I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 84: The killing stone is a good thing


As long as it’s something he cares about, Guan Junyan is never slow in his actions.

When there were no customers in the store, I took the opportunity to tell the owner a few words I heard from Kagura Zhao.

After hearing this, the shop owner chuckled and said, “Tsuchimikado? I’ve been through it for a long time, so Gomonin is the right one. The black one wears Gomonin, and the white one wears Abe’s surname. Tsuchimikado has never been recognized by the real owner from the beginning to the end. Recognition is just a deception.”

Guan Junyan was about to listen attentively, but the shop owner was silent.

After waiting like this for a full minute, Guan Junyan still couldn’t hold back: “Can you reveal more?”

“No.” The shopkeeper simply shook his head, “You are still far from being able to touch the shadows hidden in history. Curiosity can not only kill cats, but also people. Your mother is much better than you in this regard. She I never ask these questions, I just listen and forget them after listening.”

“What’s the use, it’s still——”

Guan Junyan stopped mid-sentence. He didn’t understand cheap parents, so it was inappropriate to make rash comments.

“Yes. I will be very happy to see this child, even if he is not a human son.”

The shopkeeper sighed and tapped Sakura’s little nose with a finger.

Ying Hu flashed her eyes and recited the character relationship formula: “Dad’s mother is grandma?”

“Correct, your dad and grandma both work here.” The shop owner clicked again.

“Then Sakura wants to wear the same clothes as her father?”

Sakura was very interested and behaved better than before. She didn’t cry even when her mother wasn’t near.

The reason is due to Kagura Anko’s teachings to Sakura.

A truly good child must learn to be independent and strong. This is true for several of your mothers and aunts, as well as for your grandparents, and even more so for your father.

One sentence brought all the elders together, which meant that Sakura was of great importance.

So, Sakura made a promise with everyone to be a truly good child, learn to be strong, and not cry when she was separated from her mother.

She is worthy of being the only true mother in the audience. Even though she has a funny attribute, her experience in giving birth to children is not bad.

Of course, he turned around and preached to Guan Junyan: Yingying is a strong and good child. Of course you parents must love her more. It is absolutely unacceptable to deny your children to their families for a long time. Parents are disqualified.

The implication is very clear, bring your children here regularly, otherwise I want you to look good.

Of course Guan Junyan will not refuse, as long as Ying is not so clingy, everything will be easy to talk about.

And this funny couple is actually very easy to get along with. Apart from often spreading dog food and forcing people to be lemons, they have no shortcomings. They are also very kind to the Guan family, and Guan Junyan is willing to visit more often.

As for taking the baby to work, the shop owner would not care at all because of his calm attitude. He would entertain the baby when he was free and relaxed, and let the baby play by himself when he was not in the mood.

Now that she was in the mood, with a few clicks of her fingers, Sakura floated up from her chair, and flew to the signboard amidst the children’s cheers of “Fly, fly,” all the way.

“Your dad is a waiter and a cutter, so just find some clothes. Sakura is so cute, it would be a pity not to be a waitress. You must dress up nicely.”

As he said that, he pulled out two red ropes from the counter, started to tie Sakura’s hair, and said to Guan Junyan again.

“Go and get the leftover wood heart grass, the unprocessed one.”

“Yes.” Guan Junyan complied.

The shop owner took out the longest and most lustrous one and pointed it towards Sakura’s chest.

The next second, the green color rippled and wrapped around the girl’s clothes, turning the original shrine maiden costume covered with cherry blossoms into a costume similar to Hanfu, but mixed with modern elements.

The background color of the clothes changed to green onion, and the cherry blossom pattern on the body also turned into a special cloud pattern.

The cherry blossom patterns on his body also turned into white flowers.

Paired with the braids that the shopkeeper skillfully tied into his hair, Guan Junyan unconsciously remembered a few lines of poetry and recited them softly.

“Autumn orchids are blooming in the wild, and Luo Sheng is blooming in the hall. Green leaves are blooming, and they are full of beauty.”

The shop owner turned his head and looked over: “Have you read it yet?”

“After I went back that day, I checked it out. The inscription on the knife comes from “Yun Zhongjun”. These two sentences are from “Shao Siming”. There is also an inscription under the chopping board, which is from “Shao Siming”. The cloud pattern in the pool It comes from “Mrs. Xiang”. The flame script on the stove comes from “Da Siming”. The seal script on the stove comes from “Xiang Jun”. They are all from Qu Fuzi’s “Nine Songs”.”

The shop owner told him to think about it, how could Guan Junyan not do it.

I checked the information and took advantage of cleaning the kitchen to write down the words one by one. I found it easily.

It’s just that I didn’t figure out the reason for a while, so I used the stupidest method – memorize it first and then talk about it.

“Master Qu.”

The shopkeeper chuckled, a spark flashed across, and the lifeless wood heart grass in his hand burned away.

A faint sense of disobedience surged in Guan Junyan’s heart.

This is one of the most famous ancestors in the history of flower gardening. To commemorate him, the Dragon Boat Festival was directly established. Although he was not the person Guan Junyan admired the most, he still respected him. However, looking at the reaction of the shop owner, it seemed that he had something hidden.

“What’s wrong with Master Qu?”

“Nothing. He is a great person and deserves the praise of the Master. Especially “Tianwen” is magnificent and has a good layout. There are many questions that no one can answer yet. But “Nine Songs” …Have you ever thought about why there are eleven chapters in the book “Nine Songs”?”

“This…” This question really asked Guan Junyan, “Because nine is the ultimate number, use this as a false reference?”

“There is such a saying. It cannot be wrong, but it cannot be right either. Go back and study more and ponder more. When you understand it, you will be qualified to intervene in this level of matters.”

“Is “Nine Songs” still a method of spiritual practice?” Guan Junyan had an idea.

“I want to go.”

The shop owner finished taking care of Sakura’s appearance and asked her to sit under the sign before continuing.

“Looking at your efforts to memorize all five articles, I can tell you a little more. You have brought such a cute poster girl, I can give you another suggestion.”

“Please tell me.”

“First, you go back and tell the prodigal son of the Kagura family that the ‘Taishan Fujun Festival’ really exists, and the things that some people have accomplished are real. If you want to know more, you have to exchange it for something of sufficient weight. ”

“It must be conveyed.”

“Second, the killing stone is a good thing and will be of great use to you. Find one. It’s just an ordinary size. As long as you can get it, I will tell you how to use it.”


A row of question marks appeared on Guan Junyan’s head.

“You’re not saying that I’m not close enough to be exposed to these things.”

“That’s the ‘Taishan Fu Lord Festival’, not the Killing Stone. The two are not the same thing. There may be a connection. After all, they appear at the same time, but it won’t be particularly deep. Don’t forget, Kyuubi The fox was discovered because of the Abe family. They are mortal enemies. The Abe family has always done a good job in protecting the emperor.”

The shop owner’s last words completely touched Guan Junyan’s mind.

Putting it forward in the form of suggestions shows that the shop owner thinks Guan Junyan can do it.

In the usual tone of the shop owner, it must be of great benefit to find Shuyuan www.zhaoshhuyuan.comm.

Jinguji Iris’ invitation needs to be seriously considered.

ps: After reading the latest characters and settings, I panicked. The modern one is not the male protagonist, but the eldest daughter of Sesshomaru who is disguised as a man. Sesshomaru’s twins are born. The eldest daughter is called Eternal, the second daughter is called Setsuna, and Inuyasha’s daughter is called Shuangbian. She is actually the most reliable among the sisters. The two names that won the best were “Monster Killer” and “Red Yaksha of the Collapse of the Country”.

Forever traveled to modern times and was adopted by Kagome’s younger brother Souta, so he changed his surname to Higurashi.

The second daughter traveled to modern times and returned. She lost her memory due to the accident that occurred during the time travel and refused to admit that she will always be her sister. She is now doing the same job of exterminating monsters as Shuangbian.

Then, the most important thing came. The whereabouts of Big Gouzi, Er Gouzi, Kagome, and Miroku were all unknown. These children all grew up without parents. The head of the monster retreat is Coral. His younger brother Kohaku – I understand this plot. It is at the beginning of “Boruto”. The Hokage Rock was bombed and the Seventh Generation Eye was gone.

By the way, Quan Wei Sha Ling’s daughter is about the same size, which is terrifying if you think about it.


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