes and whispered softly:

“Troublesome times…monsters…heroes…opportunities…gods…”


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