I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 82: Take the sugar coating and return the cannonball


“Will the committee not take care of such a dangerous thing? It takes so many people to kill a monster, so the committee must take action.”

This is Kagura Zhao’s answer to the question raised by Guan Junyan.

“Of course we have to take care of it, but it involves a lot of complicated things.”

It turns out that Tamamo Mae died, turned into a killing stone, and stayed in Nasuno. This is the version known to the world, and there are many developments in the future.

The power of the nine-tailed demon fox remains in the killing stone. This power is extremely huge, so huge that it can make people reach the sky in one step. There are even rumors that whoever inherits this power can become the next Tamamo Mae.

This has aroused the covetousness of many people who are hungry for power. You must know that more than a thousand years ago, the control power of the committee was far less powerful than modern times, and there was no separation between the upper and lower stages.

With the completion of the crusade, rumors spread, and more and more people coveted it. Even Emperor Toba, who was deeply harmed by the nine-tailed fox and almost lost his life, was moved – it is not difficult to understand. The more you suffer from it, the more you realize how terrifying this power is. Who in the upper class doesn’t want to have absolute power?

What’s more, in addition to the dangers of poisoning and devouring life, killing stones also show amazing effects such as “quick healing”, “extending life” and “returning youth”.

Although the real boss of the committee can see that this is a part of the resurrection of the nine-tailed fox, they can’t stop people’s hearts and minds, and the committee can’t kill all these people like it did with the nine-tailed fox. It is a huge loss to the country.

The last move of the nine-tailed fox before his death was extremely vicious. He was indeed a vixen who had destroyed several dynasties and had a profound insight into human nature.

Fortunately, the vixen is smart, and the old immortals on the committee are not stupid either. They know that it is not advisable to block it, so they simply set up a trap and break the killing stone into pieces, deliberately letting the fragments and the power of the nine-tailed fox disperse together.

In this way, the power of the fragments is not particularly strong, and it is easier to deal with problems if they arise.

At the same time, reliable people were sent to collect it and seal it secretly. In this way, divide and conquer, big things were reduced to small things, and a thousand years passed.

“Then how can he be resurrected?” Guan Junyan didn’t understand.

“Because divide and conquer cannot cure the root cause, the Killing Stone still exists, the power of the nine-tailed fox still exists, and the people who covet this power always exist. It seems that someone has collected a considerable amount of the Killing Stone and uses this power. It caused trouble, and the people in the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Room suffered a lot of losses. Originally, they wanted to solve the problem themselves.”

“By the way, take the power for yourself.” Yagami crossed his arms in an instant and sneered, “I happened to hear Master say that among the people who protect the ‘Emperor’, there are users of the power of the Killing Stone, and the next generation of inheritors will also take the power. The name was called ‘Kagura’.”

“The mouth is on them, so they are free to name them.” Kagura waved his hand and said nonchalantly, “There are so many people named Kagura in the country, I can’t control them even if I want to.”

“He will tell us the news that the person who wants to resurrect the Nine-tailed Fox is in Tokyo.” Kagura Mio said, “How does the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Room want us to cooperate? Establish a common front?”

“No, you should go to Wan Gui, not me. I can’t make decisions for Wan Gui on such a big matter. They want to use our intelligence network to search for information and help them from the side if necessary. For example, building a barrier, healing, etc., are all things I can do. But she, Acorus, is as smart as ever.”


The overly affectionate address made the corners of the young girl’s eyes lift up involuntarily.

As for the friendship between the three people who died, they didn’t call each other by their names. Thinking back to what Kagura mentioned before about being kicked out of the house and being attracted by the super disaster, father/uncle, wouldn’t you——

“Hongzi used to work in the countermeasures room, and she was teamed up with Acorus…”

Having said this, Kagura Zhao raised his head and looked at his wife who happened to appear at the door, and the latter answered.

“It was more than 20 years ago. Our relationship at that time was no worse than yours. Now that I think about it, I still miss you a little bit.”

Seeing the surprised expressions on the three people’s faces, Kagura Zhao scratched his head: “Didn’t I say that?”

Shaking his head in unison.

“It’s better not to tell her. After all, you were not clear with her back then.”

Kagura Anko put her hands on her hips and turned her head to the side as if she was jealous.

Generally speaking, if the wife is like this, the husband has to coax him quickly, but Kagura Zhao is different. Not only does he not coax him, but he also says with a complacent look: “Isn’t that young? It’s normal to owe some romantic debts. Toshihiko, uncle… The identities of people who have been there tell you that there are many beauties in Super Disaster, and they are very willing to spend money to attract people.”

Guan Junyan: “…”

If you want to say this, I will get excited.

Not to mention, three people showed up, two women and one man, and the women’s looks were all online. If this was a common situation, it would be quite a temptation for men. Of course, men are not bad, and the same is true for women.

Is this how you got your wife and you have an unknown lover?

Kagur Mio’s expression instantly became sinister, and she looked at her father as if she were looking at a scumbag.

Iori Setsuna’s focus is different.

The relationship back then was no worse than ours, but I have never heard you mention that there was such a person. It was because of your union that she severed ties with you.

Will I also…

Kagura Anko took in the expressions of the boy and girl, looked at her husband, and added:

“In order to maintain the posture and reputation of Corporal Li Xian, I often suffer losses and can only endure it.”

“So Junyan, go and go with confidence and boldness. They use sugar-coated bullets to win you over, so just accept the sugar-coated bullets and return the bullets without any burden. Uncle is optimistic about you.”

Kagura Zhao gave a thumbs up and smiled with big shining white teeth.

But he was immediately punished by Kagura Anko’s iron fist:

“Who asked you to say this?”

“Isn’t it?” Kagura Zhao held his head. Find Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan.com

“No.” Kagura Hongzi was a little crazy, “What I want to say is that Toshihiko, don’t be burdened. Go, they will take you seriously, and they won’t do anything to you if you don’t go. As for this nonsense Forget what the man said immediately. Just because of the friendship back then, you can’t refuse Acorus’ request now, and of course this man doesn’t want to refuse either.”

“…” Guan Junyan continued to remain silent.

If you don’t persist, anything you say at this time is wrong.

If there was no one around, he would really like to chat with Kagura Zhao.

The eldest son of the Kagura family must have had very exciting experiences when he was young.

Why was he kicked out of the house, why did he give up the inheritance rights of the family, and why did he behave like a libertine? He was obviously more powerful than Kagura Mangetsu.

The system data clearly shows the Kagura omen, intelligence, and force.


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