I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 81: The resurrection of the 9-tailed demon fox?


Whether it is the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Room or Jinguji Iris, a woman who sits in a wheelchair but can ascend to the position of head of the room, Guan Junyan has no interest. The main reason is that he is too far away and has no real sense.

But the most important sentence made him a little concerned.

What am I interested in?

I have a lot of interests, such as becoming stronger, raising a knife (daughter)~Soverse.com~, eating melons, and being a salted fish – this one is not available, so cross it out.

But these are all at your fingertips or step-by-step. There is no need to go to this department that you have heard of for the first time.

Are you saying this on purpose to arouse my interest?

This talk is so old-fashioned.

Iori Setsuna’s reaction was even more simple and rude, and he spat in an unladylike manner:

“Poaching in person will not give you any face, uncle.”

“Because uncle has no face to begin with.”

Kagura Zhao took off his priest hat with a smile, and the grace he finally showed disappeared in an instant.

“There are thousands of turtles supporting the divine way, and thousands of cranes supporting the secular world. It would be better for me to just be an idle prodigal.”

“It’s the same thing again, my uncle is obviously very good.”

Iori Setsuna spread his hands, and the daughter of Kagura Mio didn’t even look at her father, probably because she felt embarrassed.

“Because I have no interest, not no talent, I am born with it, there is nothing I can do.”

Kagura Zhao flicked his hair narcissistically, but unfortunately he did not have the halo of the protagonist and had no positive effect.

Fortunately, it was not useless at all. At least Guan Junyan learned how to show off. Next time he beats Hanakaiyuan Ryuji, he can say this – I am not interested, but you have no talent.

It’s so sour and refreshing that it’s unbelievable.

Maybe because he didn’t want to see a group of people in the crooked building, Kagura Mio said: “Father, regarding the supernatural disaster countermeasures room…”

“Go in and talk.”

Although Kagura Zhao is a joke, he is still very intelligent when it comes to serious matters. He brought everyone to the living room to sit down before continuing.

“They came here for three purposes. First, they asked me to secretly help people with treatment.”

“Secret…” Kagura Mio Fanfu chewed the word, “Is he a member of the ‘Emperor’ clan?”

“It must be someone from that tribe.” Setsuna Yagami nodded, “The real supporters of the government faction, the people behind Super Disaster. Without their support, Super Disaster would not be able to have such frequent activities, nor would it be possible for Super Disaster to Come to Uncle Zhao shamelessly.”

“Because their influence is greater than that of the Kagura family, it is not necessarily necessary to include the entire Shinto – no, it is impossible. They also exist in Shinto.”

Kagura Zhao did not specify what he said, but as long as you have a certain understanding of Japan, it is not difficult to guess the answer.

The Emperor, the recognized supreme ruler of Japan since ancient times – no matter who holds the real power, the Emperor’s status will not be shaken.

Only they dare to use the title “Emperor” to echo the Emperor. They are the emperor on the stage and the emperor off the stage, and their ambitions are obvious.

It was Guan Junyan who equated imperial power with the secular world before, but it was one-sided. Imperial power really existed in Japan, and it was extremely influential, and it has not been eliminated due to social changes.

Just imagine, in modern society, how many countries in the world will change their reign names due to the change of emperors?

Japan is like that. The familiar names of Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa are the greatest proof of the emperor’s influence. This alone can rival Shinto and Buddhism.

That’s it, there are even more exciting operations.

Emperor Meiji, the greatest emperor in modern Japan, was the founder of the Japanese Renaissance. It was under his presiding that the world-famous “Meiji Restoration” came about.

It is precisely because of this incident that the prestige of Emperor Meiji reached an unprecedented height. Taking this opportunity, Emperor Meiji changed the laws and regulations to standardize the imperial family. The rule that an emperor can only have one name came from his hand. .

In the end, he performed an astonishing feat. He “deified” himself, becoming a sacrosanct “god-man” and wrote it into the law.

Because he is a “godman”, death is not death, but a return to the Kingdom of God, the building of a temple, and the enjoyment of sacrifices are natural.

So Emperor Meiji’s successor, Emperor Taisho, started a large-scale construction project in Yoyogi, Shibuya District, Tokyo, and built Akechi Shrine. On the first day of its opening, the number of worshippers reached 500,000.

In just a hundred years, it has developed into the most famous Shinto holy land in Japan.

That’s why Kagura Zhao said that integrating Shinto is impossible. Yoyogi’s family would not agree in the first place. They were the biggest nail in the emperor’s family, and because of the achievements of Emperor Meiji, Batu It cannot be unplugged, this is an irreversible trend.

If Jinguji Iris is making the invitation on behalf of this group of people, then Guan Junyan must be cautious, otherwise the consequences will be unpredictable.

The change in mentality did not escape Kagura Zhao’s eyes. He patted Guan Junyan on the back and said:

“Feeling stressed?”

“Yes.” Guan Junyan admitted honestly.

“Don’t think too much, just try to win over people normally. Although the emperor’s influence is great, it is far less deeply rooted than the committee, which results in them always being short of manpower. As long as there is an opportunity, they will find ways to win over talents. I was When I was kicked out of the house, they also wanted to win me over, and they wouldn’t let you go. If that hadn’t happened, they would have gone to find you.”

“That thing?” The boy and girl looked sideways at the same time.

“This is the second purpose they came to me for – about the killing stone and the resurrection of the nine-tailed demon fox.”


The Nine-tailed Demon Fox, a legendary monster in Asia, is firmly in the top ten in terms of popularity, and it is not impossible to be in the top three.

Nine-tailed fox, a fox monster with nine tails, was originally a stage in the evolution of fox monsters, and one of them became famous all over the world because of his existence.

This one likes to transform into beautiful women to seduce kings from all over Asia, stretching across three countries.

In India, Mrs. Huayang became invisible and transformed into the concubine of the spotted-footed prince of Capricorn.

Come to China and become Daji, the princess of King Zhou of Yin and Shang Dynasties.

There is also an even more outrageous version. The bookstore www.zhaoshuyuan.com said that the nine-tailed demon fox liked the flower grower very much and stayed here for a long time. Xia Zhimeixi, Shang Zhidaji, and Zhou Zhibaosi were all transformed by her. She destroyed three dynasties before leaving after having enough fun.

This version is not very credible. King Wu’s defeat of Zhou was a real fight between gods and gods. The nine-tailed demon fox can escape, which is incredible. How can it dare to stay?

After traveling east to Japan, she became Tamamozamae, Emperor Toba’s favorite.

In the end, Abe Yasunari, a descendant of Abe Seimei, saw through it. Miurasuke led an army of more than 100,000 people and gathered together with strong human beings from all walks of life to finally suppress Nasuno and kill him. After his death, he turned into a “killing stone”.

It is said that as long as the conditions are met, the nine-tailed fox will be resurrected and bring trouble to the world again.

Before the time travel, no one took her seriously, and there were even mobile games that made her into a scam, letting players call her their wife.

But in this world… I would rather believe that something exists than something that doesn’t exist.

ps: FGO’s settings are really messed up. Tamamo Mae or Daji’s character is one of pampering, pampering you to the point of death, and turning you into a useless person, so a large group of players yelled, “Come and pamper me.”


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